Eddie and Patricia Get Started

by Chuckie Sleaze

Copyright© 2012 by Chuckie Sleaze

Mother/Son Incest Story: Eddie discovers that his mother is a bit of a wanton slut who feels ignored by his father. Eddie decides to provide his mother a strong hand.

Caution: This Mother/Son Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   MaleDom   First   Oral Sex   .

Eddie can very clearly remember when he first thought of his mother as an object of his desire. Oddly, it wasn't even his idea: it was his father's. Eddie normally didn't get along very well with his father, who often seemed cold and distant. But he was secretly very grateful for everything his father taught him that day.

Eddie's father had taken him out for a father-son camping trip. The camping trip wasn't his father's idea, but was Eddie's. It was Eddie's mother, Patricia, who cajoled her husband into taking their son out for the trip. It was to be a short overnight stay in the mountains. Once they got to the camp site and set up, Eddie's father had started into the liquor, and shortly became fairly drunk. Eddie had heard that drunk people told no lies, so he started testing the situation by asking his father questions about Eddie's favorite topic: women.

It didn't take long for Eddie's father to become visibly frustrated, and start into a long, rambling, drunken lecture about what women want. At least it started out that way, but Eddie quickly realized that it was actually about his mother.

It seemed that Eddie's parents weren't getting along very well. Patricia wanted a strong hand from her husband. Eddie's father, meanwhile, wasn't comfortable providing that kind of direction to his wife. No matter how much she begged, he just couldn't "treat a woman that way."

Shortly before passing out from the booze, his father let something slip that would change his family's life forever. "She's a beautiful, sexy woman, your mother is. But she's also a slut. She tries to hide it, but I know Eddie. I know. It wouldn't surprise me if she was getting fucked by some other man. She wants a dick in her all the time, but she doesn't understand that its not how marriage works. I need to provide for you both, and she needs to take care of you."

Eddie went to sleep that night and dreamt of his beautiful stacked mother. On her knees, looking up at him. On her back, legs spread wide. Cuddled up next to him in his bed.

The next morning, as they packed up the campsite and drove home, Eddie started making plans for his mother.

He decided to take his mother from his weakling father.

If you had asked her, Patricia couldn't say when the flirtation started, or who initiated it. To her it was the kind of thing that just was, and had been as long as either could remember. Eddie always seemed comfortable teasing his mother in ways that should have been far beyond his years. Long hugs, lingering kisses, and wandering hands seemed to be part of the familiar nature of their relationship.

The fact that they were mother and son only seemed to make it better for them both.

Eddie's attentions kept his mother running at a high pitch. Her pussy was always most and itchy when her son was around. If her husband, Eddie's father, hadn't been such a cold man, he would have considered himself very lucky. His lack of attentions kept Patricia very horny.

And so Patricia would seek out excuses to hug her young son. Multiple times a day she would pull Eddie into a tight embrace, and Eddie would snuggle his face into Patricia's deep cleavage, while they both ran their hands up and down each other's backs. Eddie would hug his mother in the morning, and again at lunch. Before going to bed Eddie and his mother would embrace again, cooing softly to one another, and professing their love.

The kisses started innocently enough as innocent little pecks. They quickly began to linger though, moved from the cheeks to the lips, happened more frequently and with slightly parted mouths.

While this play had Patricia tingling all-over, it wasn't until she playfully slipped her tongue into Eddies' mouth that she felt his erection pressing into her stomach. That became her game - to see how quickly and how often she could arouse her son. And what started out so innocently had turned into full-on make-out sessions with her boy.

Despite his young fourteen years, Eddie understood the taboo nature of their fun. Eddie was always careful to keep their games a secret. After school became one of his favorite times to fool around with his mother, to open her up to him. They would sit on the couch and hug and kiss until just before Eddie's father got home from work.

It was during one of these sessions that Eddie moved the relationship forward. "Mommy, why don't you and Daddy kiss like this?"

Patricia paused for a moment, pulling back to look at her handsome son, "He doesn't like to. Besides Baby, I love you most of all. Daddy's job is to go to work and make money for the family. We'll let him do that while you and I practice being in love." As she spoke, her hand dropped down to his crotch, where his cock jutted obscenely from his pants, and she lazily stroked it up and down.

Eddie decided to push his mother a little, to see what would happen. "Don't you love Daddy any more?"

His mother tilted her head to the side, thinking. "Well ... I do. I mean, I'll always love him for giving you to me." Then she gave in to the awful truth, "But I don't love him the way I love you. You're much more important to me than your father." She punctuated her words with gentle squeezes of his dick.

Eddie nodded, "I know, Mommy. I love you LOTS more than him. But if I'm more important, why do we need to keep our hugs secret from him?"

"Because if he found out he might not understand, and he might take you away from me."

Eddie shook his head, "I wouldn't let him. I'd stop him, somehow."

Patricia giggled, "You would, eh? That just makes me love you even more." She leans in for a passionate kiss, without letting go of her son's cock.

Eddie gave in to his darker impulses, unsure how his stacked mother would react, "Suck my cock Mommy."

Patricia beamed and her itchy pussy twitched. "That's good baby, tell your momma what to do. I'll always be happy to follow your orders, son. I like being told what to do." She then slid off the couch to kneel between Eddie's knees. She pulled the elastic waistband back revealing her son's huge organ. "Oh Eddie, you're so much bigger than your father. It's huge!"

The horny mother wasted no time wrapping her lips around her son. Eddie looked down at his mother, her head bobbing up and down in her son's lap. She had one hand between her legs, rubbing furiously, as she moaned on her son's huge cock. "That feels good Mommy, really good. Oh yeah, I think I like this a lot. We're going to do this more often."

Patricia couldn't do much but moan and nod her head at her perverse son's comments. They were both so worked up already that it wasn't long before both mother and son were breathing heavily, both on the verge of their first orgasm together. Patricia thought about how happy she was, loving and serving her son like this. She came first, with two fingers deep in her pussy. Eddie was right behind her, his mother's expert mouth working furiously on the head of his giant cock. His young hands grabbed the top of his mother's head, forcing her to take more of his dick into her mouth, as he moaned, "That's it Mommy, take it. Suck it for me. It feels so good!" His large balls churned out a huge load his mother greedily gulped down.

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