A Knotty Problem

by Anne N. Mouse

Copyright© 2012 by Anne N. Mouse

Erotica Sex Story: A teen girl gets more than she bargained for when she tries to get the neighbor's dog to lick her pussy!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   BiSexual   Rough   Bestiality   Caution   .

When Tara's parents first moved to the country she was a bit bored until Jack, a medium chocolate lab that belonged to the people who lived about a half mile from where here parents had decided to live started visiting.

Jack would not have stirred the teen's interest either, because she was really not much interested in the out-of-doors except that one day when the dog came visiting he spent a good deal of time licking his bright red prick which kept pulsating in and out of the sheath beneath the dog's belly. The sight of the animal licking itself might have in any other situation either embarrassed Tara or caused her to say, 'Oh gross!' but just that day she had received a letter from her apparently ex-boyfriend.

Perhaps the fact that she was usually left alone for several hours while her parents worked had something to do with her decision as well. 'I wonder, ' she thought as she watched the dog, 'if I could persuade him to lick my pussy.'

Tara looked at the clock and decided that she had at least two hours before either of her parents returned. Watching the dog lick at his cock made her think of the hopes she had been nourishing that she would be able to convince her parents to take her to the mall for an afternoon on the weekend. The previous weekend she had tried to convince her parents to let her drive into the city so that they would not have to make the drive but that had been a vain effort. Then just this noon when the mail driver came by Tara had been excited to see the letter from Bobby among the junk mail that she sorted into two piles. The first pile was coupons and the second was store fliers. Sometimes she made a third pile that contained mail in offers but for the most part she knew what her parents taste was in such matters and the ended up on top of the store fliers that would be used to start a fire if the weather was cool enough to warrant it.

The letter had read:

Dear Tara,

I'm hoping to see you soon as I miss you. You know that Terri is always saying I should go out with her since you are gone. I don't want to do that but it seems like it has been so long since I saw you last (like two weeks Tara thought) John wants me to join him and some other friends for a party this weekend. It would be nice if you were there.


Tara reread the short note one more time. She knew that John's sister Mindy was Terri's best friend and if John was planning a party then Terri would be there and she would do anything including fuck on the living room floor to date Bobby who was rather hunkalicious even if he wasn't the star of the basketball team.

Another look out the window showed the big brown dog sitting in the shade licking his bright red, shiny, and slightly pointed prick as if to say, 'look what I can do. I bet you'd love to be able to lick yourself where it feels best too.'

Tara absently rubbed at her slightly aroused clitoris as she watched the dog. Hands were great but she really wanted a tongue there. As she had found out on a sleepover with her friend Emma. When the slightly older girl had told her that she had learned about eating pussy at summer camp Tara had been ready to head for home even if she had to walk. "Look," Emma had said, "I like guys a lot but they can't keep a secret. If I ever let one even touch my tits they tell the others that they've been boinking me!

"Now I know you've been kissing on Danny for a while. What I heard him tell my brother is that you let him see your tits. And that you give him hand jobs.

"Anyway what I'm really trying to say is that a little cunnilingus doesn't make you a lesbian. It is just something you can do with a friend that you wouldn't let a boy do 'cause he'd brag about it. But until now you never knew that it was something I did at summer camp and you wouldn't know that if I hadn't been used to sharing my life with you."

It had taken that and more urgent whispering by Emma to convince her that she shouldn't leave right then. Although she had refused to try mutual cunnilingus that night Emma had shamelessly masturbated a little later. 'Now you know my nastiest secret again, ' she'd said, 'and I'm not even going to pretend I don't touch myself when I want to get to sleep at night, ' and then proceeded to tell Tara how much more fun it would be if someone else was touching her breasts, kissing her nipples, or sliding their hand along her hot wet pussy.

Tara had laid on the floor listening in discomfort because she was not willing to share the bed with her friend since that would be admitting that the sounds and smells emanating from Emma were having the effect of arousing her.

Just thinking about how she had eventually (after a few days) given in to her lust and curiosity with Emma had Tara's motor running on high as she thought about Jake's tongue on her body rather than his. All of that together played into her decision to say, 'I'm going to see if Jake will lick me instead of himself.'

With that decision made Tara grabbed a bikini and threw it on because even if she intended to let the dog lick her she was not enough of an exhibitionist to head out of even an isolated house in the raw. As soon as she was down the steps in front of the house Jake stuck his nose in her crotch. Tara giggled a little at the dog's familiar greeting and pushed his head away from her body. "You're a rude dog, Jake," She said.

Jake immediately jumped up on her and started to lick her face. "Ewww your breath stinks!" Tara said as she lifted the dog away from her. It was then that she made the mistake of bending forward slightly. Before she quite knew what had happened the large brown dog had hit her on the back and she was on her hands and knees while his cold nose was against her pussy that she suddenly discovered was missing its covering bikini bottom although she didn't quite know how she had lost it.

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