by T.S.Severe

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: A lazy Sunday afternoon story about the perfect transsexual girlfriend. You know, the one who doesn't mind fucking your best friends in the living room?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   TransGender   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

"Are you sleeping, Amy?" His voice was soft, caressing my ears like his hand moving along my spine.

"Mmmm..." I just sighed, keeping my brown eyes closed and giving Sam a little smile that he probably couldn't see. My hair was all over the place, too long, too black, and just too ... Much. He liked my hair though, so I didn't mind.

I was face down on his bed, the way I liked to spend my Sunday afternoons and I guessed the football game was over, or maybe it was just halftime. Yeah, that's what it was. I could hear his friends laughing, their loud voices happily muted by the walls and doors that separated us. I didn't mind that either, a man needs his friends and I got along with them okay, although it had been a little tricky at first.

"The guys want to go out for pizza after the game." Sam told me and he was climbing on top of me, straddling my bare thighs and I could feel his jeans, cool and a little rough like soft sandpaper against my light brown skin.

"Hmmm..." I sighed, feeling his hands on my back, moving up and down, massaging me the way I liked it. He'd squeeze my shoulders and bring his hands along my sides, playing against the swell of my flattened breasts, and further, across my waist to my panties. Then Sam moved inward, his thumbs in the small of my back, kneading my flesh and bringing a soft groan of approval out of me before pressing their way back up to do it all over again.

"You're so beautiful..." he breathed and I felt him shifting, just a little so he could rub his trapped cock against my ass, grinding against me gently and using that massage as an excuse.

"Careful..." I sighed happily. " ... You might miss your football game."

"Can't help it," Sam chuckled and lowered his body carefully onto mine, taking his weight on his arms and knees, but giving me enough of him to feel the burden of love.

Sam was so much larger than my five foot four body, nearly a foot taller and fifty or sixty pounds heavier than my deceptive one twenty. I don't look like I weigh that much, especially with my narrow hips and smooth flat tummy. Maybe it's all in my tits, I thought with a giggle, because they're perfect 34C's and seemingly too large for the rest of me. Like my ass, which is small and tight and wonderfully pert as they say. Sam loved my butt.

He brought his face to mine, urging me to lift my head slightly, parting my lips as his tongue slipped into my warm willing mouth. We kissed lazily, with a languid passion that suited my mood perfectly. I sucked Sam's tongue like a soft pink cock, closing my lips around it and teasing it with my own. His hardness was apparent now, pushing against my panty covered ass and I rolled my hips beneath him, teasing my boyfriend in the simplest of ways.

"Are you going to fuck me?" I breathed a minute later, opening my eyes finally to see his handsome face, his soft brown eyes and generous smile.

"I have to now," he laughed and kissed my cute little nose, making me giggle. Sam always knew how to make me happy and he didn't have to do anything but be himself.

I waited patiently while he slipped off me, undressing quickly and the only movement I made was to pull the hair from my eyes so I could admire his body. Sam was pale and lean, athletic with muscles and thin brown hair over his legs. A thicker patch surrounding his meaty cock and heavy balls, and then a narrow little strip rising to his belly button. His cock was hard already, large enough without being too big. It was perfect for me, nice and fat and wet with precum.

He reached for my panties, licking his lips as he pulled them down slowly, all the way down my legs and off my feet as I lifted them. He brought his mouth to my ass, just like I knew he would, kissing my firm cheeks and then licking between them. It was wonderful for me and a shiver ran up my spine. I felt his hands taking me, his strong fingers pulling my ass apart for his loving attentions. He kissed the tight brown sphincter of my anus, smelling of strawberries from my recent bath, the perfumed beads that I liked to soak in.

I sighed and grabbed tiny fistfuls of sheet as I felt Sam's tongue against me, licking my asshole lightly and then harder, tickling me with the tip of his tongue and coaxing my muscles to relax and let him in. He was going to do me right, the way he always did, eating my ass for a good long while until I was writhing beneath his fingers, feeling my arousal as a desperate need to have the man inside me.

Sam slid his hand beneath me after a few moments, reaching between my spread thighs to find my hard penis and silky balls. He pulled my penis back so that it pointed towards my feet, trapped stiff against the bed and throbbing beneath my supple sack. He kissed my balls first, taking my hairless scrotum into his mouth and washing me carefully, rolling my testes around with his tongue. Sam loved my balls more than any other part of me, I think. He brought a finger to my asshole while I was busy feeling good, and then made me gasp as I felt him entering me slowly, working that finger back and forth to the first knuckle and beyond.

I opened for him easily and when Sam had his finger completely inside me, he let my balls go with a soft wet plopping sensation. He licked the underside of my penis briefly, just teasing me with his tongue, and then went back to my ass. He was getting me loose and ready for his big cock, eager for it as well, and he worked his warm spit inside me for many more minutes, until I was begging him with a panting voice to make love to me.

"Amy..." he sighed, bringing his cockhead to my anus and pushing against me with a steady pressure.

I would open for him just fine, there was little doubt of that, and the discomfort was a momentary thing. I'd been fucked a thousand times, since I was a preteen ladyboy in Singapore, working the clubs on Bugis Street, now I was in America. An eighteen year old girl on a student visa, a gift from the Gates Foundation and their charitable efforts to save exploited children like me. That I was really sixteen hardly mattered and in truth I didn't even know when my real birthday was. I'd borrowed a birth certificate from a friend and my sponsor, a pleasant Englishman who'd made use of my services on numerous occasions, had done the rest. He might have expected me to try and be the boy I'd been born, but that was impossible. I've been a girl as long as I can remember and I'm comfortable in myself.

Besides, I already have the body and it would be a real waste of money to undo all the work my old Malaysian owner had put into me. My pouting lips, pert little nose, and especially my perfect 34C tits, they'd cost a pretty penny or two. He's an unhappy man now, I'm sure, but I'll never see him again, or his bamboo cane. Once I have my degree I can do anything, even stay in America, possibly. I hope so anyway. I might even get sexual reassignment surgery, but I don't think so. I like my little penis. I'm used to it and I've met a lot of men who don't mind if I have a little something extra to offer. A lot of them like that part best of all and I'm constantly spoiled by their attentions.

Sam knew I had other friends, as I liked to call them, but they weren't my boyfriends. That was Sam and he was the one I stayed with, the one I gave my love to. The others were fun and profitable enough, but married or they had their own girlfriends. They were shy too; a lot of those guys, unwilling to expose their interest in a girl like me, and it's still like that. It'll never change, but I grew up a realist and the world and its irony holds little mystery for me. Sam loved me anyway and that was enough.

"Fuck Amy, you're so good around my cock, baby," Sam breathed into my ear and he was all the way in me now.

"Ummmm..." I moaned, wriggling my ass and squeezing it, massaging the man's prick as it slid easily back and forth.

He fucked me good and I was enjoying it a lot, that smooth stroking of Sam's cock as it stretched my asshole around him. He was just long enough to touch bottom in my ass, and if the angle was right he'd find my prostate, kissing it with his cock and making me shiver with pleasure. I could feel his balls pressed against mine when he'd go deep and hold himself there for a moment, grinding slowly before pulling back.

Sam was going to cum soon and maybe I would too, it always felt good and often I did orgasm with Sam, but not the way you might expect. My orgasms are more emotional, less physical than a man's, and I can cum without the release of semen from my balls. I lose my senses and feel the fever consuming me. My body shakes and my tummy tightens; my heart pumps violently to rush the ecstasy through my veins. It's intense and satisfying and leaves me giddy and weak afterwards. The best feelings in the world are those orgasms I shared with Sam.

"I'm going to cum, Amy. Christ, I'm going to cum, baby!" He was kissing me, fucking me hard and driving his cock into me so that the bed squeaked loudly beneath us, the headboard banging against the wall.

I gasped loudly, lifting my ass to meet him as best I could, feeling his cock seem to swell and then spasm in the tight confines of my ass. His seed spilled out quickly, filling my rectum with the distinct and heady sensation of semen spreading into the tender recesses of my hungry bowels. I love feeling a man cum inside me, it's something I've always enjoyed. The completeness of it, the satisfaction of being joined so intimately is like nothing else in the world and with other men I've always regretted the need for condoms. At least Sam could take me bareback and reward me with his creamy spend.

Sam held himself inside me while we kissed, both of us damp with sweat, hot and breathless. I worked my ass to milk his cock, squeezing every drop of sperm from his balls that I could. Sometimes that would keep him hard enough to fuck me again, but we'd spent the weekend together and so he was going soft and his cock fell out of me with a wet greasy sensation.

"Thanks, Amy." Sam kissed me one last time before he moved off the bed. "I needed that one."

"I could tell," I giggled, knowing it was just a playful tease. He spoiled me his affections. I folded my arms under my chin, debating whether or not I should get up.

It felt too good just lying there, I decided, and I closed my eyes, enjoying that well fucked feeling. I was a little sore maybe, but that was so normal I didn't notice it. I'd been sore every day since I'd turned seven years old and it never went away, but that was the price of being a ladyboy and one I'd grown more than willing to pay. It's better here in the States anyway, in Singapore the customer was always right and some of them weren't gentle. That's behind me though and I don't like looking back too far.

I smiled to myself as I heard Sam's college friends laughing and whooping as he went back into the living room. They'd heard the noise, probably half the neighborhood had heard that bed banging against the wall, and they knew exactly what had been going on. Sam would be grinning, blushing a little, but happy because he'd just had a great fuck, and also because his friends hadn't. Boys are like that for some reason. I closed my eyes, content to relax until the game was over and we could go out.

"Hey, Amy..." I opened my eyes, looking over my shoulder to see Paul, one of Sam's friends. " ... Sam said you wouldn't mind."

He was already naked, from the waist down at least, and his cock was long and hard and not so thick as my boyfriend's. We'd done this before, but not too often, just once in awhile if the guys were drinking. Some of them had been nervous at first, but by now they were comfortable enough that they didn't mind getting a blowjob, or even fucking me if they were horny enough.

"Hmmm..." I giggled and wiggled my butt invitingly.

"Sloppy seconds," Paul chuckled softly and I felt him kneeling behind me, straddling my hips and spreading my little brown butt with his thumbs.

Cum was leaking out of my ass slowly, running over my balls and enlarging the wet spot around my penis as it lay there. Paul didn't seem to mind though. He brought his cock to my anus and pushed inside me easily, bringing a happy groan from my lips as I felt my rectum being invaded once more by a nice hard man.

Paul took me like that, on his knees and I think he just liked the view, looking down at my caramel ass, holding my firm round cheeks apart so he could see his ruddy cock sliding in and out, stirring Sam's cum into a frothy white mess that squeezed out around Paul's prick. He fucked me slow at first and I was nodding and squirming a little, enjoying that ride a lot because I was already nice and stretched and well lubricated.

Paul lasted five minutes maybe and by the end he was leaning over me, fucking me just as hard as Sam had been and making much the same noises. I wasn't going to cum, not this time, but it still felt amazingly good and when Paul thrust himself balls deep and unloaded his hot manly cream into my ass I was begging for it, urging him to fill my ass with cum. He held himself there for a few minutes, breathing into my ear and telling me what a good fuck I was, how my ass felt better than his girlfriend's pussy, which made me laugh.

"Thanks Amy." Paul kissed my cheek. "Fuck, that Sam is lucky."

I stuck my tongue out at him and just nodded in agreement. Sam was lucky to have me and so what if that sounds immodest. I'm young and pretty and smart, a guy could do a whole lot worse than me. I even fuck my boyfriend's buddies and I seriously doubted too many of their girlfriends would do that. They hadn't been prostitutes either though and American morals were something I still struggled with from time to time. The people in this country can get so hung-up over the littlest things; it isn't surprising how confused the country seems to be.

The afternoon was passing slowly and I did get up then, mostly because my butt was feeling loose and messy and Paul had shot a big load of cum inside me. I felt overfull with it and I wanted to clean myself up before one of Sam's other friends decided to have a go with me. I wouldn't have minded it, but two guys were enough for the moment and besides, it was a good tease. I knew the other three guys would be thinking about me and disappointed if they took a peek into the bedroom and found it empty. I liked teasing boys a lot.

The shower was hot and I took a long one, paying close attention to my ass and working hard to clean myself thoroughly there. I'd learned excellent hygiene growing up, believe me, and no one could ever complain about my cleanliness. I like feeling fresh and smelling good and looking nice. It's important and I've spent my life being beautiful to a purpose.

I dressed nicely, not sure where we were going, but that was okay. I pulled some sheer pink panties on, tucking my penis and testicles down and out of the way. A pleated black skirt over those, short because I like to show off my legs, which are smooth and toned and sexy, even if I did wish I was taller. I wore a matching bra, pink like my panties and sheer, my tits didn't need a lot of support and underwear was for boys, really, in my opinion. All of my underwear was sexy and most of it had been bought for me, not by me. My blouse was yellow, thin cotton and comfortable. I left the top two buttons undone so just a bit of my bra would show and a lot of golden brown cleavage if I leaned not too far at all.

I brushed my hair and left it loose, put on some makeup, but not a lot. Some lip gloss and a bit of eye shadow, just enough to bring out my almond eyes. Some gold jewelry, Baht gold from Thailand in 22 karat, which I loved. I wasn't much for precious stones, but gold always got my attention and I collected that stuff for practical reasons. It was good as cash. Some three inch heels, black stilettos that were surprisingly comfortable, and I was ready to go. I double checked my purse, making sure I had some condoms, because you never know, some KY too, and all the little things I needed to get through a night on the town.

"Is the game over?" I smiled at Sam, knowing it wasn't.

"Not yet. Almost." He smiled back when he saw me, they all did.

Sam's four friends were all college guys like him and they knew I'm a ladyboy. It had surprised them at first, mostly because I looked far too pretty to be a guy, but also they had to wonder if their friend wasn't gay or something. Americans were always strange about such things. They probably wondered if they weren't gay, since they'd all wanted to fuck me the first time they'd seen me. It was funny and awkward, but Sam was a big boy and he could take it. I didn't care, I know exactly what I am and other people's opinions don't mean a whole lot to me.

They came around though and it's amazing what a little alcohol and a light touch will do to a man's attitude. Having sex with me didn't make them gay, the boys decided, at least so long as they didn't actually have to touch my penis or anything. Fucking my ass was okay, getting a blowjob too, but a couple of them hadn't minded when I'd urged them into a sixty-nine with me. The ones who had seemed the most reluctant were the ones who had sucked my penis best, actually. Of course that was a secret, which was funny because they'd all gone down on me at least once, and not just when they were drunk.

"You look great, Amy," Dale said with a smile and he patted the sofa between him and Jerry. "Sit down here, it's almost finished."

"Okay," I agreed, walking over and enjoying the way those five guys were watching me. "Who's winning?"

I sat down lightly, in that small space they gave me, crossing my legs and smiling at the two men. They were large, American men always are, like giants, I think. Dale was darker with an unkempt mustache and tangled hair, cute in a roguish sort of way. Jerry looked clean and neat, with his blonde hair combed and smiling green eyes. I like Jerry's eyes a lot and they were so often upon me I felt spoiled by them. The two men were dressed like their friends, jeans and t-shirts, Dale with an unbuttoned flannel shirt hanging from his shoulders.

Paul sat in a chair to my left, looking very smug and satisfied by our recent sex. Much like Sam, who sat on a wooden chair from his kitchen, turned around so he could lean on the back of it while he watched the game. The fifth man, Todd, was on the floor, leaning against the wall near Sam's little bookcase, drinking his beer with his long legs straight and crossed at the ankles. He was glancing at me, smiling if he happened to catch my eyes and I had to be wary of him for Todd very much wanted me to be his own. I hadn't told Sam, of course, but Todd had asked me out several times, sneaking behind his friend's back.

I'd gone out with him, of course, but only at my usual rate. Six hundred dollars may sound like a lot, but it isn't. Not for the things we did over those six hours and Todd was saving up for another date, while he tried to convince me that he'd be a better boyfriend than Sam was. I've always had bad luck with love, meaning far too many men have fallen in love with me. I know it isn't real, but they want to convince themselves otherwise and so they do. Todd didn't love me, I didn't think, and I hoped he wouldn't lose a friend over an infatuation.

Boys can be so dumb sometimes.

"Ummm ... The Vikings are losing." Dale gave me a little frown and since we were in Minneapolis, none of the men were happy about that.

"Awww..." I sighed theatrically and put my hand on the man's thigh, stroking him lightly. "By a lot or a little?"

"Just a little," Dale smiled at me and then his lips narrowed as he noticed Jerry putting his arm around my shoulders.

"You smell good, Amy," Jerry said softly, leaning close and I put my left hand on his thigh as well, turning my head to give the man a smile all his own.

"Strawberries," I said lightly. "Do you like it?"

"Oh yeah," he nodded, putting his nose in my long black hair and inhaling deeply. "It's nice."

"That's a cute little thing," Dale said, not to be outdone. "What is that?"

He'd picked up a golden charm that was hanging around my neck, taking the opportunity to graze his fingers across the soft brown skin just above my breasts. He was looking down too, taking in the bit of pink bra I was showing, the tops of my tits as I drew a breath to make them swell slightly.

"Oh, it's a tiger. See?" I looked down at it. "It's from Thailand."

"Yeah, he's chasing his tail," Dale chuckled. "That's cool."

"I was thinking of getting a tattoo like that," I giggled, flashing my oriental eyes between the two men. "A little tiger, what do you think?"

"That would be cute," Dale nodded.

"Where would you get it?" Jerry asked.

"I don't know." I bit my bottom lip. "Where would be a good place?"

"On your shoulder, I think," Dale said, moving his hand up, tugging at my blouse to expose my left shoulder and the thin strap of my bra.

"Right there?" I wondered with a smile. "On the back?"

"Um-hmm..." Dale agreed and he was touching me, turned now and leaning across me as he sat on my right.

"Or on your tummy maybe," Jerry thought, bringing his left hand to my blouse, lifting it slowly while I watched. "A little tiger chasing his tail around your belly button."

"Oh!" I giggled and we were all looking at my little belly button now, pierced and fitted with a small golden lotus like it was growing out of my tummy.

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