Only a Shoe
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jeff is unemployed, living at home with his mom, and has developed an odd fetish that drives him into complete sexual obsession. He has gone from panty sniffing to shoe fixation and even armpit scents that drive him over the edge of sanity itself. At the end of his rope on unemployment benefits, he takes a job at a Woman's Shoe Boutique. He is in a state of sheer bliss inhaling the scents of dozens of females each and every day. Then his mom takes charge.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Voyeurism   Foot Fetish   Workplace  

Jeff had been trying to get a job for almost eight long months. It seemed like it would be easy since he had a college degree, even it was only in Anthropology. Obviously, there was no call for Anthropologists in the current recession. To make matters ever worse, he was living back with his mother. It was in some ways, a fate worse than death as his mother was disapproving of almost everything he did. She didn't like the way he held his fork, she didn't like the way he slept in the nude, and she really didn't like the way he was leaving the toilet seat up.

About the only thing on the plus side of the arrangement was the fact he was able to gain temporary custody of her used panties to boost his masturbation efforts. It was really pathetic but he had been reduced to drastic measures to gain a satisfactory degree of ejaculation. He was almost caught one morning when she came into his room to ask if he had seen her pink lace panties in with his clean underwear. He pretended he was totally ignorant and told her she was not nice to come into his room without knocking and ask such a silly question. The fact that the pink panties in question were tightly wrapped around his still leaking cock made him feel even guiltier.

He made certain they were discovered under her own bed to allay her suspicions. He was a little concerned when he saw her hold them up to her nostrils with a quizzical look on her face. Hopefully she did not identify the strange scent as his wiped away semen sprinkled liberally on the fabric.

To change the focus of his need for female scent, he began to get high on her tailored jackets that retained strong flavors of her female sweat and scented soaps used in her bath. Once he had accidently shot a load right onto her shoulder pads whilst inhaling the strong scent.

It seemed a little bit incongruous that his olfactory fetish inevitably evolved into the inhalation of all types of shoes worn by females of all ages and descriptions. His favorite ones were the indoor slippers that were usually worn without any other fabrics inside the shoe. His most delicious way to savor the shoe aroma was to hold it under his nose and then to use it as a sheath for his aroused cock. He was always careful to dry the shoe off after using it in that manner. His greatest find was a pair of expensive patent leather open-toes that were left outside the hotel room door opposite his room on Easter vacation. He had to leave them behind because he was afraid his mother would find them. She was always snooping in his drawers and checking his sheets for signs of "nasty business".

The very kinky and college educated Jeff was on his next to last week of unemployment eligibility when he came across an ad in the local newspaper that was looking for sales personnel at the "Women's Sport Shoe and Dress Shoe Box" located at the central mall in the mid-sized city. The pay was not good but it came with health benefits and a 401K plan that seemed quite generous. Jeff wanted the job not for these factors but because he saw it as a perfect opportunity to sample the old shoes of females of all ages and different physical features.

It was like a dream come true.

The very first day on the job he inhaled the aromas from a least a dozen females. Each time his cock grew hard as a rock and he was sorely tempted to use them for "dirty business" in the stockroom. It was only after a full week that he felt comfortable enough in his environment to attempt getting off in one of the aromatic foot coverings. The gush of his load into the college girl's pumps was the best he had ever experienced. He was looking right at her through the two way mirror separating the stockroom from the customer chairs as he stroked his greedy cock inside one of her pungent shoes. He held the other shoe with its musky scent under his quivering nostrils. She was laughing at a joke her girlfriend told her and he could see the flash of her tongue on her lips. Dirty visions of her mouth surrounding his thick cock overwhelmed him and his juices flowed in endless spurts right into the unyielding well-used shoe.

Unbeknownst to poor Jeff was the fact he was under observation by his supervisor. The very young and very pretty Simone was astonished to see the well-behaved new employee acting in such a depraved manner right in front of her eyes. She centered her attention on his long thick cock emerging from the customer's shoe dripping a long sticky line of creamy cum.

Simone quickly went up to Jeff and took the cum-soaked shoe from his still-shaking hand. He was in a state of shock as she wiped it clean with her knitted scarf. The sight of his immediate boss with her fingers cleaning up his stuff made his cock stiff again and it was difficult to hide it back inside his trousers. Jeff was mortified and he was certain he was about to be fired from a job that he viewed as an opportunity of a lifetime.

"Jeff, you have to be more careful. If Mrs. Middlebury caught you doing that you would be in big time trouble."

Jeff breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to grab Simone and hug her for being so understanding. He knew he owed her for her forgiving attitude.

"Thanks, Simone. I will pay you back for helping me out. I just can't stop myself when it comes to women's shoes. They make me so excited that I just have to do it right then and there."

The pretty 19 year old brunette giggled and placed the damp scarf back around her neck. The slight scent of Jeff's emissions was making her tiny nipples wake up to the proximity of male liquids in an age old dance of promiscuous anticipation. She was aware of her own arousal but did not let it show to Jeff. She had plans for this impetuous worker that did not involve sales techniques.

Jeff went out to the impatient female college student with a pair of divine blue pumps that screamed "Fuck Me" with their six-inch heels.

The flighty girl whose name was Mary lifted her foot up into Jeff's hands and allowed him to place the new shoe on her pedicured and pampered foot. Her toes were custom painted with a design that bore the logo of the well-known local college with its nationally recognized football team.

Jeff held the heel in the palm of his hand and looked up into the smiling face of the young girl. She teased him with a show of her tongue on her wet-look glossy lips just to make him fully aware of his subservient role at her feet.

"These shoes are too tight. Are you sure they are marked correctly?"

Jeff knew the girl had given him the wrong size because she did not want to admit to her friends her feet were bigger than theirs. He quickly produced the half size larger shoes without comment and they slipped on like a perfectly fitted glove.

Mary was appreciative of Jeff's effort to save her from embarrassment and she allowed him a glimpse of her thin sheer pink thongs for a fraction of a second. He looked up into her eyes and she smiled back to let him know she had gifted him the little peek at pussy paradise.

They put her old shoes in the box and she wore the new shoes to break them in for a weekend party. Jeff rang up her purchase and handed her one of the cards printed for him as a new sales associate. He made certain to write his phone number on the back of the card in case Mary wanted any future foot TLC from his talented hands.

When they left the store that evening, Jeff noticed that Simone was wearing the cum-encrusted scarf. He thought that he saw her bring one end of the knitted scarf up to her nose. Maybe he was just imagining it but it struck him as being a very erotic gesture. The thought crossed his mind that perhaps in some ways Simone was a lot like him.

Jeff was taking a nap in his room just before dinner when his mother came in with a glare in her eye. She was still dressed in her business suit from work and he noticed her skirt was so tight across her bottom that her cheeks were jutted out in a highly seductive manner. He laughed at his own stupidity at have such erotic thoughts about his own mother. Of course she was only 39 and was considered by most of his male friends to be a "hot piece of ass".

"Jeff, you left the toilet seat up again. I think you need to be punished for your attitude but you are too old to ground. I have decided to teach you a lesson."

Jeff was surprised when his mother pulled down his sheet. He was stark naked and his recent thoughts about Mary and her pretty pussy had caused his over-active cock to stiffen up into an impressive stand. He blushed as she regarded his tool with an intensity he was not used to seeing.

"I know you have been sniffing my panties, young man. I also know you have been using my slipper to do your nasty business in. Well, I want you to do your little perverted thing right on the bottom of my sweaty dirty foot and I am going to sit right on your naughty face so you can get a real good smell of my panties while I am still wearing them."

Jeff saw his mom who every called Linda shed her business suit and get right down to her panties and bra. His cock was now throbbing with desire even though it was his own mom. He decided if he was going to do this he would call her Linda and not mom because it sounded a lot more normal.

Linda had been hot to do this with her handsome son ever since she had become aware of his fetish to sniff her panties and even cream in them in his own bed. She knew he was doing the same with her shoes and slippers. She stood on the bed and slowly lowered her panty covered ass and pussy right over his wide-eyed face. She watched him inhale deeply and knew he could almost taste the sweat and juice from a full day of running around at work and being packed in a jammed subway train with perverts groping her bottom in many different ways. She rubbed her crack and slit on his nose and chin and felt her juices wet her panties until they were soaking wet. The sound of her son slurping made her expel even more juices and soon they were running down her legs and onto his bare flesh.

The panting female suspended the rampant cock between the bottoms of her sweaty feet and slowly stroked the shaft until clear pre-cum started to leak from the cock slit. Linda leaned forward and brought her lips down to the droplets of liquid on the tip of Jeff's cock. Her tongue flicked out and sucked up the liquid and she left her lips remain at the slit licking it with a gentle touch. Her smelly feet continued to stroke the shaft right down to the base until she heard her son cry out urgently in the throes of his release of passion. The forceful ejaculate spurted out and shot into her greedy mouth and down her throat. Her tits were swinging to and fro and she covered Jeff's face with her pungent panties as the orgasm racked her nicely-shaped body from head to toe.

Jeff listened to Linda whimpering and begging him to not move. He had no intention of moving. The twin pleasures of her feet and her lips and her succulent panties filling his nostrils made it a memorable experience. This was so much better than just sampling an inanimate object.

He begged his mother's forgiveness for his indiscretions and she answered him by silencing his lips with the sweet touch of her gentle lips.

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