The Mistaken One

by David Oberman

Copyright© 2012 by David Oberman

Coming of Age Sex Story: Twins, one very promiscuous, the other still a virgin. Discover what happens when the virgin is mistaken for her loose sister

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   NonConsensual   Lesbian   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Teacher/Student   School   .

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The Mistaken One

Miranda and Melissa Katdare are identical twins of Hindu descent, at least physically they are. The 16-year-olds both had the same dark skin pigmentation that their heritage gave them, both were petite at 5'2", and both have long raven hair which they both styled in the same way, letting it cascade over their shoulder. And though their tits were only 34s, their petite bodies made them look humongous.

Many a times one would be confused for the other, even by their closest friends, and sometimes, even their own parents. However, this is where their similarities ended. Miranda was very studious, getting 'A's in nearly all of her classes, while Melissa was more athletic in her activities, including the cheerleading squad.

Their divergent personalities also made it practical for both girls to take each other's place whenever the need arose. Miranda would play her sister whenever academic knowledge was required, and Melissa would become Miranda whenever any of the more physical requirements needed to be fulfilled by her sister, such as gym class.

But of the two, Melissa was most definitely the most dominant of the two, while Miranda was subservient to her sister's wishes. Many times she would give in to Melissa, even if she knew that she was in the right, and so she would always acquiesce.

Melissa was also an easy score for any of the players on the football team, even participating in a number of gangbang sessions whenever they won their games. In fact, she had lost her virginity at the tender age of 14 to Mr. Groper, a 43-year-old man who owned the store down the street. He had caught Melissa shoplifting and had her as his own to pay off when she had stolen.

And as with most girls in their first sexual experience, Melissa was scared to try anything of the kind. Mr. Groper had her start by stroking his cock, and then pushed her face down to his dick-head where he forced his cock past her lips and into her teenaged mouth.

The then 14-year-old Melissa tried to fight back as best as she could, but lost that battle and sucked in her very first cock. And once she had gotten a taste of a cock, she quickly fell in love with sucking something so velvety and warm.

Mr. Groper didn't have to do much from that day on to get his way with Melissa Katdare. She would drop by on her way from school and willingly pull him to the backroom where she would suck him off until he filled her tiny mouth with hot cum. A few weeks later, he managed to get her alone on a Saturday and had her strip naked for him. Whereupon he laid her down on the dusty floor and buried his thick cock deep into her virgin pussy, ripping her hymen in one savage fuck.

Melissa cried for an hour after that fuck, but then she realized how good it actually felt. And so it became a regular thing between them. She would go to his store just about every day and either suck him, or allow him to fuck her until they were both satisfied.

Melissa soon came to realize that what Mr. Groper was giving her just wasn't enough to satisfy her lustful needs. That's when she thought of targeting the studly players on the football team. And what better way to get close to those hunks than to become part of the cheerleading squad. And that's how she got to become one of the girls.

She loved how it toned her petite body, and how sexy she looked in that tight-fitting cheerleading uniform, which she got to wear every day in school, teasing the boys, and even some of her teachers.

But Miranda was still a virgin and preferred spending her free time in the school laboratory, taking care of the animals in their cages. She hoped to continue her studies in veterinary sciences after highschool, and her teacher helped her to achieve this goal by getting her a job at the local veterinary office.

She wore rather quiet clothing, not showing herself off the way her sister did. She was shy compared to Melissa's bold antics. She didn't even allow herself any time to date any of the boys in school. In fact, as soon as school was done for the day she would head right for home to do her homework. She always had to wonder why her sister would always show up at home an hour, sometimes two hours later. But she simply assumed that her tardiness was because of her after school activities.

Their parents were proud of their two girls, oblivious to the girls' subterfuge. Regardless, they still loved both of them as any good parent would.

"C'mon, Mira!" Melissa called out to her sister. "I'm gonna be late for the game!"

She was pacing impatiently in her tight cheerleading outfit near the door waiting for her sister to show up. Knowing her sister as she did she know that she would likely be late again and get an earful from her squad captain.

A few seconds later her twin came bounding down with her backpack full of books.

"Why are you always so slow, Mira?" The cheerleader said.

"I don't know, I just am," Miranda pouted in response.

Just as they about to leave the phone rang and Miranda picked it up to answer.

"Hello?" Mira said.

"Is this Melissa Katdare?" The caller said.

"No, I'm her sister, Miranda," Mira replied.

"Could I speak with Melissa please?"

"Mel, it's for you," Mira said, handing the phone to her sister.

Melissa grabbed the phone gruffly from her mousy sister.

"Hello!" Mel said.

"Ah, Melissa," the caller said. "This is Mrs. Hemsworth ... your principal."

"Err, yes, Mrs. Hemsworth," Mel gulped.

"I was just informed of the fracas you caused in the locker room this morning," the principal said. "so I've decided to give you detention this Saturday. That would be tomorrow, dear."

"You ... you can't be serious?" Mel yelped.

"I'm afraid I am, my dear," the principal told her. "So I suggest you cancel any plans you have made for yourself this weekend otherwise I will have to have your parents involved."

"Oh, okay," Mel conceded.

"Excellent," Mrs. Hemsworth said. "I expect to see you in detention at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Coach McGrudder will be supervising."

And with that the phone went dead and Melissa settled it back into its cradle.

"Damn it to hell!" Mel cursed as she turned to her sister.

"What's the matter?" Mira asked.

"Never mind, c'mon," Melissa said as she stormed out of the house.

Melissa drove Miranda to the veterinary where Miranda would be spending the whole night watching over the sickly dogs in the kennel. On the way over an idea came to Mel's mind.

'M-m-m-m-h! After the pep rally I'll just go home and change, ' she plotted her scheme. 'Then I'll go over to the vet's office and have Mira take my place in detention in my cheerleader's outfit. Then I'll be able to go to the beach with the gang.'

A few minutes later she dropped off her sister and drove off to the school stadium for the pep rally.

Miranda walked into the veterinary clinic and was greeted by its owner, Dr. Jennifer Lopez, who gave her instructions on what to do about the dogs she was to look after overnight.

"I really hate leaving a 16-year-old here alone all night," Jennifer said. "But I have a family obligation to take care of tonight."

"Don't worry, Ms. Lopez," Miranda assured her boss. "I know what to do, and it's only for a few hours anyway."

"Well, all right," Jennifer smiled at the enthusiastic teen. "I'm sure everything will be just fine. I'll be in at 6:30. Don't let anyone inside while you're here alone, okay."

"Okay, Ms. Lopez, okay," Miranda smiled.

A few minutes later Ms. Lopez left, locking the doors behind her, leaving Miranda in the store overnight to watch over the animals in the kennel. Miranda simply grabbed her backpack of books and settled herself at the table in the kennel to study, as she always did.

For the next few hours the twins went about their business as expected. Melissa cheered her heart out at the pep rally, while Miranda had her nose buried in her books studying.

Once the pep rally over, Melissa set her plan into motion. She grabbed her gym bag and headed out the stadium to her car. Just as she was about to drive off some of the players leaned over for a chat.

"Hey, Mel," Chris, the quarterback said. "Where you off to? Ain't you coming to Angie's? We're having a party there."

"Can't right now," Melissa told him. "Gotta take care of something first. But I'll be there soon. Promise."

"Cool," Bruno a halfback chipped in. "I'll save myself for ya, baby."

"Just make sure you save some of that for me," Melissa grinned as she grabbed his bulging groin and gave a tight squeeze.

She then drove off and headed home to change.

Once home she rushed inside and headed straight to her bedroom and stripped off her cheerleading uniform and stuffed it into Miranda's gym bag. As she rarely bothered with a bra, all she had left were her panties as she admired herself in the mirror.

"Nice," she grinned at herself. "Now what to wear to the party?"

She did a quick check in the closet and picked out a black dress mini. She then slipped her feet in three-inch heels as she applied lipstick and fixed her makeup. Satisfied at how she looked she headed back down the stairs to go to the party.

"Ciao, mom," she chirped as she headed for the door. "I'm off to a party with the girls. Oh, Mira told me that she'd be in school tomorrow to do some schoolwork."

"That's nice, dear," her mother said.

And with that Melissa headed out and got into her car and drove off to meet with her sister at the veterinary clinic.

A few minutes later she was at the back alley until she got up to the shop's rear entrance. She quickly got out of the car with Miranda's bag and knocked on the door.

Miranda jumped in her skin at the sudden loud knocking coming from the back entrance. She nervously got up from her chair and made her way quietly to the window and peeked outside.

She sighed a sigh of relief when she realized that it was just Melissa. She went to the door and opened it for her sister and let her into the shop.

"Mel?" She said questioningly. "What are you doing here?"

"I came over to give you this," Mel said as she dumped Miranda's bag at her feet.

"My gym bag?" Miranda said in surprise. "But why?"

"Well, you see, it's like this," Mel said. "I got detention tomorrow morning, but I can't make it, you see. So you're going to take my place. My cheerleading outfit's in the bag, so all you have to do is change into it and be at school for 8:00, okay."

"But why should I?" Miranda said. "I didn't do anything wrong."

"Because you owe me, sis," Melissa lied, as always. "You made me late for the rally and now I'm in chit with the squad. And this'll be your way of making it up for me."

"Okay, fine, I'll do it," Miranda agreed submissively as she always did.

"Great," Melissa said in satisfaction. "See you tomorrow night then. Have fun."

And with that Mel headed back out to the car and drove off to join her friends at the party.

Miranda moved her gym bag to the kennel and then returned to her studying. She figured that the kennel would offer her all the privacy she would need to change into Melissa's cheerleading outfit as there were no windows there and the only witnesses would be the animals.

A few minutes later Melissa arrived at Angie's place and joined her friends to party all night. By the time she walked into the house half the cheerleaders in her squad were topless already.

"Hey! Where's the party!" Mel shouted as she walked in.

"Mel!" Bruno shouted back at her. "Been savin' myself for ya, baby!"

Melissa smiled as she made her way through the crowded room, stripping off her dress as she sauntered through the mass of flesh. By the time she reached Bruno she too was topless with only her panties remaining.

Bruno grabbed her asscheeks and lifted her up to plant a hard kiss on the petite dark-skinned cheerleader. Melissa just wrapped her legs around his legs and pressed herself tightly to him.

"M-m-m-m-h!" Melissa moaned. "I needed that."

Bruno simply dropped her to the sofa and began tugging at her panties, almost ripping them off her. Within a matter of seconds Melissa was naked for any to see.

And being as eager as she was to get fucked, Melissa was doing her best to get Bruno's pants off. The bulky football player helped as best he could while not losing contact with Mel's taut tits.

As soon as the halfback had his dick free he plunged himself unceremoniously on top of Mel's prone form, driving his cock ever closer to her already moistened pussy. Melissa eagerly spread her legs wider as she watched her latest lover approaching her treasure hole.

"O-o-o-h! Yeah!" Bruno groaned as he felt her pussylips wrapping itself around his cock-shaft.

Mel pulled him down to her and kissed him deeply as he plunged his eight-inch cock in and out of her wanton pussy. This is what she loved most about studs. They just don't get enough of pussy, and never seem to get tired of it.

Close by, Chris Walkens, the team's quarterback, saw the humping Bruno was giving his favorite cheerleader and paused. A twinge of jealousy showed in his face but then he thought better of it.

'There's enough of Mel for everybody, ' he told himself.

And with that he walked over to the couch, undoing his jeans as he approached the humping couple. And by the time he reached them, he had his pants down around his knees, presenting his cock to Melissa's hungry eyes.

The dark-skinned teen looked up and smiled as she reached up to his cock and pulled him down toward her. As soon as she could reach it she kissed Chris's cock-tip and then sucked it into her mouth. She then proceeded to give Chris one of her famous blowjobs while Bruno kept on fucking her pussy to mush.

"M-m-m-m-m-h-h-h!" Melissa moaned in lustful pleasure. "Give it to me, boys! Fuck my twat and make me cum! I wanna cum!"

All around them the party had devolved into an orgy of football players and cheerleaders. The numbers dictated that each girl would have at least two players at any given time.

And in this environment Melissa was in her element. She could easily handle more than her share of the boys, and she fully intended in keeping that reputation tonight. And with a tug on Bruno she deftly had him lying on the floor on his back as she rode his hard prick in and out of her willing pussy, never having to stop sucking on Chris's hard cock.

"Jesus H. Christ, Mel!" Chris groaned. "You are the best fuck!"

She just smiled around his mouth-fucking prick as she pulled him down to his knees in front of her and Bruno. This allowed her to bend down across Bruno's heaving chest, thus exposing her ass to any taker.

Well, it didn't take long for the team's center to take up position behind her and aim his rigid cock in her direction. The 250-pound player slapped her asscheeks hard and then prodded her asscheeks with his cock.

A moment later Melissa felt his nine-inch cock probing its way into her asshole and she pushed back to meet him, and Bruno's thrust. She now had three hard cocks filling her and she knew she was in fuck-heaven.

The three players were thoroughly enjoying the biggest cheerleading slut the school had ever had. And despite her 5'2" frame, Melissa was by far the most experienced. And they also knew that for every win they had, they could count on her for a fantastic gangbang that would last the whole night. Just her and the whole team, coaching staff included. Who could ask for better incentive than that.

"M-m-m-m-h-h!" Mel moaned around Chris's cock. "C'mon, boys, give it to me! I wanna cum! I wanna cum so bad!"

At hearing Melissa's moaning pleas, some of the girls from her squad grinned. They knew full well of Melissa's reputation, and they loved watching her debasing herself like a street whore. Mind you that didn't prevent them from trying to outdo the little slut.

This time, the newest member of the squad, Hayden, had just finished with her beau and was admiring Melissa's ability to take on multiple partners. She found it so raunchy, and yet so exciting at the same time.

Hayden decided to get a closer look and approached the foursome as they continued their fucking. The busty blonde got up close behind the two double-banging Melissa's rear and watched stunned as two cocks filled the petite cheerleader's two holes, separated only by a thin partition of skin.

Curious about it all, her own lust took over and she ducked her head between the two hulking fuckers and began rimming Melissa's ass-crack between the two cocks.

"M-m-m-m-h-h-h-h?!?" Mel moaned in surprise.

Hayden lost control of herself as her talented tongue flicked between Melissa's sphincter opening and her pussylips, to actually licking both cocks as they slid in and out of her cheerleading compatriot. And in her kneeling position behind the two hunks, her ass was deliciously presented to the room.

It didn't take long before the team's kicker showed up, his ten-inch cock primed and ready for another cunt. He squatted behind the blonde bitch and rammed his cock right up her shit-chute without any preparation.

"A-A-A-I-I-I-I-E-E-E-E-E!!!" Hayden cried out in surprised alarm as she was an ass-virgin.

She grunted painfully as the player kept burying his dick deeper and deeper into her bowels.

"No! No!" The blonde cheerleader cried out painfully. "Take it out! Take it out! It hurts! Oh god! It hurts so much!!"

But nobody seemed to be taking notice of her cries. In fact, the only attention she got was from onlookers who simply watched with glee as Hayden got ass-raped for the first time.

After a few moments her pain seemed to subside until a strange pleasure came over her. And soon after she changed her tone to one who was thoroughly enjoying a fuck.

"O-o-o-o-h!" Hayden moaned as she resumed her previous activity of licking Melissa's rear. "Oh, yes! It feels better now! Fuck! Fuck me!"

"HAYDEN! HAYDEN! HAYDEN!" A chorus resounded, cheering her on in her antics.

Melissa wasn't oblivious to what was going on and smiled inwardly at her teammate's accomplishment. As for herself, she was nearing a climax of herself. And she could tell from the way the players were humping that they were getting close also.

By this time a number of the cheerleaders had parted and dragged two or three players each to other rooms of Angie's home. This left Melissa with a dire predicament. With everyone else out of the room all she had for herself were the three, almost used up studs, and Hayden, as well as the guy stuck up Hayden's butt.

'Damn it!' Mel swore in her mind. 'I'm still so damn horny!'

Then the gush of multiple cocks cumming in her made her own orgasm reach its peak. And through it all Hayden was gathering cum for her own needs out of Mel's holes, albeit secondhand.

"M-m-m-m-h-h!!" Melissa moaned around Chris's cock as she gulped down all of his seed.

Meanwhile, back at the clinic, Miranda took a break from her studies so she could check on the animals in the kennel. There were a few dogs that needed their medicine, which was the reason she was asked to stay overnight in the first place.

"Hi, Chico," she said cheerfully to the white Alsatian leaping up against the cage door. "So, how you feeling tonight? Feeling better, boy?"

The dog yapped happily at seeing Miranda approaching. All of the dogs seemed to enjoy her company.

Next to Chico was a Great Dane with a bandaged leg. And next to him was a Doberman, as well as two German Shepherds. And on the other side of the kennel were other breeds such as Huskies, Dalmatian, Labradors, and one St-Bernard by the name of Bernie.

"Time for you medicine, boys," Miranda announced.

Most of the dogs were cooperative when it came to giving them the medicine, but Chico was a special case. He'd only take it if he was hand-fed. She gave each dog their allotted medicine and then came up to Chico's cage.

She unlatched it and opened the door and knelt before the happy animal. He immediately began licking her face, which caused Miranda to giggle, her mouth gaping open slightly.

In that instance, Chico managed to slither his tongue into her mouth, which surprised Miranda somewhat. But she wasn't alarmed by this as it had happened on many occasions, both to her and Jennifer as well. So she simply allowed the friendly animal his way as he licked the inside of her cheek and over her tongue.

And being such a virgin to anything involving sex, Miranda didn't even realize that her body was responding physically to this oral invasion. In fact, her cunt was seeping juices into her panties, which she wasn't taking any notice of. And her tongue was also slithering around Chico's tongue, frenchkissing the animal subconsciously.

The petite twin remained kneeling in front of the white dog as she petted him as she always did. And all around her she could make out a cacophony of noise as the other dogs got more and more excited for some reason.

After a minute or so of this Miranda pulled herself away from Chico and handfed him his medicine and then shakily walked out of the cage, loosely closing the door behind her.

What Miranda didn't notice was that the latch hadn't dropped into its locked position properly.

Back at Angie's house, Melissa had switched her position around and had Hayden lying under her as she straddled the blonde's head. She then lowered herself until she felt Hayden's lips pressing against her pussylips. Next she bent over and buried her face into the blonde's pussy and proceeded to lick and suck Hayden's pussy.

Meanwhile, the four guys with them just sat around and watched the girl-girl action being performed for their benefit. And as they watched the two girls making love, they were busily stroking their cocks in preparation for another shot at those two cunts.

And throughout the house sounds of orgasming teens could be heard and even smelled. And from outside, one could hear dogs baying madly in arousal at the scent of all that fucking going on.

For her first lesbian encounter, Hayden was finding the experience more than exhilarating. In fact, she was cumming faster than she ever had before. And she also found the taste of pussy most appealing as she devoured Melissa's cunt hungrily.

Within a matter of minutes both girls were presented with four revitalized cocks ready for more fucking. Hayden sucked in Bruno's cock into her greedy mouth as she guided the kicker's ten-incher into Melissa's pulsing pussy-hole.

While at the other end, Melissa was sucking on the overweight center while guiding Chris's cock into Hayden's cunt.

The six teens kept on fucking in this daisy-chain for a good thirty minutes before finally tiring themselves out. Afterwards they just slumped where they lay and caressed their skins, still trying to get another round of fucking in before they had to get back home.

But alas, that would be it for this night.

Eventually all of the teenagers gathered up their clothing and dressed to leave. And by 4:30 the party was over, leaving Angie and a few of the girls to clean up before they too had to leave.

Looking up at the wall clock, Miranda saw the time. It was 4:45 and she figured that she might as well get changed to fill her obligation to her sister. That is, taking her detention for her.

Closing her books and packing them back into her pack, she got up and walked back into the kennel. She opened up her gym bag and pulled out Melissa's cheerleading outfit and laid it out on a nearby chair.

As soon as she had walked into the kennel the dogs became agitated at her presence once more. They were prancing and lunging at the cage doors in a vain attempt to get closer to their friend.

Then she proceeded to remove her own dowdy clothing. First came off her shirt, which she neatly tucked into the gym bag, this was then followed by her bra. She knew that Melissa rarely wore one, and for her to play her sister's role she would have to do the same. This too she put into her bag.

She then kicked off her shoes and then undid her pants. She had to squeeze herself out of them as they were getting a bit tight these days. And finally her socks were the last items to be removed.

So there was the shy Miranda Katdare, naked except for her panties.

"I don't understand how Mel can walk around school without a bra on?" Miranda was speaking to herself. "I mean, it's so ... demeaning."

Just then Chico's cage door squeaked open slightly. Chico soon noticed this and nudged his nose against it and it opened to him.

Sticking his head out he looked around curiously as he saw the dark-skinned teenager stripping. And within moments she was naked before him, her panties still soaked from her juicing earlier.

The scent was doing something to him. Actually, it was having an effect on all the male dogs in the enclosed quarters. They were all barking and yapping excitedly as they could smell an aroused female in the vicinity.

Miranda was totally oblivious as to what was going on behind her. She had heard the dogs barking on numerous occasions in the past, so hearing them now didn't give her any reason to be alarmed.

Chico was lurking behind her just as she bent over to tuck the remainder of her own clothes into her gym bag before zipping it close.

And just as Miranda was about to straighten up, Chico made his move. His snout jabbed itself into the damp gusset of her panties, causing the young teen to jump in surprise. With surprising deftness, she twirled around and was now facing the white Alsatian.

"CHICO!?!" She cried out. "How did ... what do you think you're doing? And how did you get out of your cage?"

Taking her responsibilities seriously, Miranda reached forward to grab his collar. But Chico dodged her attempt and shoved his maw into her crotch once again, causing the dark teen to gasp in shocked surprise.

No one, especially not an animal, had ever touched her there before, and the sensation that came flooding into her made her freeze in place.

Seeing this as a sign of consent, Chico began slurping his tongue across her panties, rubbing the material against her virginal cunt-lips.

"Oh! Oh! O-o-o-o-h!" Miranda was gasping. "Oh Chico, what are you doing? You ... I can't let you do this, boy! You have to stop this, Chico! It' ... it's not right!"

But Chico knew nothing wrong with what he was doing. To him this came only too naturally.

Miranda felt her knees buckling from arousal, though she still couldn't see that as yet. Leaning back, she held onto the table for support as the Alsatian continued licking feverishly at the teenager.

"Wha ... what's happening to me?" A confused teen was asking aloud. "Please, Chico, don't do this to me!"

Chico then began nipping at her panties, tugging and pulling with his teeth. Miranda just stared down at the animal as she saw her panty material being stretched out away from her crotch.

Suddenly she heard a tearing sound and realized that it was indeed the material of her panties being ripped. She stared down dumbly as shards of the material tore loose, exposing her cunt to the animal.

"Oh!?!" She gasped in shock.

She reached down to try and push the dog away, only to be met with a menacing growl.

"Uh?!?" Miranda muttered in alarm. "Chico! What are you doing?"

The Hindu teen gulped nervously as she stared dumbly at the usually docile dog. She began backing away nervously, trying to get to the safety of the door.

But not watching where her feet were she tripped over her gym bag lying just behind her. Miranda crashed heavily on her back, knocking the breath out of her.

Chico took this moment to leap at her and buried his snout in her now exposed pussy. Miranda's eyes flew open in shock at the sudden intrusion of the dog's nose against her pussylips.

Seconds later she felt the dog's tongue lapping at her cunt, slathering from her ass-crack to the tip of her cunt in one long stroke. Miranda could only gasp at this strange new sensation.

Miranda still remained oblivious as to how her own body was reacting to this attack. She never even noticed that her nipples had stiffened, or that her clitoris was being engorged with blood, making it stick out more and more to the probing tongue lapping her there.

And through it all the other dogs were getting frantic, jumping desperately against their cage doors.

And as Chico continued lapping at this fresh pussy, his own body was reacting as expected. The pink tip of his cock was already showing past his sheath, getting ready for action.

"Oh, please, Chico!" Miranda was pleading. "Stop what you're doing! Please stop!"

But with each lick her breathing became more and more labored. Her petite body twisting helplessly under the onslaught of the dog's tongue. Her tits heaving heavily as she lost all control of her own will.

Chico's cock had now reached a solid five inches, and still growing.

In a desperate attempt to get away from this, Miranda managed to twist herself around onto her hands and knees and started to crawl forward toward the kennel door.

Unfortunately for the virgin teen, she had also assumed a position all too familiar to any dog. And Chico wasted no time in showing her who was to be master on this day. And so with a bounding leap he landed heavily on Miranda's back, causing her to fall forward onto her elbows.

"CHICO! NO!" Mira cried out in pain. "Get off me! Get off I said!"

Miranda then felt the Alsatian's forelegs wrapping themselves around her waist and pulling her back toward him. That was when the young teen realized what was really about to happen. She had studied and observed enough dogs to know that Chico was planning on mating with her.

"Oh God, Chico!" She cried out. "You can't be thinking of..."

Her words were cut short when the dog's cock-tip found its mark and shoved its way past her pussylips and into her virgin cunt.

"U-N-N-G-G-H-H-H!!" She grunted.

And then it slithered deeper inside her vagina. And Miranda could do nothing to stop him.

Now that he had found his mark, Chico began humping, driving his cock hard and deep into his new bitch. He kept driving himself forward as his cock kept growing longer and wider as his blood filled its veins.

For the very first time in her young life Miranda Katdare was feeling a cock invading her once pristine vagina. And all she could do was close her eyes and hope that her virginity would remain intact through this attack.

By this time Chico's cock had reached eight inches in length and was poking at her hymen. Miranda realized this and lurched forward to keep him away from it. And in reaction Chico just humped forward, driving his cock just that much deeper into her.

Moments later Miranda could feel a ripping effect inside her and knew that she was about to lose her virginity to an animal, a dog no less.

And then it happened. With one powerful lunge forward, Chico buried his now fully aroused cock deep past her torn hymen and was happily fucking his new conquest into submission.

"A-R-R-G-G-G-H-H-H-H!!!" Miranda cried out in pain and shame.

Chico was now thrusting in jackhammer fashion, driving himself deeper into the once virgin girl. But he knew that his mounting wasn't done with yet, as he hadn't buried his knot into the bitch.

Being a veterinary assistant of sort, Miranda knew all about a dog's knot and knew that she didn't want anything to do with anything so large in her tiny pussy. So she reached back between her legs and tried grasping the humping dog penis in her hands to keep it under some control.

Luckily she did manage to grab him just before his final lunge and was holding onto his knot desperately until the dog finished with her and would finally set her free.

With her fist holding onto him Chico believed himself imbedded in his bitch and suddenly stopped, jerking only lightly as his balls tightened. He then proceeded to empty his seed into his unwilling bitch, filling Miranda's pussy-hole with his scalding cum.

"O-o-o-o-o-h-h!!" Miranda moaned as she experienced her very first orgasm.

And while all of this was going on, two more of the dogs had somehow managed to break out of their cages. Bernie the St-Bernard, and the sickly Great Dane. Obviously their weight had been too much for the latches and they managed to get free.

Now finished with her, Chico pulled himself back until his thick cock came plopping out of the dark-skinned teen's used pussy. This was soon followed by a steady flow of jism, cunny-juice, and blood from her torn hymen.

Now satisfied, Chico returned to his familiar cage and licked himself clean.

An exhausted Miranda slumped on her side, rolling onto her back as she tried to catch her breath. She was completely unaware of the presence of the two other dogs that were now roaming the room freely.

Both dogs were sniffing the air, smelling the scent of sex which now permeated the room. And both of them soon zeroed in on Miranda's cum-filled pussy and began snuggling and sniffing rabidly at her.

With fluttering eyes Miranda looked down past her heaving chest and gasped when she saw the two newcomers at her crotch.

"O-o-h-h!?!" Miranda gasped.

Both dogs began lapping at her pussy and were energetically licking the Hindu teen. And Miranda felt helpless in stopping them, especially after the exhaustive workout that Chico had just given her.

So she just lay there and submissively allowed the two dogs to eat her out. She watched at the two tongues licked her hungrily in and around her cunt, puffing her pussylips out in pure lust.

As she stared at the animals she noticed their cocks and gasped loudly. She had already experienced one dog cock which seemed impossibly thick and long, but these new dogs seemed even larger in size.

Once more she rolled over and desperately made another dash for the door, only to be captured by the much larger and heavier St-Bernard. She crumpled even harder to the floor under his bulky body, her tits crushed against the tiled floor.

Conceding his position to the healthier St-Bernard, the injured Dane lay on his side in front of Miranda to wait his turn at the bitch.

Meanwhile, Bernie had mounted the young teen and was aggressively seeking her hole. Before even locating it he was humping furiously, sliding his slimy cock-shaft across her butt-crack.

Miranda tried wiggling her ass to escape his attempted mating, but that didn't help much. In her slumped over position, her ass was upturned in such a manner that her pussy was in an almost perfect position for a dog to locate.

With one more hump, Bernie found his mark and shoved eight thick inches of doggy-cock into her already loosened pussy.

"O-o-h-h!! God!!!" Miranda gasped.

Bernie then to earnestly fuck the chit out of Miranda's pussy, burying himself much deeper than Chico ever could. This time Miranda was much too late to prevent this dog from trying to shove his knot into her.

Miranda's eyes fluttered wildly as she tried pulling herself forward, away from the humping St-Bernard. However this also moved her closer to the Great Dane lying in her path.

She never even realized that the Dane was lying there until her hands made unintentional contact with the Dane's rigid cock-shaft.

Feeling something slimy in the palm of her hand, Miranda peered up through her curtained hair and gasped when she realized what it was she was grasping.

With strength unbeknownst to her, Miranda managed to pull herself up onto her hands and was supporting the full weight of the St-Bernard with some ease.

And now that she had assumed a more canine position for the large beast, Bernie now found it much easier to fuck her with all his might. And in a matter of only a few seconds Miranda felt the bulging mass of the dog's knot trying to force its way past her pussylips.

And then it happened! Miranda closed her eyes in excruciating pain as the knot forced its way past her tight vaginal tunnel, until she found herself tied like a common bitch.

"O-o-h-h!!!" Miranda gasped. "O-o-h-h!! O-o-h-h!!"

Her eyes kept fluttering in arousal as she contemplated her fate. And as the large dog humped her furiously, she lost strength in her arms and her elbows buckled. A second later her face came crashing down into the Dane's crotch, its cock rubbing against her cheek.

Miranda tried pulling herself back up and away from the Dane's cock, but she slumped back down, this time her lips landing right onto his shaft.

And with the St-Bernard still pressing down on her, she was gasping. And with her panting lips slightly parted, she had her first taste of pre-cum.

Instinctively, and without her conscious control, her tongue slithered out and lapped at the Dane's protruding cock. Still in a foggy daze, she then moved her head up towards the dog's cock-tip and allowed it to slip past her lips and breathed in deeply.

The Great Dane, feeling a new hole grasping at his penis looked over at her and humped briefly. This was all the incentive the young beauty needed and she swallowed more of his cock down past her lips.

On this night Miranda Katdare went from a naïve virgin to a lustful doggy-slut.

The dark-skinned 16-year-old was now a seemingly willing bitch to the dogs in her care. So as Bernie the St-Bernard was filling her with his gigantic cock, Miranda was desperately trying to emptying a Great Dane of his precious load of cum.

Miranda could feel yet another orgasm to hit her, but was surprised when it didn't subside when it did happen. In fact, it seemed to last for hours as one orgasm after another hit her.

And finally, when both dogs were done with her, and the St-Bernard's knot had shrunk enough to pull out of her, Miranda gathered her wits and pulled them back to their respective cages. This time she made sure that the latches were securely in place.

Taking deep breaths she looked up at the clock and saw that nearly a full hour had passed when all of this had happened. Suddenly it hit her that she still had to get dressed as Melissa for her detention at school, and Jennifer would be showing up soon to replace her.

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