Edward and the Teacher Part Three

by RodtheRad

Copyright© 2012 by RodtheRad

Erotica Sex Story: The well endowed Edward encounters his teacher and her friends in a surprising setting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Group Sex   Size   Teacher/Student   Big Breasts   .

It had been quite a day. Within twelve hours I had had two beautiful women with world class figures practically worshipping my cock, and doing their best to drain my balls. Then, in the next twelve hours, I lost both of them.

Kate went to Alaska with Parker. She would have been a fool not to of course, and I certainly didn't blame her. I had high hopes for Ms. Brooks though. I could see me and her getting it on ... frequently. But that wasn't going to happen. She cornered me the next day at school before classes started. I mean she really backed me into a corner and got in my face. That was about the only way we could have a private conversation in a hallway full of students. I got a lot of sympathetic looks from friends who thought she was giving me hell.

"Listen, Edward," she had said in a low voice. "Parker called us from his plane last night. He's going to be the major investor in our development."

"That's great, isn't it?" I said. She looked more wistful than enthused.

"Yes ... yes, it's wonderful," she said. "But the thing is I'll have to put my every spare minute into the project. I simply won't have time for an affair. I hope you'll understand ... I can depend on your discretion ... can't I?"

I nodded. I mean what else could I do, blow the whistle on her? She'd end up fired or maybe even in jail, and I'd be grounded until hell froze over and then warmed up again. "I understand," I said. "Don't worry about it."

Her expression lightened considerably. "Thank you, I can't tell you how much this means to me."

"Listen, about last night ... I want to tell you something," I said. "Katey and I stepped into the club's meeting room so we could have some privacy. We were in this dark corner when the door opened and in came your husband and his assistant ... or partner?"

"Sally, Sally Strickland is his business partner," Ms. Brooks said.

"Yeah, Sally," I said. "Well, they didn't know we were in there and they were kissing and stuff."

Ms. Brooks looked at me with an expression that seemed to be caught somewhere between surprise and concern. "I see," she said in an even tone.

"Ms. Brooks, Ms. Brooks," interrupted a freshman girl who was small enough to wedge in between us.

"We'll talk later," Ms. Brooks said to me with a roll of her eyes. "What is it, Mary?" she asked the girl.

"Okay," I said and walked away.

Actually, we never did have another private conversation. There were about six weeks left in the school year, and I have to admit it occurred to me that I could offer my meaty cock to Connie as consolation for her husband's cheating. But then my next thought was always that I should really, really stay out of it. It was nothing I needed to get messed up in I told myself.

Summer vacation started. I suffered from a slight case of lack-o-nookie, but I was fifteen, my right hand was pretty good therapy. Besides, my mind was occupied with another big deal in a young man's life, his driver's license. My state had a graduated license system and it was time for me to get a learner's permit. My mother drove us down to the local DMV office on what we hoped would be a slow day.

Mom parked the car and pulled a paperback from her purse indicating her plan to stay in the car. "Now just try to relax and concentrate on the test. Be sure you review your answers before you turn it in," she told me.

"Is that how you take a test? Darn, I've been doing it all wrong all these years," I said with a grin.

"And try to not be a smartass," she said dryly. "That'll go a long way with the examiners."

"You're probably right," I said, climbing out of the car.

"Good luck, honey," she called as I closed the door.

The inside of the DMV looked spare and forbidding like any good government building should. A couple of faded signs indicated that I should check in at a desk to my left. As I approached, the woman at the desk was turned away, speaking to someone in uniform. When I got to the desk she turned and looked up.

"Edward, how nice to see you again," the woman said with a broad smile.

"Oh ... hi Ms. Barnes," I said. This was Cammy Barnes, another woman from my short but eventful sex life. "So you're back in town?"

"Not really. You know me, the queen of temporary jobs. I'm staying with Dad for a while and filling in for the receptionist here; she's on maternal leave," she said.

"How's April?" I asked. April was her daughter.

"Fine ... she's fine ... she's staying with her father while I'm here," she said.

At that point we had a good example of an awkward pause. "Are you here for your license?" she asked expectantly.

"Oh ... no ... just a permit," I said.

"Have you got your paper work?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure," I said. I pulled the papers from my pocket, smoothed them out and handed them to Cammy.

She looked them over and handed them back to me. "You're good to go," she said with a smile. She consulted her computer. "Examiner Smith is ready on desk five, good luck." She gestured to her left.

"Thanks, good to see you again," I said.

Smith turned out to be a large African American man who growled out his words as much as spoke them. I had the feeling that he spent his weekends scaring the crap out of Marine recruits. He examined my birth certificate, social security card and school driver's certification as if he was certain that I was a Russian spy.

"Look in there and read off what you see," he said, indicating the eye exam machine. I did that easily enough. He slid a piece of paper across his desk. "Take your test at one of those tables over there. Come back when you're through and I'm free."

I resisted the urge to scream, "SIR, YES SIR," Instead I said a simple, "Okay," and went off to take the written exam.

Okay, dear reader, imagine some eerie harp music and let your eyes go out of focus for a couple of seconds as we travel back in time to explore what happened between Edward and Cammy Barnes.

"Time to go," called Franklin Garrison, Edward's father, from their living room. Edward appeared from the rear of the house. He was wearing polished black leather shoes, crisp khakis, a light blue dress shirt plus a navy tie and jacket.

His mother, Rose, entered the living room behind him. She was wearing a dark red velvet dress with long sleeves and a full skirt. The Garrison family was on their way to a Christmas party at Tanglefoot Country Club. "You look very nice, Edward," she said. She straightened the shoulders of his jacket and tightened his tie by a millimeter. "I think you're going to enjoy tonight."

"Yeah, sure," Edward said in low growl.

"Edward, remember our deal," his father said in a warning tone.

A few weeks earlier, a local street sign for Big Bottom Road had disappeared from its post and reappeared on a teacher's door. The teacher, who already had the unfortunate name of Estafinia Plumhousen, was also saddled with a rear end the size of Texas. Edward had honestly claimed that he had never touched the sign. However one of his friends had ratted him out as the mastermind of the four boy operation. As the property damage was limited to two loosened bolts and one tiny nail hole, the perpetrators had been remanded into the custody of their parents. Edward, sensing that his father was secretly amused by his little stunt, had promised to be on his best behavior for a lengthy if not interminable period of time in lieu of a more severe punishment.

With a glance at his father, Edward bowed to his mother and said, "I'm sure it will be a simply delightful evening, Mother dear."

"Less sarcasm, please," said Franklin.

Edward sighed. "I'll try to make the best of it," he said.

Franklin clapped his son on the shoulder and grinned. "That's better. Resignation to an undesirable task; you're on your way to becoming an adult, my son."

Rose sniffed and said, "Oh? Is that how you see this evening?"

Franklin took her hand and twirled her in place. "Not at all, my dear. I intend to fully enjoy tripping the light fantastic with you tonight."

"Franklin, you are so full of it," she said with a laugh as she opened the front door to leave. They got in the family's Ford Expedition SUV, but they didn't head directly for the country club, they had a pickup to make.

"Has Maddy moved back home?" Franklin asked.

"No," said Rose. "She's still living in Newfort. April's really attached to her friends and school there. They've been coming up on weekends. Maddy said that Peter had let the house go since Mary died. She's been trying to straighten things up." A few minutes later they pulled into the drive of a spacious two story house in the expensive Tanglefoot neighborhood.

Edward peered out the window. "How does he afford a home like this?" he said.

Franklin chuckled and said, "He's got money from way back. I think he works as a host in the dining room so he can keep an eye on his investment. He owns some percentage of the club I'm not sure how much."

The door to the house opened and April emerged. She was a tall, nice looking girl with long, chestnut hair. She may have been a few pounds overweight, but she was wearing a long sleeve, black knit top above a red sash and black and red tartan skirt that made the most of her figure. Maddy followed her. She was as tall as her daughter, but more slender. Her short blonde hair curved behind her ears. Under a faux-fur wrap she had on a black, three-quarter length dress. Its sequined collar crossed under her breasts and merged into a matching sequined belt. She waved and shouted, "Hey guys," as she strode forward with a bounce in her step. April followed more sedately.

"The irrepressible Maddy," Franklin said with a laugh.

A few minutes later they entered the dining room of Tanglefoot Country Club. The adults immediately moved into the crowd. Edward stopped beside April as she looked around. Across the room was a Christmas tree at least twelve feet high. To the right was a buffet plus a bar and tables for the diners. On the left a quartet was playing songs of the season. A large portion of the center of the room was dedicated to a dance floor. The party was cocktails, dinner and dancing rolled into one.

April sighed. "It looks like we're the youngest ones here by ten years," she said.

Edward barked a laugh and said, "Welcome to Tanglefoot."

"I'm hungry," April said. "Do you want to get something to eat?"

"I could eat," he said.

They filled a couple of plates at the buffet line and found an empty table. "So, do you like your school?" Edward asked around a bite of turkey. He remembered when she had gone to his school. She had been twenty pounds heavier and had a mouthful of braces.

"Oh yeah," April said. She then spent the length of the meal telling him about friends and teachers he'd never met.

When they emptied their plates she said, "If you'll get us some desert, I'll get us something to drink."

Edward looked at the half empty glass of unappetizing weak tea he'd been sipping on and said, "That sounds good to me." He went back to the buffet and got two generous slices of green sheet cake topped with an inch of red icing.

He'd just slipped his napkin back into place on his lap when April placed a tall glass of cola and ice next to his plate. "Thanks," he said. He took a generous gulp. His eyes widened and misted over. His mouth and throat burned. He gasped and clapped his napkin over his mouth as he wheezed violently. It was a few seconds before he could say, "Oh man, I didn't know you meant a drink, drink ... drink."

April's eyes laughed at him as she took a dainty sip. "Wow, he made these strong," she said. "How in the world did you get liquor drinks?" Edward asked.

April straightened her shoulders, tilted her head and raised her eyebrows. "Don't I look old enough to order a couple of drinks?"

Edward knew that she was only a year or so older than his fourteen years. "I think you look very nice," he said, "but no, you don't look legal."

She shrugged. "It's a private party and an open bar – I said that I was getting them for my parents."

"And if your mother or grandfather had seen you?" he asked.

"Why, I would have been simply amazed that someone would put rum into my sodas," she said in an innocent, aggrieved voice.

"Very good," Edward said with a laugh. He took another drink – a short sip this time. It wasn't his first taste of alcohol. When his mother wasn't home for supper, his father would order up a pizza and slip him a beer from his stock in the basement fridge.

He took another cautious sip. He liked the way it was warming his tummy. He could even feel a tingle in his cock. He was getting about half hard. He glanced sideways at April's breasts. Her tits were nothing spectacular, but they did look nice, defined as they were by the knit top she was wearing. He figured that maybe he wouldn't get a full-fledged hard-on. He'd lightened his load in the shower while getting ready for this party. He'd used his favorite fantasy, the one where he fucked his former babysitter. Of course in real life, she had barely touched his quivering dick before he came like a fire hose. But as his soapy fingers raced up and down his oversized shaft, he'd dreamed of satisfying her like no one else could. His dozen, thick cum shots had jetted across the shower stall and splashed against the wall.

"Yeah, yeah," he said at the memory, not realizing that he was murmuring aloud.

Beside him, April stood and said, "Good, let's go then."

"Hmmm?" said Edward.

"I asked if you wanted to dance and you said, 'yeah, yeah, '" she said.

"Oh ... okay," he said. He stood and followed April to the dance floor. Edward was hardly secure about dancing in public, but he didn't feel like putting up a fight. Maybe it was the alcohol kicking in. As they neared the dance floor, Edward saw his mother and father doing the shag to a rock and roll version of Frosty the Snowman.

"Can you move like that?" April asked as she admired the older couple.

"Not even close," said Edward.

"Let's give it a try," she said. Edward nodded and for the next two minutes he did his best to swing April around to the beat of the music. By the end, they were both having a good laugh at their poor attempt.

"Whew," said April as she fanned her face with her bare hand. "I'm ready for the rest of that drink." She turned to leave the dance floor.

Edward was about to follow in agreement, but then Cammy appeared from between the couples who were waiting for the next song to begin. "Edward," she said as if she'd known he'd be there, "I know I promised you a dance." The quartet had begun a slow, soulful rendition of "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

She slid her arms around Edward's neck and whispered in his ear, "Play along."

Edward put his hands on her waist in time to see a balding gentleman, who was sporting a Rudolph the reindeer tie, complete with red LED nose, frown at Maddy's back. He turned and faded into the crowd. "I think he's gone," Edward said, assuming the man was the reason for this rescue.

Maddy pulled her head back and said, "Thanks. One drink and one dance and that old letch thought he could back me into a corner and feel me up." She put her head on Edwards shoulder. Edward had seen her half closed eyelids and smelled her breath. Maddy had had a drink or three. Not that he minded. The feel of her breasts on his chest and the way her hair tickled his cheek was pretty intoxicating.

"My, aren't you the big boy," Maddy said.

"Uhhh..." was all he could say. He was tall for his age, but not all that much. He was only an inch or two taller than Maddy as she stood in her heels. Suddenly, his face reddened and he knew what she was talking about. He had a full hard-on and she knew it. He held his breath for a few seconds – and then relaxed. Maybe it was the effect of the alcohol, but he felt like the hell with it. If she didn't like his dick bulge then she could do something about it. She didn't.

The dance ended; Edward and Maddy parted. They locked eyes and it seemed as if she was about to say something when Franklin walked up.

"Hi," he said. He smiled at Edward and turned to Maddy. "I'm afraid that your dad has one of his migraines, a bad one."

"Oh gosh," she said. "I didn't think he looked good earlier. I guess I should take him home then."

"Actually," said Franklin. "You know him; he's worried that the party won't run well without him. I had to promise that you, Rose and I would stay and watch over things."

"Well, I don't want him to drive," said Maddy.

"I was thinking that April and Edward could take him," Franklin said.

Maddy mulled the matter over for a second. "You don't mind?" she asked Edward.

"No, that's fine," Edward said.

Franklin laughed and said, "I didn't think you guys would balk at a chance to get out of here."

It took a few minutes to get things in motion, but pretty soon April was walking her grandfather to his car as Edward followed. Peter Ames walked stiffly, pain etched on his face. He usually looked every bit of his seventy-odd years, and tonight he looked positively cadaverous.

"Think you can get us there, girl?" he asked as they got into his Mercedes sedan. "No problem, Papa," she said.

April did manage to put one wheel over a curb as they pulled away, but the rest of the drive to the Ames' residence was smooth and uneventful. When they entered the house, April pointed to a door just past some stairs and said to Edward, "That's the den. I'll be down in a few minutes." She put a hand to her grandfather's elbow as they ascended the staircase.

Edward frowned. He felt useless, but he figured that the old man would probably rather have his granddaughter fussing over him than a teenage boy. He wandered into the den. There was a gas fireplace on the opposite wall. The other walls were mostly lined with books and keepsakes. A recliner faced halfway between a television and a sofa.

Edward picked up a remote from the top of a pile of magazines that was next to the recliner. He turned on the TV and ran through the channels. That didn't take long because Ames had only basic cable. He took a seat on the sofa and selected a police procedural involving a female officer who looked and dressed like a fashion model. He smiled with a knowing grin. He'd whacked off a few times to her.

The sound of hard heels made him look to the doorway. April entered the room. "How's he doing?" Edward asked.

"Well," she said with a sigh, "he took his shoes off while I got his medicine and a glass of water. He took the pill, and when I got back from putting the glass in the bathroom, he was laid out on the bed, snoring away. I just pulled the duvet over him and tucked him in. He'll be out for a solid eight or ten hours."

April went to the kitchen and returned with a couple of sodas. His wasn't spiked, but he kind of thought hers was. Edward was surprised when she sat shoulder to shoulder with him as she took her seat. They watched as the model/actress, in her guise as a detective, chased a bad guy through an abandoned warehouse. When he turned and fired his weapon, she dove into a shoulder roll and came up shooting. She dropped him with a handgun that looked big enough to disable a tank. She had done it all without losing either of her strappy heels and suffered only the faintest smudge of dust on her impeccably tailored jacket. She shook her head and her mane of sleek blonde hair fell into place.

Edward said with a laugh, "Nothing sexier than a beautiful woman carrying a big gun." April turned to him and made the universal gesture with her hand of someone firing a gun. "Yeah, just like that," he said.

"Why thank you," she said. She tilted her head and looked at him with half-lidded eyes. Several seconds passed. "This is an invitation to kiss me," she said expectantly.

"Ohhh..." Edward said. He wasn't at all confident about his kissing. His only experiences had come during a couple of kids' parties when he gone into darkened closets with girls picked at random. The girls had been less than enthusiastic and their kisses had been quick, unsatisfying things.

Edward puckered his lips as if he had just sucked down the juice of a dozen lemons. He closed his eyes and dove in. He sort of speared one small of patch of April's upper lip and smeared his nose against hers. He tried a sudden course correction by tilting his head violently to the right. His nose bounced over April's and landed on her cheek. His spearhead of a pucker twisted her lip aside and impaled an incisor.

"Mmmmumphhhh," April grunted as she pulled away. "That was awful," she said with disdain. "I ... I..." Edward said helplessly.

"That was pretty bad," said a feminine voice from behind the sofa.

Edward and April jumped apart and snapped their heads around. Maddy was standing there. Her wrap was folded over one arm and her shoes dangled from her finger tips.

"Mother!" April said in such a way that she might as well have tacked on 'fucker.' "Why are you tip-toeing around like that?"

Maddy raised an eyebrow. "You know very well that I take off my shoes in the house. And I'd say you were damn well too preoccupied to notice anything anyway."

April said, "Humph," in indignant outrage as only a teenage girl can. She picked up her drink and left the room like she had a stick up her ass. Her footsteps could be heard clomping up the stairs. Several seconds later a door thudded shut.

Edward began to stand, "I guess my parents are waiting for me," he said.

Maddy wave him back onto the sofa. "No, my dad, as usual, exaggerated the amount of work to be done. I caught a ride so I could check on him. Your parents will be along in an hour or so." She glanced toward the stairs. "How's he doing?"

"Uh, April said he took his pill and went right to sleep," Edward said.

Maddy sighed. "Well that's good," she said. She tossed her wrap on the recliner and threw her shoes on top of the wrap. She sat on the sofa almost as close to Edward as April had. An infomercial for kitchen knives had followed the cop drama. They watched it for a minute. Not taking her eyes from the screen, Maddy said, "You know ... that was about the worse kiss I've ever seen."

"Ohhuhhahh..." Edward said in inarticulate embarrassment.

Maddy turned sideways on the sofa, tucking in her feet next to her butt. She put her elbow on the sofa back and rested her head on her hand. "I'm willing to give a lesson," she said barely above a whisper.

Edward didn't say anything but his expression pleaded with her to go ahead.

"Alright then, pucker up," Maddy said.

Edward's lips went back into just sucked a lemon mode.

"And that is so the wrong way to start," Maddy told him. She patted his cheek. "Relax ... relax more." She put her finger on his lips. "Don't clinch up. You're trying to invite things in, not lock them out," she said with a laugh. "Now tilt your head to the right, most people do ... Oh for God's sake, not on your shoulder." She used both hands to put his head where she wanted it and put her lips softly on his.

The warm, moist, soft feel of Maddy's lips shot through Edward's body like a bolt of electricity. His face flushed, his heart raced and his dick swelled like a balloon ... and then ... and then Maddy made it even more exciting. Maddy moved her mouth on his and then the tip of her tongue swept across his lips. Up until five seconds ago, the idea of using tongues in a kiss had seemed unhygienic and really yucky to Edward. But now that Maddy was darting the tip of her tongue in and out between his lips, he was suddenly on the biggest hormonal high of his life. He opened his mouth and caressed his tongue with hers. She tasted of the wine and drinks she'd had at the party. His throbbing cock felt as if was about to burst through his khakis. He figured if some light French kissing was good then the deeper the better. He opened wide and shoved his tongue into Maddy's hot mouth.

Maddy's hands were on his cheeks and she was pulling away. "No, no," she said, shaking her head. "They may call it tonsil swabbing, but that's not the way to go. Take your time, let things take their course."

Edward settled back in. This was wonderful. His lips played catch with Maddy's probing tongue. He explored, gently, the wet warmth of her mouth. Her breath on his cheek was getting short and rapid. He was certain that he was doing it right. Then Maddy's hand was on his thigh. Then it moved higher on his thigh ... and curled inward.

Now he was on uncertain ground once more. Was he supposed to be rubbing her leg? Copping a feel? She had said to let things take their course, but he wished this stuff had been better charted out for him.

Maddy's hand moved again and the knuckles of her hand were now touching the shaft of his cock. He sent a little thank you out into the universe. On instinct, he took her hand and moved it fully onto the rock hard bulge of his package.

Maddy broke their kiss and looked at him in wonder. "Oh my god ... I mean when we were dancing I thought ... but holy crap." Her hand moved on his cock and balls as if she was judging the firmness of a melon. She hopped off the sofa and took his hand. "Come on," she said.

Maddy never dropped his hand as they went up the stairs and entered the second door along a hallway. A four poster bed sat amid the trappings of a feminine bedroom. The only light came from a low wattage lamp that sat on a mirrored dressing table. Maddy closed the door and immediately began to undress Edward. His coat and tie landed on the floor as he said, "What about April?"

Maddy snorted. "Dad built her a nook in the attic years ago. She's all pissed off at me. She'll be wrapped around her phone and laptop up there. Don't Worry."

Edward didn't reply. After all, a good looking woman was pulling at his clothes; he wasn't about to protest very much. He peeled off his shirt as Maddy pulled at his belt while managing to push him backward at the same time. The back of his knees hit the bed just as she pulled down his pants and shorts. His long, thick shaft arched above his torso and the plum sized head hovered well north of his navel. He fell back onto the mattress and then propped himself up on his elbows. Maddy crawled onto the bed and lay on her side; her head was practically in his lap. "You have a magnificent cock," Maddy said. She ran her finger the length of his cum-tube and a tablespoon of clear pre-cum flowed onto Edward's stomach. "Mmmm ... and very excited one too, I see." She began to stroke his outsized cock-shaft.

Edward felt his balls churn, ready to unleash their hot, creamy load. It was going to be his experience with Katey all over again. A beautiful woman was toying with his overeager cock and he was about to unleash a premature, although massive load of cum. His dick jumped and twitched; his broad cock-head grew even broader and turned deep purple with excitement. And then Maddy did the most amazing thing, using her forefinger and thumb she squeezed the sensitive skin just under his cock-head like a clamp around a hose. Her grip wasn't really painful but it was firm. He wondered what in the hell was going on, but then he understood. His dick had jumped a couple of times, but the urge to come had waned and then disappeared.

Maddy had a knowing smile on her face. "Not so fast," she said. "Let's draw things out." For several minutes, Maddy brought Edward to the edge of an orgasm only to deny him release with her trick. Each time she took away the pressure of her fingers, a spew of pre-cum would erupt from the gaping slit in his cock-head. Twice, Edward's hand, as if it had a mind of its own, moved to finish off her teasing torture. But she firmly pushed his arm aside, saying, "Not yet," with a laugh.

Edward grimaced and tried to relax. He'd never done this. Why should he tease himself? If he wanted, he could stay hard and have a second orgasm. In fact, his record was five in less than thirty minutes, but that was more like work than pleasure. His last orgasm that day had yielded only enough watery cum to fill his palm.

"I think we're ready now," Maddy said. She shifted her position on the bed and lowered her mouth over the tip of his cock.

The feel of her lips and tongue on the head of his dick was wonderful. It was Edward's first blow-job. One the one hand, he wanted it to last for a while, but on the other hand he thought that he might die of heart failure if he didn't come soon.

The hand holding the coming soon option won out. Cum, thick and hot, raced through his dick and shot in a long stream into Maddy's eager mouth. "Huhhhhh..." groaned Edward as most every muscle in his body convulsed in an effort to empty his swollen nuts. His next ten shots of teen-cream were every bit a long and full as the first.

Maddy's eyes were wide in amazement. She couldn't believe the huge amount of hot semen this boy was producing. She had seduced and teased and created this monstrous orgasm, and now she had to fight to keep up with its monstrous aftermath. She swallowed as quickly as she could. All the while, the sensuous motions of her lips and tongue encouraged Edward's awesome cock to produce even more semen.

Edward was secretly pleased to see this beautiful, experienced woman struggle to keep up with his roaring come. She managed to, just barely, a faint trace of slick cream leaked from the corner of her mouth. After what seemed like a full minute of coming, Edward's loins stilled. He sighed as Maddy pulled her mouth away and daintily used her pinkie to clean her chin.

That was when the door opened and the ghost appeared. "Oh, shit," cried Edward as the apparition entered the room. It looked like a skull engulfed by a glowing nimbus of light atop a billowing, glowing body. It advanced with arms outstretched, making throaty inarticulate sounds.

Maddy's head snapped up and around. As she hopped off the bed she said, "Oh, Daddy, what are you doing up?" She put her hand on his shoulder and guided him out the door.

Edward collapsed back onto the bed. He put one hand over his eyes and the other over his heart, which was thudding away at about a million beats per minute. Of course it had been Mr. Ames. The bright light of the hallway had backlit his disheveled white hair, creating its nimbus. The ghostly body had been the translucent and untucked white shirt he'd worn to bed. As for the skull – well, the man's head was pretty much nothing but thin, white skin stretched tightly over bone to begin with.

Edward lay on the bed, bemoaning his fate. His normally placid mother would go bat-shit wild when Mr. Ames told her and his father that he had witnessed oral sex between his daughter and their son. He was doomed. He would never see the outside of his room again. His sex life would be reduced to only beating off, never knowing a woman's touch again for years and years.

"Even shriveled in fear, that's the most humongous cock I've ever seen." Edward peeked between his fingers and saw that Maddy had returned.

"Uh thanks ... I guess," said Edward. "What did your dad say?"

"Oh don't worry," she said. "Once he takes his medicine, he's out of it. If he remembers anything, he'll just put it down to a bad dream."


"Oh yeah," said Maddy, "don't worry about it."

"Hmmm," said Edward. He felt his cock begin to swell once more. Perhaps he and Maddy had time for something else ... or maybe not. Three quick beeps of a car horn outside signaled the arrival of Edward's parents.

I smiled at the memory of that night as my mind snapped back into the present day. I turned my head to see if maybe Maddy was looking at me. She wasn't. In fact, someone else was at the reception desk. Maybe she had gone on break or to lunch or whatever. I looked down at the test paper. Somehow, I had managed to finish the thing in the middle of my daydream. I went over the questions again and changed an answer; the wording on that one had been kind of tricky – as if the test wasn't hard enough.

Sgt. Smith was free. I walked over, handed him my test and tried not to snap to attention. Ten minutes later I was tapping on the driver's side window on Mom's car. "How did you do?" she asked after lowering the glass.

"I aced the test," I said with a grin. I held up an embossed piece of paper. "I am now legal to drive a noncommercial vehicle ... as long as it's daylight and there's a properly licensed adult in the car with me."

"Congratulations," she said. "I didn't think you'd have any problems."

We smiled at each other in silence for several seconds. "So, can I drive home?" I asked.

"Not a chance, that's your dad's job. Now hop in."

Later that day, as we ate dinner, I told Dad about our trip to the DMV. I finished with, " ... and Mom said that you'd have to take me driving first."

He looked at Mom, who was busy pushing a morsel of food around on her plate, and said, "I tell you what. I have a seminar to attend at the Sky Inn on Thursday, and then I have to make a stop in Benton on the way back Friday. You can come with me and be my chauffer."

I said, "That would be cool."

Mom stopped playing with her food and gave Dad a look. "He won't be doing all the driving," he said as if answering a bit of telepathy from his wife. "Would you like to come along?"

"The Sky Inn's lovely, but all that driving for a one night stay? No thanks," Mom said.

Thursday morning rolled around. I heard Dad moving about, taking a shower and so forth as I lay in bed. Like a good teenager should though, I rolled over and went back to sleep. The next thing I knew, Dad was opening my bedroom door and saying, "Let's go, bud. Wheels up in twenty."

I hopped out of bed as he left. When Dad said that the car would be moving in twenty minutes, he meant it. I put on a robe; the sash is handy for reining in my morning wood, and hurried into the bathroom. I showered and pissed at the same time. Oh come on, you do it too, even if you don't admit to it.

Mom, bless her heart, had packed an overnight bag for me. After dressing, I grabbed it and caught up with Dad as he was walking to the drive. He tossed the car keys over his shoulder to me and said, "You can take the first stint."

To my surprise, Dad seemed unconcerned about my driving. He pulled out his cell, opened his brief case and proceeded to make business calls while I drove. I stuck to the speed limit, which meant, of course, that almost every other vehicle on the road passed us. After an hour on the Interstate, my stomach ached with a reminder that I hadn't eaten breakfast. "Can we get something to eat?" I asked.

"Maybe you should have gotten up early enough to have breakfast, I did," Dad said in a chiding tone, but then he laughed and told me to pull off at the next exit. We hit McDonalds. I got two biscuits and a Coke; Dad got coffee. He drove while we ate. We pulled over an hour later to get rid of our drinks and fill up the car. I took the wheel again.

The road up to the Sky Inn wound up a wooded mountain side on a narrow two lane road. I put a tire off the road a couple of times and Dad finally made a comment on my driving. "Try not to send us off the road, Ed. They might not find us for a week." He wasn't kidding, a few feet off the road and we'd be down the mountain, lost in foliage.

The Sky Inn consists of a string of buildings which sit atop a ridgeline in a saddle between two mountains. The inn, at an altitude of about three-thousand feet, is known for its fantastic views of wooded mountain peaks, most of which are in the adjoining national forest. We parked in front of the office and Dad went inside to check us in. After moving the car three buildings over, we carried our meager luggage into the room. Maybe it was a business man's special. There were a couple of single beds, a dresser and small closet.

Dad used the bathroom and came out looking as fresh as he had early that morning. I don't know how he does it. As he slipped into his suit jacket he checked his watch and said, "Okay, good timing, I'm off to a meeting. Have fun."

As the door closed, I said, "Or not." The Sky Inn was hardly what you'd call a destination vacation spot. It did have a pool, though. I unpacked my swim shorts and flip-flops and changed. Throwing one of the resorts oversized and fluffy bath towels over my shoulder I headed for the pool.

There was a snack shop and patio seating next to the pool. I washed down a hotdog and cheese-fries with a Coke. There was no one in the pool and I found out why when I dove in. It was supposed to be heated, but it wasn't. I did enough laps to convince myself that I'd had accomplished some exercise, and then I hopped out. I dried off and put on the knit shirt I'd worn from the room. I decided that catching some rays would be nice, so I laid back in on one of the lounges next to the pool. The air was a little cool but the sun felt nice. I think I must have dozed for minute because the next thing I knew I heard a splash. I opened my eyes to see a female form cutting through the water. She did the same thing I had done. After a couple of laps, she came out of the water.

She was wearing a blue bikini on her slender frame. She had dark hair and eyes, and looked as she'd be near my age. I'd describe her breasts, but she had had her hands crossed over her chest, clutching her shoulders. She looked around as if she'd lost something.

"Forget your towel?" I asked.

"Yeah, I sure did," she said.

I tossed my towel in her direction. "This one should have a dry side," I said.

She caught it and began to dry herself off. "Oh, thanks," she said. She put the towel around her shoulders like a shawl and gestured toward the snack-shop. "Can I get you a coffee? Hot chocolate?"

I didn't want anything to drink, but I did want her to come back. "Coffee's fine," I said "Plenty of cream and sugar."

She was back in a couple of minutes with tall Styrofoam cups of steaming coffee. She handed me one and sat on the lounge next to mine. "The brochure says they have a heated pool," she said. She huddled on the edge of the lounge, sipping her coffee.

I laughed and said, "Well, it usually is. I guess something broke."

"You've been here before?" she asked.

"Twice before. I came with my father this time. He's attending a business seminar."

"Me too," she said. "I mean I'm here with my mother. She's meeting someone about a development she's working on." She took a long sip of her coffee. "I'm Randi, thanks for the towel."

"No problem ... I'm Edward."

"Is there anything else to do here?" Randi asked.

"Not much," I said. "There are some trails into the woods, if you like hiking."

She thought about that for a second and said, "That beats watching TV all afternoon, want to?"

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