The Satyr Encounter

by rodeotexas

Copyright© 2012 by rodeotexas

Sex Story: A Female Researcher Encounters A Mythological Creature

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Coercion   Fiction   Historical   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Size   .

November 2011

The tall statuesque doctoral student had come to the Greek Islands to conduct research for her thesis on mythological creatures. Her research had led her to a small mountainous island where a small temple lay in ruins high up in the mountains. This temple had provided evidence of a crossroads where Greek mythology provided a basis for later Roman mythology. The temple was originally constructed by early Greeks and then later modified by the Romans. She had packed a Mediterranean lunch consisting of bread, cheese, olives and a half bottle of wine as well as some bottled water. It was summer, so she wore a light, short breezy skirt and a loose peasant blouse with a deep plunging neckline. She had thought she might go without a bra but remembered all the jostling she would be subjected to riding her scooter up into the mountains and chose a gauzy half cup demi bra to wear.

The temple location was particularly high in the mountains and did not get much tourism due to its small size, isolation and difficult to reach except by four wheel drive or motorcycle. Those that did venture to it found the temple nestled in a saddle of a mountain crest with an open view of the Aegean sea to the front while the forest came down the mountain to the back of the temple. A mountain stream issued from hidden springs not far up the mountainside and ran thru the small temple. Either the Greek or the Romans had built spring boxes to protect the springs.

She had arrived in the early morning and now it was lunch time and hot. She decided to take her lunch up to where the springs issued from the mountainside and followed the barely discernable trail several hundred yards up the mountain. Upon arrival she found a small natural glade surrounded by thick forest and the springs bubbled merrily out of the hillside. As she ate her lunch she examined the frescos on the side of the spring boxes. These too exampled the Greek and Roman creatures of mythology – Minotaur's, Centaurs and Satyrs. The frescos' showed these mythological creatures cavorting with and chasing half naked women and the frescos seemed to be in a series telling a story. In addition, the frescoes depicted remarkably what appeared to be the exact same spot she was in. A pile of pine needles had built up obscuring some of the frescoes and she brushed these away. She let out a small gasp as the frescoes were revealed – seeing first hand herself that the frescoes had turn pornographic and really detailed with various mythological creatures having sex with women. As part of her research over the years she had looked at various archeological books and journals of similar scenes uncovered at Pompeii and at other various Greek and Roman ruins, they seemed to be prevalent at Roman baths but this was the first time she was aware that they were in this type of setting.

She finished her lunch while studying the frescoes and was startled that she had drunk all the wine. The sun was filtering thru the trees and though it was hot, a cooling breeze was coming off the sea and channeled up the mountain.

She was feeling sleepy from the meal and the wine so she decided to take a nap and laid back upon the cushion of pine needles she had brushed away from the frescoes.

Sleepily she awoke still drowsy. She opens her eyes slowly, stretching as she starts to come awake. The pine needle layer was more comfortable than she thought it would be. As she starts to regain her composure she notices a shadow lying across her. With a small startled shriek she recognized it was no mere shadow but a real humanoid creature right out of mythology! He was broad and hard muscled, bulging where it was most important. His arms were thick and brawny, as were the muscles of his thighs and calves. His belly was chiseled with muscle like a marble statue and his chest was a thing of beauty. Slowly it dawned on her it was a Satyr. It was only his horned head and hoofed feet that made him bizarre to her. The Satyr held her gaze, daring her to look at that part of him that most desired to claim her, and slowly, she dropped her gaze. She gasped silently and her eyes opened wide when the Satyr stood from the shadows, his nude body fully revealed. He sported a very thick, 13 inch long cock which was rock hard and aimed towards her, his ball sack was equally large – the size of twin grapefruits.

"When you sleep in the woods, you have to pay the piper. Have you heard that phrase before little one, paying the piper? Well I'm the piper and I've come to collect my payment" the satyr says with a wicked sneer.

The young statuesque woman climbs to her feet and begins to brush loose leaves from her dress trying her best to ignore the huge 13 inch cock of the satyr only inches from her.

Her mind was in a turmoil, she tried to reason with herself she must still be asleep having a nightmare, drinking wine always made her have crazy dreams but she knew she was awake and this was really happening. Her thoughts tumbled over themselves as she tried to remember everything at once what she knew about Satyrs but the one thought that came foremost to her mind and what she was seeing first hand was that they were very lustful creatures with a strange power over women that made women willing give themselves up to beastly ravishment.

She looked into his eyes, holding his look, mustering all the courage she had.

"What's your name little one?" he asks while undressing her with his eyes.

"Beth" she manages to squeak out.

"Well Beth, forgiveness is given, pass you may, but molested you will be"

Only thinking of the huge cock raping into her, without thinking Beth turns and dashes off, sprinting for where she remembers the path down the mountainside to the temple is. She runs madly through the underbrush, twigs snagging on her dress as. Finally panting for breath she nears the area where she knows the tree line should break, just a little further she thinks, when finally ... nothing. She bursts into a small clearing only to find the satyr standing on the other side of it smiling at her. There is no way I got turned around, it must have been this way she thinks.

"Debtors in debt till a debt be paid." He says as he stars to walk forward. She begins backing away watching his advance. He smiles that wicked smile again and crouches on his goat legs and suddenly leaps through the air landing only an arm's reach from her.

She starts to scream out when he is upon her, gripping both her upper arms holding her slightly off the ground. She is perfectly eye level with him. He looks so human from afar but up close she can see where his teeth are a little sharper, face a little more wolfish and long, ears slightly pointed. Not ugly or disfigured as she originally thought but more feral and rugged.

The way he's looking at her makes her blush slightly. He leans forward and sniffs at her neck and ears and then sniffs at the deep plunging cleavage of the peasant blouse. Looking at him she starts to think how he might even be considered attractive but definitely not in a human way and he was much larger in body size than any human male not to even mention that huge cock of his.

With a start she realizes his cock is actually hotly and nakedly pressed against her belly and up to right below her breasts, with an inhuman heat emanating from it. His huge cock had gone under her loose untucked blouse and was touching her bare skin! She felt a slick wetness where the tip of the huge cockhead pressed against her and felt a sudden heat suffuse her body at the point of contact. She struggled and lashed out with both legs; he laughs and drops her but doesn't release hold of her dress, instead letting her struggle out of it in attempt to get away from him. She flays her arms about and runs and tears at the dress till finally the Velcro strips give way.

She bolts into the woods again running as fast as her fear stricken legs will carry her. With all her momentum carrying her forward it only makes her fall that much harder when she does trip a second later. As she starts to struggle to her feet he lands on top of her. He doesn't push her to the ground but he does prevent her from standing. She is panting heavily on her knees with his weight on her back. His giant member is again hotly pressed against her flat firm belly, when he came up behind her he slid it in-between her legs past her thong panty to where it is now, hotly throbbing, pressing up on her naked belly, her pussy pressing down on the huge long and thick shaft.

Beth felt another sudden suffusion of heat where the tip of his cockhead pressed against her, realizing it was precum he was oozing out but not understanding the effect where his precum touched her skin, her entire body was becoming enveloped in growing warmth. She suddenly realizes that her flimsy bra and thong panties are no defense to this man beast - a sudden heat suffused her pussy making her only that more aware that her pussy was pressing down on his cock, her thin thong panty pressed up into her folds, her labia folds laying on either side of the massive shaft as it pressed up into her.

"Ready to debt no more" he lustily whispers into her ear. She struggles to free herself but now he just allows his weight to collapse her to the ground. He places his right hand square on the middle of her back and presses down. She feels his strength and realizes that with that one hand on her back he can quite effectively keep her pressed belly to the ground. He pulls his cock out from under her and rolls so he is sitting in-between her legs spreading her legs apart. She screams for him to stop but he pays her no mind as he uses a taloned finger to tear the band of her thong panties.

With two more quick movements of his hand she is now panty less and exposed on the ground for his viewing pleasure. He admires the firm cheeks of her ass, the bikini tan line contrast. He runs a finger slowly down the back of her leg and back up the inside, causing involuntary shivers in Beth. When he gets to her freshly waxed hairless pussy he rubs his finger in slow circles around her tight vaginal opening.

"Stop" she screams at him.

He is quickly on top of her with his huge cockhead pressing slightly into her exposed pussy, his precum secreting powerful potent sexual stimulating hormones, she felt a slick moistness trickling down the insides of her thighs and realized it was her own copious secretions, her body betraying her, influenced by the powerful hormonal stimulants causing her own body to go into overdrive production of sexually stimulating hormones ... she had never been so aroused before.

"You want I should stop being gentle debtor, fine, I'll stop being gentle."

As he is saying this he starts to slide his huge dick into her tight opening, she felt the stretching begin. Her screams turn to whimpers and then gasps as he starts to slide his massive cock in and out of her. She has never been filled so completely in her entire life, of the three sex partners she's had before none of them has ever made her feel like this, here as she was, practically being raped by a mythical beast and she was starting to moan in pleasure.

"Pay your debt" he whispers lustily in her ear. His deep voice and massive cock prove too much for her. She pushes back hard rocking him to his knees and allowing her to come off the ground onto her knees and hands. Repeatedly she bucks back hard against him forcing his cock deeper, ever deeper, her hotly aroused tight pussy swallowing all 13 plus inches into her wet pussy, she forced the cock past her cervix and up into her womb. He is half beast but she sounds all animal as she shoves back against him taking him to the root. He is taken aback as he struggles to thrust into her in time with her own frantic urgency.

She leans back so she is impaled on his cock and he falls back. Losing his balance, he finally does tumble over onto his back, but the she-beast continues to ride his massive cock thrusting down hard on him then rising up several inches and then slamming back down. When he is deep inside her she twists around so she is facing him straddling him, staring down at him. The force of her fucking had caused the front clasp of her flimsy bra to come loose, her full firm hard nipple tan contrasted breasts escaping from the deep plunging peasant blouse.

He notices a little bit of a smile on her face as she grinds her pussy up and down on him, digging her fingers and nails deep into the flesh of his chest. Suddenly she feels a huge pressure as she experiences his cock swelling to enormous proportions along its entire length, expanding inside her almost to the point of pain, then Beth felt a tremendous explosion of liquid volcanic heat directly into her womb, she screams 'YES!' and starts to shake as he feels her wet pussy tightly convulse around his dick. Again and again Beth experiences his cock repeatedly swelling to unbelievable proportions just prior to the Satyr repeatedly exploding another copious amount of hot liquid fire directly into her womb, feeling her womb swell and expand from the enormous quantity being exploded into and filling her, Beth looked down and saw that her flat muscular abdomen is flat no more but evidencing a bump as if a few months pregnant. With a final spasm she rolls to the side off him letting his now limp dick slowly slither free of her, his monstrous sized cockhead momentarily hangs up at the tight entrance of her pussy, then finally with a loud 'PLOP' comes free unleashing a torrent of cum. She lays there on her back and he moves up in between her legs and gently starts to lick her inflamed and swollen pussy. She moans and puts her hands on his horns, letting his long canine tongue run up and down the length of her pussy.

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