The Project

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: An Incest Romance: Aunt Carol Anne is Tommie's objective but once he's achieved that he goes on to his Mom and then to both of them.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Incest   Mother   Aunt   Nephew   .


'The project', as it was called, was the brain child--I realize that perhaps I should have called it the 'brain fart' but I'm trying to be fair with the individual involved here, so we'll let it remain a 'brain child--of Tommie Walters. Of course let it be said that Dennie Magnum added his own 'two cents' to the process but it was Tommie's big deal.

Dennie and Tommie were, to tell the truth, both budding geniuses, with, at their age of 16, all the adolescent problems, plans, hopes and dreams that attend that age group.

'The project', which originated in one of their constant 'bull sessions' and simply grew from there, became a fairly complicated thing that Tommie originated and developed, having spoken about these kinds of matters with Dennie almost forever, and then, once it actually began to be put into operation, was neatly accomplished.

But some background here first.

Dennie Magnum lived alone with his Mom, Elaine. There hadn't been a Dad in the picture for a long, long time. That experience apparently had been bad enough for Elaine that she backed off of men for a good long time.

Tommie Walters lived with his Mom, Catherine and Dad, Jim.

More needs to be said about the families, at least about the women, and I will do that in a few minutes. Abide with me on this one!

Dennie was not only best friends with Tommie but they lived next door to each other and their Moms, Elaine, and Catherine, were also best friends, as well as neighbors.

The whole issue, which eventually led to 'the Project', and how that finally got tangled up with other family members, originated in one of those many faceted and constantly held discussions between Dennie and Tommie, that ranged from sexual matters, to world events, to sexual matters, to school issues to sexual matters! It was adolescence pure and simple.

As adolescents, their sexual outlook, rampant at their ages, colored all other things that they discussed. Eventually the topics got around to the very fertile issue of 'whom do you want to do it to?'

That's where the friendship proved itself. Dennie and Tommie decided to each mention the names of cougars, or just women, girls etc that they wanted 'to do it to.'

The point where the friendship was proven came when they had the discussion about this precise topic. It was Tommie that led off.

"Whom do I want to do it to?" he mused.

"Yeah!" Dennie prodded, "Tell me."

"No holding back?" Tommie asked.

"No, no holding back!" Dennie said.

"No names off limit?" Tommie wanted to know.

"No names off limit, agreed?" Dennie asked.

"Agreed," Tommie said, and they were off.

"Well, to tell the truth," Tommie went on, "At the top of my list would be your Mom!"

Dennie was wide eyed. "You're fuckin' kidding me!" he snorted.

"Not at all," Tommie said, smiling. "We agreed no names off limit!"

"Exactly," Dennie said, "We agreed."

"I think of her as 'Big Momma," Tommie said.

(Dennie's Mom, Elaine, was a 'big' woman. She had big hips, a big ass, big tits and a big heart. The name, from that point on, 'Big Momma' stuck, and that's who she was to our two heroes.)

"Okay, you," Tommie said.

"Yeah, me," Dennie said, "But I need to clarify here."

"Cool," Tommie said.

"This is truth and not only b.s from me," Dennie went on.

"Yeah," Tommie said.

"Then your Mom!" Dennie said.

Tommie got a huge grin on his face, putt his palm up in the air for a 'high five' and said: "Cool!" to his friend.

"So," Tommie went on, "If your Mom is 'Big Momma', who's mine?"

"The Babe!" Dennie said.

This became their shorthand from that point on, when referring to their mothers, in whom they were so interested. It developed from there. In referring to Tommie's Dad, Jim, who was almost an absentee husband and father because of all the time that he spent at golf, and traveling for his job, they named him simply 'J'. This, of course was short for 'Jerk' a reference to the way that he ignored Tommie's lovely Mom, Catherine.

(Tommie's Mom, Catherine, wasn't heavy like Elaine Magnum; she was a bit on the tall side, and well built. Dennie rhapsodized about the size of her tits and the shape of her ass. As they got into the topic, there were no areas that were off limits in their discussions about their Moms.)

Thus their interest was born, the interest in their Moms as potential sexual items. It became one of their more frequent topics of conversation. Eventually, it led to this kind of discussion:

"Hey, man, we have to do something about this!" Dennie said.

"Yeah, right!" Tommie said. "But what?"

(The answer to that came directly from the kind of individuals that Dennie and Tommie happened to be. They were both computer savvy, that is, to the point where they could do anything with their computers. That led to the next part of the development.)

"I know, I know!" Tommie said.

"Tell," Dennie replied.

"Spy cams!" Tommie said.

Dennie got a kind of glow on his face and said: "More, tell me!"

He thought that he knew what Tommie was suggesting but wanted to hear it. Then Tommie explained his idea to Dennie.

What they would do is, on an occasion when no one was at home, which was frequently enough the case, they'd plant hidden spy cams in the bedrooms of 'Big Momma' and 'the Babe'. Then, when they were successful, they'd share what each of them had captured and had residing on that computer.

They began this part of their intentions by making a list of what equipment they needed.

It wasn't very long after that, that they had a chance to go shopping for the stuff that they needed. On that particular day Elaine and Catherine were on a shopping trip of their own, and the 'J' was off golfing. The two guys took the opportunity to get what they need and set it up. They took elaborate precautions, making sure that the cameras would never be discovered, and even going so far as to tape over the red 'ready' light on the cameras. That night was supposed to be the test.

Both of them, after supper, were at Dennie's. The decision had been to initiate their scheme with 'Big Momma' that night.

They were in Dennie's room talking and, more or less, waiting, when there was a knock on the door.

"Dennie," Elaine said.

"Yes, Mom," he answered.

"I'm going to take a shower and read in bed for a bit, honey, I have to work tomorrow."

"Yes, Mom," Dennie said.

"Then come and give your old Mom a hug and kiss!" she demanded and he went to the door and hugged her.

"I'm going home soon, Mrs Magnum," Tommie said.

"Oh that's alright, Tommie," Elaine answered, "I know it's early but I'm kind of tired and the clean up will do me good."

She left them then and the two of them, once the door was shut, simply grinned at each other and went to Dennie's computer immediately. They initiated the sequence that would get the cameras working, which covered Elaine's room and the bathroom, aimed at the shower area and tub.

They held their breath but quickly they were getting a bright and very clean picture. It was more 'high fives' for them immediately.

They watched with rapt attention, as Elaine walked into the room and began to unbutton her blouse right away. The blouse was taken off and put into a hamper in the bedroom.

"Shit!" Tommie said, "Look at the tits on Big Momma!"

"Oh yeah!" Dennie said.

But they were struck absolutely dumb, when Elaine went further and removed her bra. Once the bra was off, she kind of shook her shoulders back and forth, and the big tits swayed a bit.

"Shit!" Tommie and Dennie both said at once.

They watched silently as Elaine Magnum, providing a show that she never knew about, unbuttoned the waist band of her jeans. She slipped her loafers off and unzipped the fly of the jeans, and then pushed them down. Her panties, which came into view pretty quickly, were royal purple nylon. They also had two transparent panels in the front, which allowed her puss hair to show through clearly.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!" Tommie moaned.

"Definitely!" Dennie agreed.

Then Elaine went on with 'the show' by taking her panties off, and putting them in the hamper also. She turned her back then on the camera and the two voyeurs down the hall, watched the wiggle of her large but lovely shaped ass cheeks, as she went to the shower.

They went to the bathroom camera then and watched as Elaine showered and played with her pussy in the shower.

"She's frigging herself, "Tommie said, impressed totally.

"Oh yes, she is!" Dennie brayed.

"This keeps up, I'm gonna explode!" Tommie said.

They watched Elaine in the shower play with her nipples, pulling on them and then pinching them. It left her shaking and her hand went to her pussy almost impulsively and she began to rummage with her fingers there and play around. Then the other hand went around to the back and the two wide eyed guys watched Elaine insert a finger in her ass, at the same time that she was playing with her pussy.

"Shit!" Tommie said.

Elaine came at that point and quickly afterwards took time to wash herself and stepped out to dry off. The two of them were all eyes, as they watched Elaine's progress. Next she was in the bed room and put on a clean pair of panties and a night gown, and got into bed, picking up a book.

"Far out!" Dennie wheezed, and Tommie agreed.

Then they made their plans to be at Tommie's house the next day for the next part of their scheme.

The next night they gathered at Tommie's for what was declared 'a sleep over'. They had dinner and after dinner disappeared into Tommie's room. They spent a deal of time on computer games and only when it was getting fairly late, did Catherine knock on the door and come in to bid them a good night. She gave hugs to both Tommie and Dennie and left.

"Soon," Tommie said, eager to get on with the next round.

They put the lights out and waited a bit. Tommie did some adjusting and logged into the camera app. The scene came up right away. Their view of Catherine and Jim's bedroom was clear and unobstructed.

"Cool!" Tommie said and grinned at Dennie, who stuck his hand up in the air for a characteristic 'high five.'

Jim was setting in a chair in the corner of the bedroom with a magazine in his hands, perusing it.

Catherine stood in the center of the room. She seemed to be waiting.

"What's she waiting for?" Tommie mused.

"Don't know," was Dennie answer.

Then Catherine spoke: "Jim?"

"Wait!" he said in a growly voice.

"Sorry!" she said meekly and stood waiting.

Tommie and Dennie just looked at each other with question marks on their faces.

Jim looked up from his magazine then and said: "I'm busy reading here; you can wait a minute can't you?"

"Yes, dear," Catherine said with that same meek voice.

"Carol Anne was always willing to wait," he said softly. "You can."

"Yes, yes, I can! Jim!" she said, and stood waiting.

"Carol Anne?" Dennie whispered to Tommie.

"My Aunt Carol Anne," Tommie said. "My Dad dated her, I believe, before he dated my Mom."

"Ohh," Dennie said.

In the bedroom the tense scene continued. Catherine stood in the middle of the room and waited.

"The bastard!" Tommie muttered and Dennie agreed.

Finally, after Catherine waited for about 5 minutes or longer, Jim put his magazine down and said.

"Okay, now!"

Catherine smiled at him, as though it all hadn't happened at all and she hadn't been forced to 'wait' for him. She pulled the tee shirt that she was wearing up and over her head.

Both Dennie and Tommie sighed, at the sight of Catherine in her bra.

"The Babe!" Dennie said and Tommie grinned and agreed.

Catherine hesitated and only when Jim made a hand signal did she take off her bra and then unbutton her jeans, kicking off her sandals. Then she unzipped them and began to wiggle her hips, smiling at Jim, while she did it, to get the jeans past her hips and down.

"Getting a big ass, dear!" Jim said.

She looked distressed at what he said.

"Is not!" Dennie said involuntarily, in the silence of their room, and Tommie agreed.

"Almost as big an ass as Carol Anne's!" Jim said next.

"Bastard!" Tommie said again.

"Sorry," Catherine said, folding the jeans and putting them away.

In the process, she bent from the waist to display for her husband, and unwittingly for the two watching teens, her panty covered ass.

"Definitely getting big!" Jim said.

Both guys, in their room watching, shook their heads in unbelief.

"Sorry!" she said again. Then she waited again, with him watching her.

"Off!" he said and she hurried then to peel the panties down and off.

"Look at her muff!" Tommie said.

"Sweet!" was Dennie's comment.

"Tonight?" Catherine asked.

"The usual!" Jim said.

"Me?" Catherine asked.

"Not tonight!" he said in a kind of tired and angry voice.

"Complaining?" he asked, very, very sure of himself.

"No, Jim!" she said softly. "Sorry!"

"Show me that you are!" he said this time his voice cruel.

She nodded and both Timmie and Dennie simply ogled as she got onto her knees and began to lick at his shoes.

"Far out!" Dennie said and though Tommie agreed, it bothered him. Still he looked at Dennie and grinned at him.

When she was finished, she crawled to the edge of the bed, seeming to know what was required of her.

Jim moved then and, with her watching, went and took his own clothes off. His erection stuck out in front of him.

Tommie spoke up immediately: "Small dick!"

"Yeah!" Dennie agreed, "The J has a small dick!"

Then, in the bedroom, Jim went and sat down on the edge of the bed. Catherine turned around and crawled into the space between his legs.

She looked up at him, a question on her face.

"No hands!" he said.

"No hands," she agreed.

Tommie and Dennie looked at each other and smiled.

As Jim said this, he reached down and grabbed Catherine by the nipples. She sat bolt upright as though a shock went through her.

"Love that, Cathie?" he asked.

"Yes, Jim!" she said shaking.

"Well, I'm tired tonight, so we'll just have our little cock sucking but I know how much you like the pain. You're like your sister Carol Anne," he laughed, when he said that, a cruel laugh. "Both pain sluts!"

"Yes, Jim," she said, shaking her head, as he pinched the nipples again and forced her to barely contain her scream. "Pain sluts!" she agreed.

He let her go then and grabbed her by the back of the head. She obediently opened her mouth wide and took his cock into her mouth eagerly.

"Wow!" Tommie said, and Dennie agreed, as they watched the scene unfolding on the computer in front of them, watched Tommie's Mom sucking his Dad's cock.

As they watched, Tommie was thinking, with a kind of smile on his face, that appeared unbidden, about how much bigger his cock was than 'the J's'.

Just as he was about to cum, Jim pulled his cock out of Catherine's mouth and began to spray his copious cum in her face and in her hair and on her tits. He smiled, his usual cruel smile, as he did it.

"Bet Carol Anne misses this!" he said softly to Catherine.

"Yes, Jim," Catherine said.

"She loved it so, when I'd take her in hand and make her do things! Maybe we need to find someone to do it to her!"

"Yes, Jim!" Catherine said again.

"Good blow job!" he said then and got into bed, leaving her kneeling there.

"Clean yourself up and come to bed," he ordered, laying back and snapping out his light.

They slept with a night light in the bathroom, that allowed the guys watching to see Catherine padding, the dim lights enhancing the effect of her nakedness, to the bathroom to clean up. By the time she got back into bed. Jim was already snoring.

"What do you think?" Dennie asked.

"Watch a few minutes more!" Tommie said, and sure enough, when Catherine settled down again, after a glance at Jim, who was out of it, she played with herself, not knowing that she had an appreciative audience.

They put the computer to bed then, and settled down themselves.

A refrain went running through Tommie's mind: 'we need to find someone to do it to her'!"

It was something that became embedded in Tommie's mind. He began thinking of it as a 'Project', and the thought was born. It took him a while to sleep with those kind of thoughts working in his mind. It was something that he even decided not to share with Dennie.

(The scenes rattled through Tommie's still waking thoughts, and he realized it wasn't because of the erotic nature of them. No, it was a kind of indignation about the way his Dad treated his Mom. It was so obvious to him that his Dad had no consideration for or caring for her. The scenes and her responses haunted him. It was kind of oppressive and he had, eventually, to simply put it aside to think of another time.)

(The idea of the Project became fixed in Tommie's mind. He identified it with his Aunt Carol Anne. She was the object of his 'project.' The result, what he called 'the Project' was a pure and simply plan based on thinking with his hormones in ascendance. Some, of course, would say that it was 'thinking with his dick'. It was both, and he did come up with a plan. By the time that he was finished, he had his Aunt Carol Anne in his cross hairs.)

(There was, of course, still another dimension to Tommie's thoughts but this dimension was almost instinctive. He decided, as he lay in bed and reviewed all of it in his mind, that he was going to show more care for his Mom. He had never been close to his Dad but then Jim was standoffish with Catherine as well as with Tommie. He wasn't a Momma's boy but he decided that night to show her much more care and concern.)

Jim was already gone, when they finally got up and breakfasted the next morning. They were disappointed that 'the Babe' didn't appear on the computer screen at all that morning. Dennie said that he was planning to watch 'Big Momma' that day and evening and if he saw anything great, he'd let Tommie know.

When Dennie was gone, Tommie wandered back into the kitchen. His Mom was there dressed for the day in jeans and a tee shirt. She turned, when he entered the kitchen and smiled at him.

"Mom," he said, his voice full of concern. "You look all in!"

"Oh, honey," she said, as he slid into her arms for a hug. "You make it all better, when you take care of me this way!"

"I hope so," he said, and kissed her cheek.

Catherine smiled at him, kissed him quickly on the lips and laid her head on his shoulder.

"You're getting so big!" she said to him.

(In fact he was by then taller than she.)

He simply held her for many minutes. She sighed and said to him, smiling all the while: "That really sets me up for my day! I love the way that you take care of me!"

"Gonna continue doing that, beautiful lady!" he said.

She made a derisive noise with her mouth at his phrase.

"Don't you contradict me!" he said with mock severity. "I know beauty, when I see it and you have it, you are it!"

"You're making me blush!" she said, loving his attention.

"Think that I'll call you 'the Babe'!" he said.

She laughed and said: "Don't you dare!"

"Catherine the Babe!" he trumpeted, despite her pleas.

But she was pleased and it set her giggling.

"So what are you up to today?" she asked.

"Is the Babe asking?" he wanted to know.

"No!" she said emphatically.

"Well, I'll only answer to the Babe!" he insisted.

She giggled and said: "Yes, Master Tommie, the Babe is asking!"

He grinned at her and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Supposed to go and do some yard work for Aunt Carol Anne," he said.

"Oh, good," she replied, "I have something to send her. You going now?"

"Yes, Babe!" he said.

"And stop with the blarney!" she said laughing.

He looked at her and took her by the shoulders and said earnestly: "Mom, I've never been more sincere in my entire life."

"Ohhhhhhh!" she wailed and with tears in her eyes, clasped him to herself.

He was humming, as the left on his bicycle to go to his Aunt Carol Anne's. He was a bit nervous but his hormones were taking over and he was intent on beginning 'the Project' that day. He figured that once he began it, he'd either be 'set' or else he'd be in the biggest amount of trouble of his life.


By the time he reached his Aunt's house, Tommie was really excited. He'd convinced himself of his ability to break through whatever defenses that she might put up, especially with his new 'special' knowledge, gained by watching the interplay between his Mom and Dad the previous night.

He parked his bike by the side of the garage and went to the door, ringing the door bell.

His Aunt fairly exploded from the house, grabbing him and pulling him inside.

"Tommie!" she shrieked, "My wonderful, lovely, handsome, sexy nephew! Come to me, come to me, come to me!"

Tommie was grinning from ear to ear, and returned the hug.

"Gonna keep you!" she whispered to him, conspiratorially, "Gonna steal you from that Catherine! She's got old Jim and I'm gonna have me Tommie the star!"

She held him tight, as she crooned her message.

"Hi, Aunt Carol Anne," he said, grinning.

"Hi yourself, gorgeous Tommie!" she said.

(Carol Anne was Catherine's slightly older sister. She was about 5'8" tall and was a bit heavier than her sister, 'the Babe'. She had larger breasts, about 38cs, and was a bit wider in the hips. He ass, though nice and rounded, was also a bit bigger than Catherine's. Tommie had lusted after his Aunt Carol Anne for as long as he could possibly remember. That very fact caused him to smile and reflect on what he had intended for this day. He decided that there was no turning back for him at this point. Nor did he.)

"I'll do the grass and a bit of clean up around," Tommie said to his still grinning Aunt.

"Aren't you a peach!" she said. "I need to be out and away in a few hours, so I'll take my shower now, while you wrestle with the property. Let me know, love, when you're all finished. So that I can pay you."

"No, no," Tommie said, "No talk of paying!"

"I will too!" she said stubbornly.

"Aunt Carol Anne," he said in a deadly earnest voice, "You'll do what you're told."

That brought a momentary change in her. She looked almost blank eyed, and Tommie realized that it was the same kind of look that he'd seen on his Mom's face, as she was waiting and doing whatever his Dad told her to do. It pleased him to recognize the look.

"Yes, sir! Master!" she said, coming out of her momentary trance.

"Better!" Tommie said and she grinned and gave him another hug.

"Okay, this dirty lady is headed for the showers," she said, flouncing away. "And don't you be looking at my butt!"

"Will if I want!" he taunted her and she stopped and bent and wiggled at him, shrieking with laughter and running for the stairs.

Tommie stood and grinned. It was almost as if the first part of his plan was already accomplished.

He went to the shed and got the tools he needed, being always aware of the time and how much time had passed, since he'd spoken to his Aunt.

He went into the house then and got there just as he heard the shower stop upstairs. He knew what she'd be doing then. He heard, after a few minutes, the hair dryer. Then there was silence. He knew that it was time to put his plan, the Project--involving his lovely Aunt Carol Anne, whom he was now calling 'the Body'--into action.

He made sure that he had what was needed and he also went over the procedure that he intended to follow in his mind, to be sure that he was indeed ready.

With all of that accomplished, he headed for the stairs and went up the stairs stealthily. She was in the bedroom and didn't hear him. She was singing to herself, as he approached the door. He stopped long enough to simply look at her. She had her back to the door and was wearing only a pair of pale beige panties. Her ass cheeks, lovely, lovely ass cheeks were not hidden from his view by the panties at all.

"Time," he said to himself mentally and went into the room.

The first thing that happened was, he realized, the most important. She didn't hear him at first and by the time that she did, he had her arms pinned behind her and her wrists taped together behind her back.

"Whaaaaaaaaaa... !!!!!!!" she squealed but by then he had moved fast enough that he now had a piece of the tape over her mouth.

She started to make all sorts of noises behind the tape but he stood and smiled at her.

Ignoring her noises, he stood her up, from the position that she'd plopped down on the bed, and just stepped back and looked at her. Her eyes were wide and she was still trying to make herself heard and understood through the tape on her mouth. It wasn't working.

"Quiet!" he shouted at her, and it was enough to render her silent for many minutes.

She looked at him with her wide eyes and waited for a few minutes.

He got right to his plan: "Aunt Carol, I want a blow job and then I'm going to fuck you!"

She shook her head 'no' and made chattering noises behind the gag over her mouth. She realized that she couldn't get the words out so she went silent but kept shaking her head 'no'.

"Good," he said, "That's what I was planning on. Now I get the pleasure of convincing you that it's going to happen."

Carol Anne shook her head 'no' again vigorously.

"I like the way your tits sway, when you do that!" he said to her, reaching out then and running a hand over one of her nipples.

She shivered and closed her eyes for a few seconds.

"Oh this is gonna be nice!" he said, and she shook her head 'no' again, and the chattering began again.

Then he began to use the knowledge that he'd gained from last night's session between his Mom and the J. He pushed her so that she sat down on the bed again. Then he reached out and grabbed one of her nipples. Her eyes became even wider at that point. He began to squeeze and she began to kind of huff and wheeze as though she had a throat problem.

He watched her carefully. She was staring at him now, and, as he continued to pinch her nipples, she was sighing deep in her throat, and she shuddered a bit.

(Of course what Jim, who did know, had said was right. Carol Anne, like her sister Catherine, was indeed into pain and the application of it brought her into heat very quickly.)

He was pleased to see that this information was correct. It caused him to increase the pressure on her nipples.

Carol Anne shuddered again and slipped from the bed onto her knees. She was still shaking and her eyes were not focused very well.

Tommie laughed, and said: "Getting you, Aunt Carol Anne, I am!"

She looked at him then and shook her head 'no' again.

"Okay, next measure," he said brightly.

She simply looked at him, as he dragged the belt off of his jeans.

She shook her head 'no' and began to chatter again behind her gag but he laughed and said: "Oh, yes!"

He grabbed her then and hauled her to her feet. She stared at him for a few seconds, as they were face to face, and the look on her face, for that fleeting minute was totally one of attention to what he was doing. He smiled and kissed her cheek.

"I love you, Aunt Carol Anne," he said, and she shook her head 'yes' at that.

"But we're gonna do this!" he went on, and noticed that she didn't shake her head 'no' that time.

He turned her then and bent her over the bed. He reached for the waist band of her panties and pulled them down so that they were just above her knees. She turned and looked at him, watching him, giving him all of her attention.

She started shaking again, as she saw him raise the belt in the air, in preparation to begin his using it on her.

The first whack from the belt went directly across her ass cheeks. It left a hefty red mark and Carol Anne both jumped and shrieked into the gag, as he hit her.

His next four hits with the belt, also on her up-turned ass, were given in quick succession. She went on making her noises and, toward the end of those four hits, she shook her ass at him. He just wasn't sure at that point if it was involuntary or not.

(For Carol Anne, the ass beating was indeed 'game, set and match'. She'd been for years turned on by her hunky nephew and only minded her manners with him because of what his Mom, her sister, might say. The ass beating was the gateway to her sexual world, and it hadn't happened for such a long time. She didn't know how he knew but he certainly seemed to.)

He suddenly hauled her up and set her on the bed again. She was shaking and watching him closely.

"Aunt Carol Anne," he said with determination, "I want a blow job and I want to fuck you!"

She vigorously shook her head 'yes' this time and he laughed.

He moved forward and took the tape off of her mouth and then off of her hands. She sprang at him and put her arms around his neck. She kissed him as though it were the last minute on earth. She ground herself against him and took one of his hands from around her neck and pushed it down until it was resting on her ass cheeks.

"Beautiful ass!" he said in to her ear, "Carol Anne the Body!"

She giggled.

"You've certainly go me!" she said to him.

"You'll do what you're told?" he asked.

"Another spanking if I don't?" she asked.

"Definitely!" he said.

"Then I might not do what I'm told at all!" she said, grinning at him and licking his lips with her tongue.

The whole scene seemed to make her almost giddy, once she'd stopped resisting.

She began to sing into his ear: "Tommie's gonna fuck his Auntie! Tommie's gonna fuck his Auntie! Tommie's gonna fuck his Auntie!"

"Definitely!" he said.

"Please don't tell you Mom on me!" she asked.

"Okay," he said, "But that'll cost you!"

"Yes, honey," she said, "Anything, anytime!"

"That's the way!" he said, and kissed her, and as he kissed he stroked a nipple.

"Pinch, please!" she said urgently, and he complied, while she shook and keened and held onto him for dear life.

He stepped back then and said: "Alright, hands behind your back."

"Like this?" she asked.

"Exactly!" he said.

"Oh, captive!" she commented.

"Yes, mine!" he said and taped her hands together.

Then he moved around and unbuttoned his jeans, kicking his loafers off and taking his jeans down and off. She watched him, as he continued by taking off his bvd's.

"Oh look at the cock on this one!" she said. "Lookie, lookie!"

He smiled.

"Bigger than old Jim's?" he asked.

"Oh you know about him and me?" she asked.

"Yes, before him and Mom?" he went on.

"Yes," she said and then she looked at his erection again and affirmed, "And, yes, bigger than old Jim's. By a long shot!"

Tommie chuckled and rubbed his erection along her lips. She stuck her tongue out so that he could then rub it along her tongue. He rubbed it back and forth.

"Tell me, when I can have it please!" she said politely.

He grinned at her: "Any time, Aunt Carol Anne," he said and she opened her mouth and took him in.

"Don't you worry about lasting!" she said to him, "You just cum when you need to, and we'll go from there."

Nor did he last long this first time with her mouth. He grabbed her by the back of the head, his whole body straining and began to pump his seed into her mouth. She took his cock way into her throat and accommodated all of his cum, swallowing it as she went along.

"Wow!" he said appreciatively.

"You liked?"she asked.

"Best mouth imaginable!" he said and she smiled at him.

"Now what?" she wanted to know next.

He released her hands and pushed her back on the bed, far enough for him to get up on the bed, and he crawled in between her legs and his kissed her pussy hair. He'd already thought about this and what he wanted to do, to learn how to do and this was one of those things.

"Oh, sweetie!' she crooned, as he began to lick at her vaginal lips through the nest of her pubic hair.

"Teach me," he said.

"You keep up that way and you're right as rain," she said, "And I'll be tellin' you what to do next."

He smiled at her: "You're the best, Aunt Carol Anne!" he said, and she grinned at him.

"And the best is being eaten here!" she said happily, pushing her hips up towards his face, as he continued lapping at her pussy lips.

"Now push it inside, honey," she said, "And let it roam around in there."

He did as she told him and it pushed her to a new plain in her excitement.

"It's in there for you to find," she said, "Just hold on, when you do because this gal's gonna explode soon."

Tommie used his tongue to seek out and stroke over and around her clitoris, as she'd instructed him, and when he did, she came with flailing, and shouts and clutched him to her strongly.

"My lover! My big pricked man! My master! My lovely Tommie!" she crooned at him, as he lay by her side.

"Is he ready again?"she asked, reaching over and petting his thigh and then taking his cock in her hand, it was already stiff and ready.

"Okay," she said, "Let's do it doggie!"

"Doggie, good," he answered and, after she got into position, he slipped in behind her and plugged his erection into her still streaming pussy.

As he was bucking against her, listening to her noises and her groans, he reached around and grabbed both of her large tits. Without being told, he began to pinch the nipples and he pushed her into another orgasm.

"Wonderful! Just fucking wonderful!" she rhapsodized, calming down, as he finished cumming himself.

He flopped down by her again and said: "I was hoping that my project would work out this way."

"Is that what I was?" she asked. "Your project?"

"Oh, yes," he said.

"Well, goodie for us!" was her comment.

She turned over on her side to face him; each had their head on a pillow.

"Tommie, Tommie, I've wanted lately someone to come and do exactly to me what you just did! I made a promise that if it did happen, I'd simply be available to that person. It's just so strange that the person that came for me is my nephew but I meant what I said, absolutely meant it, honey."

She leaned over and licked his lips and then kissed him.

"I have to be getting home," he said.

"Time for a shower first?" she asked softly.

He smile and said: "I think that I'd like that."

"Other things that we can do next time!" she went on, now stroking his face.

"Yes," he said, "Other things!"

Then he said earnestly: "I won't tell my Mom; I know you don't want me to!"

"Don't think that I do!" she said, "Let's just keep it us for a while and let it be that way!"

"Aunt Carol, the Body!" he said grinning at him.

"Big Cock Tommie!" she said in return.

"Bigger than Jim!" he said, crowing a bit.

"Oh, much bigger than our Jimmie!" was her remark then. "Come back to me soon?" she concluded.

"Oh, yes," he said, "Soon!"

They did it that way also. In the weeks to come Tommie spent as much time at his Aunt Carol Anne's house as possible. Carol had told Catherine that she had a clean up project, cleaning up the attic and all that she wanted Tommie to help with.

"You go and help her please," Catherine told Tommie. "And don't you take any money for it!"

"No, Mom," Tommie said pleasantly. "No money from Aunt Carol."

He put his arms around his Mom, as he said it and went on: "You're so pretty when you're masterful and in charge!"

"Stop foolin'," she said with mock severity but he held her, grinning at her all the while. She just sighed and put her head on his shoulder, loving the way he was treating her.

Tommie spent his time during those weeks with Dennie, reviewing his photos and loops of 'Big Momma', in whom Dennie was getting more and more wrapped up. He also spent time watching with fascination again and again the encounters between his Mom and Dad, noting that they never changed. Jim was never considerate, and treated Catherine in a rather shabby fashion. It drove Tommie nuts, and he tried as much as possible to compensate by being extra nice to his Mom, who ate that treatment up.

But Carol Anne was always an outlet. He let his imagination run wild. He had her key and one night snuck out and went to her house. He woke her by putting his hand over her mouth to keep her from squealing. She bounded out of bed, ripping her nightgown off and jumped on him immediately.

On one occasion he took her out to the shed in the back yard and fucked her there. He stuffed her panties in her mouth to keep her sufficiently quiet. She came twice, while he was doing it.

He also enjoyed hauling her over his lap to spank her. He was, in his current growth spurts, becoming both big and really quite muscular. His Mom and her sister Carol Anne both noticed it in different ways and commented on it. Carol Anne loved to get her lips on his chest, his biceps, his thighs and his ass cheeks. She called it 'going around the world on Tommie'.

They worked in her attic, as she'd told Catherine that they were going to. But while Carol Anne was on a ladder, Tommie took her jeans off and then her panties and, with her holding on for dear life, he ate her right there, with her wailing, huffing and puffing, as he brought her.

"You're so much fun to play with, Aunt Carol Anne!" he said, when he was done.

"Me fun?" she said, "And you having learned to eat a woman like that! You've got a lot ahead of you! I'm just so pleased that you've started with me!"

"And not going anywhere soon!" he said.


Life was fitting into a pattern, and it was one that pleased him and his Aunt. For Catherine the pattern was different. Tommie was the light of her life in those times, and as for the rest, she simply put up with it, letting Jim play his games and just getting along.

But patterns are made to be broken more often than not, and so it was in this case. There came a Saturday, when Tommie was busy on his computer and his Mom was down stairs. He heard the doorbell ring and then heard his Mom wail. He went down stairs quickly to find out that his Dad had died on the golf course of a heart attack.

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