Social Worker's Visit

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: A quick flash fantasy. A social worker visits a father suspected of abusing his daughter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   .

Joe Bark was an investigator for Social Services. He had an inquiry from the St John school nurse about a possible case of abuse. One of the students, a Miss Pearl Watts seemed to be in duress walking with apparent pain, although she denied that anything was wrong or out of the ordinary.

Many parents took their frustrations out on their children. Joe had investigated many families but usually the results were negative. The school system was a lot more wary of child abuse than ever before.

Joe was able to get a phone call through to Pearl's father, George Watts to arrange a time for an in house interview. Sometimes it took several phone calls to connect to a parent but this was a first call success. This might be an easy one Joe thought to himself.

The following afternoon Joe found himself in a seedier part of town walking down a dim hallway lighted by the occasional sixty watt bulb. He stopped at apartment 3B knocking on the door. A tall heavy set black man answered the door letting Joe into his home.

After the introductions Joe said. "Is your daughter Pearl at home sir?"

"Yes, Mr. Bark. Should I fetch her?"

"Not just yet Mr. Watts." Both men sat down, Joe on a couch while Watts chose a soft stuffed chair. "I have a few questions first." Joe explained to George Watts that the school had reason to believe that there was child abuse happening.

"Did my girl say dat?"

"No sir she didn't. It's my understanding that the school nurse was concerned about the way Pearl was walking indicating she may have been in pain."

"She was in pain Mr. Bark. Do you have a daughter?"

"No sir I do not have any children."

"Well then, it might be hard for you to understand. Let me call my girl out so you can see." He raised his voice a bit. "Pearl, get out here girl, right now."

A slender light complexioned black girl walked into the living room. She still had on her school clothes. She wore a loose fitting white blouse with a small tie at the neck. The uniform skirt for her school was red and green plaid. The hem of the skirt stopped a good six inches from the teenager's knees. Quite the pretty girl, Joe though to himself.

George started talking again. "See Mr. Bark, when you have a pretty young girl like this in your care you has got to provide discipline or she will become a very bad girl. Right Pearl?"

Pearl was looking down at her patent leather shoes. "Yes Daddy." She responded.

"I had to severely punish the girl the other day. I came home from work early to find young Pearl here in the hallway on her knees in front of a neighbor boy. Isn't that right Pearl?"

"Yes Daddy I was being a bad girl."

"Now Pearl, you tell Mr. Bark what you was doin'"

Her face darkened a shade or two as she blushed.

"Go ahead girl. You tell the white man what you was doin'"

"I was, ahh, ahh, suck ... sucking on James' penis."

"That's right Mr. Bark. That girl was kneeling in the hall blowin' the neighbor boy's pecker. So you see Mr. Bark, dat girl earned herself a good ass whuppin'."

Joe Bark couldn't help himself. His cock had hardened listening about the pretty black girl giving head in the hallway. "Mr. Watts, when you say an ass whuppin' what do you mean exactly?"

"Maybe I should show you what I did."

"That would probably be appropriate. This way I can see for myself if it was child abuse or just parental discipline."

"Take your skirt off girl ... and don't be makin' me tell you twice."

Pearl did not hesitate. She unzipped and unbuttoned her skirt taking it off, folding it neatly before putting it on the couch. Joe was disappointed because the shirt tails were so long that they covered Pearls panties.

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