Body Morph

by Matchead

Copyright© 2012 by Matchead

Erotica Sex Story: Little brother helps sister with a personal problem.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Brother   Sister   .

My little brother, Joey, can be such a pain in the ass sometimes and then, all of a sudden. he does something that really shows he cares. This was one of those times. I was in a bit of a snit because my breast pump broke. I know, I got it real cheap at the thrift shop, but shit, I was starting to see some results. You see, my body is really a freak show. I know I'm only sixteen, but really, did my tits have to come in all weird and all? I got stuck with two freakish nubs, each about the width and length of two thumbs laid side by side. I mean, I'm flat as a board and in the middle of my chest I grew these two protuberances that just stick straight out, all weird looking. In a tee-shirt I look as if I have two massively enormous nipples and no tit at all. In reality the bumps under my shirt ARE my tits! To make it even worse, half of the funny looking things are the areola. And as if that weren't bad enough, the tips of my nipples turned out (or "in" I should say) inverted. Probably because the tips did not stick out like normal nipples my whole breast looks like one monstrous nipple. I'm a real freakoid!

One day I was reading this article on breasts, go figure my interest, and it said that you could induce lactation and evert an inverted nipple by breast pumping. That got my attention right away. It also said that with lactation that a woman's breast would increase in size significantly. I was all for that and so I made a trip to the thrift shop and made my purchase. I used it in secret for some weeks and I did actually start to see the tip of my nipple begin to emerge and my boobs started to increase in size when the pump gave out. Another trip to the store and I found out that pumps rarely came in and when they did, they usually were broken and only good for parts. I checked out buying a new one but could not come close to affording the price.

I was stuck with little titties and in-poking nipples. Is it any wonder that I was in such a foul mood when I arrived home. Seeing as how my fourteen year old brother is always at home, I just naturally took it out on him. That would have had the satisfying effect I was going after had not my brother gotten all sensitive all of a sudden and wrecked whatever good I was getting from being a bitch. He got this little-boy caring look on his face and asked me what really was the matter. He just knew I wasn't mad at him and something must be really wrong and he wanted to help. Well, I did the girl thing and just started crying. I told him that unless he was God and could give me a new set of tits there was nothing he could do. He just grabbed me up in a big hug and asked me to tell him about it. So I cried into his neck and told him all about my ugly tits and the broken pump and what it was for and how I wished I were dead. That last confession just made Joey squeeze me tighter as he told me to hush and said if all I needed was suction maybe he could help. Now THAT got me mad, which ended my crying instantly. Grabbing him by the shoulders and holding him at arms length I was just about to yell all sorts of shit at him at the top of my lungs when I got a look at his face. It was all flushed; red-like in the total embarrassment that was plastered all over his face as he looked down at his feet. I realized then that he wasn't trying to perve on me but was only trying to help.

In and instant, my emotions flipped again to gratitude this time for my little brother being there for me. I asked him if he really meant to help me and hugging me tight again he said that he loved me and hated to see me so bummed. Asking him please not to laugh at me, I pushed him back once again and just whipped my shirt off over my head. Staring into his now wide eyes, I said now he could see what hideous things I was cursed with. He just said gosh or golly or something like that and stared at my tits. Next he told me how beautiful they were, and from the look on his face I could see that he really meant it. That's when it hit me that they were probably the first ones he'd ever seen and as he had no others to compare them with, he really meant it.

I got this funny flush feeling that went from the top of my head all the way to my gut and lower. I asked him if he really wanted to help me. Tearing his eyes away from my naked chest, he stared into my eyes and asked me if I really meant it. I said we can at least try and grabbing his face, I pulled his lips to my right nipple. Opening his mouth, he easily put the whole breast into his mouth and clamped on tight around it. Immediately he started sucking, way stronger than my old breast pump used to do it, and with each suck, which was followed by a swallowing motion, he rasped his tongue across my whole breast. That flush sensation came back in strong waves with each sucking pull my brother made at my tit. I let out this satisfying groan as I held Joey's head to my chest.

After several minutes he let go of my breast and asked me if he was doing it right. I said it was just perfect and he eagerly asked me if I wanted him to do it some more. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to my room. Lying back on the bed, I asked him to do the other one. Lying down beside me, he latched on and started happily sucking away. That first time he must have spent and hour pulling at my tits with his mouth and only stopped after I asked him to because my tits were starting to get sore.

That started a daily routine of my brother Joey sucking my tits any time we were alone, and believe me, that was a lot! After that first time, whenever he was nursing at one breast, he started playing with the other with his hand. It started the very next day with him grabbing my tit to feed it into his mouth. Then as he sucked away, he just gabbed onto the other breast and started touching it all over, and rubbing it and finally pulling at it. We spent hours each day at it. If the folks were around, he would sneak a quick feel or pinch either over or up under my shirt. I could not get enough of it. Sometimes when my brother would come up behind me, he would grab onto my hips and, in a slow torturous way, slide his hands up across my belly and finally onto my chest. This somehow lead to Joey just grabbing a feel of my ass if the parents were too close to chance a feel of my boobs.

Somewhere in that first week, while Joey was lying at my side, he placed his knee up on my leg. It wasn't long before the whole leg was draped over mine. The humping of his groin into my hip soon followed. It started out subtle at first but within a few days became really obvious. I could not miss the fact that he was rubbing his stiff little wiener into my hip.

The hand that played with my free tit while he sucked at my other did not always stay up there. Sometimes he would bring it down to rub my belly. It never went lower than that for the first couple weeks. One day Joey rubbed down across my inner hip to rub across my thigh. He stayed there for a bit before returning to my belly and tit. Each time he went down to my thigh, his hand would take a path closer to the junction of my legs. One day, after rubbing my thigh for a bit, he slowly came back up to my belly right across my mons. All I did was groan, pull his head tighter to my chest and spread my knees apart a bit. The next time he came back up from my thigh his hand stopped right over my pussy and he just rubbed for a few strokes before going onto my belly. After that, Joey hardly ever spent time rubbing my thighs except at the beginning when he was just warming me up. His hand spent quite a lot of time rubbing my crotch, usually the middle finger tight in the groove of my pussy as I kicked my legs to the side to give him all the room he needed.

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