by The Divine Griffin

Copyright© 2012 by The Divine Griffin

Flash Story: The letter was found in 2018 by a soldier...

Tags: Post Apocalypse   Slow  

A small letter was found floating down river by an unknown soldier dressed completely in black coveralls on January 1st, 2018.

The morning of that day began a cold breeze that made every other soldier shiver. This was a morning of a finished combat that had abruptly begun between two rivals.

The soldiers that dominated this small field cover in battle bullet shells and blood were all dressed in black; with a flag on the right shoulder that only showed "black and white colors". There was a symbol on this flag, something of a five pointed star and a circle around the star. In the square field of where the fifty stars show.

They were ruthless soldiers. Soldiers who stopped at nothing to kill off all traditional beliefs. They had no care for anything of what the "old flag" stood for. They only knew they wanted to start off new. Something that actually did not frail under pressure. (something that knew how to initiate combat killing while under a new world order.)

In other means, they have forgotten what it meant to fight for what really mattered; or what used to matter. The "American flag" was failing to do its part it used to for these particular soldiers. Simply because so many had given the ultimate sacrifice to true freedom and love of country once under God.

The soldiers that were decimated that day wore off green camouflage uniforms. The American flag they wore on their shoulders still stood for what they believed, which was country and freedom. 50 stars, 13 stripes red white and blue. A country that seemed so lost to these soldiers knew the cause they had died for. (The red, white, and blue)

But still, the soldiers in black moved on knowing very well they were headed to a new and better combative campaign. They were full of fear, sadness, hate and love all at the same time. They marched on with this "feel" in their hearts and minds, the feel of dying and death lurking amongst them, knowing full well that everyone had a day to die and a place to die. But, they only knew orders ... orders to fight and die, to kill or be killed for (the new world order).

As they continued to march and push on to the next combat zone, the snow fell slowly on the ground, making the stench of blood and mud emanate from the soles of their boots. The soldiers knew they were cold and afraid. They all looked forward, towards a line of soldiers ready to die for freedom, ready to kill for the lives of their families and for the red, white and blue. Symbol of peace and love and the promise of true salvation under God.

The men in black began to roar across the field, gun fire blasting towards the standing lines they charged, men were falling, men were dying. "Why would America now be divided?" asked one solider to himself while he ran across the field. He knew he would die here, he knew this was the day marked for death. He knew ... the ( New world order).

The battle raged on, there were men on both sides falling, dying, crying ... begging for help. Pleading for their lives to be spared, pleading to be taken prisoner. But only dying under the merciless of the soldiers who lost brothers and sisters, mothers and wives. They were out for blood ... out for vengeance, they had it.

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