by Susan-T

Copyright© 2012 by Susan-T

Erotica Sex Story: how a car smash changed my life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son   Father   Pregnancy   .

My story starts when i was involved in a bad car crash. My son John was in the car with me. He was knocked out and i had dislocated my shoulder. The 18-wheeler that had slid over the corner and plodded into us left me no chance to avoid him; the only good thing was i was not going fast. My son who was 16 at the time ended up in hospital for three days and i had my arm in plaster for 4 weeks.

My son seemed fine and things went back to normal. Something about our family! My husband Peter is 41 years old and is a manager in the local superstore. I'm 36 and a housewife. We have just the one child now, my daughter who would have been 14 died when she was only 11 months old. My husband and i have tried to have more kids but it has never happened, it not likely to happen now, as we don't have sex that often now, maybe one or twice every month or two.

It was about 3 months after the accident i head a noise and looked at the clock and it was almost 3 in the morning. It sounded like it was in the back garden. I got up and looked out and saw my son! Naked trying to get into the hut we keep out gardening things. I woke up Peter and we both went down and were shocked when we found that John was sleeping walking. We helped him back into his bed and he seemed to settle down and my husband locked the back door and hid the key in beside the plant pots on the kitchen window.

John use to sleep walk when he was younger but it stopped when he was about 9 or 10. Next day he knew nothing about it and wondered why his feet were so dirty.

I phoned the doctor when he was at school and the doctor said it could be down to the accident and it something starts up again in later life if the person is under stress.

He said my son might subconsciously be thinking about the accident. He said it was nothing to worry about and make sure his room had the floor clear and that there was nothing sharp he could fall on. Other than that just keep an eye on him and made sure the outside doors were locked and he could not get the keys, he also said to hide the car keys as sometime they try and drive even though they cant drive.

It was a week later i head him moving about, again it was almost 3 in the morning, i found him at the top of the stairs and again he was naked and like the last time he was erect and was very hard. I was shocked at just how big his penis was. I helped him back into his bed and sat with him for about 15 minuets till he seemed to be settled.

I told Peter next morning and he asked if he was naked and hard. I got really embarrassed when i said he was! When my husband and son had left, i could not stop thinking about John's huge penis. He must have been 8 inches and he was so thick too. My husband about 5-6 inches and i always though he was a nice size but seeing John i was so shocked as he was not what you would call a big boy! He was maybe 5"10 tall and quite slim.

His penis seemed really big on his normal sized body. The next few weeks i left our bedroom door open and listened for him but if he did get up i did not hear him.

It was again about three weeks after the last time i woke to find John standing beside our bed! It took a few seconds to realize he was rubbing his penis, at first I was not sure what was happening but then he started spurting and his sperm started splattering on the duvet.

I don't know why i did not do anything and i just lay there watching him. He then turned and left my room, i got up and followed him and he got back in his bed and seemed to be sleeping again.

I went back into my room and Peter was still sound asleep and i took some tissues and wiped up the big globs of sperm of the Duvet, he must of really spurted out a lot as i had had to use a coupled of handfuls of tissues to wide up his mess. I slipped under the covers and lay thinking about him, without thinking i slipped my hand onto my panties and started rubbing my pussy softly so not to wake Peter.

I suddenly realised i had my sons sperm on my fingers and was rubbing my panties and without really building up i suddenly climaxed. I climaxed so strongly. It took me a few minuets to calm down and i felt so ashamed. I was really embarrassed that i climaxed thinking about my son. The next few days i felt very guilty every time i was near John. I did not tell peter about John jacking off in our bedroom.

A week passed and i was just getting over what happened the other day when i woke and again John was by the side of my bed and jacking off again. This time i sat up and slid my legs round of the bed and I was sitting he sort of turned to me even more and I was going to take him back to his room when his penis started spurting. The first few spurts hit my body. My breasts and my belly and I just froze as he spurted over and over the last of his sperm dripped out his penis onto my legs and I just sat there letting him coat me with his sperm. It was strange but was not upset! I was more excited by it. I had started leaving the hall light on and i could see his penis and it was only a foot from my face, he seemed to squeeze the last few drops out his penis and his eyes were on mine all the time he did it, then he just turned and went back to his room. I watched him get into his bed and i went back to my room and picked out another nightie and went to the bathroom to change. I pulled off my stained nightie and some of the sperm had soaked through onto my body. There were two wet spots on the front of my panties. My thighs had sperm running down the to almost my knees. I looked at myself in the mirror and i felt so turned on. I slipped of my panties and used then to wipe the sperm of both thighs.

I had a quick wash and then slipped on my clean nightie and went back to bed. I refused to masturbate even though my body wanted to climax.

Next day John acted normal and i knew it was not his fault and decided to just ignore what was happening as it was not really hurting anyone and hopefully he would grow out of it soon.

It was another couple off weeks before he came into my room again, this time i saw him come in my open door. I sat up as he walked right up to me, his big penis swinging from side to side. He stopped right next to me and opened his legs and moved a few inches closer so our knees touched, he moved his hand to his penis and pointed down away from my face more at my boobs and he started rubbing his penis.

I leaned over and took a handful of tissues and sat watching him jack off. My pussy was itching and my nipples were so hard as i watched his hand slid up and down on his penis so fast, all the time John was looking me in the eyes and it was un-nerving the way he looked in my eyes. I was looking back at his eyes when he suddenly started to spurt. I was not ready and the first two spurts hit my face and as i moved my head away, it hit my ear and neck. As his spurts weakened he started coating my nightie around my breast. He again squeezed the last few drops off and they dripped onto my legs.

He turned and again went back to bed. I again watched him get into bed and then I went and got a clean nightie and went to the bathroom, when i put the light on i saw his thick sperm dripping from my chin and my hair had had sperm in it. I wiped the sperm of my hair as best i could and then scooped some of my chin, i looked at my two cum coated fingers and rubbed it between my fingers and thumb and when i pulled my thumb back it had long strands between my thumb and fingers. Then i did something i never thought i would do i pushed my fingers in my mouth and sucked them. I tasted my son's sperm and it tasted better than i ever imagined.

The next five minuets i tried to scoop up as much of his thick sperm as i could. I even pulled my nightie to my mouth and sucked the sperm of my nightie.

I slipped my hand between my legs and rubbed my wet pussy and i climaxed in only a few minuets. It was so strong my knees went weak and i dropped onto the floor panting for breath as my orgasm tore thought me.

Over the next week I found myself sneaking off to the bedroom in the afternoons and would masturbate and I always though of my sons wonderful penis. Afterwards I always felt guilty but now every time I looked at him I thought about his huge penis.

I started lying in bed watching the clock! Waiting for the time he mostly came in my room, hoping he would come tonight. It was maybe ten days later when i saw him walk in my room, he again was naked and his huge penis bobbing from side to side.

I was felling very horny and i don't know if it was because i was in the middle of my periods or not but i sat up and swung my legs out the bed like before, but tonight i opened my legs wide and let my son step between them. I knew my nightie was pulled up and he could see my blue panties but i did not care. He held his penis inches from my face and started rubbing, i was so close to his penis i could smell him. I watched him for about 20 seconds and then i don't know what came over me! But I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his penis. He stopped rubbing and just stood there so i kissed the tip again then again, then I pushed out my tongue and licked round the big smooth crown. He let his penis go and stood with his hands by his sides and I moved my hand up and started to slowly rub him. I was too scared to look up into his eyes and was not sure if he was till sleeping or not.

After a little while he started rocking his hips and the tip of his penis started bumping my lips so I opened my lips and let him push his penis in my mouth and I started sucking and licking it. At the same time I started to speed up my rubbing. The feel of his big gland in my mouth was wonderful.

It only took him another minuet before he started spurting in my mouth. I gagged when i first tried to swallow his sperm as it was so thick and he seemed to spurt out so strongly too. His sperm tasted a bit bleachier but i didn't mind

I kept sucking him till he stopped spurting and it took maybe a minuet before I felt him going soft in my mouth. I reluctantly let him slip from my lips and he slowly turned and went back to bed. I just lay back on the bed next to my sleeping husband and i masturbated. I could still taste him and feel his penis on my tongue; i climaxed so hard I'm surprised I did not wake up Peter! i was sure i moaned out.

Everything was normal next morning at breakfast. John gets a lift to school with his dad and Peter had got up from the table and was putting on his jacket in the hall and John stood and came over and he kissed me on the lips. It was just a peck but he always kissed me on the cheek. The way he smiled at me also made me think he knew what happened last night. I was a bag of nerves all day till John came home from school. I was in the kitchen washing some vegetables for dimmer and he came up behind me and hugged me, i jumped as i got a fright, he hugged me tightly and i asked, "What did i do to deserve suck a nice hug!"

He kissed my neck and then gave a little suck on it and it made me shiver and he whispered, "you don't remember what you did last night!" when he said it he pushed his erection against my bottom and i just gasped, he turned me round so i was facing him and he was a few inches bigger than i was so i sort of looked up at him and i felt my face flush. He leaned down and kissed me. This time it was a real kiss! I don't think i kissed him back at first but I did when his kiss got more passionate. We must have kissed for a good few minuets and the he broke his kiss and i just gasped out, "you were not sleeping!"

He kissed me again and then whispered, "I woke each time i started to cum but was to embarrassed to do anything but go back to bed."

I asked him about last night! He said, "When you started kissing my cock i think that woke me!" i did not know what to say and I suddenly felt so ashamed and embarrassed, he kissed me and we kissed passionately and i felt his tongue slip into my mouth and he certainly knew how to kiss. I had not been kissed like that since I was a teenager, and when he broke our kiss he whispered, "mom! It your turn to come to my room tonight!" i started to say no but he put his fingertips on my lips and said, "Shooo! Don't say a word!" And we kissed again. He then said he had homework and he left me holding onto the worktop with my knees weak and my pussy itching and feeling so wet.

The rest of the night i was a bag of nerves, he never said or did anything more but when it was his bed time he did kiss me on the lips again, but just a peck. I looked over at Peter just in case he had seen but he was watching TV as usual. I went up to bed before Peter and as always changed in the bathroom, my periods had finished and i had a quick shower and i slipped on my nightie. I stood looking at my panties for a few seconds wondering if to put them on and decided not to. I lay in bed for about 30 minuets before Peter got in bed and kissed me good night and turned his back to me as I lay looking up at the ceiling. My hand kept rubbing my pussy really slowly and i felt guilty again and stopped.

I lay thinking of what he would say if he know what happened last night and I made my mind up not to go to John's room. I lay on my side looking at the open bedroom door for over and hour and then thought. Maybe i should go and tell John I wont be coming tonight or any other night and this has to stop. I slipped out the bed and went to John's room.

He was awake and he switched his light on when I went in, he pulled his covers back and i saw just how hard he was and he looked even bigger than he did last night. I don't know why but I closed his bedroom door behind me and i moved closer to his bed, I could not take my eyes off his wonderful huge penis. I started to say how I could do this and how wrong it was, how i should know better. i stopped about 6 feet from his bed, to scared to move closer as i knew i would give into him. John got out of bed and walked over to me and took me in his arms and started kissing me. I tried not to kiss him back and put my hands on his shoulders and tried to push him away but I couldn't, we were soon kissing passionately and he had me pulled against him and I could feel his hard penis pushing up against my stomach. He broke out kiss and he reached down with both hands and started to lift the hem of my nightie and i went to stop him but he just kept pulling it up till it was above my waist, he kissed me again and i kissed him back and i relaxed my grip on his wrists and i felt my nightie being lifted higher and this time he broke out kiss he pulled my nightie up over my head and I lifted my arms for him, he pulled of my nightie and then took my hand and looked at my body then whispered, "Your even more gorgeous than i thought!"

He led me to his bed, i lay down and he slid in beside me and we started kissing again, I felt his hand slid onto my breast and my nipple felt so hard and so sensitive, he played with my breast as we kissed for ages.

He half rolled over on me and he pushed his leg between mine and I felt his thigh press on my pussy mound, i started to say "NO!" but he just rolled over and pushed his other leg between mine and pushed my legs further apart, he was pushed up on his elbows and I looked down to see his huge penis laying on my belly and the tip was making my belly wet with his pre-cum.

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