2 Old Farts

by Paladin

Copyright© 2012 by Paladin

Sex Story: Three builders working on repairs to a house in an expensive street have been watching a well groomed lady of a "certain age" arrive perhaps twice a week to visit her equally well groomed and mature friend.2 of the builders call the ladies the "old farts" while the other feels the stirrings of sexual attraction as he looks at them.If he knew what goes on behind closed doors he'd realise these "older ladies" aren't for him but are nothing like "old farts" at all!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   .

It is a mild day in spring on a leafy avenue of much sort after detached houses in one of the "nicer" areas of the city. One of these properties is undergoing repair and renovation work and in the front garden three workmen are taking their lunch break. The youngest, in a tee shirt and cut off jeans, turns his head to glance across at the house facing the one they are employed on.

"I'll bet it's her again!"

The second man, black and minus his shirt to display his lean and muscular physique, glances up.

"We'll know in a minute when the cab pulls away!"

The Hackney cab drives off and the young guy nods.

"Told ya! The old fart's visiting the other old fart again!"

Standing on the pavement opposite the woman in question is snapping shut a chic little handbag after paying the driver. She is tall and dressed in a beautifully tailored skirt suit of black wool, a white silk blouse, and her low heeled shoes are obviously expensive and likely hand made. Her blond hair is in short curls close to her head and she excludes an air of affluence.

The third worker, the oldest, though by no means old, says nothing as his eyes are drawn to the smooth swell of the woman's nylon sheathed calves. She is what is often referred to as "a handsome woman" or as being "of a certain age" and sometimes "mature" perhaps. He watches the sway of her hips and the lush roundness of her rear. He'd die before admitting he finds her attractive to his fellow labourers but his cock has hardened and is throbbing.

The woman opens the garden gate and strolls up the gravelled path to ring the doorbell. The youngest, the cocky one, sneers at the woman's back.

"Fuck when I get that old if I can't get it up I'll top myself. I wonder how they get to live in houses like that one though."

The oldest one drinks the last of the tea from his thermos but keeps watching the door of the house opposite. It swings open and the second woman stands there. The two ladies are quite alike in appearance. The two are of an age and height though the woman opening the door has red hair but even that is cut in a style almost identical to the blonde's. She is dressed in a charcoal grey pencil skirt, a crisp white cotton blouse, and a black unbuttoned cashmere cardigan. Leaning forward she pecks the blond on the cheek and the blond returns the compliment.

"Carrie darling do come in!"

"Laura dear I'm here as early as I said I would be!"

The oldest man, taking in the second woman, feels his erection hardening so he turns away to his mates as the front door closes.

"Okay lads let's get back to work we've got that rear wall to render before we pack up for the day!"

As the front door closes the two women lunge for each other! Their mouths meet and tongues, hot and wet, slide together. Laura seizes the hem of the blonde's skirt to lift it so her hands can clamp on a firm and nylon covered rear. In return her partner is frantically popping the buttons on the redhead's blouse so she can get at her big breasts. Carrie's expensive handbag has been thrown carelessly to the floor. Locked together the two women reel along the hallway. By the time they reach the living room door Carrie has unbuttoned the blouse, tugged it free of the skirt's waistband, and dragged it and the cardigan off the woman's body.

The room's door bangs open and Carrie's fingers fumble with the hooks of a green satin brassiere to release them and toss it aside. Laura's breasts are wonderful! Big and pear shaped with dark aureoles and long and thick nipples standing hard and erect; the blond cannot keep her mouth off them. As they reach the big four seater settee her fingers have popped loose the skirt's button and tugged down the zipper.

"God Laura why do you wear your skirts so tight? I can't get at your pussy fast enough!"

She drags the skirt down around the woman's ankles and pushes her back onto the settee. The redhead has already kicked out of her slippers and bending over her Carrie grasps the waistband of the green satin briefs she wears to peel them off her. All Laura wears now is a suspender belt and dark stockings. Tossing her jacket aside the flushed blond unfastens her skirt and lets it drop to the floor in a heap. Unlike Laura she wears pantyhose but these are crotch-less pantyhose. Pulling down the shoulder straps of her bra she impatiently shrugs free of it to stare down at the waiting redhead.

Carrie's breasts are a little smaller than the redheaded woman's but still impressive and tipped with pointed pink teats. Dropping to her knees she sees Laura has hooked one leg onto the back of the settee whilst her other has its foot planted on the thick carpet. Her plump vulva is shaven smooth and her labia are dark and puffy with excitement. Already her sex is damp and dewy with her needs.

"Eat me Carrie I've been on fire waiting for you!"

Bowing her head Carrie fastens her mouth onto slick flesh to kiss and lick at a juicy pussy. Laura moans and kneads her breasts, twisting thick nipples, and splays her thighs even wider. Her mouth fastened like a leech on the gasping woman Carrie stiffens her tongue and stabs it hard into a cramping vagina as signs of a mounting eruption ripple down Laura's curved belly.

"Oh my God I'm cumming too fast!"

Ignoring the wail from the shuddering redhead Carrie drives her tongue deeper and harder as she grips the woman's hips to hold her to her mouth. A spurt of creamy juice from Laura's pussy floods Carrie's mouth as she burrows her tongue into the depths of a sopping crease. When her spasms and groans subsides one of the redhead's legs still jerks uncontrollably as her orgasm fades away.

Pushing herself upright Laura is now ready to give Carrie her turn. Already kneeling, her face slicked with Laura's juices she smiles as the woman speaks to her.

"Get on your hands and knees and stick your arse up in the air!"

Dropping to her own knees behind the blonde's rounded rump she stares at the long crease thickly dewed with milky droplets. Grasping Carrie's rounded hips she draws her tongue up and down her swollen labia whilst occasionally taking one between her lips to suck on it and draw them taut. Each time the elastic flesh snaps back Carrie trembles and gasps sharply. Lapping at silky flesh like a cat at a bowl of cream she sucks hard, kisses the sensitive flesh, and finally uses her teeth to nip at a pulsating sex.

When the blonde climaxes she howls and slumps face down on the thick Berber carpet as trickles of her juices paint her thighs. Laura stretches and stands; when she speaks her voice is thick with continued passion.

"Upstairs Carrie sweetheart I want you on my bed NOW!"

As they lurch out of the room and up the flight of stairs the two women can barely keep their hands off each other. As they stumble into the bedroom Laura seizes the waistband of Carrie's pantyhose to drag them down her thighs; almost tripping the lush blonde.

"I want you naked! I want to touch every inch of you!"

The blonde launches herself onto a big bed whose only features are a spotless white mattress cover and a mound of pillows. Propped on the pillows she grins wickedly at Laura and strokes her vulva and its neat triangle of silky blonde hair.

"Whatever you want to do I'm ready darling!"

With surprising agility the big redhead steps onto the bed and lowers herself with her rear towards Carrie. Spreading her thighs she wriggles backward to fork them around the blonde's and presses a wet pussy against Carrie's. Gripping the rails at the foot of the bed she humps backward as the blonde grasps the headboard rails and thrusts forward. Both women thrust and swivel their hips as wet slapping noises fill the room.

"Oh good Christ Laura harder! Do it harder!"

Laura, her face contorted works insanely fast until both women are yelling out almost incoherently.

"Don't stop I'm cumming!"

"Oh lord keep going just a bit longer!"

The room echoes to shrill screams as both women explode into thunderous orgasms. Their limbs tangled together and sticky with pussy juice they sprawl on the bed breathing heavily till their thundering hearts slow down. Wriggling free Laura turns to lick her way up Carrie's leg and thigh and sees the woman's eyes are wild and hot.

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