The Three Sisters

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My new girlfriend, Kendra, has two sisters, an older one, Angie, and a younger one, Chelsea.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

I guess, in a way, this story is about how I first started having sex. Well, with other people, you know. I was doing it on my own, probably like you were, before the events in this story happened.

It really began when I got my first girlfriend, Gina; we were both thirteen, in seventh grade, middle school, and it was a few weeks before we started kissing. We were Gene and Gina and we thought that sounded so cool.

Anyway, we were together for about a year or so, not much more than kissing happened, but when we'd turned fourteen, Gina seemed to want to fool around more.

One afternoon, at her house, up in her room, she asked me, "Do you want to see my boobs? Like touch them and stuff?"

You know what I said, right, and she began unbuttoning her top and then took her bra off.

Wow. Now, I'd seen Playboys a few times but even more on the computer, really, and she had the prettiest boobs I'd ever seen. They were plump and round and topped-off with the palest pink nipples that seemed swollen but weren't.

"You can feel them, Gene, go ahead, even suck on them. I want you to."

I wasted no time doing that as you can imagine. So I moved to take a nipple in my mouth and just as soon as I began sucking, I felt pressure on my dick, she was rubbing my pants.

"If you take it out, I'll make you feel nice," she whispered and I reached down, undid my pants and pulled them down, never letting her nipple out of my eager mouth.

She quickly had my cock out and began playing with it, rubbing it, stroking, petting, oh, it felt so nice.

I saw her spit onto her hand then drop it down to begin masturbating me as I sucked. I'd never had another's hand on my dick before and, well, if you're a guy, try to remember the first girl's hand to take hold of it. Yeah, pretty hot.

Well, it was so good that it didn't take her long before I was cumming and she was giggling and hooting in delight at making me spurt up into the air like that. I was sure she'd done this before.

This soon became our routine nearly every afternoon after school. And, then, about ten months later, she and her family moved away.

I still remember the last time we were alone together, she masturbated me three times, I was even kind of sore after but didn't care at all.

Then my life went back to sex with myself.

Time went on and then I met Kendra.

It took me about a month to get her top off and I began asking her to give me a hand job while I sucked her boobs. She kept putting me off and, then, one afternoon, we were in her room, her top and bra were off, my pants and briefs were on the floor, she was playing with my cock, when her door opened and in came her older sister, Angie.

"You two sure look cozy," she said as I scrambled to cover myself.

"Don't worry, Gene, Kendra asked me to come and show her how to jack a guy off. That's why she hasn't done it yet. So, let me show her and she'll do it as much as you want."

I sat there amazed as Kendra added, "Yeah. I told her you wanted me to do it but I didn't know how. So she's here to show me. Then I'll do it whenever you want me to."

"Let's get all your clothes off first," her older sister said and they helped me get my shirt off.

"You're pretty cute, Gene, this should be fun," Angie said as she picked up a bottle of hand lotion from Kendra's bed table and put some on her hand.

She took hold of my dick with her other hand and then lowered the palm of her other hand, the one with the lotion, and began rubbing circles around the head of my dick with her palm.

"Tell my sister how this feels, Gene."

It was a motion, a movement, that I'd never tried myself, and I told Kendra exactly how it felt.

"Oh, it's just so good, right on top like that, it feels like it's even electric, just awesome."

"Boys like it this way," she said as she kept running her palm over my dick's head, then she circled her fingers around me and began stroking me the normal way as she told her sister, "This is the way most guys do it, right, Gene?" and I agreed that it was.

"Yeah, I do it this way and it's good but what she did first was good, too, really good," I told my girlfriend as her sister jacked me off.

She showed my girlfriend lots of ways to do it, lots of new ways as far as I was concerned and, finally, she was jacking me with two fingers and a thumb around me while her fingertips of her other hand twisted and turned on the head of my dick like she was twisting off a bottle cap. Oh, man, that did it.

Cum began spurting up out of my dick as Kendra shrieked, "Omigod, look at it all, he's cumming, omigod, so much, let me feel it," and Angie let go of me so her sister could run her fingers though the sticky, slippery cum.

Then, she took me in hand and began to stroke, lubricated by my cum, asking me, "Want me to do it? Or are you finished, like, for the day?"

Angie laughed, telling her, "Oh, honey, you don't know much yet about guys. If he's stiff, if his cock is hard, he'd love you to do him again, right, Gene?"

"Yeah, I sure know I would."

Angie handed her the lotion which Kendra squirted on my dick and then began masturbating me for my second time that afternoon.

They both watched as I cummed a second time and Angie finally left as Kendra slowly stroked me a third time.

So, this started our routine of Kendra giving me a hand job or two every afternoon after school. Then, one afternoon, as I lay back on her bed naked with my dick in the air watching her undo her bra, she sat next to me as I handed her the lotion.

"I think I'll do something different," she said as she bent over and slid her lips over the head of my penis to begin sucking me for the first time.

The softness of her mouth was incredible and the way she began was the best thing I'd ever felt. Her lips were wet and she slipped them over the head of my cock over and over as she also slid her tongue around it in circles.

I loved how good she'd become at giving me hand jobs but this was better, way better. I was finding out what so many guys discover when a girl slides her lips over his cock and begins to suck on it, oh, this was ecstasy, nothing less.

My head fell back, my eyes closed and I savored every movement of her mouth on me, every pull, every lick, my heart was racing and as she went on I was panting like I'd just run a 10k marathon.

"Oh, man, that feels so good, even better than what you usually do," I said as I petted her cheek while she looked up at me softly sucking.

I loved hand jobs but this was even better, way better, and it wasn't long before I was shooting my cum into her pretty mouth as she sucked and sucked. She just kept going, I really expected her to stop but she didn't.

I never really got soft but in a few minutes, I felt like I was going to cum again. And that's what she did, she got me to cum twice and told me that was what her sister, her older sister, Angie, had told her to do, suck me until I cummed twice.

"She told me what her boyfriend does to her, Gene," she said so sweetly. "He eats her out. Have you done that to a girl before?"

"No, but I will if you want me to."

"She says it's awesome, she loves it so I guess I'd like us to try it."

Until this point, she'd always kept her panties on, I'd noticed that they were wet between her legs after we'd fooled around for a while, I'd heard that girls get wet and juicy when they feel sexy and now I watched as she pulled off her panties and spread herself open for me.

Hers was the first pussy I'd really ever seen and now I knew it was to be up close as I moved down between her legs while she watched me excitedly. Then I took my first lick along her smooth, plump lips causing her to twitch and moan in sudden pleasure. Oh, I knew right then that I would be a pussy-eater the rest of my life.

I went on licking, tonguing, sucking on those lovely lips making her wriggle and groan until she threw her legs around my head and pulled my face into her as she bucked and jerked, crying out, "Omigod, oh, OH, it's so good, so good, oh, oh."

That afternoon began the regular oral sex that we would have every afternoon after school.

Then about a year after that when I'd gotten to Kendra's house and we were in her room ready to undress, she asked me, "Chelsea asked me if she could watch us sometime. She wants to learn how to do hand jobs and blow jobs, she said. What do you think?"

Chapter 2

Chelsea was her younger sister, she had just turned fourteen and, if anything, was even cuter than Kendra.

So, did I want to be naked in front of Kendra's little sister? I'd already been naked with her older sister and, well, it was really kind of fun to show off my goods so I told her that it would be fine with me.

"I can get her right now if that's all right?" she asked and, a bit surprised at the suddenness, I told her I was okay with that. Kendra left her room and in a minute she came back with her younger sister, Chelsea.

After a minute of hi's and how-are-you's, Kendra began taking her clothes off so I pulled off my shirt and began undoing my belt.

"If you're gonna watch, Chelsea, you should get undressed, too, okay?" Kendra said and my heart jumped a bit at the chance to see her sexy little sister naked.

She started undoing her clothes but was watching me like a hawk. As I bent down pulling my briefs off, my dick sprang loose and her eyes got wide as she stared fixed on my manhood.

"Oh, wow, it's so cool, really big, bigger than I thought it would be," she gasped as I arched my back making it rise.

"It's pretty, isn't it? Come feel it, Chelsea, it's really hard and nice and warm. The end is really super-soft, like silk or velvet, come see," Kendra urged her younger sister who touched it, then wrapped her fingers around it while I stood there looking at these two beautiful, naked sisters.

"You can kiss it, Gene would like that," she urged and Chelsea squatted down and kissed the tip.

"Lick around the top, that really feels good to a guy," she told her and her small, pink tongue began lapping wetly around the top of my dick sending shivers all over me.

"Tell her what that feels like, Gene," she said.

"Oh, it just feels so good, really wonderful, the wetter your tongue, the better."

She pulled her tongue in and brought it back out covered with saliva and began licking again wetly running it around the head. Oh, that felt so good.

"You can suck on it some, too, boys love that."

"Oh, that feels even better," I told her as I felt the first pull from her mouth.

And she just kept doing that, also taking soft licks on the head, until cum began spurting out of my deliriously happy cock.

Chelsea swallowed it all down except for a dribble down her chin which she wiped off with the back of her hand.

"Did I do it good?" she asked, "As good as Kendra?"

"Tell her, Gene, tell her how she did," my girlfriend urged.

"You did it great, Chelsea, really great. Just keep practicing," I said hoping for more from Kendra's little sister.

"Can I come do it again the next time you want it?" she asked. It was obvious that she had little experience with guys and their dicks.

"I think next time you should jack him off, use your hand to do it. He likes that too and most boys do; it's something you should learn how to do."

"So, maybe tomorrow?"

"Um, if you just wait a few minutes, I'll bet Gene'll be ready. I use this hand lotion on him," she said, pulling the bottle out of the drawer. "You'll also get to see a boy cum and shoot his spunk all out."


"Yeah, cum, what he shot in your mouth that you swallowed, cum, his jism. Wait 'til you see it, it's really cool, you'll love it."

Chelsea still had her panties on and her sister told her to go ahead and get naked like we were so she pulled them down revealing a mass of dark, curly hair.

"You need to shave that little pussy of your's, girl," Kendra said, "It's prettier that way and boys like to lick you when you're shaved. Come on, let's go do it and I'll shave Gene too, it's been a few days, he's gotten a bit scratchy."

So we went down the hall and Kendra had me use scissors on her sister's pubic hair first then she lathered her up and shaved her clean.

She got her sister cleaned up and took her to the mirror.

"See, nice, huh?"

"It makes me look like I did when I was nine or ten. So boys like it this way? Do you, Gene?"

I told her I did indeed and Kendra said, "Now, Sis, you do Gene," and I sat on the john, spread my legs out and her sister sprayed the gel on me and rubbed it into a lather which got me hard as a rock. Then she shaved all around.

"Just use the shave gel to jack him off with, that's how I always finish shaving him."

So she spread it up and down my cock and began stroking me.

"Mmm, that's good, Chelsea, really good," I moaned as she smiled up watching my reaction.

"Try twisting your hand, see how he likes that," her sister prompted and she began varying her hand position and grip as she masturbated me.

"When does it come out?" she asked and I told her it would be a few minutes, that it usually took a little longer after each time.

"How many times can you do it?" she asked.

"I've made him cum six, no it was seven times but that was the whole day, like from nine to, oh, almost ten o'clock at night," Kendra told her sister.

"Wow, that's a lot huh?"

"He never said not to," she laughed. "You'll find out, boys just love for you to make them cum."

She kept jacking me up and down, it was feeling better and better and the inevitable happened as cum began spurting up out of my cock.

"Wow, look at all of it, it really flies out, that's so cool," she screamed as my cum dribbled down her fist.

"How did my little sister do, Gene?" Kendra asked me.

"Well, you saw me cum, what else can I say? It was good, really good," I said as I leaned to her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

"Now you've been jacked-off and sucked by all three of us, Angie, me and now, Chelsea. We treat you pretty good, Gene."

"Angie's done this with him, too?" Chelsea asked rather surprised.

"Yeah, she showed me how you do it and now I've shown you."

I lay there with a rehardened cock as Kendra asked her sister if she wanted to suck me again. My lucky day, for sure.

She bent over and took me in her mouth and began sucking up and down.

"Try just sucking the end some, it feels really good that way," she told her younger sister. And, yes, it did feel really good that way. They took turns giving me head, it did take me some time before I had another orgasm but they did it, oh, did they ever.

Chapter 3

About a week later, Kendra told me that her mother had taken her to the doctor to be put on birth control.

"No kidding, so we can do it now?" I asked her as we both undressed.

"No, not for a month, it takes that long to start to work. But I've got condoms if you want to try them?" she said grinning.

"How did this all happen, anyway?" I asked her.

"I told Mom I needed to get on the pill unless she's ready to be a grandmother. She took me the next day and on the way home stopped at the drugstore and bought these," she said as she handed me the box.

"You just told her like that?"

"Well, Gene, I was tired of waiting. Yeah, I told her just like that."

"But she must have an idea that we're doing stuff."

"Oh, come on, of course, she does. Parents aren't stupid, Gene, I told her anyway what we were doing."

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