La Noche De Walpurgis
Chapter 7

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 7 - Twelve years after the horrific murder of six young women in the basement of a small college, Taki Minase discovers an ancient magical tome that holds the key to Hell itself. What he does with it may well determine the fate of all mankind as the only two survivors of that terrible night battle for the soul of an innocent girl and the ultimate triumph of Good or Evil.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Horror   Incest   Cousins   First   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   School  

Tuesday - Lunchtime, April 21st

I went straight to the infirmary. I felt compelled to see Ito, but I didn't know exactly why. Panic would have been a good reason, I suppose. After listening to Imari and seeing her anger, I felt guilty for casting the spell. I felt afraid too. There was no telling what Ito might do when she woke up. Maybe I just needed to see her and reassure myself that she was alright, at least physically.

The door was unlocked and I slowly opened it, holding my breath as I peered inside the doctor's office. The place was silent as a tomb and there didn't seem to be anyone around. I'd been worried about making up an excuse for Dr. Kitami and I felt relieved not to find her. That might have been awkward.

What if they'd called an ambulance and taken Ito to a real hospital? I worried over that as I entered the room, closing the door behind me. There were several beds and one of them had white curtains drawn around it. If Ito was still there, I knew that's where she had to be.

I must have been crazy for sneaking into the infirmary like that! What if someone caught me? I could always say Ito was my girlfriend. She'd admitted as much herself, except everyone who really knew her understood it had been a joke. The doctor wouldn't know, however, nor would any of the teachers. Students get together and break up so often it's almost impossible to figure out who's dating who. But that excuse wouldn't hold water for long once Ito woke up, and even if it did ... Imari would kill me!

Bad excuse.

I almost turned around and left. The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime, isn't that what they say? I wondered why I had to be such a cliché as I pulled back the curtain.

Mika Ito lay on a hospital bed with her eyes closed and her body covered with a white sheet. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully and someone must have cleaned her up. She smelled like soap, not sweat or the ripe vaginal secretions that had filled my senses earlier. I wasn't sure what I'd been expecting and as I looked down at the girl, I honestly didn't know what to do.

She was safe anyway, which relieved me quite a bit. Sure, I didn't want to get in trouble, who would? But I didn't want to see Ito hurt any more than she'd been already. I wasn't a bad person and neither was she. We were both victims, I told myself, and she did look so lovely and innocent posed on the bed that way. Like a green-haired Sleeping Beauty waiting for her true love's kiss. It was almost impossible to believe that she'd been so perverse just an hour or so before.

The memory of Ito's suggestive smile was one I'd never forget. The way she'd laughed while she removed her clothing, caressing her toned body and offering herself to me. She'd been looking at me and whispering my name. Because of the spell? Or because she'd exposed not only her most intimate charms, but also her secret desires for me? If Imari liked to abuse me simply because she couldn't kiss me, as my sister had suggested, then the same logic might apply to Ito as well. Right?

Perhaps she liked to argue and embarrass me in an effort to hide her true feelings. For some reason, I wanted to believe that possibility, although it did seem kind of unlikely. I didn't honestly believe Yukiko's theory about Imari either, but my sister was a girl. That kind of made her an expert, didn't it? I thought so, and staring at Ito, watching her breasts rise and fall beneath the sheet while she slept, I had to wonder what it would be like to kiss her.

If she really loved me, Ito wouldn't mind a small, secret kiss while she lay sleeping. The girl looked so amazing and I pictured her ripe tits, her swollen nipples begging to be suckled. Her taut belly and soft hips, and especially her small pussy dripping with excitement. My cock had already grown stiff inside my pants and I glanced over my shoulder. The infirmary was still empty. We were alone, Mika Ito and myself, and I had to kiss her.

I bent over the bed, touching her hair with my left hand. "Ito?" I whispered. "Mika? Wake up. It's me, Minase."

She didn't move a muscle, not even when I touched her shoulder. My gentle prodding did nothing more than fill me with even greater desire. I felt nothing in my gut except the twisted, knotting roots of lust. This was crazy, I knew, but I'd been wanting to do this since the first day of school. Ito had always been on my list of possible girlfriends, if only because I found her so attractive. I had her now, helpless and unresisting. Her clothes were folded neatly on a small table nearby. She had to be naked and all I needed to do was draw back the sheet...

"Mika," I whispered again, louder this time. I gave her a real shake, pushing at her shoulder. "Can you hear me, Mika? Are you awake?"

When she didn't respond, I covered her mouth with mine. I kissed a girl for the first time since childhood. Ito's lips were dry on the outside, but as I slipped my tongue between them, I discovered the warm moisture waiting within. She made no sound as I wriggled between her teeth and touched her tongue with mine. If she chose to wake up just then, it could have been disastrous, but I couldn't help myself. I stroked her hair and tugged at her chin with my thumb, opening her mouth even more.

It would have been better if Ito could have returned my kiss, but I was beyond caring. I explored her for several minutes, mixing my saliva with hers. I swirled my tongue around and teased her cheeks, coaxing the girl to kiss me back. Of course, Ito did no such thing. She just lay there while I molested her sweet mouth.

At the same time, I let my right hand drift down her slender neck and under the sheet that covered her chest. Ito's breasts were warm and smooth, and wonderfully elastic as I caressed one and then the other. They weren't overly large, but filled my hand perfectly. I'd never felt anything so delightful in my life. Ito's tits -- What a luxury!

When I finally pulled away from her lips, she swallowed in her sleep and almost smiled, it seemed to me. My heart raced as I thought she might actually awaken, but no. She still slept and I pulled down the sheet to gaze longingly upon her breasts. They looked smaller, since she was laying flat, but just as gorgeous as I remembered. I kissed her nipples and licked around them, pinching each of Ito's pink nubs between my lips until they began to swell and stiffen. I could have played with her tits all day, but I had to hurry. The doctor could come back any moment, or anyone else who might be worried about the girl.

I had to see all of her and I pulled the sheet down completely. Mika Ito, now the laughingstock of the school, lay naked and vulnerable to my every whim. I drank in her youthful grace, admiring every curve and dimple. Like anyone, she had imperfections, but I didn't notice them. Or if I did, they only lent the girl an even greater beauty than she already possessed.

Stroking her smooth skin was almost enough to make my cum in my pants. I touched every part of her, including Ito's humid sex. I massaged her vulva, mesmerized by the the shape and texture of the female form. I split her labia easily, sinking my middle finger into the buttery throat of her cunt. I pumped in and out a half-dozen times, staring as her oily pussy lips seemed to clasp my finger. They were alternately pulled outward and turned inside with my motion. When I pulled free of the girl, I could see and smell her excitement on my hand. Tasting Ito's juice was like drinking ambrosia. She had a tart flavor, but not bitter at all and I swallowed eagerly.

With some surprise, I realized that I held my cock in my hand. I didn't remember taking it out. The shaft felt heavy, hot and throbbing in time with my steady pulse. An odd calm had come over me now that I knew what I had to do. Since hitting puberty some five or six years earlier, I'd been dreaming of losing my virginity. Ito had surrendered hers to her own fingers, tearing through her hymen in front of the entire class. She could do as much for me, I decided, since it was her fault anyway. If my lust had become uncontrollable, it was only because she inspired it.

I felt no guilt at all, just the nagging anxiety that I might be caught. So I had to be quick, I told myself, climbing over the foot of bed and between Ito's legs. I pushed them apart with my hands, and then pulled them upward. Her knees fit over my shoulders perfectly. We were made for each other, I thought, smiling and even chuckling softly. My erection pointed straight at her undefended sex, undeniably wet inside after my fingering. A thin rivulet of clear fluid had begun leaking out of her and I gathered a large dollop on the tip of my penis.

Nothing could stop me as I wrapped my left arm around her legs, hugging Ito's thighs to my chest. With my other hand, I rubbed the smooth head of my cock up and down her slit. She looked so small by comparison. Aside from her fingers and now mine, she'd obviously never had anything inside her before and my cock wasn't a small one. It wasn't huge either, don't get me wrong, but larger than most of the boys I'd seen in the locker room. Ito had been right about that much at least, I did have a nice cock and she was about to like it a lot!

The warmth of her hairless vagina was immediately noticeable. Even before I pushed inside, I could feel the heat radiating out of Ito's pussy. Her labia were thick and greasy as I worked my cockhead between them, riding her slit up and down as if I had all the time in the world. I wanted to savor every second of this, the defining moment of manhood. Or at least one of them. I was about to fuck a girl for the very first time!

The mouth of her sex was small and tight, exactly as it looked from the outside. Ito had been a virgin when she'd gotten out of bed that morning and my penis was a lot thicker than her fingers. I grunted softly and watched the girl's face, praying that she wouldn't wake up before I could finish. Actually, I wasn't even sure I could get my erection inside her at first. Her sexy hole opened and swallowed the smooth head of my cock, but as soon as I relaxed, Ito's pussy forced me right back out.

Smiling at the odd sensation of her vaginal walls stretching with obvious reluctance, I drove my cock a fraction deeper. A soft moan escaped Ito's parted lips, but her eyelids didn't even flutter. Perhaps a bit of color rose in her cheeks. I kept pushing with my hips, not so much to go deeper, but only to keep the tip of my cock from being forced back out. I grabbed her thighs in my hands, pushing and pulling them slightly wider as I kept her knees bent and calves on my shoulders. I had an awesome view of my thick shaft disappearing into her cunt.

I pushed again, and again after that, taking Ito's vagina slowly. My instincts were telling me to hurry, as did my common sense. Anyone could walk in at any moment and I wouldn't be able to deny that I was raping her. The word made me pause. Rape. But only for a second. I had to fuck her. My cock had become rigid as steel, unbending as I thrust sharply with my hips. I stabbed into her, finding Ito's natural resistance a pleasure all its own. Her pussy seemed to grip my flesh, squeezing me like a fist.

"Ugh!" she gasped, turning her head on the pillow. She didn't wake up, however, and I'd found something soft and firm at the very bottom of her cunt.

My erection must have been too long for her to comfortably take. I'd gotten most of my penis inside the girl, but not all of it. Ito felt it in her sleep as I leaned into her, grinding my pelvis against hers as the last inch or two slid between her coral gates. My balls rubbed against her upturned ass and I held myself there, afraid I might cum any second. I could feel the expectation in my balls. The tension of imminent climax teased me as I tried to hold it back. I'd only just gotten inside her, I couldn't cum yet!

At the same time, I had to move. I let her pussy exert itself, squeezing my cock and forcing it back out. What a delicious experience! The shaft reemerged, glistening with Ito's juices. No blood, however, and I was glad of that. I didn't want to hurt her any more than I had to. Probably it was a good thing she was sleeping, I thought. She didn't feel a thing consciously, but her body definitely knew what we were doing. The girl was made for fucking, too. I had no doubts about that!

Ito's clitoris popped out from its hood, bright and shiny with arousal. When I leaned forward, changing the angle of my entry, that nub of sensitive flesh would ride the shaft. The girl shivered in her sleep, her taut belly quivering while her thighs grew tight in my hands. Her entire body seemed to contract and relax with a rhythm matching my own. I wasn't just fucking her, Ito fucked me as well. We were doing it together, I realized, and that observation erased any trace of guilt that I might have felt.

She might have found an orgasm of her own, I couldn't tell for sure. I simply didn't know enough about girls and it wasn't like Ito could tell me she was cumming! The sharp spasms deep in her cunt had to mean something though. I felt them sucking at my cock like a baby on a pacifier. I could barely pull myself back, and I didn't want to. Her pale nectar leaked around my penis and dripped down her ass. She was so wet inside, I couldn't believe it, and hot and tight and...

"Oh fuck!" I grunted, arching my back as I jammed my pulsing cock all the way inside for the last time. My balls were yanked into my gut with the almost painful sensation of loosing my semen into Ito's pussy. Her unprotected pussy, I realized with a start. Christ! What if I knocked her up?

I pulled out quickly, giving her a couple more large squirts inside and then a shot of sperm right onto her clit. Another shot landed near her belly button as I dropped her legs onto the bed. I jerked off on her tits and face. If I couldn't cum inside the girl, I might as well have as much fun as possible. I even touched my still spurting cock to Ito's lips, spraying my ball juice into her mouth. It was a nasty, stupid thing to do, but it was either that or shoot onto the floor. What a waste that would have been! The idea of cumming on Ito's pretty face had long been a fantasy of mine, although I'd never admit it in a thousand years.

"Jeeze! I can't believe I fucked you!" I grinned with the heady rush of adrenaline and endorphins, rubbing my wet penis against her cheek. I'd never cum so much in my life and I used my hand to squeeze out the last few drops. What a mess!

I'd gotten spunk all over tits and especially on her face. Not to mention that first huge blast that I'd planted in the very bottom of her pussy. I looked between her legs. Maybe some of my semen was leaking out of her, but not a lot. Ito's pussy had closed right back up behind me, but the ball milk I'd plastered her clitoris with had started oozing downward along her slit.

I began to reach for her, wanting to stick a finger inside and feel my sperm soaking into her womb, but just then ... The door opened!

Oh man! I had to clean up Ito and fix her bed and put my cock back in my pants and ... Fuck trying to clean her! I pulled the sheet upward, covering her cum stained body, but not her face, unfortunately. I winced and bent my knees, forcing my erection back into my pants. I hadn't gone soft at all and the stupid thing just didn't want to bend.

I spun on my heels and stepped through the curtains to see a young blonde woman. She was dressed in black beneath a white lab coat, and plainly the school's new doctor. Our eyes met for a split-second, just long enough to prove my guilt.

"Uh, hi!" I said, dumbly. My brain had suddenly stopped working.

"I didn't know anyone was here," she said, fixing me with her piercing blue eyes. "What were you doing back there?"

"Oh, uh ... I was just checking on Ito," I replied. "I mean, Mika. The professor asked me to, um ... She's my girlfriend."

I was willing to say anything if it kept me out of trouble. I only prayed the woman wouldn't decide to check on her patient.

"Are you?" she asked, smiling like a wolf, I swear.

I'd never seen someone look so completely dangerous. Probably because I was paranoid as hell. Santa Claus would have looked scary to me under those circumstances. But even so, there was something unsettling about Miss Kitami that went beyond my panic. The doctor was beautiful, no doubt, with her blonde hair and statuesque body. It wasn't difficult to understand why all those unsavory rumors were being spread about her. She had a look, or an aura maybe, that was both intimidating and sexual, and far, far outside my limited experience with women.

"She's still sleeping," I said, for lack of anything better. I wanted to bolt, but my feet were rooted in place.

"I gave her a sedative," the woman explained. "You're Minase, aren't you?"

"Yes ma'am." I cleared my throat, wondering how she could possibly know my name.

"I'm Reika Kitami," she said. "I heard about what Ms. Ito did in class. Do you know anything about that?"

"No. I don't have a clue." I shook my head, doing my best to look innocent.

"Are you sure?" Her lips curled upward, but her eyes remained suspicious. I felt a shiver run along my spine. It was like she could see right through me, all the way down to my soul.

"J-Just ask Ito," I stammered. "She'll tell you."

"If she knows anything at all," Kitami said. "Very well, tell your classmates that I'm looking after Ms. Ito now. There's no need to keep checking on her."

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