My Young Sister

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2012 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: After years of continual bickering, Don gets a heads up when he realizes his sister is actually a beautiful young woman. As a result their relationship improves significantly.

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It's a very demanding time of the year. Football practice, school and my part time job are my total life. The social part of it is non-existent. Our coach is very demanding. Tracy, my long time feminine interest is getting mighty pissed off but I can't really blame her. We haven't been on a real date for nearly three weeks. Any free time is consumed by homework or just getting some much needed sleep, needless to say my love life is the pits. Currently my only joy is watching the female students in the hall as we pass going from room to room. One surprising change in my nearly non-existent sex life is I'm now noticing that the younger female students are looking very appealing.

Prior to this demanding season Tracy was always at my side. She made sure I had no time to look at any other girls, young or old. Now after each practice when I look into the bleachers I seem to focus on the younger female students. They follow the practice sessions, as well as the games. Maybe they want to be noticed by the football players. The young girls are all shapes and sizes and most are actually knockouts. They dress as sexy as possible considering the schools dress codes. Their young bodies are filling out in all the right places. Just realizing this now makes me think I must have been living in a very sheltered world before.

I am fortunate to have a part time job at the local pharmacy. As long as I put in three hours per night the manager never bothers me. My job consists of re-stocking shelves, cleaning and an occasional delivery. Many of the young girls from school shop here. The manager had arranged with our head office to put in an extra-large cosmetic department to cater to the students. The store is only a block from school so the majority of the cosmetic trade is students. The cosmetician is a young lady not much older than our clients. She is very competent in the applications of makeup for all the various challenges of young student's lives. Considering I am always re-stocking her department I can only assume she generates a good part of the profit for this location.

Many of the girls recognize me as a football player and often stop to talk to me giving me a chance to size them up. Considering some of them are in their early teens I find myself imagining what it would be like dating these young girls. They are so mature in the way they present themselves. During my shift I have one fifteen-minute break. My favourite place is a bench in a small park across the street. I sit and watch the beauties as they walk by. You get to appreciate the view once you stop and actually look.

It is nearly nine thirty when I leave the store. It has been a long grinding day. The good thing about it is that my first class tomorrow is at ten thirty. This will give me much needed additional hours of sleep as tomorrow will be a very strenuous practice for the game a week from Friday. It is a must win against our arch revivals. I will have to be in top form and play my best. Rumour has it there will be scouts from two major universities in the crowd. A football scholarship would ensure I get an opportunity for an excellent education. Mom and Dad are both working but the cost of university is staggering.

The night is cool as I walk home. About a block ahead of me is a young girl walking in the same direction. I am mesmerized by the flow of her body. Her well shaped bum moves from side to side as she walks. Her blond hair is in a ponytail that softly sways as she moves. It is quite an erotic scene. My gait is faster than hers and gradually the space between us shrinks. The closer I get the better she looks and this is from behind. My imagination is running wild to what she looks like from the front. Finally I am close enough to enjoy her fragrance that is causing me a little discomfort. I can feel my tool reacting to my imagination and the view.

Then I realize who it is. I feel so stupid for not recognizing my own sister Nia. From the distance I never even considered that possibility. Nia is a pain. We constantly bicker at home, so much so that mom has been known to march us both to our rooms under the threat of death if we should come out before morning. We both try and avoid each other as much as possible. Nia hasn't recognized me yet. Slowing down I take a long look at my adversary of so many years. I have always been so intent on causing her grief I never stopped to take a look at the beautiful young woman she has become. Her body is a very well defined hourglass figure. Her hips are just right for her frame. Her bum protrudes nicely for her shape. Nia is wearing a mauve t-shirt and for the life of me I can't remember if she has desirable breasts.

"Nia it is me Don. What are you doing on the street at this time of night?"

"Hello pin head. It is none of your business what I am doing."

"Well I am concerned; after all there are a lot of creeps running around."

"And you are one of the biggest one. Why are you so concerned? Usually all we do is fight. You would likely enjoy it if I got mugged."

"Nia; that's a horrible thing to say, we may fight like dog and cat at home but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings for you."

Nia looks at me with a funny look on her face. This gives me a chance to actually look at her breasts. Wow she is well endowed; her titties are sticking out like traffic cones. I have never noticed them sexually before. Nia is quite the woman.

"What do you mean you have feelings for me? All we do is fight."

"Well you are my sister and I certainly don't want anything bad to happen to you unless I do it."

With that comment she smiles. I could kick myself in the ass for not noticing the changes in Nia. She is a beautiful young woman. She just turned thirteen. I am three years older and have always considered her as a pain in the ass.

"Well, we can walk together as brother and sister just keep your hands to yourself. I don't want any bruises from us fighting."

"Well Nia if you want to call a truce and stop all the bickering and fighting at home I will do everything in my power to act responsibly."

"You are kidding. Why?"

"First of all we are both adolescents and shouldn't be doing it. Secondly I am tired of trying to get your goat and making trouble for you with mom and dad I usually end up in the doghouse. It doesn't accomplish anything but get us both in trouble."

Nia slowly absorbs what I just said. By the look on her face she has doubts I mean it. She attempts to say something three or four times before declaring.

"Well I am willing to try it if you really mean it. We both get each other into trouble and the end result is we are both punished. I have missed so many nights out with my friends because of you. I am tired of staying at home in my room. Let's shake on it."

Nia has her hand out. I gently take it. It is so soft and warm. I can feel the electricity flow between us. I don't know if she can as well. She has a whimsical smile on her face. The crazy thing about this is, we held each other's hand way longer then necessary. Nia has large brown bedroom eyes. Her lips are very full and very kissable looking. I have never looked at her in this light before. What the hell is happening to me?

During the remainder of the walk home I find out that she isn't the stupid fool I always called her but is very informed on a number of topics, one of which is the football team. This really surprises me.

"How do you think the game will go next week? Do you have a chance against Melville High?"

"It is a toss up. We are so evenly matched. We have both won one game against each other. I am hoping that the fact we have no injuries will help us. It will be a battle."

We cover a number of topics by the time we reach home. Mom has our dinners in the microwave. Nia finishes first and leaves the kitchen. Shortly after, I hear the shower running. Mom has a bewildered look on her face.

"You two aren't fighting. What happened?"

"Well, we've called a truce. We spend so much time fighting and being punished, it isn't worth the trouble."

"Well you have my vote for that but I have my doubts you two will keep the peace. I really hope it works out."

I help mom clean the kitchen then complete my homework. I can hear Nia moving about her room, likely doing her homework as well. It is time for my shower. After locking the door I strip and start to drop my dirty clothes in the hamper when I notice Nia's bra and panties. I can feel the blush rising in my body as I retrieve both of them. What am I doing? The bra tag says 34C the cups are so soft. Unconsciously I bring it to my face and breathe in her scent. Her perfume is evident causing my tool to thicken and stick straight out from my body. What the hell am I doing? The panties are a bikini type. I can see dampness on the crotch. There are some obvious pee stains but there is also other dampness as well. From the wetness and the quantity it is recent. It must be her pussy juice. A quick sniff confirms it. It is a very pleasant odour, mild and now my cock is like an iron bar. I wonder if the juice is a result of our walk and talk. Now my imagination is really running in high gear.

That night I actually thought of Nia sexually. In my dreams we actually kissed and started to touch each other. When I am about to put my hand in her panties the stupid alarm rang. Shit, I wanted to find out how far we went.

Breakfast is actually pleasant. Nia and I didn't fight or call each other names. I did study her and I think she is making a mental judgment about me. Again we chat about school and football.

"Will you be going to the dance after the game?"

"I have time off from the drug store. My boss played football in high school and remembers the demands it had on his life. He asked me to work six hours on Saturday instead. Tracy has been on my case to go to the dance. So I will be going just to keep peace with her. Are you going?"

"Yes. A number of girls from my class are going. I hope someone will ask me to dance. I really don't like dancing with the girls all the time."

"I don't think you will have any trouble attracting boys."

Nia looks at me with that inquisitive smile but she doesn't say a thing. It is a rush but we are both off to school. When I arrive, Rick my best friend is waiting at the doors.

"Don. How goes it?"

"Not bad. Are you going to the dance next week?"

"I better or Tracy will have my short and curlies. You?"

"Yes I will be there. I was going to tell you that if you didn't go Tracy would be history. She told Alishia that if you didn't go you would be looking for a new girlfriend."

"I know she is a little pissed off but with school, homework, practice and my job I just don't have the time to go out with her."

"Well you know women, they don't understand sports."

Tracy is coming down the hall. She looks like a wet dream. I know every inch of her body and realize how fortunate I am that she is still with me.

"Don, are we still going to the dance?"

"Yes, we are. I will pick you up at your house. The game should be over by six that will give me time to get cleaned up and changed. Do you want to go out for a bite to eat?"

"That would be nice; however, I would rather spend a little time with you in private. Can we go parking?"

"That is ok with me. I will try and be at your house as early as possible."

I watched as she walked down the hall to her first class. Soon I will be feeling and tasting all of her. I consider myself to be very lucky that Tracy likes me in spite of football.

The day went well but the football practice was brutal. I feel the pain all night even when I am at work. Again I am drawn to the number of young girls at the cosmetic counter. Their young bodies remind me of Nia. Hell, what am I doing thinking of my sister? A number of the girls always stop and chat with me. Most are friends of Nia's. Most are very well endowed and like to flaunt it. As I stock the lower shelves a few walk by and say hello then make sure I am watching as they lean over in their school uniforms and give me a great view of their panties moulded to there bum cracks and pussies. It is embarrassing trying to keep my hard-on under control.

Date of first publication in Monday, July 9, 2001

During my break two of the beauties actually sit beside me and chat. Both make sure I have ample opportunities to look down their blouses at there lacy bra covered titties. I do like the view. I wonder if they are still virgins. If I weren't committed to Tracy I would have made a stab at finding out for myself. Both of them give me the impression that they are available. I didn't have the guts to ask one of them for a date tonight and find out. When I get up to go back to work both of them give me their names and cell phone numbers. I know I will have to do something about this.

After work I start my slow journey home. For some reason Nia is on my mind. I wonder if she has had her shower. I will be looking for her bra and panties again tonight. A tingle of guilt goes through my body. What would she think of her brother checking her panties and bra? About four blocks from home I can make out a young girl sitting on a bench. Soon I am able to recognize Nia.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was over at Brigitte's. I knew you got off at nine so I waited for you."

"Well that is nice Nia but I don't want you to put yourself at risk for me. You should have gone right home."

"Brigitte lives across the street. See she is waving at us in the window. She was watching me till you came."

I feel better that Nia wasn't at risk. We walk together like to normal brother and sister. What a change from two days ago. She is dressed in a way that shows off her body and her beautiful breasts. I want her to showers first so I can get to feel her bra and panties. Her skin-tight slacks are showing every wonderful curve of her bottom and her pubes. Her puffy luv lips are quite evident even in the dim light. I bet they taste good. I wonder if she has a boyfriend.

"I hear you met Carey and Rhonda tonight. They have a crush on you."

"They kept me company during my break. They are both good-looking girls. Are they close friends of yours?"

"Yes. They both have their sights set on you in spite of Tracy. If they were to date a football player it would make them the talk of the school. I don't think Tracy would approve however!"

Nia is laughing. I know Tracy wouldn't approve. She doesn't think I spend enough time with her now. If I were to take time to date either one of the girls she would leave me in a minute. I will have to figure out some way to meet one or the other in private to see how far they are willing to go. It will be a challenge.

"Are they going to the dance?"

"Yes, they are part of the group of girls I am going with. If you dance with them it will make their year complete. I don't know what they see in you!"

Nia is smiling as she says that and gives me a little punch on the shoulder. We walk home continuing to give each other digs about what is going on. I keep teasing her that she hasn't got a date. She keeps claiming she had turned them all down because they are too immature. We finally arrive home. Mom tells us our dinners are still warm. I slowly eat as I do homework. Nia quickly eats her meal and hits for the shower. So far everything is going as planned. I hope she leaves her bra and panties in the hamper. I feel a tingling. I am getting excited thinking of my own sister lingerie. How sick can that be?

Finally my homework is finished. It's ten thirty. Time for a shower and then hit the bed. A quick call to Tracy sets up a meeting this Friday. We have time to go parking. I know she has what I need. It has been nearly two weeks since I had the opportunity to be between Tracy's legs. Her pussy is so soft and tasty.

After locking the bathroom door I open the hamper and claim my prizes. I am not disappointed. It is a matching set of bra and bikini panties. Again the panties are wet from recent secretions. They have the same effect on me. I am hard. I tuck the panties in my pyjamas and bring them to my room. I go to sleep with her panties next to my nose. Nia does smell good.

The next morning I awake to her scent. Her panties are stiff at the crotch from the dried pussy juice. I wonder what is causing her to get so excited. Maybe she likes her girl friends. What am I going to do with her lingerie? There is a gentle knock on my door. It is Nia.

"Can I come in Don?"

"Yes I am decent."

Nia is wearing her nightie it doesn't leave too much to the imagination. I must have been spaced out with my vendetta not to notice what an attractive woman my sister has become. Her nipples are pushing against the fabric. She looks so sexy. I can make out she has a small tuff of hair above her pussy. My imagination has me making out the shape of her pussy lips. What I think I can see is dreamy.

"Don will you walk with me to school today? I have a large completed project I need your help with."

"No problem sis. Let me know when you are ready."

What a change between us. I watch the sway of her shapely bum as she walks back to her room. Her scent is still in the air. When I turn back to my bed I notice her panties are right out in the open. She must have seen them and didn't say a word. My blush starts at my toes and carries to my head. Now I really feel stupid and embarrassed. I wonder why she didn't say anything.

Grabbing her panties I hit for the washroom. Nia has been here her perfume scent is all over. Then taking one last deep breath of her juice covered panties I return them to the hamper. It is uncomfortable grooming with a hard on. Later in the kitchen Nia come bouncing in. She is dressed very provocatively displaying all her soft charms. Then I realize she could have been dressed like this for years but usually when she entered the room I didn't look at her we just started bickering. What a waste.

"Don, I will be ready in about five minutes. Please come to my room and help me with the project. I have made it to break in to two pieces, one larger then the other."

"Ok Nia. I will be finished breakfast shortly."

Watching Nia walk upstairs is a positive way to start a day. Her well-rounded bottom is begging me to touch it. Shortly I am on my way upstairs. I rap and open the door. Nia is leaning over her project and her blouse is open to my view. Her breasts are exposed in their soft bra. How I want to touch them. If she weren't my sister I would be trying to score with her.

"Help me Don."

She is separating the two parts. I grab the large part and we struggle to split them. Our bodies touch and I feel the electricity flow from her to me. I have never felt anything like, it not even with Tracy. Nia looks in my eyes and smiles. I have a strong desire to kiss my sister. What the hell is coming over me?

"Thank you Don. If you are able to carry that piece I will handle the other."

We struggle downstairs to the family minivan.

"Mom says it is ok to drive to school today. Here are the keys."

The drive to school is uneventful except for me sneaking looks at Nia's legs. My mind is wondering what beauty they are protecting between them. I know the wonder fragrance it produces but now I want to taste it. There I go again with the hots for my sister.

At the pharmacy during lunch break my boss came up to me and suggested I take tonight off and work six hours tomorrow. He has heard about Tracy being ready to dump me. I gratefully accept. This will give me more time with Tracy tonight and after lusting after my sister I need to be close to Tracy. I find her in the study hall.

"Tracy, good news I have tonight off. I will pay for it tomorrow but I need to be with you tonight."

"Oh Don you are going to hate me. I tried to call you. Mom has to go to see her mother in Brownsville and you know how she doesn't like driving alone. We will be gone till late Sunday afternoon. When I committed myself I knew you had a practice on Saturday and had to work the rest of the day, we would have only had a short time together. I am sorry we won't be together tonight."

"You don't know how much I will miss you Tracy. My boss just told me ten minutes ago. Maybe we can get together Sunday when you get back."

"Oh Don I will look forward to that. I am so ready for you."

The bell rang and we part heading for our respective rooms. Now what am I going to do this evening. I really wanted to be with Tracy. I need to feel a bare body close to me after panting for Nia all week. Then I heard voices in unison.

"Hi Don."

Carey and Rhonda are standing next to me. Both look like dreams in their very revealing outfits. Maybe, just maybe I can enjoy tonight after-all.

"Hi girls how are you today?"

"Good, but I know it could be a lot better."

That is Carey. She is looking right at me as she licks her lipstick-coated lips. Then I watch her eyes slowly examine my body stopping at my now growing erection. I know I must be tenting. She looks up at me and throws me a kiss. This afternoon will be a good night to check out her cell number.

The bells ring the second warning. We part, heading for our rooms. The morning goes fast but every time there is a break I think of calling Carey. I hope she can keep a secret. Finally noon arrives. I have to return the van for mom. Whilst there, I find Carey's number.


"Hi Carey, this Don."

"Oh Don thanks for calling. What can I do for you?"

"Are you alone?"

"No Rhonda is with me but we have no secrets."

"Well that is one thing I wondered about. Can you keep a secret?"

"Yes of course."

"Well are you available tonight for a drive?"

"With you?"

"Yes but it would have to be on the Q.T. If Tracy ever gets any word about it I will be missing an important part of my body."

"Oh I certainly wouldn't want to be the cause of that. I saw a bit of it this morning and was impressed."

My cock started to rise as talk to this sex kitten. She made no bones about her interest in sex. What a wonderful way to start off a conversation. I know she is interested in my body. My body is certainly interested in her.

"Could we meet somewhere and then go for a drive?"

"Both of us?"

"Both of you?"

"Yes. Rhonda wants to be with you as well. I know you won't be disappointed."

"Ok where and when?"

"Meet us at West End Variety at seven thirty tonight. We will be waiting on the bench in the parking lot."

Well tonight won't be a total loss, I will be with two beautiful teens. Unfortunately my expectations of getting some bare skin and maybe some much needed loving just went down the tube. With the two of them, the odds are against it.

The rest of the day goes well. Instead of thinking of Nia my mind is on the two young girls. After practice I shower and hurry home. I will have to bust a gut to make it to the Variety Store by seven thirty. Fortunately Mom lets me use the van. It was the only unknown after making the date with the girls. She didn't ask what I planned on doing. She is busy with Nia, talking about what Nia will be wearing for the big dance next Friday. After another shower and shave I apply cologne to my face and chest and inner thighs. Might as well be prepared if something good does happen.

After a quick goodbye, the trip to the meeting place seems to take forever. When I enter the lot I see both of them sitting on the bench. They are wearing very short shorts and matching narrow tube bandana's covering their breasts. Neither is wearing a bra that is evident by their nipples pushing against the thin fabric. When I stop, both of them jump into the van.

"Girls you look lovely."

Staring at their breasts and nipples both seem to push out their chests. I wonder if I will be getting my hands on them tonight. Both are sitting with there legs slightly spread. Their luv lips are moulded in their shorts. Both must be shaved. I can feel my heat rising. Carey is sitting next to me and her body is against me. She feels so soft and smells so good.

"Oh Don you don't know what this means to us. We are the first in our group to get noticed by a football player. We will be forever in your debt."

"You aren't in my debt. You are both very attractive and it is my pleasure. I only wish we didn't have to sneak around like this but if Tracy ever got wind of this she would have my balls."

Both started to laugh as I drove the van back onto the street.

"Do you girls have any idea where we should go?"

"Drive to the bay area and when we get there I will give you directions."

The bay is an area where a number of boats are docked. It's a river mouth onto the lake, over the years it has developed into a thriving marina area.

"Ok Don, turn right at the next street."

I follow the river for about three blocks.

"Turn into the next driveway beside that black SUV."

"Whose dock is this?"

"My parents, they are gone for the weekend. There is a room above the boathouse. Some times when they get off the lake very late they stay overnight. I thought it would be nice and private for us."

My cock is now really taking notice. I follow two lovely bums up a set of stairs to the loft above the boathouse. It has a small kitchenette, sitting room and a bedroom off to my right. The other door must be the bathroom. Carey turns on two table lamps. We all stand around looking at each other. I like what I see. Then Rhonda says.

"Well this isn't getting us anywhere. Let's go to the bedroom."

That is music to my ears. Now we are getting somewhere. Both of them sit on the bed. I sit between them. Then I take Carey and kiss her. She quickly tongues me; I can feel Rhonda's hand on my thigh slowly moving to my growing hard-on.

Carey and I fall back on the bed. Rhonda's fingers are on my fly. Carey pulls on her top and both beautiful ruby nippled titties fall out. Quickly my lips are attached as I massage the second one. Cool air hits my cock as it is released then I feel a warm mouth engulf my cock head. My hand seeks out Carey's pussy. I unzip the shorts and feel her bum rise so that I can lower them. She feels so soft and wet. My thumb is in her cunt as deep as possible. This is exactly what I am hoping for.

Carey is now naked. Somehow a light has been turned on. Her cunt is bare and her luv lips are full and puffy. She indicates she wants me in the middle of the bed. I watch as Rhonda undresses. Now I am in the midst of two beautiful thirteen year olds naked and wanton. Rhonda moves between my legs and starts sucking again as she massages my balls. Carey puts my head between her legs and lowers her wet pussy on to my face. What a taste. Her juice is mild and plentiful. This has to be heaven. Sucking and licking as the juice continues to flow from Carey's cunt.

Carey lifts her body from me and I see Rhonda moving to replaces her. She gets my head between her legs and lowers her pussy to my face. Her taste is different than Carey but she is just as juicy. This is of my favourite parts of sex, eating pussy. Some of the other guys I know boast about fucking every skirt they can con into taking off their panties. I love the taste of pussy. Carey is sucking my very hard cock.

Finally Rhonda moves off of me and Carey crawls beside me with Rhonda on the other.

"Are you happy Don?"

"You girls are wonderful. I just love the taste of your pussies. Both of you have an endless supply of juice. I live for that. I could spend hours between your legs licking you."

Both girls hug me with their arms around each other with me in the middle. I feel so good but still horny.

"Which of us do you want to fuck?"

"Both of you."

I must have said the right thing, as both of them are all over me. I can feel their hands on my cock and balls as they both shower me with soft kisses. One of them has their finger in my bum. I can feel the finger probing. It gives me a funny sensation. Finally they push me down on to the foot of the bed and they lay beside each other with their legs spread wide. I am in heaven. Two beautiful young pussies are facing me. Both sets of luv lips are moist and puffy. They are slightly spread showing me two sets of tasty inner lips. Carey's clit is a bit more pronounced than Rhonda's. I watch as the both turn over and spread their bum cheeks. Both anuses are tight and smooth. Now I am really ready.

"Who wants to be first?"

"We both do but you called Carey so she is first. I will watch then you can do me. Carey is ready; you can have my cherry next time."


"Yes both of us are virgins. Your cock is the first one we will have had. We broke each others hymen with Mum's dildo. Don't worry both of us are on the pill. Mum had me when she was sixteen so as soon as I had my first period, we were at the doctors getting a prescription. Carey's Mum did the same for her."

Rhonda moves to the foot of the bed as Carey rolls on to her back. I get between her legs lowering my face and kissing her luv lips. I move up her body and feel her hand on my cock guiding it to heaven. I slowly push and start to enter the warm moist tunnel of love. Soon I am buried deep inside her. Nothing I can say describes the feeling. Carey is so tight. I enjoy the feeling as I pump and pump. I can feel I am close to climaxing when Carey explodes. I cease pumping and shove into her as deep as possible. When Carey comes down from her high she looks up and then kisses me.

"Don, that was wonderful. Now do Rhonda."

Carey moves and Rhonda lies down. I kiss her luv lips and lick the plentiful luv juice that has formed. She must have been masturbating as I fucked Carey. Her hand is on my cock guiding it. I slip into her very tight pussy. It feels like my cock is in a vice. After pumping I can feel her body tense and she explodes with a climax. Again I stop and push myself deep into her body. She puts her arms around my neck and kisses me.

"Thanks Don. I have never felt anything like it."

"You girls are both wonderful. I can't understand why you don't have boyfriends. I wouldn't know which of you to ask out. I want you both."

"You can have us both at any time you want. Just call either of us on our cell-phones. You will get both of us or at least one. You have a beautiful cock Don."

That is Carey. Both girls are on their backs with their knees up and spread wide. Juice is flowing from both pussies. I want to eat both but I want to cum so bad but which one?

"Don you haven't cum yet.

Two cherries in one evening; what a charmed life I am having. Carey looks inviting as she moved to the middle of the bed beckoning me to mount her again. I need to cum so bad I am hurting. My cock with her help disappears deep inside her. I savour the moment not wanting to climax too fast. The thought of the two cherries is running through my mind. Both girls are very attractive and now I know from first hand experience are very willing sex partners. Why hadn't any boys attempted to date and make love to them? Tracy and I had taken each other cherries two years ago. I have been fucking her regularly ever since. Not as much as I wanted to this season.

Carey is right into this. Her body slams me as I thrust deep inside her. I know I will be cumming very shortly. Suddenly I pour strings of hot cum into her. I can feel her body as it trembles with a climax. Finally I stop surging and I can feel my cock start to shrink.

"Don I could feel every squirt. Rhonda you are going to love the feeling. When can we get together again? I want Rhonda to experience you cumming inside her."

"I think I can get away tomorrow after work. It will be about six thirty when I am finished, I have to go home and shower then try and con Mum out of the van again."

"Ok Don. Rhonda and I will be waiting for your call. We will meet you at the same place."

When I roll off Carey my cock is a deflated piece of meat. Rhonda starts playing with it. Then I watch her lower her mouth to it and start slowly sucking me. It feels good but I don't think I will be able to perform again tonight.

"Don, the mixture of you and Carey taste so good. Carey you should try some."

Carey moves down and takes my proffered member and engulfs me totally. I can feel her sucking motions and I close my eyes. When I open them I see Rhonda between her legs licking cum mixed with Carey's ample pussy juice. I find it erotic to watch her eating Carey's pussy.

"Rhonda, leave some in me so we can share it at my place. Rhonda is staying over at my house if you want to call us later. Here is my home number. It goes straight to my room so you can say what you want."

As we dress I marvel at the beauty of the two young girls. They are young but very level headed. I have to admire them for being so mature. I feel a bit of sadness as they cover-up all their charms. If everything goes well I will see them tomorrow.

After dropping them off, I slowly drive home feeling very contented. I feel so tired. After parking the van I thank Mum for letting me use it and plant the seed that I may want it tomorrow. Saying goodnight, I go for a shower. It is early so I really don't expect Nia's panties to be in the hamper but I am surprised to find them on the top. She must have had a shower before going out with her girl friends. I sniff the panties. Nia's scent is so strong my cock stands to attention. I call the girls and thank them for a wonderful evening. Both thank me and tell me not to forget calling tomorrow. Rhonda says she wants to have her pussy full of cum like Carey's. She tells me that Carey is all cleaned out now. They shared cum by snowballing. Feeling good about everything I fall asleep with the crotch of Nia's panties next to my face. I relived cumming in Carey but replacing her image with Nia. I want Nia but how?

When I awoke I found I must have breathed through Nia's panties all night. I have a raging hard on. Nia is up, I can hear her talking to Mum. Throwing on a loose pair of sweats I head for the bathroom. I replace Nia's panties in the hamper and then clean up.

"Don I need to come in and get the dirty clothes. Mum is washing."

"Come on in I am decent."

Nia comes in with a large laundry basket. She looks fresh and appealing this morning. She certainly had to notice my pole. It is sticking straight out in my sweats but she doesn't say anything.

"I wonder how my panties got to the top of the hamper."

I feel a blush running up my body. I hope she doesn't notice. When she leans over I can see down her shirt. She isn't wearing a bra. Oh, how I would love to have taken her back to my bedroom and inspected her breasts and all of her body. She stands up and smiles at me and leaves.

Today I have to work the six hours to make up for last evening. It was worth the longer hours today. The time I spent with the two young girls, floods back into my mind. I have something to look forward to tonight.

Actually the time goes fast at the drug store. The heavy traffic on the weekend has a number of young girls and women shoppers. I enjoy looking at every one of them. I am surprised to see Rhonda with an older woman. They look alike, it must be her mother. Her mother doesn't look much older than a teenager. I can see where Rhonda gets her features from. They come towards me.

"Hello Don. I see you are working earlier this Saturday."

"Yes I had some time off yesterday so I have to make up for it today."

She is smiling.

"I hope it was worth it."

"Yes it was. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I hope my next time off is as satisfying."

"I am sure it will be. Don this is my Mum."

"How are you? Are you enjoying this weather?"

"Hello Don. Rhonda has mentioned you are a football player. She tells me you have a very important game for the school next Friday."

I am studying Rhonda's Mum. She is very attractive in her short shorts and top. Her breasts are big & solid, filling the top with her nipples pointing out. I think she caught me staring but she has a smile on her face as if she is enjoying the attention. I wonder what she would be like in that bed at the marina.

"Well, we had better get going. It was nice meeting you Don. I hope we meet again soon."

So do I, is going through my mind. I watch as she walks away with Rhonda. She has fantastic legs and a beautiful bum. What I wouldn't give for a chance at a mature woman.

The rest of the day goes fast. Carey came in late in the afternoon and whispers she hopes to hear from me. I watch as she leaves the store. My cock appreciates her every movement. It seems a large number of young girls were in today or maybe it is the first time I actually really looked at them. I wonder if all of them are available. If Tracy ever dumps me I will concentrate on the younger girls.

At six we are out of the store and I am jogging home, by six twenty I have eaten and showered. Mum gives me the keys to the van, all that is left is a phone call.

"Hello Carey I am leaving my house now. Are you still available?"

"We have been waiting for your call. We can use the boat house again."

They approach the van as I pull into the parking lot. Their make up is superb making them appear years older. Both are wearing Speedo type of shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. Their pubes are outlined causing me to react with a raging hard on. Their scent fills the van as they board.

"You girls look marvellous. I am surprised you weren't attacked wearing those outfits."

"We don't usually wear them in public. We want to keep you interested."

"Girls, you don't have to worry about that."

Rhonda sits in the middle and during the trip massages my cock. She lowered her top enough so I could see her titties and one nipple. I am looking forward to cumming in her.

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