La Noche De Walpurgis
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twelve years after the horrific murder of six young women in the basement of a small college, Taki Minase discovers an ancient magical tome that holds the key to Hell itself. What he does with it may well determine the fate of all mankind as the only two survivors of that terrible night battle for the soul of an innocent girl and the ultimate triumph of Good or Evil.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Horror   Incest   Cousins   First   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   School  

Monday Morning, April 20th

"Minase..." A sweet voice called my name from out of the darkness, but I paid it no mind.

I loved sleeping. Curled up in my bed, floating through a tranquil other-world devoid of any responsibility. Like a fetus bathing in its amniotic ignorance, dreaming not of love or riches or fame. I felt safe in that place and content to be nothing more than a heart beating by the grace of random chance. It was a perfect existence for someone like me, but not everyone would agree.

" ... Minase?" She poked at my shoulder. I refused to move.

This was my favorite time of the day, when you wake up and without even opening your eyes, roll over to sleep some more. But more often than not, my plans are ruined by a devil masquerading as an angel. Like a vampire, she's not going to stop until every last drop of tranquility is consumed by her evil desire to get me out of bed. Of course, if it wasn't for her, I'd probably never make it to school at all. I guess that's what you would call a necessary evil.


Only one person could be so annoying that early in the day. Her name was Kurumi Imari, my personal tormentor and next door neighbor. If it wasn't for her, my life would have been perfect. I could have stayed in bed all day.

"Oh! What am I going to do with you?"

"You could try being a little quieter," I suggested.

"What? You're awake and you're just laying there like a lump?"

"Ouch! Hey! Stop it!" I opened my eyes and rubbed my forehead where she'd hit me. Not a real punch, but a pretty good slap all the same.

"I see you're awake," Imari said, bending over my bed and smiling down at me. Her aqua-green eyes twinkled and only a girl like her could find such abuse amusing.

"Are you some kind of sadist?" I wondered. "What did you do that for?"

"Because it's time to wake up," she replied. "Come on! Get out of bed. I can't believe anyone sleeps as much as you do."

"Get your hands off me," I said, shrugging away from her. "I can get out of bed by myself."

"Obviously you can't," she retorted, but Imari did step back. Crossing her arms impatiently over her breasts like a policewoman.

She wore her school uniform, as one would expect. Her white blouse had probably been starched, the creases looked so perfect. Imari's red skirt was precisely hemmed to mid-thigh, pleated with just enough flounce to show off the white panties underneath if she wasn't careful. She wore dark cover-alls with brass buttons, which didn't cover all that much. Dark nylon stockings and the same school tie every other student wore. It wasn't a bad uniform, in my opinion. Kind of sexy in a way, and fastidious Imari always looked nice in hers.

"What are looking at?" she wondered, biting her lip and looking down at herself. "Do I have a stain? Did I spill something?"

"Huh?" I shrugged. "I was just thinking how much sexier you would look in a shorter skirt."

"Excuse me?" Imari stared at me for several seconds. "You pervert! Stop looking at me like that!"

"Like what?" I waved my hand at her. "You're right anyway. Nobody wants to see those skinny legs."

"You!" She hit me again, this time slugging me in the shoulder.


"Get dressed. You don't even have time for breakfast now."

"What a nag," I sighed, rubbing my shoulder.

She turned around while I dressed, standing near my desk and looking out the bedroom window. I suppose most girls would have gone to another room, but not Imari. Most girls wouldn't come by a boy's house every morning just to wake him either. She did it for me though and the reason why wasn't complicated -- We'd been best friends since childhood.

After my father had taken a job promotion in another city, I'd been able to finally escape my overbearing parents and move in with my big sister, Yukiko. That's when Imari had promised to look out for me, especially when it came to my studies. She'd always been a good student and her diligence annoyed me almost as much as her eagerness, but we were still best friends.

I dressed in my uniform quickly, not wanting to test Imari's mood much more than I already had. She could be a pussycat until angered, and then she turned into a real tiger. We enjoyed teasing each other, although sometimes she liked to hit me a little too much. Maybe all girls are like that, because my sister was the same way. She loved to tease, but couldn't take much in return without making a fist.

"Are you almost ready?" Imari asked. "Can I turn around? Minase? Where did you go?"

"What?" I yelled. "I'm in the bathroom."

"There's no time to take a bath!"

"Can I brush my teeth?" I wondered, shaking my head as she peeked around the open door. I held up my toothbrush and she frowned.

"You should be more like your sister," she decided, which was something Imari said almost everyday. Yukiko got up early because she had a part-time job before her classes at the university started. Better her than me, I always said.

"Nmmph umph mmph emph!" I retorted around the froth filling my mouth.

"Whatever," Imari sighed. "Just hurry up."

All in all it was a pretty typical morning for us and we actually left my house a bit earlier than usual. Not that Imari would ever admit it. So far as she was concerned, I was always making her late for something.

We walked to school as it wasn't very far away, only ten minutes or so. The Kanagawa Preparatory Academy wasn't a large school, but its name carried a lot of prestige. The students were mostly eighteen and nineteen years old, high school graduates who would move on to a real university after two years at Kanagawa. They came from all walks of life. Those from modest families were usually on a scholarship, a few students were considered wealthy, and most of us fit somewhere in the middle. All in all, it wasn't very different from any other college prep school in Japan and like many of my classmates, I just wanted to hurry up and graduate. Imari loved school, not me.

"Isn't it wonderful to be walking to school on such a fine day?" she asked.

Imari could be a little dense sometimes and I ignored her. Most guys would be embarrassed walking with a girl, but I was pretty used to it. Being so early, there weren't a lot of people around to see us anyway.

"I just love walking in the morning," she continued. "Don't you?"

"No," I answered gruffly, and then yawned to make my point.

"Are you still tired?"

"Not at all," I said, but then I had to yawn for real. Imari thought I was faking.

"You're ridiculous," she sighed. "Forget it!"

"It was just a yawn," I told her, but she didn't want to hear it. We were nearly at the school anyway.

"Hey! Do you want to buy me a bean cake?"

I glanced at the kiosk selling bean curd wrapped in small buns. We passed by it every morning and the warm scent wafted beneath my nose. I hadn't eaten breakfast and a bean cake did sound good, but if I bought her one it might become some sort of ritual for us. I could just see myself spending all my money on stupid bean cakes for Imari. What would she want next?

"Why would I want to do that?" I asked. "Come on. We're going to be late."

"You're mean!" Imari said, frowning as we walked past the kiosk without stopping.

"All right," I changed my mind and turned around. "If you're going to pout..."

"Really?" She clapped her hands and smiled, but it faltered a second later. "Hey! I wasn't pouting!"

"Do you want one or not?"

"Of course I do!"

We continued to school holding our steaming bean cakes and blowing on them between tiny bites. They tasted delicious and my stomach stopped growling, which was the important thing. Along the way, Imari continued to chat, sharing with me the gossip about our school's new doctor.

"Everybody says she's very pretty."

"Who?" I asked, licking my fingers clean. I should have bought two bean cakes just for myself.

"Dr. Kitami," Imari said. "Have you seen her?"

"No," I replied. "How pretty is she?"

"Why do you care?" She narrowed her eyes suspiciously. For some reason they turned more blue than green when she was outside, but most people probably wouldn't notice that.

"I'm only asking," I said. "You brought it up. There are a lot of pretty girls at school anyway. Who cares about some old nurse?"

"She's not a nurse, she's a real doctor," Imari insisted. "They say she's very young for such an important position and ... Hey! What do you mean?"


"You said there's a lot of pretty girls at school."

"So?" I gave her a blank look. "What's your point?"

"It's your point I'm worried about!"

"Mine? You mean..." I glanced down at the crotch of my trousers.

"Arrgh! I didn't mean that, you pervert!"

"I thought I spilled bean curd on my pants."

"You did not!"

"I really did..."

We argued the last few blocks and I have to admit that I enjoyed getting Imari wound up like that. I'd never had a girlfriend. My parents had basically forbidden me any real social life outside of school, but now that they were gone I looked forward to finding someone special. Of course, that wouldn't be easy with Imari clinging to me all the time. She'd probably scare away any girl who might be interested in me. I really didn't get her sometimes. We were best friends, true, but everybody needs a little space to grow.

She didn't have a boyfriend either. A man would have to be nuts to go out with her! Sure, Imari looked nice, but I didn't pay much attention to that. And anyway, even if a guy might be attracted to her body, as soon as she opened her big mouth he'd change his mind in a hurry. Still, if she ever did get a boyfriend it would at least get her off my back for awhile. That would be okay, right? Somehow the idea didn't make me as happy as it should have, because ... Well, who would wake me up every morning?

We passed through the open gates and saw the schoolyard empty. Soon the place would be teeming with students and a number of them were just up the street in a nearby park. Several of the sports clubs met before classes started and the vice-principal led a calisthenics class, but I couldn't see any sense in sacrificing sleep for sweat. Just before the preliminary bell, the street would be full of students catching last minute cigarettes before shuffling reluctantly through the school's gaping maw like so many lost souls bound for Hell.

Imari didn't see it that way, however; she liked school.

"It's so peaceful in the mornings," she sighed. "I can even hear the birds chirping"

"Maybe they're bats," I suggested, holding the door for her.

"Don't be rude!" She shot me a dirty look. "You always have to spoil it."

"I think we're the first ones here today," I said, looking around the shoe shelves and seeing most of them empty.

"It's nice to be early for a change," Imari cheerfully replied.

She'd already started removing her street shoes and I could only shake my head. I took mine off as well, exchanging them for my school shoes. One of the heels had gone flat and I muttered a curse as I shoved my foot into that pathetic shoe. A few other students arrived, but nobody we really knew and the place seemed very quiet. Unnaturally quiet as I was used to arriving at the last minute, usually being dragged along by Imari while she complained about my bad habits. I could never understand what was wrong with just being on time. Perhaps that's why she occasionally called me an underachiever, echoing my father's sentiment without even realizing it

Our classroom was on the third floor of a structure that had little to boast of in an aesthetic sense. It had been built in the 1950's out of poured concrete and glass. Hardly traditional, but functional the way everything else in modern Japan seemed to be. At least it stayed warm in the winter and most of the air conditioners worked in the summer. The faculty seemed much the same as the building. Our teachers were practical by nature and the curriculum focused on Western concepts in literature, philosophy, and science. That meant that we had to learn English, an irrational language at best.

Like most schools, this one also promoted extra-curricular activities and there were a number of clubs that met after school. Imari had forced me to join the Art Club with her, and then she'd made it even worse by nominating me for vice-president. She was the club's president, naturally. I didn't mind it that much, although the idea of spending my valuable free time at school was completely absurd. The only reason I'd agreed at all was because of the art teacher, Miss Takashiro.

Since she taught art, she'd become very popular with the girls. Her male students, on the other hand, found Miss Takashiro extremely attractive. I certainly didn't mind looking at her and as we passed the second floor on our way to the third, I couldn't help but peer down the empty hallway. I hoped to catch a glimpse of the sexy teacher, but her classroom door was closed. It would have been the high point of my morning. Instead, I trudged up the stairs with Imari's constant prodding to annoy me.

Imari and I shared a look as we heard voices coming from behind the closed door of our classroom. With the school so empty, especially the upper floors, even a whisper could carry a long ways.

"Is it all right?" a girl wondered, and she sounded familiar as we approached the room. Mika Ito? What would she be doing here so early?

"Sure it is. Hurry up," a second girl replied. Definitely Ayumi Murai; I'd know her squeaky voice anywhere. She and Ito were our classmates.

"Did you just hear something? Someone might be coming!"

"Shhh! Be quiet!" Murai warned her friend.

I stood with Imari just outside the room and reached for the handle, but she stopped me. Neither of us said anything and I couldn't decipher the look in Imari's eyes, but it wasn't fear. Concern maybe, as if she worried that we might stumble into something private. Possibly she was thinking of the time when I'd accidentally walked in on her back in grade school. I'd forgotten something in my desk and she'd had been standing in her pink panties while a friend tried to fix the zipper of Imari's skirt.

She'd punched me right in the nose for that! As if I'd ever want to see her underwear? Give me break!

The idea of catching a cute girl like Ito or even hyper little Murai undressed was a whole different matter. Maybe they were naked. Maybe they were lesbians! My cock began to stiffen at the thought of my two classmates sneaking into school early just so they could do it on the teacher's desk. That had to be a fantasy any school girl would get off on and the more I thought about it, the more certain I became that they were doing something very nasty with each other.

"Okay, Saeki," Ito said. "Everything's ready."

"All right," she answered. "I'm going to do it now..."

Kaori Saeki was in there as well? I didn't know her very well at all, but enough to know she was a real wack job. Despite her beauty, Saeki always seemed distant and aloof from everyone else, especially boys. She pretended like she had some dark secret and I thought it was all just a silly act.

" ... Atah ... Malkuth ... V'Geburah..."

Her voice had dropped in pitch, but rose in volume as she recited the meaningless words. The other two girls, Ito and Murai, didn't seem to be saying anything. I turned the handle of the door and cautiously pushed it open just a crack. Just enough that Imari and I could peek into the classroom and see what was going on.

" ... V'Gedulah ... Liolahm..."

As Saeki intoned the last word, she made the sign of the cross. That seemed odd, but a second later she picked up a dagger from her desk. I thought she must have gone crazy. Bringing a weapon like that to school would get her expelled for sure! Imari clutched my arm as we watched the blonde girl prick her finger with a soft gasp. It must have been a serious cut as I could see crimson drops of blood falling to the floor. Only a few made it that far, however, as Saeki held her hand over a bronze cup sitting on her desk.

"This is my blood, which is shed for many," she said in the same, serious tone as before. "For the remission of sins."

I vaguely recognized the prayer from the Last Supper and once Saeki finished reciting it, she continued with her chant. I had no idea if it was some nonsense that she'd made up on her own, or if the words actually meant something. Her two accomplices, Ito and Murai, seemed to be transfixed as they watched in silence. I never figured either of them to be overly bright, but for some reason they appeared totally awed by what they were witnessing.

"Spirits who perished twelve years ago, I summon thee now to give me guidance."

The room was dark, with heavy drapes pulled over the windows, and several candles on Saeki's desk provided the only light. Their steady flames cast an eerie glow over her features and a long shadow stretched across the classroom before crawling up the back wall. I had to admit that Saeki presented a rare and intriguing vision, like a mythical nymph made equally of light and darkness.

"So that those who now live in bliss might assume they grief," Saeki continued. "I now summon thee to show me all the answers, in the name of the blood Christ shed for thee..."

At that moment, the candles began to flicker wildly. Smoke from a smoldering stick of incense wavered in the air, swirling as if something ethereal was trying to assume physical form. Ito and Murai held their breath and Saeki's lower lip trembled, but otherwise she remained still as a statue.

"Oh!"... "Agh!" ... CRASH!

Imari had been leaning forward, holding her breath as well, when the door slipped out of my fingers. It burst open and we fell forward into the room, landing in a clumsy heap. At the same moment, a gust of wind extinguished the candles and all of us were engulfed by the unexpected darkness.

Ito and Murai shrieked with surprise and I found myself laying on the classroom floor with Imari on my back. At least my eyes adjusted quickly and enough light spilled through the open doorway to let us see each other.

"What happened?" Murai wondered in a shrill voice.

"Who are you?" Ito shouted, grabbing the other girl's hand. "What do you want?"

"Get off me!" I grunted, pushing at Imari's butt. "You're too heavy!"

"Hey! Don't touch me there!"

"Oh, it's you guys," Murai said, giggling with obvious relief. "You scared us."

"You scared us!" Imari said, getting to her feet and smoothing her skirt. "Why is it so dark in here?"

I sat up, frowning at Murai's silly grin. "What are you idiots doing?"

"None of your business!" Ito snapped. "You almost gave me a heart attack."

"This is our classroom too," Imari pointed out.

"We were communing with the dead," Saeki answered.

Nobody said anything after that, not for half a minute at least. Imari stared at the girl and I just rolled my eyes. Unlike her two friends, Saeki seemed surprisingly calm. While Ito and Murai opened the heavy drapes covering the windows, she began to put away the junk on her desk. We all winced at the sudden brightness, but at least the place looked like a classroom again.

I should have expected a dumb answer like that from Saeki. Ordinarily, she seemed so introverted as to be unapproachable. She liked to read strange books during her lunch break, sitting by herself and copying passages into her journal. If a guy tried to talk to her, even to introduce himself, she'd rebuff him with a loud insult. I'd often wondered if she wasn't a lesbian, because she did seem to attract a fair number of girls into her circle. Usually with a lot of nonsense about magic and alchemy.

Like Ito and Murai, who were just dumb enough to believe such fairy tales. Saeki would gather a few girls, maybe a half-dozen at a time, and treat them to some freaky ceremony. She called it Black Magic and talked about forming a coven, although I knew hardly any details. Saeki cherished her secrets and mysteries and didn't share them with the likes of me, but her friends talked anyway. It's enough to know that while a lot of people ridiculed the girl, she had her ardent supporters as well.

"You didn't really mean that, did you?" Imari finally asked. "About communing with the dead?"

"Of course she did!" Ito answered, crossing her arms over her breasts.

"Saeki is a great witch!" Murai added. The two of them stood just behind their leader. Ito with her arms cross over her breasts and looking defiant, Murai smiling as if she didn't have a care in the world.

"It's alright," Saeki said, offering Imari a smile. "Since it's almost the Night of Walpurgis, we wanted to conjure up the spirits of our forerunners who died twelve years ago."

I snorted at that. "Forerunners, huh?"

"You're talking about the Black Magic club?" Imari asks. "The one in all those rumors?"

"It wasn't just a club..." Ito started saying, but Saeki held up her hand.

"The Society existed twelve years ago," she agreed. "Some rumors are more true than others. I can help you find the truth, Imari, if you want me to."

"Stay away from her," I said to Imari, stepping in front of her to face the Saeki. "We're a little too old for ghost stories and Ouija boards."

Ito growled at me. "Why you..."

"Excuse me, Minase, but we're very serious," Murai quickly interjected.

"I can't believe you get up so early just for this," I continued. "Why don't you try something useful? Join the volleyball team or something. This magic stuff is just stupid."

My small speech had been for Imari's benefit and I felt quite proud of it. The last thing I needed was for her to get sucked into Saeki's delusions of grandeur. I probably didn't have to worry since Imari had more common sense in her pinky than anyone else I knew, but at the same time she had a lot of energy too. Once she got excited about something, it could be next to impossible to stop her.

"Stupid?" Ito's pretty face had turned pink. "How rude!"

She slapped the desktop beside her and there's one in every class, a loudmouth hysterical girl like Ito. It's too bad, because she could be awfully enticing when she wanted to be. I wasn't sure I liked her green tinted hair, it reminded me of seaweed when it wasn't freshly brushed, but Ito had a soft, curvy body beneath her uniform. If only she wasn't such a hothead.

"You can't really blame him," Murai said, smiling as she tried to defuse the tension between Ito and me. "Minase doesn't know how powerful Saeki's powers are..."

I shook my head, wondering why a girl as sweet as Murai had to be so naive. She acted like she was still in high school. With her short hair colored blue, smallish breasts and boyish hips, she even looked like a high school student. If it wasn't for her uniform, I'd have guessed her to be sixteen at the most. But I'd still do her, I told myself, finding the idea of stealing Murai's virginity to be much more interesting than whatever the girl was babbling about.

" ... or what really happened twelve years ago."

"The demonic ceremony, huh?" I shrugged. "That's the kind of rumor you can find at any school. There's no way it really happened."

"How can you say that?" Ito demanded.

"Uh ... Maybe because demons don't exist?" I reminded her with a grin. "Don't tell me you believe it."

"On Walpurgis Night, six female students from this school held a Black Magic ceremony," Saeki answered me in a matter-of-fact tone. "The girls who participated in the ceremony all died mysterious deaths that very night."

"That's what I heard too!" Imari whispered from behind me.

"Rumor has it that they were hacked to pieces, spouting blood all over the room. The floor, the walls, even the ceiling dripped with blood. They say that it looked like a scene straight out of Hell itself."

That's exactly what that story was too: A rumor. We'd all heard it before, just as we'd heard about the ghost that appears in one of the staircase mirrors. Or the story about the old piano in the Music Room that plays by itself, but only when nobody is around to actually hear it. There's an endless supply of such stories anywhere a person cared to look for them, but none as freaky and ridiculous as the one about the Black Magic ceremony.

"How can you possibly believe that?" I asked her. "You look smarter than that, Saeki. I mean, if all the girls that were at the ceremony died, then who killed them?"

"It was the devil's work," she informed me. "Those girls were killed by demons."

Behind her, Ito and Murai nodded in agreement. I couldn't see Imari's face, but I felt her hand on my shoulder. She seemed to be breathing heavier too. What is it with girls?

"It's not easy to conquer demons," Saeki said, as if she'd know. "In fact, a lot of people end up getting killed..."

"Trying to summon them?" Imari whispered.

"Trying to control them," the other girl replied with a thin smile. "The summoning part is easy compared to forcing a demon to obey your will. One little mistake and..."

She drew a line across her throat with her finger and Imari gasped. I didn't know how Saeki could even say the word demon with a straight face.

"You've been reading too much manga," I told her. "There's no such thing as demons."

Hearing that, Ito jabbed a finger in my direction. "Then how do you explain the secret room in the basement?"

"The old storage room?" I ask her. "What's to explain?"

"Just like the rumor says," she retorts. "That room has been locked tight all these years, and not because they keep a bunch of old books down there!"

"Yeah," I agreed. "They keep it locked. That's why people spread rumors about it. If they kept the girl's bathroom locked, there would be rumors about that too!"

"But nobody ever goes near it," Imari said. "Even the teachers are afraid to go down there. You don't think there's a good reason?"

"It's a storage room," I said, turning my head to look at her. "Come on. You're not going to believe this stuff, are you?"

"A storage room that nobody's ever been inside," Ito emphasized. "The teachers refuse to open it. Like it was sealed off twelve years ago to hide something."

"Do you keep tabs on all the teachers?" I asked. "For all we know they could be using the storage room every day."

"That's just conjecture on your part," Saeki interjected.

"Maybe," I shrugged, "but it makes more sense than a stupid rumor."

"There's no smoke without a fire," she retorted, calmly. "You may think it's all a rumor, but nobody's ever been inside to find out. So I'll thank you to stop passing judgment on us."

By that time our classmates had begun to arrive and the last thing I wanted to do was debate lunacy with Saeki and her two gullible minions. The only thing worse than being a fool is to argue with one. I also didn't like the subtle, but definite signs of interest in this magic stuff that Imari had displayed. I decided I'd have to talk to her again, maybe in front of Saeki just so I could prove my point. Being a girl, Imari was naturally drawn to romanticism; being a boy, I had to somehow save her from it.

I sat down and opened my notebook, thinking I should have just stayed in bed.

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