Ann's Story

by RonBo

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Incest Sex Story: A true story of spanking told to me by a neighbor. Believe it or not. I do!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   True Story   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Oral Sex   Size   .

My neighbor Ann (not her real name) is around my age (old but not too old). She lives next door. Neither of us has a partner right now so it's easy for us to have coffee klatches every Saturday morning. We have discussed sex but have decided that living next door to each other could cause future problems if we hooked up. We have spoken to each other about our previous sexcapades. One morning we were talking about sex stories. I told her that I not only read them but had tried my hand at writing one or two.

She seemed very interested so against my better judgment I gave her the SOL web address including my 'author name'. The following Saturday she came over for coffee as usual. She said she had read a bunch of stories including my own. She had noticed that I wrote about spankings in my stories and said." When I was growing up my father spanked me just about every Saturday morning while my mother was at work."

My ears had perked up at this but I was also blushing realizing that my next door neighbor knew about my fantasies. "I could tell you about them if you would like. Maybe you could incorporate some of it into one of your stories."

This was too good to be true and it got better when I suggested that if I recorded what she had to say I wouldn't forget to include everything. She agreed so I went and got my little digital voice recorder and refilled our coffee cups. What I am going to write here is almost verbatim what Ann told me. She claims it is all true. I have to admit I got an erection almost immediately when she started to talk. I was glad I was recording the story. It would be nice later to hear about spanking in Ann's own voice while I masturbated. Here is Ann's story in her own words.

My Dad spanked me for as long as I can remember. When I was little wherever we were he would yank my pants down and give me a slap or two on my bare bottom. Things started to change when I was nearing puberty at around eleven years old. He felt that to properly chastise me I would have to lay across his lap with my pants and underpants pulled down to my knees. Believe me it hurt too. He was a big Polish man. His big hand covered both of my small butt cheeks and even later when I grew some that huge hand could spank both cheeks at the same time. My mother couldn't stand to watch so she would seclude herself in her bedroom until she was sure the spanking was over with.

The method my father used changed again when I was about thirteen. He started saving up my spankings for Saturday mornings. My mother worked half days on Saturday so I was home alone with him. Most times on Saturday mornings I would come into the kitchen after waking up and doing my morning toilet. If one of the kitchen chairs was setting in the middle of the big kitchen I knew I was in for it. My father would be sitting at the table drinking his coffee dressed in pants and one of those wife beater style undershirts. He would look at me knowing I wouldn't even try to sit down. I stood there in my long nightgown as my father moved to the lone chair in the middle of the room.

"Raise your nightgown daughter." He would say. I pulled my nightgown up to my waist exposing my white panties to him. Then he reached over grabbing the elastic waist band of my panties. He then slowly rolled them down over my blonde pubic hair, down to my ankles exposing my young pussy to his gaze. Then he pulled me down to his lap. I would lay there with my bottom bared while he lectured me on what I was being punished for. Then his big hand started spanking my bare skin over and over again until I was crying uncontrollably. I have heard girls and women enjoy spankings and become wet while being punished but it was very painful and not sexually exciting at all. At least not for me. I could feel my father's hard penis through his thin pants against the bare skin of my stomach. As things progressed one thing remained constant, my father always was hard when he punished me.

I stopped wearing panties to bed so I wouldn't have the embarrassment of my father rolling them down. He was going to see my pussy anyways. The first time I pulled my nightgown up exposing myself to him he just smiled and never said a word about it.

My father escalated his punishment technique soon after that. One morning instead of telling me to raise my nightgown he said. "Take your nightgown off girl. I want to see you naked." I was more embarrassed than usual. I'm sure I was red in the face as I raised my nightgown, exposing my pussy to my father, then higher and higher until the garment was over my head and laying on the kitchen floor. My father had his first look at my growing breasts. They were a thirty five B cup then. He took his time looking at my boobs, a smug smile on his face. That's when I realized that my pussy was damp. The spankings didn't excite me but standing in front of my father fully exposed, the stimulation and excitement of being told to strip naked and not being able to do anything about it made my pussy weep. God I hoped my father wouldn't notice.

Soon I was over his lap having my buns warmed by his big hands. The pain erased any thoughts of excitement. When he was done I stood up, feeling his hard prick on my bare skin as I slid off of his lap. I picked up my nightgown and went to my bedroom. I could hear my father go to the bathroom and close the door. I bet the old fart was going to jerk off thinking about his daughter laying naked on his lap or standing in front of him naked, helpless to stop him from looking at all her private parts that she was forced to expose to him.

That became the normal way that my father punished me. I would strip naked for him while he sat in the kitchen chair not even caring that his big prick was hard and tenting his pants. I couldn't help myself. As I stood in front of him with my hands at my side per his instructions my nipples would get hard and stick out from my young breasts and my cunt would get damp, then wet and finally if I stood in front of him long enough my pussy would start drooling my juices. I didn't understand why this humiliation could make me horny. But again the spanks of his big hand dried me up quick. I think he probably noticed that my pussy was getting wet, actually he could probably smell my excitement, but he never tried to do anything sexual to me. That would have really scared me because I could tell his prick was larger than normal. When his pants tented it looked like he had a big banana in his pants. I knew that he probably masturbated while thinking about my tits and pussy but there was nothing I could do about that.

There were a few variations in my father's punishment style. I remember once when I was around seventeen, oh yes he was still spanking me at seventeen ... and later. I was soaking in the bathtub one evening. I don't remember where my mother was but she was not at home. The bathroom door was closed and the little hook lock was engaged. That was a no, no. My father didn't think any door in his house should be locked. I heard the door knob turn and jiggle, then with a push of his big hand the door crashed open, the little lock flying across the room. He was very angry. "You know the rules. No locked doors. Get out of the tub."

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