A Taste

by Matchead

Copyright© 2012 by Matchead

Coming of Age Sex Story: I thought that if my brother became involved in that pervert's scheme the parents would go ape-shit ballistic... it came to me to let the two of them dig their graves a bit deeper.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Brother   Sister   First   .

It started out to be a really unpleasant day. Once again my twerp brother got me in trouble. My parental units are always taking his side no matter what. The little fucker got me AGAIN and I just knew it would be no use trying to convince them that I was innocent. FUCK!! My brother, Charlie, is three years younger than me and starts high school next year. Thank God that I don't have to share the school with him for more than one year! Well, I was late for work and I was already tired. I didn't sleep well and I had to start the day dragging butt. Lately my hormones have really begun to kick in. I knew what they were and what they were supposed to do, at least in my mind, but I was not ready for the effect they had on my thoughts. The new chemicals my body had begun producing have me thinking all sorts of really sorted things about just about everyone I come in contact with. Just about every guy I see I imagine what they would look like naked or how it would feel to rub my own naked body up against theirs. In class, when the teacher walked down the isle between our seats, I caught myself sniffing deep trying to smell him as he passed. I think about what it would feel like to rub some guy's unit all over my face. I even day dreamed about walking up to some random guy I had seen on the street, pulling down his pants and sucking him hard until he came in my mouth. And I have begun getting the most disturbingly horny dreams at night that wake me with a start, leaving me sweating and with wet panties. Last night I dreamt that I walked up to my brother, naked from the waist down, while he was sitting at the dinner table with my parents present and just rubbed my crotch all over his face. That one really disturbed me. I'm just horny and tired all the time, which is part of the reason I snapped at my brother in frustration this morning, which is all that was needed to make my parent mad at me. They heard my frustrating yell; that was all the evidence they needed.

Even though I went out the door fuming, I couldn't stay that way long, not with Mrs. Wellbe's cute little baby to look after. I was helping her out with the chores of being a new mom. Baby Samantha is absolutely adorable. When I look at her it just does something to me. I just want to cuddle her and hold her close to my breasts. After she is fresh from her bath, she is just so soft and smells so nice, I have a strong desire to hold her tight. For some reason, whenever the baby is near, my nipples actually pucker.

Once, when Mrs. Wellbe had run to the store and left the baby with me to look after, I did something that was so bad, but I just could not help myself. Why, I had actually unbuttoned my blouse and popped a boob out from under my bra and stuck a nipple right into the baby's mouth. Oh, man, oh, man was that ever hot! It's hard to describe all that I was feeling. Part of that is because I got lightheaded but mostly it was because of all the things rushing about my body. It started with the huge amount of suction that the tiny baby's mouth put on my nipple. I mean, it felt as if she was sucking half of my tit-flesh into her little mouth. What a rush. That's when I almost felt like I was going to faint. Next was the funny feeling that I got in my stomach and even lower down. I actually felt my organs start to spasm or something. I mean, I could feel something tighten up down there inside me. Next came the stuff that was happening in my pants. I thought an alien had taken over down in there or something 'cause my cooch absolutely started to gush and slobber and drool like the mouth of a Great Dane or something. My panties became suddenly soaked. It was feeling so good that I sort of lost track of time and when I did looked up at the clock I about had a cow. In a rush I painfully pulled the baby off my breast. The little cutie just about kept the nipple; she did not want to let go. I have since learned from watching Mrs. Wellbe that you are supposed to break the seal first by getting a finger close to the nipple and pushing in on the breast. When I looked at my nipple I could not believe how big it was and how far it stood out from my tit. Luckily, I got put back together with just a minute to spare. I've repeated the act a couple times since. It gets better each time I do it. I would love to have my nipples sucked all the time, I just don't get the opportunities that I would like to be alone with Samantha.

Of course, I don't just help with the baby, I also help around the house, which frees Mrs. Wellbe up to breast feed the baby and stuff like that; you know, bonding type things. I also help with vacuuming and dishes and taking out the trash or whatever. The last thing I did this day was move a bunch of beer bottles out to the recycle area in the corner of the garage. They had recently had a party to celebrate the baby's birth and had served a lot of beer to all their guests. The problem was that I tried to lift a case of empties onto a high shelf and tipped the box back on myself as I pushed up. This put the open ends right at chest level and a bunch of not quite empty bottles drained their stale contents all over me. Instantly, I smelled like a brewery. Yuck.

When I got home I found my mother packing. My aunt had fallen off a step and hurt herself. My dad was going to drive my mom up-state to see what they could do to help out. My mother gave me instructions that I was to stay at home and look after my dip-shit brother [my adjective, not hers] while they were gone for a few days. She also told me that I was not to have friends over nor was I to go anywhere with friends until they got back. FUCK! In disgust I went to my room and flopped down on my bed. Bummed and tired, I fell asleep.

It was late afternoon and just starting to get dark out when something woke me. I was lying on my back with my left arm draped across my eyes. I just lay there listening to the sound of someone whispering. Keeping my breathing steady I barely cracked my eyelids, With my left eye I could peek out of the crook of my elbow where it formed a crack next to my nose. As the whispering continued, someone moved into my field of view. I could just make out a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Then I heard, "I think she's drunk." That had to be Robert, Charlie's creepy friend.

"You think she's passed out?" came back my brother's whispered response.

"Must be." replied Robert. "From the smell of the room I'd say she drunk a whole case of beer." There followed a moment of silence and then I heard Robert breath out, "Man, your sister is hot." Another silent pause and then Robert barely audibly asked, " You ever seen a girl?"

"What?" my brother hissed.

"You know," Robert replied, "tits and stuff; you ever seen a girl?"

"What the fuck are you getting at, man? She's my sister." said my brother in a not so quiet voice.

"Yeah, I know, but it's not like she's gonna know and all. I mean, look at her; she's totally wasted. And your parents are gone and all. What's the harm in a little peak?" said Robert in an urgent whisper. "Besides, when are you ever going to get another chance like this?"

I could feel the tension in the air as the question hung out there. The body moved out of my vision and then another appeared. The second one was my brother, as I recognized his shirt. I heard some shuffling sounds and then felt a push on my shoulder. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" I could hear my brother ask in a hoarse rasp from the foot of the bed.

"I just want to see if we can wake her." said Robert in an almost not quite whisper. "Hey, Melanie, you awake?" Robert said in a none too quiet voice. This was followed by a firm grip of my right arm and a good shake.

I obviously knew what was going on this whole time. At first I did not want to be bothered with a couple ass-wipes but then a plan quickly formulated in my mind. It became rather apparent right away what was going on here and where this all was headed. I thought that if my brother became involved in that pervert's scheme the parents would go ape-shit ballistic on the shit-head. All I had to do was wait a minute or two and Charlie and his friend would both be TOTALLY fucked. I just kept my cool and waited to see where this went.

"See man, I told you she was goners." said Robert in a normal conversational voice.

"But she could be faking." pleaded Charlie, no longer attempting to whisper.

"Let's see." said Robert and then I felt a hand on my right breast.

"Holy fuck!" exclaimed my brother.

"See, I told you." said Robert as he started to knead my breast. "Come on over and get a hand full. Your sis has some mighty fine tit flesh."

I could see my brother hesitate at the foot of the bed but for a moment before he rushed to the side opposite Robert. A moment later the bed moved as he crawled up on it and I then felt his hand grab onto my other breast. YES! I had the fucker! I was about to start kicking some ass when, for some reason, I held off. Suddenly it came to me to let the two of them dig their graves a bit deeper. I did not want them to say that it was all a misunderstanding. They could always just say that they were just shaking me and I must have been confused on waking. So I waited.

"Enough of this shit, man," said Robert, "let's see some tits!" With this I felt the hem of my spaghetti tee-shirt being grabbed and yanked up. It was stuck, bunched on my back; so I felt Robert shift it side to side as he pulled it up over my breasts. I knew they were now looking at my bra. Looking down, out from under my arm I saw Robert's hand reach over and at the same time felt my bra being pulled out and lifted over my breasts. Immediately I saw the top of Robert's brown hair covered head and was shocked by the feeling of my right nipple being vigorously sucked upon. I had to fight hard to not suck in a big breath of air or to cry out. Robert went at suckling my teat as vigorously as Samantha had. It also immediately had the same effect on me. I felt a gush of moisture soak my girl parts and my nipples responded in kind by becoming achingly rock hard. With a "pop" Robert released my nubbin and encouraged my brother with, "Come on, man, there's one for you too!" With that he reattached his mouth to my throbbing breast.

I saw my brother's head come into view as he leaned over me. He seemed to hesitate a moment, then let out an, "Um ... ah... " then after another pause, I think to consider what he was about to do, he suddenly lowered his mouth and joined his friend. I now had two teenaged boys sucking at my breasts with the vigorous enthusiasm of hormone driven youth. Oh, was I ever loving this! I was soon lost in the coursing through my body starting from my nipples and shooting down to my crotch.

Robert placed his hand on my belly as his mouth continued to vigorously pull at my turgid nipple. I could feel him rubbing around in a circle, sending flutters down into my pussy. I felt it squirt out a fresh batch of lubricant. Suddenly, in a flash, his hand shot downward, fingers slipping under the waist band of both my shorts and panties and coming to rest over my sodden crotch. His middle and ring fingers immediately curled into the crease that they quickly split, and just like that, he had two fingers slipping up my pussy hole.

"Fuck man, she's soaking wet!" exclaimed Robert as he attempted to fuck his two fingers in and out of my suddenly throbbing girlie parts. His movements were hindered by the constriction of my tight shorts and panties, which must have frustrated him, for he quickly withdrew his hand. Breaking off sucking at my tit, he said "Fuck this!" and quickly moved around to straddle my lower legs. Grabbing the hemline of my shorts and panties either side of my hip, Robert roughly yanked the clothes off my lower body exposing my hairy pussy to the teen boys. This was the first time any boy had seem me naked since I was a little girl, running through the sprinklers in the back yard one summer afternoon when my mother's friend visited with her equally young little boy. I suddenly remembered how we had both spent a fun afternoon running about the yard in the buff. That thought momentarily distracted me from the fact that I was now naked and being perved at by my brother's friend while my brother was trying his best to get milk from my left tittie. Robert finished removing the clothes from the lower half of my body. I heard them hit the floor as he pushed my legs apart. In no time I felt Robert spread my labia with his fingers and, without hesitation, he clamped his mouth on and started sucking at my cooch.

I stiffened as electricity shot up my spine from the contact of his mouth. His upper lip was laid across the swell of my pudendum and his lower lip ran low over my swelling outer pussy lips. Suddenly my gash was split as Robert's tongue shot out and probed for the well of my vagina. He wiggled it about for a moment or two before curling the tip and swiping it up my crease and across my hardening clit. This was repeated a couple times before my aching lungs reminded me that I had to breath. I remembered to control my breathing and to not just blow out and gasp in a breathe, like I wanted to, which was hard. I don't know why I was still trying to remain quiet. I had all the ammo I needed to shoot these two fucking idiots down. I don't know, maybe it was the the overload to my senses from the lapping my clitoris was taking that distracted me and prevented a coherent thought of action from forming in my brain. I had always been a somewhat chaste and reserved girl up to this point in my life and had not allowed boys the freedom to explore my charms as so many of my classmates were rumored to had done. I certainly had not had oral done to me as it was so devastatingly being done at the moment. Why, I had not even contemplated what it would feel like to have cunnilingus performed on me and here I was with my pussy being sucked and probed and lapped at by a very eager teen tongue.

The orgasm that barreled down upon me like a steaming locomotive out of control could not have been more devastating to my mind than an actual train would have been to my body had it hit me. A whole Fourth of July barge full of fireworks and sparks and explosions took over my head as sensations shot between the pussy and the nipple that were being sucked upon by the hungry mouths of these two boys and the twisting and pulling and tweaking of my other nipple by my brother's exploring hand. For a moment I lost track of everything as the biggest orgasm of my life gripped the very center of my being.

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