Voodoo Slaves

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2012 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Sex Story: About a 16 year old Burmese student who uses voodoo rituals to turn his friend's entire family into his mind controlled slaves, for his own pleasure.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   mt/mt   Mind Control   Incest   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Author's Note

Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I last wrote and submitted a story. I want to thank all my fans out there for having enjoyed read many of my stories. It is because of my fans that I am writing once more, or else there would be no other reason for me to write.

Now as for why I am having this author's note is because I want to address certain topics, to you who would be reading this. One topic is about the theme of my story. The other, is about my stories in general.

As I have fans out there, I must also acknowledge that there are those whom I have angered in the past, especially about some stories that I have written. I just want to say that I am apologizing to those whom I have angered, since it was not my intention to anger anyone out there and that I was completely misunderstood and that I want to clarify any misunderstanding, for now and the future, which I have never done so before, when I wrote previous stories.

For those of you who were angry with me, because of some stories that I have written, I just want to say that my stories are purely fictional and not to be taken seriously. I write for fun, about any topic including ones that are provocative, but not for provocation's sake. If you haven't notice yet, I do have a vivid imagination and like to exercise my creativity. After all, we live in a democracy and are guaranteed the right to freedom of expression.

I just want to clarify all these factors:
I have no hatred towards anyone or any group of people.
I am not trying to promote anything.
I have no agenda whatsoever.
My stories are purely fictional and should not be taken seriously (since there have been readers that have taken them way too seriously).

Now I know in the past I have written "dark and hardcore" fiction, which can be extremely disturbing and provocative, but that was only because I failed to clarify at that time that I am highly influenced by American horror writers like Bentley Little or Stephen Kings or Dean Koontz. If anything, I have been told by book publishers that I should go into real writing, as my fiction is far darker than theirs.

But I don't write my fiction for money. I write my fiction for fun because I enjoy it.

Now if you want to know what kind of writer I am, you can compare me to film directors and producers like Tom Six, known for having made the most disturbing film of all times – Human Centipede. Or those guys who produced equally disturbing films such as SS Hell Train or 120 Days of Sodom or I Spit on Your Grave. Yes, I admit I do write stories that can be considered to be too disturbing.

Next time when I write my stories, I WILL WARN MY READERS IN ADVANCE if they have disturbing contents so that people, who are offended by such things, know that they should not even read them in the first place. Because if you know what the story is about, don't like it and still read it and then getting angry about it, then that is your problem, as it is a sign of immaturity, insecurity and oversensitivity.

As for why I write all my usual type of stories, is because I try writing about any topic that people may talk about or are in their minds or about any idea that comes even to my mind.

So if you are the open-minded type (like all my fans are), you would know how to enjoy my stories and know that they are just fictional entertainment. I would also like to say that I enjoy having conversations with people about all kinds of topics, and it does not have to be related to any stories that I have written.

As for my story, it is an erotic mind control fiction, set in the early 1990s. Why I chose to set in the early part of this decade, is because it was one of the best times and decades for America. Employment rate was still very high, just like in the time of Ronald Reagan. The USSR was gone. China wasn't a serious rival. Only Japan had been a serious contender but they did not steal jobs away and even made the world a more interesting place, with their video games, Manga comics and horror films. Everyone around the world admired and loved America.

Of course back then, young people didn't use the Internet very much or had cell phones. They would just spend time playing video games (like SEGA), and comic books were still popular. My story is also set somewhere on one of the Hawaiian Islands.

But BE WARNED. It has themes like voodoo and black magic in it. If you are disturbed by such things, then don't read any further. It also has incest in it too. If you are disturbed by such things than you are better off watching something more easily to stomach, like The Simpsons or Two-And-A-Half-Men.

But if you have a strong stomach, strong imagination, extremely mature and would like to read such fiction then please feel free to read this story.

Also note that the character-dialogues are written like ones you see in sketches and screenplays.

If you enjoyed this story, please feel free to drop me an e-mail and don't be a stranger.


It was a very warm day. Two boys were playing video games in front of a television screen. They were playing Street Fighter II on the Sega Mega-Drive console. The boy called Tom was controlling a character called Blanka. The boy who is known by everyone under the name Alex was fiddling with the buttons, controlling a game character called Ryu.

Alex had been beating Tom for the last one hour. Both boys enjoyed playing Street Fighter II but Alex was just a better player. Alex pressed the right buttons, allowing his character Ryu to shoot out fire balls form his arms, always instantly hitting Blanka.

Tom: (sounding a bit upset)
Shit man. You're good. But one day I am going to beat you in this game.

Alex (chuckling)
You still haven't figured out how to beat me.

Tom and Alex were both classmates (and supposed to be good friends as people could tell), from the same high school. They were both 16 years old and lived in the same apartment block. Alex lived on the second floor while Tom lived much higher on the seventh floor. They were playing video games in the living room of Tom's apartment. The game console was Tom's but the Street Fighter II cartridge was Alex's.

Tom was Caucasian; 5 foot 4, short brown hair, brown eyes and skinny. He lived with his mom and his sister. His mom was French and his dad was American. Tom's full name was Thomas (typical French name) but shortened it to Tom, since they were living in America.

Tom spoke some French as well, as his mother did not want him to lose sight of his French heritage. She still spoke English in her French accent. Tom and his sister inherited their hair and eye color from their mom. And his mom was about 5 foot.

But his parents had split up and so, his mom had to take care of him and his sister. His sister's name was Francois (a very French name). She was older than him at the age of 17, but much shorter at just 4 foot 11.

Alex, on the other hand, was not even American, but was a soon-to-be-naturalized-American citizen. He was originally from the country of Burma (now called today Myanmar), in South-East Asia. His father had IT-know-how expertise and skills, which was what allowed him to take he and his family to America. Just by being two years in America, he had already adopted an American accent.

Alex's real name was a Burmese name but everyone called him Alex, since his original name was harder to pronounce. He lived alone with his mom and dad. He had short black hair, black eyes and brown skin, browner than a Filipino's. Although he was skinny, he was taller than Tom, at 5 foot 7.

Overall both boys were semi-geeks, into their video games and comic books.

Ok. I wanna choose someone else.

The problem was that Tom wasn't too bright, unlike Alex. Tom didn't do well in tests, forever scoring D-. Alex scored A+s all the time. What Alex meant by " ... You still haven't figured out how to beat me..." was that if Tom was going to ever beat him in Street Fighter II, all he had to do was observe the way Alex played.

But just as both boys, were about to continue playing their game, the doorbell was ringing.

Must be my mom and sis!!

Tom got up, heading towards the front door. Tom's mom and sis had gone out shopping and left him alone. Coincidentally Alex rang his doorbell just 1 minute later; bring with him his Street Fighter II game.

Tom opened the front door. His beautiful and sexy sister Francois was standing out the doorway.

Mom wants you to come downstairs and help up with the bags.

Alex stared and smiled towards Francois.

Hello Francois.

Francois made an "ugh" frowning face. Alex knew that Francois simply considered all of her brother's friends to be geeks or semi-losers. There were even times she put him and Tom down, for still reading comic books at their age. After all, they were both 13 and not 5 or 6.


Tom turned towards Alex.

Hey Alex, I gotta go down and help my mom carry the shopping bags up here.

Alex: (suggesting and offering)
Hey how about if I wait here for you guys, so that way you can just leave the door open. That way, it will be easier for you guys to walk through without having to use the house keys to open up the door.

Good idea. Wait for us here.

Tom left with his sister. When Tom and his sister were on the way towards the elevator, she gave him a sarcastic look

Your friend sure is helpful. If he came down with us, he could help carry more bags

But mom would still have to open the door. I mean him being there, saves us time.


Tom and Francois finally reached the elevator, hit the right buttons and got inside the elevator when it arrived on their floor and opened up.

Back at Tom's apartment, Alex was all by himself. Alex was even smiling towards himself, then talking to himself in a cunning but wicked opportunistic tone

This is better than I thought.

The truth was that Alex was hanging around the car park, and saw Tom's mom and sis driving away on their car. This gave him the idea that he could carry out his Master Plan, since the timing was conveniently right.

This was a Master Plan that Alex had been planning for at least 2 weeks. It was a Master Plan that some would consider to be "sinister."

In other words, Alex had sinister intentions towards Tom and his family.

Alex quickly moved around the apartment. First he went over to Tom's bedroom. He searched for Tom's comb and when he finally found it, he quickly took out a hair strand from it.

He then went over to Tom's mom's bedroom and also to Francois's bedroom. He also took out hair strands from their combs too.

All their hair bits, he placed them carefully under a thin transparent plastic bag which he had carried with him but carefully hidden away from Tom's eye view.

By the time Tom, his mom and Francois had arrived at the doorstep; Alex was back at the living room, playing Street Fighter II. Alex quickly got up, offering Tom's mom to take the plastic bag burden off her.

Here. Let me help you get that.

Tom's mom: (joked)
Thank you Alex. I think we could have used you downstairs

Someone had to stay here to keep watch on the door.

When all the supermarket bags had been place within the space of the kitchen floor, Tom's mom smiled at Alex.

Tom's mom:
Hey Alex, how about you join us for dinner.

Can't Ms. Pascal. Mom is cooking me dinner. Thanks anyways.

Alex looked at Tom.

Hey man, gotta go. Call me up later.

Alex picked up his game cartridge, and walked out the doorway, leaving the Pascal family to themselves.

When Alex got back home, it was already 5:30PM. He joined his mom and dad for dinner around 6PM. His parents basically allowed him far more freedom, than his classmates' parents allowed their own children theirs'.

At 8PM, Alex's parents were watching TV at the living room. His excuse not to join them was that he had to study very hard and that he should not be disturbed, fearing that it would ruin his concentration. It was the type of excuse every parent would love to hear from their own children.

Alex was inside his bedroom. The door was closed. But Alex was not studying for school. He was sat down cross-legged, with some kind of opened book beside him, and surrounded by candles. Alex was chanting voodoo spells. In front of him were three wax dolls, each having a piece of brown hair strand tied up to them. Each doll represented a member of the Pascal family. He was performing rituals with them.

This was a book on black magic which Alex had bought back in Burma years ago. His parents didn't know he possessed such a book, since they always allowed him his privacy. As for how he knew how to use it, he learned it from an overfriendly gullible witch doctor, who also happened to be a shopkeeper.

When Alex finished chanting, he placed the wax dolls down.

What Alex had performed just now was some kind of voodoo spell. It was a spell to turn the three Pascal family members into his obedient loyal slaves. That meant if they saw him now, they would automatically acknowledge him as their master and obey him faithfully.

Alex turned on the bedroom light and blew out all the candles. He wanted to see if his spell worked and there was only one way to find out.

He got changed and joined his parents in the living room. He lied to them that he had to go see Tom for awhile and it regarded their school work. His mom and dad said that he could go but that he should not come back later than midnight, since he had school the next day.

Alex left his apartment, took the elevator all the way to the 7th floor and then walked over to Tom's apartment's front door. He looked at his watch. It was not even 9PM yet. He rang the doorbell. 1 minute later, Tom opened the front door.

When Tom saw Alex, he was instantly mesmerized. Tom pushed him aside.

Alex: (arrogant tone)
Close the door

Yes Master.

Tom closed the front door. Alex saw Francois and Ms Pascal sat down by the TV. Both mother and daughter were wearing thin hot leather pants and thin shirts. They too were mesmerized when they saw him.

You two bitches get up and stand right in front of the couch. You too Tom

All three Pascal family members responded in obedient zombie-like unison

Tom/Francois/Ms Pascal:
Yes Master

Tom, Francois and Ms Pascal stood in line, facing the couch. Alex sat himself down the couch.

Alex: (to himself)
Yeah. It really did work.

Alex was staring at his three white brunet slaves. His cock stiffened, just staring at Francois and Ms Pascal. They were both slim and sexy. Alex turned to Tom.

Alex: (to Tom)
Slave, I want you to bring me a Coke can.

Yes Master.

Tom walked away, towards the kitchen. Alex then turned towards the mother and daughter.

You two. I want you both to perform lesbian strip tease right in front of me. And when you respond to me, always smile like the couple of sluts that you are.

Francois/Ms Pascal: (smiling sluttily in unison)
Yes Master.

Francois and Ms Pascal danced their bodies sexily, fondling and touching each other, while slowly slowly undressing each other.

Tom finally returned with Alex's Coca Cola can.

I have brought your drink Master.

Alex rudely grabbed it.

Hey Slave, turn off this fucking television. I want you to play Enigma.

Yes Master.

Tom went over to the TV and turned it off. During that moment, both his sister and mother were taking off each other's black bra, while kissing each other, only to have Ms Pascal lowering her lips onto Francois's pinkish right nipple. Taking it onto her mouth and sucking on it. Francois cried.

Tom went to his own bedroom, took out his radio and the CD with the song Enigma in it, came back to the living room, set the radio up and played that song.

As the song started playing, both mother and daughter were naked. Their breasts were fully exposed now, bouncing up and down, as they played with each other. But what really got Alex's cock really hardened was watching both mother and daughter pulling down each other's panties, with their teeth. He saw their asses wiggle and their brown pubic hairs.

Alex wanted to see both mother and daughter perform position 69, right exactly in front of his very eyes. But there was one problem: their brown pubic hairs. He hated women's and girls' pussies being covered by pubic hairs.

Alex: (towards Tom)
Slave. I want you to go to your mom's bedroom. Find the shaver she uses for her pussy and pubic hair. Bring it here.

Yes Master.

Tom headed to his mom's bedroom. In the meantime, mother and daughter were French-kissing each other, while their hands were fondling each other's butt, and still moving erotically to the tune of Enigma.

Tom finally came back, holding his mom's shaver.

Alex: (to Tom)
Stop playing this music.

Yes master.

Tom went and turned off the radio.

Alex: (towards Francois and Ms Pascal)
You two bitches. I want you both to stop dancing and come sit down on this table, facing me. And spread your legs too.

Ms Pascal/Francois (unison):
Yes Master.

Mother and daughter sat down on the table, facing their master and spread their legs, giving Alex a good view of both their pubic hair-covered white pussies.

Alex: (to Tom)
I want you to shave all of your mom's pubic hair.

Yes Master.

Tom slowly knelt next to his mother and then turned the shaver on, moving its shredding razor over his mom's brown pubic hair. Once the shaver's moving razors touched Ms Pascal's pubic hair, Tom started shaving. Bits and bits of Ms Pascal's brown pubic hair were falling down the table, onto the carpeted floor.

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