A Little Adventure in Time
Chapter 1: In the Beginning

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1: In the Beginning - A funny thing happened to me during an archaeological dig. You'll die laughing. But I doubt it. It wasn't funny at the time and I get chills thinking about it. I hope I'm back to stay.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Time Travel   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism  

How I got Started Down the Slippery Slope of Archaeology Addiction.

After three years, I finally got out of the hospital ... YEA! 1985. Well, not exactly ... I had to participate in group once a month, but that’s a story all by itself.

I took the bus from Sheridan, Wyoming, home to Lewistown, Montana, and discovered my wife had managed to get me out of the house for the summer. She volunteered me to work for the Federal entity responsible for unoccupied Federal Lands not part of the National Forests or National Parks ... depending on the map, the land they oversee is yellow or orange ... most of it is west of the Mississippi.

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management for you city folks ... and ‘Them dirty bastids wanting to tie up our land’ for you ranchers who want to graze cattle on it, you loggers who want to cut it down or you miners wanting to dig it up.) took me on as an excavator and general bottle washer at an archaeological site called “Lost Terrace” on the Wild and Scenic Missouri River.

There’s “way to hell and gone”, “out in the sticks”, “35 miles past the middle of nowhere”, “holy shit!” and “you cain’t get there from here” when you’re trying to describe where “Lost Terrace” is located ... they don’t even come close!

I loaded my camp gear on the BLM owned 2 wheel drive oversized Suburban and three of us, the Lewistown BLM Archaeologist ... whose name I don’t recall, but should ... and Jim Brown, driver ... whose name shall forevermore strike terror in my heart ... loaded up and headed out from the BLM office at the airport. Turning left at US 87, the adventure began.

After the 3 hour drive west on US 87 from Lewistown, Montana to Great Falls, Montana, we turned right ... on US 87 ... then we drove nearly 2 hours northeast to Big Sandy and turned south east on State Highway 236, a gravel road.

I kept thinking, ‘The wife is gonna have these guys dump my body in the river or a gully someplace.’

After an hour or a little more, we turned back west on an even worse gravel road with the dubious name of Five Corner, past the missile silo and eventually turned back south because there wasn’t any other choice ... then Five Corner turned right. We took it to Hogg road turned left on Hogg (South again) then west on Eagle Butte and south again ... to a dirt path then west a little bit and south a lot along a wheat field ... where we were met by a Land Rover pickup belonging to the University.

We transferred all my poles, (I took my tipi, they said I’d have to camp) me and my camp outfit to the pickup. I said goodbye to the original driver and hello to the crazy man who looked at the poles and then at me and back at the poles, shook his head and mentioned he’d taken the Paleontologists to their digs and my itty bitty tipi probably won’t be a whole lot of trouble, probably.

“We had the National Guard take the Archaeologists in by Huey but your guys have got an almost road in there now,” he grinned. “We’ll make it.” And before I could jump out we were off. I’d thought the roads were pretty awful before ... but THIS one ... mules ain’t in it!!

When we got to the cliff above where we were heading I’d been “orienteering” in my head ... Lewistown, (remember Lewistown? Lewistown was where we started.) was about 60 miles due south.

When you’re out in the back of beyond there just isn’t an easy way to get to “here” from “there.”

Looking down on the site I could see a little army tent and several little bubbles that were colored nylon pot tents. They were a long way down. If you Google map Montana, cycle in until you can pick out Lewistown, Great Falls, Big Sandy and Judith Landing. Today, there’s a bridge from the north side of the Missouri River at Judith Landing to the south side of the River ... that’s NEW.

There used to be a free ferry there, until it had an engine failure, got blown down river and sank ... with the pilot and the little tug and two or three cars ... and some people. Lost Terrace dig was during the time between the dead ferry and the present bridge.

Now, follow the river upstream (water flows downhill) until you find a pair of islands in the river. Lost Terrace is on the north side of the river at the west end of the western island. “Hole in the Wall” used to be directly across the river until some out-of-state idiots rafting the river, broke the top of the hole and pushed into the river. Find it? OK! Well, maybe you didn’t find it. The islands were showing on the 2008 map but they’re gone on the 2011 map (There’s one island on the 2014 map). I left this part because I worked so hard on it.

North of the site is a pretty high cliff with wheat fields on top. We went down to the site from there. He got stuck ... I laughed out loud! The laughter was nervous laughter because I was seated on the downhill side. I was POSITIVE we were on better than a 45 degree angle and I was looking straight down ... at the river! I wasn’t but it looked like it.

“You sit still, David. I’ll go for help.”

Stills ass! I was out of his side almost before he was. While I was looking for and found a place to relieve my terrified bladder, my driver walked down to the dig.

This brought all the excavators up from the dig and there was a “confabulation” about how to unstick the stuck. Most of the excavators were out of beer and they wanted to push the damn thing in the river because it was blocking access to the way out.

Eventually, with two handyman jacks and some big rocks we got it jacked up enough to slide it back on the “road” and I got delivered. I set up the lodge on a flat spot across from the main camp and looked around a little bit. As soon as the BLM left the shirts came off and I got treated to some very nice college tits. Things are looking up!! Everyone had to tour the lodge and then they went back to work. I got put to it, too. So, now you know how I got involved with the rest of the story. I went to group after the dig and the shrink suggested I get tested to see what I could to improve my situation. Since my hospital was in Wyoming, the Wyoming DSS got the job.

You don’t have to be stupid to be crazy.

I scored very high ... VERY high indeed. So, they asked me if I wanted to go to college and they’d pay for it. Sure. I picked Montana State in Bozeman. Nice little school. Nice little town. The students outnumbered the residents by about seven thousand people. I had a good time and got good grades ... except ... I got interested.

You see, Freshmen are required to take general education classes, “It’s to make you a well rounded individual.”

So, I got interested ... In Physics, so I took 24 credits of the freshman “you have to be an idiot to fail classes” ... In Chemistry, 24 credits, Earth Science, 24, Anthropology, 112. This is addition to my English Major.

I took a ton of English writing ... got published, too. Sure it was in the University paper but published is published.

My 201 writing class met on Tuesday and Thursday. The teacher gave out the assignments for the semester on the first Tuesday, I handed them in on Thursday.

The second Tuesday, she told the class, “David has completed the assignments for the semester. He has an A for the course. Copies of his papers are in the library and you are required to check them out and read them before you start each assignment. I have never seen such innovation from a student.” Then she turned to me and said, “There is nothing I can teach you. You don’t have to come to class, but I wish you would!”

I wasn’t very popular with the class.

We discovered my reason I don’t have a degree ... I’m number dyslexic. I never passed College Algebra. Just thinking about it I break out in a flop sweat. I am terrified by numbers! And I’m not afraid to admit it.

It was the Devil who said, “Let’s put the alphabet in Math.” I’m sure of it.

About this time I got a job working at Ms. Kitty’s, Bozeman’s only Adult Store and the adventure begins!

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