A Simple Shopping Trip?

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2012 by David Michaels

True Sex Story: A random meeting at a stop light between myself and a sexy man. We exchanged hellos then loads in an alley...

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   True Story   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Public Sex   .

First off a little about me; I'm 5'7" 150# 32-inch waist and 7+ thick inches of fun for anyone willing to go for it. This one happened not long on my way downtown to the local Marsh. My roommates parents loaned me a bike to ride around till I can get one of my own so I put on my most comfortable pair of pants, the ones from Uncle Sam(that's another story if you want it), a white T-shirt and took off.

The store is about a mile from my place and I was enjoying the spring afternoon, as were several others, some on bikes, some were walking and others jogging. One jogger in particular caught my attention; he was mid to late 30's about 5'6"/ 5"7 maybe 140-150 pounds and defined as hell. I notice him first because of his tan and RED hair. Most redheads do not tan well, but his was hot, and as he jogged by you could see the line around his waist. I whistled low, but he must have heard, because he turned around ran backwards for a moment then turned and continued on his way. I continued to the store, got what I was after and headed home. On the way home, I saw mister redhead again, heading back towards 10th street. We stopped at a red light he nodded and mentioned how much he liked my bike. The light turned and we both took off, him slightly out in front, me trying to keep my balance and follow. At the next light, he said he liked more than my bike. I answered it was a shame I couldn't see more of what he had under those jogging shorts, and if the upper was any indication I was missing a lot. He smiled and replied,"I know this ally way a block over if you really want to see what's under my shorts."

"Sure, let's go". By that time the light had turned green and I let him lead. Not far from the intersection was a nice little ally, almost hidden by overgrown bushes. He went in first and I followed. He turned and as I dismounted, he grabbed my crotch, and with an evil grin unbuttoned my pants. I was rock hard by this time, because he was hot and I have this thing for redheads. He dropped to his knees and swallowed my cock like a pro. I let him work me for a bit them pulled him to his feet. I started with his pits, personally, I think there's nothing better than a sweaty guys hot pits, so I licked and sniffed. That elicited a small groan, I moved down to his nips, quarter sized and standing out, I took first one then the other into my mouth. As I did so, I moved my hands into his shorts and felt him up through his jock. I couldn't wait so I pulled shorts and jock down in one smooth motion as I fell to my knees and took in his work-out smell.

His cock wasn't huge, maybe 6.5" - 7" and about as thick as a pickle, and was just starting to get hard. I love to feel a guy grow in my mouth, so I inhaled his cock and didn't stop until my nose was buried in his fire bush. His nuts were shaved and felt rather full. Once I had his cock at its fullest, I moved on down to his nuts, a nice mixture of soap and sweat, yummy. I worked them for a moment, and then turned him around, his ass was sweeter uncovered than it was covered. Words can't describe what it looked like, a light dusting of hair, and a hot sweaty pucker, just waiting for me to munch. I shoved my face into his hot ass and licked that hot, sweaty hole, I could taste the tang of his running, I felt him tense, and then relax as he got into what I was doing. I reached around and as I eat his ho

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