Their First Night

by Naked City

Copyright© 2012 by Naked City

Romantic Sex Story: Erin brings Kacey home for a family dinner with her parents and Amy and Michael. And that's just the start of their memorable night.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Petting   Fisting   Exhibitionism   Nudism   .

The next morning is a Friday. And as I prepare for my class day, I feel someone putting their arms around my waist.

"Hey, sweetie!", says Kacey.

"Hey, sexy!", I say as I turn to see my lover there. We kiss on the lips in front of some of the students. "Listen, I told Mom what happened last night. And she wants to know when you can stay over at my house."

"Well, I got the night off", she says.

"Awesome, I did, too!", I say.

"Ooooh! What would you like to do tonight?", Kacey asks.

"Would you like to come over?"

"And cuddle up with you tonight? Oh God, Erin! I'd love to."

"Does your mom know about this?", I question.

"No. I'm afraid to tell her", she replies.

"Okay. I understand. There's no hurry, but she needs to know at some point. Okay, honey?", I say.

"Okay, sweetie", she answers.

We get our books then head for band class, holding hands. Needless to say, it gets the attention of many guys. Some are disappointed that I would go with a girl. Some are just happy that I'm happy.

"Erin? Kacey?"

"Hey, Andrea!"

"Hey, girls! What's going on?", Andrea Santillo asks. "I see you're holding hands. Are you two ... you know."

"We sure are", I say, proudly.

"Oh my gosh! So tell me how did it happen?", she asks. So I explain to her how it happened. Then she says, "Oh my gosh, that's so friggin' romantic. So, did Jen know?"

"She was there working and saw us talking", I tell her.

"Oh, so she saw it. What did she think?", Andrea asks.

"She's so fucking happy for us. And she still supports us", says Kacey.

"So effing awesome! Congratulations, ladies. I hope you all have the best time at prom. And I hope you have a great life after that."

"Thank you, Andrea", I say.

The three of us enter the band hall to start another day. We've got a major band concert coming up in May, right before graduation. And it's important that we all practice. I try my best to stay calm and composed with my new girlfriend in the room. Andrea keeps an eye on me from her seat in the flute section. Another longtime friend, Brittany Jackson, sits next to Kacey, much like she did in fifth grade. They're probably talking about us, but that's okay with me. Anyway, I make it through band and the butterflies go away.

The rest of the day, I stay focused on the material, while also anticipating tonight. I drive Amy and Michael to the house and await Kacey. Amy is a freshman at Edenton High, and Michael, Jen's brother, is a sophomore.

"So what was this I heard about you and Kacey getting together?", Amy asks.

"Well, she's my girlfriend", I reply.

"She's your ... girlfriend?", Amy asks. I know Amy and Kacey fucked a couple of times several years ago. But the idea of Kacey having a girlfriend seems foreign to my sister. Maybe even more so is that it's me.

"Yeah. We have prom coming up and I'm going with her as her date", I tell her.

"Oh really? She asked you out to the prom?"

"Yeah. She was sooooo happy. She was in tears. She thought I would reject her."

"Well, I'd never reject Michael", says Amy. "He's grown to be such a hunk. And I love him." Awww ... they kiss and hug. They've certainly come a long way. I remember when a little first grader nearly came between them named Dena Flores. She's a hot Latina firecracker, let me tell you! She's now in the eighth grade, attending Edenton North Middle School. So she'll be seeing Michael and Amy next year. But I hear she's got a boyfriend that treats her really nice. And they're very happy. I'm hoping they make it as well as Amy and Michael.

"I love you too, Amy", Michael says as he runs his hands on Amy's breasts. Amy has some very nice B-cup breasts in my opinion that I know will get bigger. I'm doing okay in the boob department. I've got some C-cups like my girlfriend.

When we get home, Amy and Michael head to her room. I go to mine, anticipating Kacey to call me first or come. I hope her mom, Cynthia, lets her come over.

I watch TV while I'm waiting. The local news comes on when I hear the phone ring.

"Hello", I greet.

"Hey sweetie!", says Kacey.

"Hi, honey! What's up?", I ask her

"I did finally break down and tell mom", Kacey answers.

"And what did she say?", I ask.

"She said that she was surprised. But she's not disappointed. She understands I want to be happy. And I'm happiest with you."

"So she knows you like girls and she's fine with it", I say.

"Yeah! And I'm on my way over!", Kacey says with excitement.

"Oh, hurry, sweetie! I can't wait to see you!"

I only have to wait about ten minutes for Kacey to arrive. She rings the doorbell.

"There's my sweetie!", I say as I open the door.

"My darling!", Kacey exclaims as she embraces me. We look at each other and kiss on the lips.

Kacey and I go to my room and listen to some music on my computer. I have some current stuff like Adele and Lady Gaga, along with some classic music my parents grew up with. I pull up a song by The Bee Gees that my parents love and Kacey and I slow dance. We get real close, my breasts brushing atop hers. And we're embracing, holding hands, and swaying to the music. Kacey looks up at me and I can see she's tearing up again.

"Awww, honey. What's wrong."

"I'm just happy, Erin. Very happy to have you in my life as my lover."

"You make me happy, too, Kacey. C'mere." We french kiss like we hadn't in years. We must have been going for a few minutes because when I look up, Mom is looking at us.

"Hey, lovergirls!", she says.

"Hi, PJ!"

"Hey, Kacey! So glad to see you, girl!"

"Me, too!", says Kacey.

"I'm so happy to welcome you to the family after all these many years. I want nothing but the best for you and Erin. Okay?", Mom says.

"Okay", Kacey responds.

"I have an idea. How about the six of us go out and celebrate?", Mom says.

"Six?", I question.

"Yeah. Amy and Michael are coming with us", Mom says.

"Oh! Awesome! That sounds wonderful!", I say.

The three of us go into Amy's room. Michael and Amy are doing some kissing of their own.

"Hey, kids! I thought we'd all go out for dinner at Zee's and celebrate Erin and Kacey", Mom tells them.

"Great idea! I'm hungry!", Michael says. Mom laughs.

Dad walks in behind us. "So what's up tonight?"

"Well, I thought we'd take our daughters and their significant others out for dinner tonight."

"Oh, Kacey! I'm so happy for you and Erin, honey!", Dad says as he gives Kacey a big hug.

"Thank you, Eric!", Kacey responds. There she goes again, tearing up. Dad has a tissue with him and dries Kacey's sparkling blue eyes.

"Thanks, Dad!", I say.

"My pleasure, honey", he says to me. "Let's get in the car and go."

We get in the SUV. Mom and Dad sit up front. Amy and Michael sit behind them. And Kacey and I sit in back. Of course, we all have our towels with us so we can dine in the greatest of comfort. Naked, that is. We arrive at Zee's and go inside.

"Oh wow, Eric! Looks like you've got a small party tonight!", says Kellie, the hostess.

"Well, yeah. Amy brought her boyfriend, and Erin brought her girlfriend", Mom says to her.

"Oh, really? I'd have never guessed. I''m sorry."

"That's okay. I'm Kacey. I've been here several times with Erin."

"Well, welcome back then. My apologies to you. I've seen the family before but had not met you. Nice to meet you, Kacey", says Kellie.

"Nice to meet you, too", Kacey responds.

"So a table for six tonight?", the hostess asks.

"Yes, please", replies Mom.

Kellie leads us to a table out in the middle. Mom and Dad sit across from each other. Amy and Michael sit together opposite of me and Kacey. Cindy, our favorite waitress, comes over.

"Hey, everybody!", she greets us.

"Hi!", I say.

"Nice to see you all again." I think she notices our hand holding. "Erin? Are you and Kacey... ?"

"Yes, we are. That's why we're here", I mention.

"Oh, when was this?", she asks with some excitement.

"Last night, believe it or not", I state.

"Oh, Erin and Kacey, congratulations. I think you've known for awhile how perfect you are for each other. Can I get drinks for everybody?", Cindy asks.

"I think the men drink Pepsi, and the girls drink Diet Pepsi", says Dad.

"Sounds about right. Why do think they're knockouts?", Cindy says with a hint of sarcasm. We laugh. She heads off to get our drinks.

"Mom, can I ask you about something?", I say.

"Sure! Ask me about anything!", she replies.

"Well, last night after Kacey and I talked, a supervisor came up to me. She saw what happened, and I explained to her. And when I talked about going to Boone in the fall, I said that I wanted to get an apartment."

"Okay, so what's the question?"

"She suggested that me and Kacey, Jen, and one other could go in on an apartment as roommates", I mention.

"That's a wonderful idea! I certainly think it's best for the two of you", Mom tells us.

"We'd get to sleep together every night", I say with enthusiasm.

"Oh, I'd love to sleep with you, honey", says Kacey.

"When can Michael and I get our own apartment?", Amy asks, almost butting in.

"In three years when you finish school. In the meantime, he can come over anytime Pamela lets him", says Mom.

Cindy comes back with our drinks.

"Okay, lovebirds, what'll ya have tonight?", Cindy asks for our order.

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