Brotherly Love
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Amasterfound & Severusmax

Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harrison and Hunter Hugo are twin brothers and gay lovers living in the year 2030, after the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down the incest laws. That doesn't mean that they have no worries, such as how to come out to Mom, Dad, and the grandfolks.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Brother   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size  

"I just don't see what the big deal is," Harrison and Hunter said in unison.

"The big deal is that you don't seem to have any girlfriends, either one of you. We want grandchildren some day!" their mother declared.

"I'd say 'settle down', but neither of you seem to have shown even a casual interest in any girls, ever!" their father added.

"Now, Horatio, that's a bit of an exaggeration, isn't it, honey?" Harriet tentatively replied.

"Not, really, sweetheart. Not since they 'dated' those twins in ninth grade. You remember them. What were their names? Danielle and Doreen? They were sweethearts. I don't see what they had against them," Horatio puzzled over that memory.

"We're still here!" Harrison said.

"You don't need to talk about us as if we're not in the room!" Hunter complained.

"And there was nothing wrong with them," Harrison explained.

"We were just not interested in them," Hunter finished.

"Are you guys sure that you're not telepaths?" their mom repeated a long-standing joke.

"Of course, we're telepaths!" Hunter responded as usual.

"We're identical twins!" Harrison joined in.

"We can finish each other's sentences!" they both said at once.

"Yeah, I still call you guys by the wrong names sometimes! I can't even tell you apart at 22! You still pretend to be each other!" Horatio commented with exasperation.

"Hell, they did that to me just last week! I went all day calling them by the wrong names until they finally gave up their little joke!" Harriet snorted.

"Yeah, we laughed our asses off on that one!" they roared with laughter again.

"I didn't find it that funny!" their mother retorted.

"We did!" the boys exclaimed.

"Now, boys, must you tease your mother that way?" their dad replied, trying to smother a chuckle.

"Yes! It's fun!" they returned, still laughing.

"Can we get back on the subject?" Harriet asked, with mounting frustration at their evasion.

"We're not little boys anymore, Mother!" Harrison answered.

"We'll get married when we're good and ready!" Hunter backed him.

"We're not getting anywhere arguing about this! We need to open the shop, dear," Horatio commented.

"You're right, honey. The computers won't wait. Still, I hope to see them married and raising kids some time this century!" Harriet finally gave up for the moment.

"Are you boys going to get dressed soon, or are you going to sit around in your boxers all day? When you start working at the shop, you will have a work schedule, you know," their dad noted.

"Nah, we figured that we would strip, then sit around and eat all of Mom's leftovers today! I believe there is still Mom's Southern fried chicken left from last night," Harrison sarcastically replied.

"Yeah, and the six-pack of Guinness in the fridge will be perfect to start it off with!" Hunter chimed in.

"I think I've seen Jack Daniels' in the liquor cabinet for after the beer is all gone," Harrison taunted.

"Okay, that's enough, boys! I don't mind the beer, but you'd better leave my JD alone!. The next thing I know, you guys will be the resident winos in a nudist colony!" Horatio joked.

"Hmm ... nudist colony! That's not a bad idea! We won't have worry about the latest fashions!" Hunter taunted them.

"Watch it, bro!" Harrison scowled at his brother's hidden put-down.

"Enough of that, guys! I swear there is way too much testosterone in this house! I'd better not come home and find you two stone cold drunk again! The fried chicken is fine, but you'd better leave my pan of lasagna alone: it's for dinner tonight," their mom warned them.

"Aww, Mom! You're taking away all of our fun! What kind of world has it become, when we can't get drunk before breakfast? The Germans do it all of the time!" they reply in unison.

"No, boys, the Germans drink with their breakfast! Besides, this is America, home of blue laws and Prohibition!" their father corrected them teasingly.

"Aw, mere technicality! With breakfast or before breakfast, it's all the same time of day!" Hunter scoffed.

"Yeah, I suggest we toss back the JD and chase it with beer! Dad will buy more later!" Harrison made it worse.

"Come on, honey. Let's go to work, before these wino sons of ours drive us nuts!" Harriet giggled at their last remark.

"But you love us, anyway!" they retorted.

"Yeah, let's go to work! And leave my JD alone!" Horatio decided that he wasn't taking any chances.

As they watched their parents pull out of the driveway, the twins looked at each other and grinned, knowing they had evaded the subject of girls (yuck!) yet again. They were now experts at it! Like the legend about some identical twins claimed, they could read each others' minds. They could also feel each others' emotional and physical pain.

"Think maybe we should go ahead and tell Mom and Dad the truth?" Harrison asked half-seriously.

"What, that we're gay? Nah! That would spoil all of the fun we have taunting them!" Hunter shot back.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. They would accept it too easily. What's life without a little conflict with our parents?" Harrison agreed.

"They're too easy. I want them to sweat a little, before we tell them the truth and let 'em relax! Besides, they'll get grandkids one day! We've agreed that we'll adopt," Hunter snickered.

"Or I could try the old-fashioned way a couple of times and give us good-looking kids!" Harrison egged the jealous Hunter on.

"The hell you will! I don't want to experience sex with a woman, even if it is through our special bond," Hunter started, before realizing what Harrison did to him. Then he really reacted, grabbing his brother's package in a vise-like grip, "Besides, I refuse to share this with anyone, brother. It's my toy!"

"Alright, alright, already! Just release the grip a tad, please!" Harrison, for once, begged his brother.

"Ah, I finally got you to beg me for something! That's what you get for talking about sick things like sex with a woman! Gross!" Hunter snorted as he eased up his grip (though not releasing it completely).

He also relaxed a bit himself, since he had suffered a bit through his physical connection to his brother. Sometimes, that kind of empathy and link between him and his twin was not so great.

"Look on the bright side, bro. At least, you haven't eaten breakfast yet. Speaking of breakfast, if you don't let go, it will be delayed for a while," Harrison remarked, getting a little turned-on by the fondling.

"Who said that I was hungry for breakfast? I thought more about taking you back to bed!" Hunter replied, releasing Harrison's dick.

Hunter took off his boxers and casually strolled back toward their bedroom, knowing that Harrison would follow him. They refused to let their parents separate them, even to the extent of sharing a queen-size bed. The twins always laughed about how their parents never understood the significance of wanting that particular mattress size.

Frankly, it had surprised Hunter how little resistance his mom and dad had shown to them sleeping together. Then again, his mother had even commented on how identical twins fared better when sharing a bed in infancy. She had decided not to risk doing harm to them, in case it still affected them as adults. She figured that she should leave it up to them (being an overprotective mother). Dad had left the nurturing part of parenthood to his wife. He had also noticed their connection and simply accepted her judgment in this case.

Harrison walked into their very neat bedroom (wondering how his parents had never figured out that they were gay) and saw his brother pulling back their sheets. Hunter was even fussier than Harrison, so much that he had always insisted on making their bed every morning before they left the room.

"God, I don't know why you made the bed this morning. You knew we'd be back in it! You're like a walking cliché of our lifestyle! How in the world Mom and Dad have not at least guessed that you are gay is beyond me!" Harrison goaded his brother.

"Me?! What about you and your obsession with style, Versace Junior? Hell, I can't even wear my favorite polo shirt, because it's no longer in style according to you! I'm surprised that Mom and Dad still think you're just metrosexual! Metrosexual, my ass! You're a genuine homo. Harrison the Homo," Hunter mocked his twin.

"Hmm ... Well, 'Hunter' is about to become the hunted, because speaking of your ass," Harrison teased.

Harrison then removed his own shorts, kissed Hunter on the mouth, and grabbed his butt-cheeks to pull him closer. They had been lovers since they first discovered sex. They had known that they were different since grade school. It wasn't until junior high that they realized they were gay. They had never been interested in girls, outside of a purely platonic sense.

Hunter embraced his twin and deepened the kiss with some tongue. He ground his hardened cock onto his brother's, while slipping his hands down to Harrison's ass. He massaged his lover's butt-cheeks. He never could seem to get enough of his brother.

The brothers lowered each other gently onto the bed, their hands roaming each other's bodies. Harrison rolled Hunter onto his back. Hunter raised his legs up, hooking them onto Harrison's shoulders.

"Lube me up, bro. I love to see you do it," Harrison commanded.

Hunter reached for the lube on the nightstand and applied it to his brother's dick.

After Hunter had lubed his brother's cock, Harrison looked into his eyes and eased his dick into his lover's ass. He never got enough of his brother's ass. Somehow, anal appealed to him even more than having his cock sucked. He was just glad that he and Hunter had been fucking each other long enough for them not to have problems with the increase in size to eleven inches! Otherwise, their first time together would have been very painful!

Hunter had some difficult keeping himself from cumming already, due to the effect that his brother's massive cock had on his prostate. He restrained himself with an amusing thought: so many women craved a cock that big, but there were two of that size that they would never get to enjoy! Some girls had even commented that it was a "waste of good meat".

There were plenty of gay friends who envied them too, cum to think of it! They had never been tempted to stray, as they were obsessed with each other. Hell, they could even stare at their own reflections in the mirror for hours! There was no need to, of course, when they could stare at each other instead. They were totally identical, all the way down to the size of their bodies, not to mention their tastes in clothing and food (though Hunter didn't care as much about the latest style).

"Hunter, the only thing that I love more than your cock and ass is your naughty mind! I am certain that you are milking me, you rotten scoundrel! I want to be able to last a little longer than last time! At the rate that I'm going, I'll have to invest in cock rings, because I'm too young for Viagra! Now, quit milking me, so I can last longer!" Harrison groaned, as he tried desperately to prevent his own release.

"Nah, it's too much fun to stop! Besides, I am very close to shooting my load, and I want us to do it at the same time! Not to mention the fact that I can hear our stomachs growling, so we need to think of food, too! I can still smell the bacon that Mom fried in the kitchen! I swear that you sometimes think with your cock!" Hunter shot back.

"Yeah, and you, mister, think with your stomach! Oh, God, it's not going to be much longer!" Harrison grunted.

Finally, after a tormenting wait, the brothers exploded. Hunter's cum splattered Harrison's belly. Harrison's own juice filled Hunter's bowels.

"What a mess! I'm going to have to wash up again! There is no way I'm going to ruin my favorite polo shirt with your spunk! Now, let's go shower first! Then we can eat, but you get to reheat the eggs! I'm not eating cold scrambled eggs! I'l heat up the bacon in the microwave. And don't even think about putting one of your special ingredients in my eggs! If I want something extra, I'll ask for cheese or onions, not vanilla or coconut!" Harrison griped.

"What? It was only one time that I tried that! And you wouldn't have known about the vanilla if I hadn't have said anything! Though, I admit, the coconut was a mistake! Yuck! What went through my brain?" Hunter remarked.

"You were in a tropical, Hawaiian phase, if I recall. Everything had to come from Maui, it seemed! Hell, you even wanted pineapples on pizza!" Harrison teased him.

"There is nothing wrong with pineapples and Canadian bacon! If you gave it a fair shot, you would like it too! Now, how you can eat coleslaw on hot dogs is beyond me! Everyone knows that you're supposed to put chili and cheese on your wieners, not chili and coleslaw!" Hunter returned the insult.

"I'm not putting chili and cheese on my dick! Besides, I don't know why I don't like it. I just know what I like and dislike! Now, let's hurry and take a shower, damn it! I want to eat, thanks to you and all this talk of food!" his brother urged him.

"I didn't mean putting it on your cock, although that has a nice sound to it," Hunter tormented his twin.

Harrison ignored his brother and headed to the shower. Since it was a hot summer day, the twins decided to leave the bathroom door open and let some cool air in while they showered.

Hunter just finished rinsing the soap off himself when he felt his brother's mouth on his dick. Harrison couldn't resist the temptation to give his twin a blowjob. He enjoyed the pleasure that he took from their physical connection. Hunter moaned and grabbed a hold of Harrison's head to guide him into a comfortable rhythm. He was still surprised that they were able to take all of each other's cocks at once without any gag reflex. That was long ago eliminated through practice (plenty of practice).

"Damn, Harrison, I nearly slipped and fell when you started that! Next time, give me a heads up, please!" Hunter shouted.

"I did! Your head is up, isn't it?" Harrison replied before returning to his brother's mammoth cock.

Unbeknownst to the twins, their father came back for some hardware that he needed to fix a client's computer at the shop. He entered the house without making much noise and walked down the hallway. The high plush carpet disguised the noise of his footsteps. The house was too quiet, so he wondered where the hoodlums were. Then Dad heard the shower running and saw steam coming from the bathroom. He figured that one of the twins was in shower and wondered why his son had left the door open. For that matter, where was the other one? He heard no TV or radio running.

As Dad got to the bathroom, Horatio stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the twins' last comments. He looked into the bathroom and saw the twins in the shower. Harrison was on his knees, sucking what looked to be the goddamned biggest cock he had seen in a long time! The damn thing was even bigger than his nine inches! He was shocked into silence for a few minutes, as he watched what was happening in front of him! That solved the riddle of where the other son was! It also explained a lot of questions that he had dismissed.

Hunter came right at the moment that he heard his father declare with surprise, "So, this is why you guys don't have any girlfriends!"

Harrison looked up at Hunter with some embarrassment and told him, "Well, bro, I guess the gig is up now. On the bright side, we don't have to evade Mom's girlfriend questions anymore! Now, how about my blowjob!" as he swallowed his brother's cum.

"Will you two please come out here, so we can talk like men! And there will be no evasion of these questions, boys," their dad exclaimed with some impatience.

"Sure, Dad. But can I get off first, please?" Harrison begged, since he was frustrated with only feeling his twin's orgasm, not his own. He also knew that Hunter felt some of his agony.

"No, damn it! That can wait until after we have a long overdue 'chat'!" Horatio replied with some amusement, unaware of their full twin connection.

Both boys, laughing, stepped out of the shower.

"You wanted to talk, Dad? Where's Mom, and why are you back so soon?" they played coy.

"Yes, I wanted to talk! Your mom is at the shop, installing software on some computers. I am back to get some memory chips that I forgot to grab this morning! Now, will you two please follow me to the kitchen, so we can sit and talk like men?" Dad sighed.

"Certainly, Dad," Harrison stifled his laughter.

Then Hunter added, "Certainly, and I will reheat some scrambled eggs while we talk! Harrison, you still need to heat that bacon back up!"

"Fine, as long as we can all talk! God, you guys think with your stomachs half the time!" Horatio threw up his hands.

"Yeah, the other half, he thinks with his dick!" Harrison rolled his eyes.

"Not as much as you do! You're the one who gave me the BJ! If you hadn't, Dad wouldn't have found out so soon!" Hunter declared.

"You enjoyed every minute of it!" Harrison rebutted.

"As did you!" Hunter pointed out.

"Yeah, but I didn't get to have my own," Harrison objected.

"Boys, that's beside the point! I should have known long before now! And you guys could have at least closed the fucking bathroom door!" Dad interrupted, quite frustrated with their bickering.

"But no one was home! Besides, it was too hot in there to close the bathroom door!" Hunter complained.

"It's a good thing you didn't come back about twenty minutes sooner! You'd have really been stunned!" Harrison pointed out.

"Now, that is really TMI! Just how long has this been going on?" their dad finally posed the question in the back of his mind.

"How long has what been going on?" they asked in unison with mock innocence.

"Alright, boys, enough! Just tell me the truth!" Horatio expressed his impatience.

"Well, we knew we were different since grade school," Hunter finally told him, having mercy on his bewildered father, as he reheated the eggs.

Harrison picked up from there, saying, "In junior high, we figured out that we were gay and started experimenting with oral and handjobs," as he heated their bacon in the other microwave.

Hunter finished, "In high school, we finally tried anal. We only dated those other twins to keep you and Mom off our backs, while we tried to figure out what was going on with us."

"Yeah, since then, we just had too much fun evading Mom's questions to tell both of you," Harrison confessed.

"What about my grandchildren, which you promised us?" Dad demanded.

"Geez, is that all you and Mom ever think about? Grandchildren?" both boys exclaimed.

"Yeah, he just found out that his sons are gay lovers and he is more worried about grandchildren!" Hunter replied, while popping bread into the toaster.

"Go figure. Mom will probably say the same thing," Harrison laughed.

"Well, what about them?" Dad persisted.

"We're going to adopt, Dad! You will have your grandchildren! They will just have two dads, instead of a dad and a mom, although I think that Hunter would make a great Mr. Mom!" Harrison declared with some wicked humor, as he put the bacon on their plates.

"Me, 'Mr. Mom'? You're the one who keeps up with girly things like the newest fashion!" Hunter retaliated, while adding the scrambled eggs to the plates beside the bacon.

"You're the one who can't stand a dirty room!" Harrison complained, while adding the Potatoes O'Brien that their mom had made earlier, along with the buttered toast.

"Okay, so my grandkids will have 2 moms, instead!" Dad remarked, teasing them about their girlish interests.

"Dad!" both boys exclaimed, as they grabbed their plates and walked to the table, still butt-naked. Dad hadn't given them a chance to dress, and they didn't bother.

"What? If you boys can tease each other about being 'girly', I can tease you, too!" he laughed, "So, is this why you boys refused to be separated all of your lives? I guess the warning signs have been there all along! You never wanted to join me on hunting trips! I suppose that your mom and I shouldn't have named one of you Hunter!"

"Speaking of Mom, how will she react?" they both asked.

"Aside from having a massive coronary and complaining about no grandkids? If you guys joke about it like you did with me, she'll probably take it pretty well in time. Not counting a little frustration at trying to get a 'straight' answer from the two of you hoodlums! Forgive the question, but you guys use condoms, right?" Dad poked fun at them.

"Why would we need condoms, Dad? It's not like I can get your little girl pregnant! She is too jealous to be anything but exclusive with her, after all! That solves the worry about catching STDs. You can't even joke about doing it with someone else, even if it is to give you two grandkids!" Harrison needled his brother.

"Harrison, I'm going to kill you for that comment! And I told you before: I don't share my toys! As far as getting me pregnant is concerned, that remark is getting your ass kicked later! Or, better yet, I will show you which of us is the woman in this relationship!" Hunter replied, grabbing his own cock as a warning.

"Okay, I have heard enough! There is such a thing as TMI, boys! I'm grabbing the chips and going back to work, where my life is normal! I'll be nice and let you guys tell your poor mother the 'good news' when she and I get home, which will be early today. I suspect that your mom will need to enjoy 'happy hour' tonight! Speaking of which, one of you 'gals', I mean, guys needs to go 'shopping' for some cocktail stuff. She'll want a 'hurricane' tonight, I think. By the way, you didn't actually drink my JD, did you?" he reacted.

"Not yet!" they said in unison, while finishing up their breakfast.

"Yet! Well, if you do, make sure that you replace it when you go to the liquor store! Here is some money. Go ahead and restock the liquor cabinet, anyway. Something tells me that we may need it to deal with your grandparents, when they come over this weekend," he warned.

"Dad, we're not going to have to tell them yet, are we?" they asked in fear. They knew about their parents' reaction, but their grandparents (both sets) were a different matter altogether.

"Yes! There is no reason why we shouldn't!" Horatio replied.

Harrison and Hunter exchanged a look that screamed that they should escape that weekend. Their dad saw that look and smiled nastily.

"Oh, no, you don't! You are explaining this, along with us! You're not leaving us to do your dirty work!" he scolded them.

"But Dad! We don't need to tell them right now!" they cried.

"What, are you afraid of four harmless old people?" their dad replied, keeping a straight face.

"YES!!!" was all the boys said together.

Their dad roared with laughter, "Yeah, I can see how you feel that way. Hell, I was scared just asking your mom's parents for permission to date her, much less marry her! My parents had a cow when I told them I was getting married fresh out of college."

"Uh, Dad you're not helping matters any! If you keep up the talk of how scary they are, we will leave before you get home tonight! Just to make sure we get out of here before they show up tomorrow," Hunter reacted.

Harrison agreed, "We're not going to stick around for lectures, right, Hunter? If they start preaching at us, we'll get the hell out of Dodge! Hopefully, they won't do that to us! We're only the grandkids!"

"Besides, they love us! It's you that they'll lecture! Knowing grandparents, they will find some reason that it was the parents' fault! Just sayin'," Hunter chimed in.

"Alright, boys, that's enough! I've got to get back to work, before your mother calls me to find out what's taking so long!" Dad finally gave up.

"Sure, Dad. Can we borrow an extra hundred dollars each?" the boys asked with innocent smiles.

"No, you have your own joint-bank account, thank you very much!" Horatio shook his head as he went out the door.

Just as Horatio walked out of the house, the phone rang. Harrison and Hunter pointed at each other, knowing that it was their mother.

Hunter finally caved and answered the phone, using the speaker so that Harrison didn't get out of talking to her, "City morgue, you stab 'em, we slab 'em!"

"HARRISON HENRY HUGO! How many have I told you not to answer the phone that way?" their mom screamed through the speaker phone.

"Mother! It wasn't me! It was Hunter! Must you use my full name?" Harrison protested.

"HUNTER HOUSTON HUGO, you knew that Harrison would have been blamed for that one! He always uses that line when answering the phone!" she scolded Hunter.

"Yes, and that's what he gets for not answering the fucking phone! Oh, Dad just left, he figured that you would be calling," he replied.

"Well, what has taken so long! The customer just called, wanting to pick up the computer," Harriet demanded.

"Dad walked in on Harrison giving me a BJ, and demanded to know what was going on," Hunter explained, knowing that his mother would take it as a joke.

"Very funny, Hunter! Will you quit teasing me like that? Now you're coming up with new jokes! Tired of the same old ones?" Mom reprimanded him, though not without a slight question about whether it was really a joke.

"Okay, if you don't want to believe me, just ask Dad when he gets there," he returned.

"Hunter, that is not funny! She wasn't supposed to hear that! I'm going to kill you!" Harrison exclaimed.

"Alright, boys, that's enough! If anyone kills somebody in that house, it will be me killing them! I've gotta get back to work! I'll see you guys when I get home!" she said.

"Bye, Mommy!" they teased her in their "little boy" voices, right before she hung up.

"You did that on purpose, so that Dad will have to explain everything, didn't you!" Harrison laughed.

"Yep! Serves him right for making us tell Grams and Granddad, not to mention Mamaw and Papaw," Hunter replied, as he started clearing the table.

"So, I wash and you dry this time?" Harrison teased his brother.

"Hell, no! That's why we have a dishwasher with jet dry! This is the year 2030, you know. No one uses sinks these days, except for old people like Mom and Dad. You know, we might want to get dressed soon and get some more liquor. I'd rather get that over with early, instead of delaying it. They might be home early, after Mom checks out our story with Dad," Hunter roared with laughter.

After quickly loading up the dishwasher, the boys got dressed and left for the liquor store. They had to replenish the liquor cabinet, after all. They made a shopping list of what they needed to replace.

"Don't forget to add extra tequila, babe," Harrison reminded Hunter.

"Don't worry, I remembered the tequila. Extra worms, right?" Hunter needled his sibling.

"Yuck! You get the kind with worms and you're drinking it by yourself!" Harrison recoiled with disgust.

"Relax, dear. I can't stand that kind, either," Hunter reassured his lover.

Hunter pulled into the liquor store and they both walked inside, noticing the cute clerk. Their "gaydar" picked up immediately.

"He's kinda cute, isn't he, hun?" Hunter spoke, without even attempting to lower his voice.

"Says the jealous, obsessed lover? So, it's okay for you to joke about other guys, but not me, huh?" Harrison retorted, his own jealousy surprising him.

Hunter was rather shocked himself at the realization that his twin was jealous! Harrison never showed any signs of jealousy before, but he could feel it through his psychic connection. He decided that it was his brother's turn to be provoked.

While Harrison picked out some bottles of gin and vodka, Hunter noted the clerk "checking" them out. He gave the man a knowing grin, indicating that he knew that the cashier was gay.

Hunter then picked up their tequila, as they got the rest of the supplies and went up to the counter. The clerk rather boldly flirted with Hunter, assuming that he was available.

"So, are you free tomorrow night? I know a great bar nearby, if you're interested," he asked Hunter out.

"No, he's not free tonight! He's taken, buddy!" Harrison said angrily, slipping his arm possessively around his brother.

"Look, I know that the law says you can fuck your brother, but that doesn't mean that you have to keep him to yourself. Didn't your parents teach you to share your toys?" the clerk remarked.

"Yes, they tried, but I still refused to learn," Harrison reacted to the statement.

"And you call me jealous, huh? You're one to talk," Hunter pointed out Harrison's jealousy.

"That was before someone actually flirted with you, babe. Face it, we're more identical than even we knew," he responded as they paid for the liquor.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I just assumed that you weren't exclusive. I figured that you were just fucking each other. Casual incest is more common, since the U.S. Supreme Court made that ruling, you know," the clerk apologized.

"No harm done. I didn't realize that I was that jealous, but, for the record, we are exclusive. However, I happen to know a couple of guys that are available," Harrison answered.

"Yeah, we'll tell them to come in and say hello. Well, we have to go. Mom and Dad are liable to be home any minute. Dad just found out and is sure to be telling Mom right now. Check you later," Hunter added, while they headed to the exit.

"Better you than me. My mom had a cow when she found out. She was worried about not having grandkids," the cashier replied.

"Yeah, that's all Dad worried about too," Harrison said as they left the store. They could hear the cashier laughing.

As they opened the garage door, they noted their parents' car. They knew that Dad had either revealed it to Mom, or used lunch as an excuse to come home, so they could tell her. Knowing Dad, it was the latter, and he evaded Mom's questions.

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