Jill's Brother and Father

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: Jill wants her brother's cock. She gets more than she bargained for.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Jill Ebber was laying on her back on her small twin bed. She was naked except for a pair of pale yellow bikini panties. Her small tits were flattened to almost non existence. Her brown nipples stood erect with her small left hand laying on one of them. One of her fingers was gently making circles on one of her nipples making her lips turn up in a sweet smile.

Her right hand crept under the waist band of her panties stopping only when her fingers found her damp pussy. Jill softly stroked her clit while she thought about yesterday. She had gone to her best friend Mary's house to have her first sexual experience with a boy. She had used her hand on Mary's brother Roger's penis to an orgasm while the head of his cock was in Mary's mouth. Jill slipped her finger into her wet pussy wishing that she had had the opportunity to taste Roger's cock also.

Her bedroom door was locked because her brother Dale had a habit of entering without knocking trying to catch Jill in a compromising situation. Like most teen boys he would love to see his sister partially dressed, or better yet his dream would be to open the door to find Jill in the nude.

Jill's pussy was very wet now just thinking about having a cock to play with. Now, she hoped Dale would come into her room catching her playing with herself. She got up to unlock the door just as her brother tentatively turned the doorknob.

She unlocked the door pulling it open quickly, her brother's hand still on the knob. Dale's eyes bugged out when he saw his mostly naked sister standing there with her little breasts fully exposed to him.

"Get in here!" She growled at him, pulling him into the room with a firm grip on his arm. Before Dale knew what was happening he was pushed onto his back on the bed. Jill pulled her pretty yellow panties completely off. "Is this what you wanted to see?" She asked him.

The sixteen year old boy nodded his head looking first at Jill's tits then down to her sparsely haired pussy. His pants were tented with his engorged prick.

Dale still wasn't sure what was going on as Jill began undressing the boy. "I want to play with your dick Dale. If you do exactly everything I ask of you I might even put your thing in my mouth. I know you would like that, wouldn't you?"

If Dale nodded his head any harder he would hurt himself. Jill wasted no time getting her brother naked. She had never been this horny before in her brief fifteen year life. Jill admired her brothers six inch erection. It looked both longer and fatter than Roger's prick had. She laid down next to her brother on the bed.

She took Dale's hand putting it on one of her breast swells, pulled his head up to her other tit. "Suck my nipple Dale." She begged as Jill wrapped her delicate hand around her brother's erect cock. Dale wasted no more time. He pushed his other hand between his sisters legs. She open them to allow better access. Dale learned quickly as Jill guided his hand to her clit teaching him the rhythm and speed she wanted.

Jill's steady stroking of her brothers hard on caused it to become shiny with the precum that her hand was spreading up and down his cock. When Dale muttered. "I'm getting close." She removed her hand from his pecker causing him to say. "Finish me please."

"Make me cum first bro. Then I will make you cream better than you have ever before."

Dales fingers became a blur as he brought his sister's young cunt to a much needed orgasm. It took Jill a minute or two to calm herself before she got a firm grip on his brother's pecker. She stroked it for just a few seconds before she said. "Want me to make you cum in my mouth?" She didn't wait for the answer. No guy was going to say no to a blow job, even an amateur one.

Jill, still holding Dale's cock in her hot hand, dipped her head down with her mouth opened wide to accept the shiny cock head into her mouth. She savored the taste of her first cock licking it like a pro. Dale could only grunt his pleasure as his sister became very acquainted with his prick. No one else had ever touched him there and now he was watching the hard flesh moving in and out of his sisters hot mouth.

Dale was gritting his teeth to keep from cumming too soon. The feeling was something he had only dreamed of before and wanted it to last forever. Finally he couldn't hold back any longer. He spurted hard into his sisters mouth. She was trying to swallow all his cream but it was too much for her. She coughed letting some of the cum drop back onto her brothers stomach.

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