A Halloween Party Sleepover in Snowy Hollow

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2012 by sonyaesperanto

Horror Sex Story: The story is set in the dystopian year of 2121AD, where a small town in New England is plagued by a legendary werebeast. One night a mother throws a Halloween sleepover party for her son's friends, and everyone inside the house hears the roaring from the beast outside. She tells them how they can all calm themselves down and what they need to do to ignore it until it goes away.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Horror   Were animal   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

It was a cold autumn evening on the 31st of October, in the dystopian year of 2121AD, in the small town of Snowy Hollow. Snowy Hollow was a small town located on the outer fringes of New England, going all the way back to the founding of the nation.

The town itself had not seen much change in the way things are done. People still drive in cars but unlike the good old days, they run now on batteries and not on oil (after the End of Oil).

The last century was much better, having been the golden age of America and the world. Back in those days, people still had television, radios, house computers, internet, cell phones and things like facebook and video games. Even cinemas were obsolete and people only knew about them from museums and the history book.

But in today's modern America, people were even lucky if they had refrigerators, house heaters, ovens or washing machines.

As for the morals, they were more akin to what America was like by the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st Century.

Despite how far America had declined in technology, some things never changed. Every century, the town of Snowy Hollow was plagued by a monster which locals knew as "the werepuma," a 7 foot tall monstrous creature that was part man and part puma. Only those people who survived over the centuries lived to tell the tale, describing how frightening their encounters had been. Normally when they lived to tell the tale, they lose an arm or a leg or an ear.

The creature was held responsible for not just cattle and other animal mutilations but also for the deaths of mutilated corpses. No group of bounty hunters or militias had ever been successful in catching and killing it.

Not far from where the woods were, was a house. It was a house on top of a hill that overlooked the road from its front entrance and the woods from its backyard.

The house was the residence of a woman named Sheryl Lodge, a widow who lived alone with her son Damon. Sheryl lodge was an attractive

Inside the house' living room was Damon, playing and running around with his school, friends. Their names were Sam, Pete, John and Dave. All the boys were 14, good friends and roughly ranging from 5'2 to 5'4.

The tables were full of bowls of chips, cola bottles plastic cups and the only source of light came form small candles set up in small carved up Jack O Lanterns placed on table tops.

For three months now, the werepuma had been stalking the town. On the bright side, it had never entered anyone's home or broken into them. Parents were scared and scared for their own children's well being. This was why the entire town had a curfew that all kids had to be indoors after dark and adults walking around were advised to carrying their guns around.

This Halloween celebration was the brainstorm of Sheryl Lodge. She felt that the boys had to still have the pleasure to be able to do enjoy Halloween, and so she told the parents of her son's friends that she would throw a Halloween sleepover party. They were OK with the idea; since they were sure none of them would be in harm's way by being outdoors after dark.

Tomorrow, she was going to drive them all to school and that she promised their parents they would be in bed by at least 12 midnight.

Sheryl Lodge had a reputation of frequently traveling around in her ford model car very often. She often traveled out of town, into the neighboring town of Yorksdale, which were miles away. The real reason was that she was a nymphomaniac who often had sex with lots of men and men from Yorksdale whored around themselves.

Which men could turn down an offer from Sheryl Lodge for the night? She was an attractive woman; at the age of 32, with long black hair, blue eyes, slim and sexy, with large breasts, a fine ass and stood at 5 foot.

Veronica watched Damon and his four friends joking around, eating and drinking and talking about comic books (which were still in fashion unlike video games and movies which were long obsolete).

Veronica was sipping from a plastic cup, while leaning against the living room wall.

She looked at her son. Her son resembled her late husband, who died when Damon was only 9. In fact, all his friends were very similar to him. They all shared the same hair and eye color (brown). But they were all skinny, compared to her fit slim body.

She heard her son telling his own friends.

Hey guys, let's tell ghost stories.

Good idea.

The five boys sat cross-legged in a circle, on the living room floor.

Who wants to go first?

The boy called Pete put his hand up.

I know a good vampire story.

Veronica then walked over to the boys, saying to them.

Mind if I join you. I know a good story to tell for Halloween.

Yeah sure mom!!

Veronica sat between her son and the boy called John. Veronica started telling her story. The four boys (and not just Damon) were glued. Not just because of the story but also because they found Veronica sexually attractive, even fantasizing about her being naked.

Damon too scolded himself, when he ever woke up from having wet dreams about his own mother.

While Veronica had been in the middle of telling her ghost story, a loud inhuman roaring was coming from outside the house. All six of them knew what it was: the werepuma.

Sam: (panicking with fear)
On my God!! It's the werepuma.

Dave: (scared as hell)
Oh my God!! Oh my God!! It's gonna come for us.

Veronica: (assuring tone but still fearful)
No. We're safe in here. The shutters and house windows are pulled down. The doors are closed very tight. Remember. This creature only kills everything that's in the woods or the farmland.

As the monstrous inhuman roaring continued, Veronica could hear the hearts of the boys (as well s her own) pumping very quickly. She could hear all their heavy panicking breathings. It was as if they were all remaining sat cross-legged, being paralyzed by fear.

Veronica stood up. Every time she was afraid, she always wanted to have sex. It was the only way she blocked out her fears from her thoughts and calmed herself down. She knew it always helped and will use it whenever necessary and in whatever circumstances.

She knew this same logic should apply to all of them.

Boys!! Listen to me very carefully. I know how afraid you all are. There is nothing e can do against that thing outside and there is no way we can prevent its noise barrier from coming in here. I have a solution.

As the monstrous frightening continued, Veronica did the unpredictable before the eyes of her own son and his classmates. She started stripping until she was naked.

The cocks of all four boys automatically stiffened. Damon's cock also automatically stiffened. He was ashamed of himself but angry to see his own friends' cocks excited by his mom's nudity.

The boys could see how big her tits were and that her pussy was clean-shaven.

All of you take off your clothes now.

Damon and his four friends were so afraid of the roaring outside, that they knew she was right and complied with her, out of fear of the werepuma outside.

Once all the five boys were naked, she ushered to go sit down at the sofa. They obeyed her. When the boys were sat down, she walked over to her son first, knelt before him, opened her mouth and took his cock in. she sucked her own son's cock.

Damian was shocked, that he was getting a blowjob from his mother and right in front of his friends.

Ms. Lodge is sucking her own son's cock.

They were right. She is a slut.

Veronica ignored Pete's comment continuing to lovingly suck Damon's cock. Dave was moaning sexually and loudly, ejaculating loads of his own sperm down her throat. At the same time she was fingering herself between the legs.

She is drinking her future grandchildren.

Who cares!! Maybe after tonight, none of us may have a future. Pray that thing doesn't come over to this house and try to break in.

Veronica sucked her son's cock for at least 6 minutes. She pulled away from his cock, revealing her cum-stained jaw.

She then went over to Sam next, taking in his cock and giving him a blowjob too. She did it to him for 5 minutes. After Sam, she did it to John. After John, she did it to Pete. Finally she did it to Dave.

Watching her in action temporarily distracted them from their nightmarish reality.

When she was done giving each of them oral sex, she stood up. The roaring still persisted. She was hoping that it would have stopped by now, but obviously didn't.

Ok everyone. We have to try our best to ignore it and it is not very easy. But tell me this!! Did you all enjoy me giving each of you a blowjob??

All five boys happily and eagerly and lustily nodded their heads.

Veronica smiled.

Now I have another idea. Do any of you know what a gangbang is?

All five boys shook their heads.

Sex orgy??

All five bys nodded their heads now, with gleeful smiles and excitement.

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