Becky Plays Bitch 2

by Forgotten Idol

Copyright© 2012 by Forgotten Idol

Sex Story: Becky finds herself oddly compelled back into the paws of her fury lover, Rex.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including girl   Pedophilia   Reluctant   Bestiality   Size   .

Becky was hurting for a few days after. She was afraid that something was damaged inside her at first, but after a few days she felt better. Naturally, she could not talk about it with anyone, so as time went on the memory of their encounter got foggier and a strange, morbid curiosity replaced it.

Becky would look at herself in the shower, looking down at her small cunny and wonder how Rex's massive cock could fit in there without destroying it. She wondered how her little body could take it so deeply, and wondered how much of his cock was really inside her. When she was alone in her room, she would touch her cunny. She would poke at it with her thin finger, and it would feel so incredibly tight. One time she worked a long, thin marker slowly into herself until it would go no further. Still maybe only four or five inches is the farthest it would go.

As time went on, she got more curious. She could not remember just how big Rex's cock was, nor how much it really hurt to have it inside her. She didn't know what she wondered about more, Rex's cock or her own body.

One day, she was feeling particularly curious as she watched Rex once again licking himself.

"Come here, Rexy!" She yelled at him and he came to her. She motioned for him to lay down and he did.

She trembled slightly as the tip of his red cock was already poking from his sheath. She wanted to see it again. She vaguely remembered that it had swelled when it was inside her, so she knew that she didn't see it in it's full glory. She took a deep breath and reached out.

When Rex realized what she was doing, he simply turned over, letting his mistress please him.

Becky's heart skipped when she touched it again. She rubbed it and rubbed it, slowly a few inches emerged.

"C'Mon boy, I know there's a lot more in there," she said quietly to herself, biting her lip softly from the nerves.

She trembled more as she felt it swell. Slowly and slowly it grew, pushing her hand wider. Becky's mouth opened in awe. It was so massive. Seven then eight inches, her hand barely able to hold onto it, it was so thick. Then the ninth and tenth inch and she rubbed harder and harder, bringing her other hand to help. After another minute, it had grown to eleven massive inches. Then something odd happened. The base of his cock started to get thicker.

Becky's eyes nearly popped out of her head. Just the very base of his cock swelled nearly twice as thick as the rest of it. Still it grew out more, the thick base got a little thinner at the end, so it looked like he was hiding a baseball in his cock, near the base.

Becky eyed Rex's cock in wonder. She ran both hands over it, feeling how thick it was. She got dizzy thinking that such a thing had been inside her. Panting, she had another idea. She quickly ran into the kitchen where she retrieved a soft tape measure. With a quick flick of the wrist it unspooled.

"Let's see just how big it is," she said softly, almost giggling to herself.

The young girl steadied her trembling hands and lined the end of the tape measure with the end of Rex's cock. She panted again, getting more dizzy as she ran it along the massive length.

"My god Rex!" she gasped. From tip to base, including the baseball size lump, Rex's cock measured thirteen inches. Becky nearly fainted. She knew there was no way the entire thing had been inside her, she couldn't even recall the huge lump near the base. She measure again, this time from the tip to the lump. Still, it measured ten and a half inches. Becky gasped. Did he get all that in her? Even that seemed impossible. The marker she had used could not even go half as far. She felt hot. She needed to pull herself away before she went nuts.

She patted Rex on the side. "Sorry boy, that is all for today." Rex flashed her a confused, almost dirty look.

Becky, almost out of breath, went to her room and locked the door. She tossed the measuring tape aside. She went to her bed and picked up the marker from her nightstand. It was so tiny compared to the massive thing she had just had in her hand. How did any of that go inside me? She questioned herself.

She closed her eyes and thought about Rex's cock. Aside from it's massive length, the thing was just as impressive in width. Becky could feel her cunny getting warm. She looted through her room, comparing various objects to the cock's thickness she had just held in her hands.

She looked at pens and markers, at perfume bottles, the handles of her hairbrushes, but nothing came close to comparing to Rex's girth.

Becky laid back in bed, her mind not finding any answers to her questions. She sighed and slipped her shorts and panties off. She sat back, opening her legs slightly. Her fingers ran over the smooth, hairless flesh of her cunny. She poked at it with her fingers, using them to spread her tightly sealed lips. She tried to imagine those lips opening wide enough to take Rex's cock, but she just couldn't see it happening. Her cunny was just so small!

Another spark ignited in her mind. She retrieved the tape measure again and laid back down in her bed. Again opening her legs. She lifted her shirt, exposing her belly. She took the measuring tape and put the end just over her cunny opening and started to pull the tape back. Her eyes opened wider as it went. She had to lift her shirt up more. When the tape had reached her belly button, she looked at it. At the center of her belly button, the tape read seven inches.

"That's all?!" she yelped. She stared at it for a moment, wondering if it was a mistake. She doubted Rex's cock had gone that far into her. "Oh, my god, his thing could have gone deeper?!" She thought.

She felt dizzy again. She continued to move the tape measure up until she reached ten and a half inches. She almost fainted. Seeing the tape stretching the entire length of her belly nearly to her chest, made a huge pit form in her stomach. Becky tossed the tape away. She was afraid of what all this curiosity meant. Would she let Rex mount her again? Did she actually want him to do it? She was a mix of conflicting feelings and ideas.

Her infatuation started to worry her more and more. Every time she looked at Rex all she could think about was that massive tube of hard meat, and she would feel her cunny twitch. It was driving her mad. What was happening to her?

Then there was a small little pop in her head. A dark part of her that she was not at all aware of told her she would do it again. Yes. Get Rex and get that huge cock back into her tight, little pussy.

Becky opened her door. "Here, boy. Come on, Rex!" She called her dog. Her head was spinning and her breath was staggered. Rex came in, his massive cock still bobbing beneath him. She let him in and closed her door.

Acting quickly to stop herself from chickening out, she went to her bed and laid down. She took a few pillows and piled them under her hips so her ass was up and she was facing up towards the ceiling.

"Come here, Rex!" She called the dog and he went to her bed. Almost knowing what she wanted he jumped up over her. He put his front paws beside her head.

Becky looked up at the big dog and panted. She could feel her cunny had gotten warm and damp. She look along her body and could see Rex's cock hovering near her hairless pussy. With a trembling hand she reached down and took hold of Rex's cock tip.

Her heart raced. "Come on boy, give me your thing again," she said and moved the tip to her tiny pussy.

The second Rex felt it, his instincts took over. He adjusted his position and jammed forward. For a moment he felt his cock almost bend.

Becky's eyes shot wide open, "Uhhhhhh..." she groaned. The second Rex pressed against her pussy, Becky doubted her decision but it was too late. Her tiny pussy resisted the thick cock for a moment but Rex did not cease. The dog pressed it's weight into it.

"Uhhhhh ... OWWW!" Becky screamed. Her eyes opened wider. Before her she had an unhindered view of the thick dog cock and her little cunny stretching out grotesquely to accept it. Her pussy felt torn open again.

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