The Wedding

by Susan-T

Copyright© 2012 by Susan-T

Erotica Sex Story: How a mistake after my daughter's wedding changed my views of sex

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Size   .

My daughter was getting married and we had to travel down to London for the wedding and everything went perfect. My daughter Susan looked wonderful and at 19 she had a wonderful figurer and her wedding dress made her look like an angel. My husband bob and I could not have been happier for Susan and James. The reception was great too and I had a wonderful time and danced most of the night and I did have a bit too much to drink as did my husband. It was about 1.30 am when we got to bed in out hotel. It was where the reception was held so we only had a short distance to out rooms. I was so horny and think my husband was too but the drink had taken its toll and I could not get him hard and settled for a kiss and cuddle.

Next morning we had out 8am wake up call and I was feeling the worse for drink and I very rarely drink and never as much as I did last night. I told Bob I did not want breakfast and he said he needed something to eat and I said I just wanted to lie in bed for a few hours. Bob said he would go for breakfast and then take a walk and have a look at the guitar shop down the road and he would leave me to sleep till midday.

When he was washed and dressed he left for breakfast and I was soon back asleep again but was woken about 15 minuets later when the door banged open and I looked up to see this huge black man standing at the foot of my bed looking at me. I just shouted that my hand bag was on the night stand to take it but not to hurt me.

He stood looking at me lying there with the sheets pulled to my chin for a few seconds then went to leave and I let out a sigh but as he disappeared round the corner I then head the door being locked and he walked back but this time he walked up between the two beds and he reached over and gripped the bed sheet.

I again begged him not to hurt me and I was terrified and I was always scared of black men for some reason. I think it was my grandmother as she uses to say that the black man will come for you if I was bad and not go to sleep and I think since a child I have always had that fear.

He said nothing but tugged at the sheet and I held on for dear life but he suddenly really tugged and it came out my grip and he pulled the sheets and cover off the bed leaving me naked and before I could move he gripped both ankles and he moved to the bottom of the bed pulling me down to the middle of the bed.

I never occurred to me to scream I was just too scared too.

Her gripped my ankles and then pulled my feet up in the air and then he just opened my legs wide and I quickly put my hand down to cover my pussy and my other arm was over my breast.

I'm a big woman. I'm a size 16 and 40D-36-40 and I'm not fat but I would say I was cuddly and being 39 I think I have a good figurer for my age but the only man that had seen me naked is my husband and the doctors and nurses when I had my two children.

Now this huge black man was kicking off his shoes and he let my ankles go and I pulled them back down and kept my knees tight together and begged him to take my purse and leave but he just pulled of his gray sweat top and then dropped his sweat pants and he had no underwear on and his huge penis hung down below his muscular belly and I started sobbing when I saw his penis. I had been a virgin when I married and only ever had sex with my hubby Bob and his penis was about 6 inches at most, but this huge snake was so thick and not even hard. When the big Negro had stripped off he bent over me again and gripped my ankles and again easily pulled my legs apart. I was begging him to leave me alone but he took no notice and he told me to put my hand by my sides and squeezed my ankles painfully and I slowly did as he said. He pulled my legs apart and looked at my pussy and breasts and then moved between them and he shocked me when he lowered his lips to my pussy mound and started to kiss and lick it and I tried to move my hips from side to side but he sat up and he slapped me hard on my thigh and I started sobbing louder as it stung real sore and I knew I was not to move and he lowered his head again but this time his tongue licked down my pussy lips and he started sucking them in his mouth in turn and pulling till my pussy lip snapped back out his mouth and he was taking turns sucking them in his mouth and pulling then till they sprung back from his teeth that were gently nibbling them.

I had never ever had oral sex as I though it dirty and my Christian upbringing had taught me that it was a disgusting thing to do and not what people like my husband or me did.

I was so embarrassed and humiliated and shocked that a man would want to lick a woman near where she pees and menstruates. He licked me for a minuet or two and I was getting so embarrassed as it started to feel good and then his hand pushed up the back of my thighs till his hand were behind my knees and he pushed my knees back till the were wide open and at the sides of my boobs and my pussy was wide open to him and I gasped out when his tongue started licking up and down my slit and he started to tease my sensitive bud and I could not help but feel my body betraying me and responding to his evil touch and he seemed to have such a long tongue too. What he was doing felt so good and I hated that it felt good. He licked down and started pushing the tip of his tongue into my vagina and I was moaning and begging him to stop and then he did something really disgusting and he licked lower and started licking my bum hole! It was like he was trying to push his tongue in my bottom.

He licked me for ages and I could not help myself but it was starting to feel good and I felt so ashamed that he was having this effect on me and I could not control it.

I felt like I was going to climax and thank goodness he stopped but when he started to let my legs go and he crawled on top of me I knew I was about to be raped and he lowered himself and I jumped when his cock touched my hairy pussy mound and I looked down to see a huge black snake and it must have been 10 inches long if not longer and I just dropped my head back and hoped it would be over soon and he would not kill me after he had raped me.

I felt him move and I looked down and watched as he moved his big penis to my wet pussy lips and rubbed it up and down a few times and I had stopped begging him to stop and just tried too breathe as my heart was racing so fast I felt I was going to pass out.

I felt it at my opening and I screamed out as he pushed in and it hurt so much I wanted to scream again but I had no breath to scream as he pushed again and I felt a few more inches sink into me. It was as bad as childbirth! He pushed with only a few inches of his monster penis in me and waited a few second before pushing again. I started to moan loudly with each push and I could feel each bump and ridge on his penis as it went in me! And it felt so huge! Even bigger than it looked! The pain was every bit as bad as childbirth and I found myself pulling my knees back and opening my legs more to try and ease the pain.

Thankful he seemed as if he did not want to hurt me and he took his time pushing deeper and he had his arms round my back under my shoulder blades and his hand pulling down on my shoulders it was a good two minuets before I felt that head of his penis push against my cervix and it sent a sharp pain surging through me and I knew that was as far as he could go and I lifted my head and looked down to see he still had about 3 inches of his huge penis to go.

He started to very slowly fuck me and I moaned each time he pushed in and it was like he was pushing the breath out of me and even though it hurt it felt good too and I started to relax a bit and the feeling of him in me so deep started to feel good and I hated myself because I knew I was responding to his slow fucking, the good thing was as I started responding I started to get wetter and slipper and it helped ease the pain. But then just as I started to relax, he suddenly he rammed into me so hard I felt my insides tear and I screamed in pain and he rammed in again and I think I must of passed out and when I came round his pelvis was grinding against my pussy mound and I knew he was fully in me and I realized he was teasing me too as he was making his penis twitch inside me and I could feel him so deep in my belly. Slowly he pulled out and I felt my cervix slip off his penis head and close and it felt like my insides were burning, then when he pushed in I felt it stretch opened as the big head pushed deep past the tight ring and up past my cervix and he was inside me so deep! Deeper than any man has ever been.

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