The Fairy's Gown

by womenlover

Copyright© 2012 by womenlover

Fantasy Sex Story: A fairy/human love story

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   .

There was absolutely nothing good on television that night as Gary flipped through the channels. He felt just as worthless as his infamous cable provider after having been laid off of work for the second time that year. He felt even more worthless for he was sure his wife of five years was cheating on him. She has continually been coming home later and later from the office, and while she claimed it has just been a busy month which called for late hours at work, but he knew better. He had heard the whispers on the phone and watched her outfits to work become more and more revealing. He had not wanted to go so far as actually accusing her of adultery, but at the same time he couldn't blame her; he was worthless.

So Gary, the unemployed man of thirty-six, sat on his couch in his white tank top and jeans. Half empty bottle in hand and his feet without shoes, he sat in the darkness and flipped the channels up and down, hoping to find something that would distract him from his own self-pity. His mind wandered from ideas of seeking unemployment benefits to having to find a new apartment to live alone in back to searching online for any new job he could get. He had heard Burger Barn was hiring. If he could land that, his wife was sure to leave him.

With another swing from his warming bottle of beer, Gary accepted that even television was out to ruin his life. He pressed the kill button on his remote and the last source of light in his living room went out. All that was left was the powerful moon outside beaming its borrowed light in through his sliding glass door. He could still see the cooling television in the darkness across from him, slightly glowing in his eyes as he finished the remains of his beer.

Done with his brew, Gary rose up from the couch and headed toward the kitchen of the apartment. The wind blew in from the screen of his sliding glass door to the city outside, cooling his bare shoulders as he tossed the bottle into the bin. The lights of the world outside brightened as Gary assumed the lights of a helicoptered buzzed his house, for he heard the roaring of something flying in the distance. The noise nor the lights bothered him as he continued to walk back through his living room to close the glass door and sleep his sorrows away.

As Gary reached across the doorway and grabbed onto the latch of the glass door he realized that the lights of the helicopter had not moved from his small balcony. He also realized that the sounds of the flying machine were gone. The air was silent and the light continued to beam down upon his eyes as he looked up into it. It was blinding, bright, white, and warm. Afraid, Gary stepped back into his apartment as the beam of light seemed to come down towards him. He was so confused by the white light that he forgot to latch the door shut. He stood there upon his carpet in his bare feet and jeans as the light seemed to lower down upon his balcony. Finally the light dimmed before Gary's eyes and he pulled his arm from his vision. He looked out through his screen door and saw the impossible standing on his cement balcony.

Before him was a naked girl; a ravishing, voluptuous, completely naked woman whose body seemed to glow with a faint white aura. This woman, a woman who looked thirty, just stood on Gary's balcony as if she needed to be there. Without saying a word, the voluptuous woman just stood there before him, allowing Gary to see her nudity and doing absolutely nothing to hide her exceptional body. Upon touching down on his balcony outside, she turned and saw Gary looking back at her through the screen door. As she caught the man looking at her naked body, she smiled and coyly turned to him with her fingernail placed between her white teeth. Gary found his eyes roaming up from her bare toes along her long, slender legs. Her free hand rested calmly against her tight hip, hips that hugged her bare pussy and drew Gary's eyes inside. His eyes continued up her firm stomach and tiny waist, up around her fabulously firm D-cup, breasts. His eyes soon realized that it was not a white light that was still radiating from her body but feathery, bright white wings that were brushing in the winds behind her. These fairy wings flapped softly as Gary's eyes continued along her voluptuous, ravishing face and through her long, silky, red hair that fell down her back. It was as Gary's eyes caught site of a glowing, white ring above her silky red hair that he realized this woman was not just any woman.

Gary quickly realized this woman was actually a fairy. A real fairy.

With her bare toes upon the cement, the fairy woman stepped towards the screen door. She didn't touch the screen door as she stepped closer, yet it still opened for her without anything touching it. She slipped her naked body through the doorway, allowing her glowing halo to light up Gary's living room. She tucked her giant, white wings back behind her so they could fit through the doorway. Feathers calmly fell to the ground while Gary just stood in silence. As the naked redhead with wings stepped onto his carpet and stood before him, she placed her hands on her firm hips and pressed her voluptuous breasts forward. As she did so, the screen door slid closed behind her all on its own, along with the shades of the door so that no one else could see this naked beauty.

"Have you seen my gown, Gary?" the voluptuous fairy asked as she stood before him completely naked.

"Wha ... what?" Gary asked, still completely mesmerized by the perfect body of the winged woman.

"My gown. I lost it." The redhead said. She turned her vision all over Gary's apartment as if she was expecting to find her fairy gown in his home.

"I ... I don't know ... who are you?" Gary asked.

"Dammit." The fairy said, ignoring his question. "I can't go home like this."

The redheaded fairy then presented her naked body to Gary, demanding that he look at it as if he had not realized she was naked. Of course Gary had realized the naked nudity. How could he not see how astonishingly gorgeous she was? This voluptuous woman's body was nothing short of perfection. He longed to feel her curves, running his hand along her breasts and down her tiny waist. He begged to get his hands around her body and upon her tight ass. He felt his cock pressing outward against his jeans as it thickened. It was as if his cock was trying to reach out and grab this gorgeous woman with wings as it pressed firmly against his zipper.

"Gary, you shouldn't think like that. You're married." The fairy said. "Does your wife have something I can wear?"

With those words, the woman with wings suddenly floated up off the ground above the carpet and drifted over towards the hallway that lead towards Gary's bedroom. She didn't flap her wings as her naked body suddenly levitated off of the ground. She merely tried to look over Gary's shoulder down the hall as Gary stood between her and his wife's wardrobe.

"Um ... maybe." Gary said as he looked away from the flying woman before him. "Let ... let me go see."

Gary managed to turn his vision from the flying fairy in his living room and walk down the hall. Reason and explanation had vanished from his mind. It was clear that some beautiful fairy had flown into his apartment after having somehow lost her clothes. It was up to him to search through his wife's wardrobe and give this fairy something to wear. How could he deny the request of such a glamourous voluptuous fairy?

After walking down the hall, Gary opened the doorway to his bedroom only to find that someone was already in it. Standing with her wings folded behind her was the same redheaded fairy. With one hand on her hip and the other on her chin, she didn't bother looking over to Gary as he joined her. She was busy staring right at the closet, looking for something to wear. Gary stepped slowly into his bedroom, wondering how the voluptuous naked fairy had beaten him down the hallway, yet a logical explanation would never be found.

Gary followed the fairy's eyes and looked into his own large closet. He just stood next to the naked woman and watched as hanger after hanger slid across the large rack all on its own as the fairy watched. She seemed displeased as pant suit after pant suit and button up shirt after button up shirt slid before her eyes. This was not what she wanted to cover up her nudity with. She wanted something sexier.

"Does your wife have anything ... hotter?" the fairy asked.

"Um ... she, she keeps some lingerie under the bed." Gary answered.

"Perfect!" the fairy said, and before she even turned around to the bed, the bed simply lifted right off of the ground and above Gary's head. The fairy spun around, almost hitting Gary with her feathery wings as she turned and found a small chest resting on the ground. As the fairy held the bed up in the air with her mind, she opened the chest and found exactly what she wanted.

In her hands, the redheaded fairy found a long, red night gown that she held before her eyes by tiny spaghetti straps. As she smiled at the gown, Gary couldn't help but sneak a peak at the fairy's flawless ass looking back at him. There wasn't a single inch of this voluptuous woman that wasn't perfect. She continued to let her body glow ever so slightly as Gary's eyes roamed her curves yet again. Her wings batted softly as she let a few of her white feathers dance their way to the ground around her bare toes.

Ignoring Gary's thoughts of her naked body, the fairy dropped the gown to her feet and stepped inside it. With her hands at her sides, she called to the gown to rise up and coat her bare skin, and it did just that. The silky garment simply rose up around her calves, knees, thighs, ass, and waist as she called to it with her mind. She slipped her hands through the tiny straps as the silk caressed her voluptuous, round breasts. As the straps of the gown rose up over her shoulders, Gary watched the red color of his wife's lingerie simply fade away, leaving it a glowing white just like the voluptuous winged woman's body. The gown tightened around the fairy's figure, adhering perfectly to her form and accenting her curves instantly. As the fairy smiled down at her new attire, she let light seep through it, making the material thinner and allowing Gary's eyes to gaze upon the cheeks of her impeccable ass yet again.

"Thank you, Gary!" the fairy said as she spun around and faced the unemployed man. As the fairy turned, Gary's bed slowly lowered back to the ground. He hardly notice the bed's decent as he found his eyes sucked into the fairy's fantastic cleavage. Sure, he had seen this voluptuous gorgeous fairy completely naked only seconds ago, but he couldn't move his attention from the amazing canyon upon her chest. The gown's sheerness did nothing to hide her nipples or her tight pussy as the fairy just smiled up into Gary's unblinking eyes.

"How can I repay you?" she asked as she stepped forward and eased her hand up against his chest. The moment the fairy's hand touched Gary's white shirt, in simply vanished from sight, allowing the redheaded fairy to place her soft hand against his hard chest. The fairy leaned in close to Gary's lips, easing up against him and bitting her lower lip as she pressed her hand harder against him. He could feel her warmth and her magic in her fingertips. He didn't know what to do, so he said the dumbest words he could think of.

"I ... I thought you didn't want me to think like that." He stammered as the fairy pushed him backwards. Gary heard his bedroom door shut behind him as the fairy pushed him all the way against it. "I'm married." Gary reminded the fairy.

"Not for much longer, Gary." The fairy said. She looked down at Gary's belt, and together they watched it begin to unlatch itself. The redhead smiled as she unhooked his belt with mind, pulling his belt from the loops with telekinetic powers and letting his jeans fall to his toes. She could see Gary's 7" cock about to burst from his boxers as his pants fell to the ground. The sight of Gary's arousal only made the fairy more aroused as she licked her lips at the sight of his tent. She looked away from Gary's cock and up into his eyes as she kept her hand upon his hard chest.

"Ever have your dick sucked by a fairy?" she asked him as her lips whispered into his own. He said nothing as the fairy instantly dropped to her knees before him and ripped his boxers off his hips. His hard cock bounced free before her eyes, almost poking her face as it stuck out before her. With her hands still upon his ankles and Gary's back against his bedroom door, the fairy just smiled her white smile as she eased her lips closer to his magnificent cock. She opened her mouth as she kept her eyes looking up at Gary, ready to watch his expression as she eased her lips over his shaft. With her feathery wings batting behind her, the fairy let her tongue graze Gary's dick as her lips covered it with her saliva. She took her time and pulled Gary's cock into her mouth, sucking softly and slowly as she heard the moans of the mortal man.

"Oh fuck." Gary moaned as heaven sucked his cock. He felt the gorgeous fairy's hands roam up his legs as she slowly bobbed up and down on his dick. She carefully eased her lips up and down his shaft, making sure that the lucky man felt how skilled her mouth was at sucking cock. She reached between his legs and cupped his balls as she took his cock deep into her voluptuous mouth, sucking hard on his dick and enjoying the strong moans he gave as he tried to hold himself up against the door behind him.

"You like how I suck your cock, Gary?" Gary heard the voice of the fairy echo in his mind as she rolled his balls in her hand. "You taste so good. I want your cum down my throat, Gary. Fuck my mouth."

Gary tried to grip the door knob and the wall beside him as the gorgeous fairy continued to suck him. She latched on to his dick with her hand and began to jerk him as she pulled his cock out of her mouth and let her tongue dance upon his tip. She giggled her fairy giggle as her wings softly flapped behind her. She looked up at Gary's dizzy face as her halo lit up the strokes of her hand. Unable to keep himself standing at the fabulous head he was receiving, Gary's hand shot down at clinched the fairy's red hair. His hand could not touch the halo as he gripped the silky hair of the winged beauty and forced her mouth back upon his dick.

"Oh Gary!" the fairy's voice echoed again as she was forced upon his dick. She pulled it completely down her throat, clinching Gary's ass with her hands and sucking hard on his shaft. Gary kept his hand in her hair as he tried to keep his balance. He had never realized that his cock could get so hard and so big. Perhaps it had to do with the magical fairy that was sucking his cock and pulling it with her voluptuous lips, but he wasn't about to worry or try to find out. He was just going to ram his thick shaft down this gorgeous goddess's throat as deep as it could go, and to his surprise; it went very deep.

The fairy fought back against Gary's grip and popped his dick from her mouth as she came up for air. Her tongue tickled his tip again as she jerked him hard, begging for an eruption of his tasty sperm. She giggled as her tongue licked his tip, staring up in to Gary's woozy eyes. The gown she had borrowed had fallen from her shoulders and barely clung to her mighty breasts. The magical fairy begged for his cum to spray from the tip and into her mouth. She frantically jerked his cock, flicked his tip, and ran her hand up his abs. The fairy could sense Gary's rising orgasm inside as she wrapped his shaft up with her lips again and sucked as hard as she could.

"Yeah. Fuck yeah." Gary moaned as he felt his cock ease down the woman's throat. He slammed his hands back against the wall and door behind him as sweat started to bead down his brow. His chest heaved up and down as he saw white features floating around his bedroom. The wings of the fairy began to bat at the anticipation of his cum. She sucked and stroked and pulled as his mighty dick until they both got exactly what the wanted.

"Ffffuuuuccck!" Gary screamed as his veins clinched in his neck. She shot his load down the throat of the redheaded fairy, blasting his juices inside her mouth as she continued to suck and stroke his cock.

"Oh yes! Fuck yes!" her voice echoed in his mind as she swallowed up his cum. Gary couldn't believe the amounts of cum that was bursting from his dick as he filled up the voluptuous woman's mouth. She wouldn't stop jerking his dick as he continued to shoot his warm juices into her mouth. It was exactly what this fairy wanted as she swallowed up every last drop.

Then, as the fairy pulled her mouth from his cock and came up for air, Gary shot one more blast from his dick on to her face. She giggled as the sticky semen hit her cheek, still jerking what ever she could from his cock. She just looked up at the mortal man, letting the cum drip from her face upon her fantastic cleavage as she felt his dick become tired and limp. Gary looked down at the voluptuous woman in white, cum dripping from her face as she licked her lips at the manly flavors upon her tongue.

Still stuck against the door, Gary watched as the voluptuous fairy rose from her knees and looked into his eyes. With her delicate hand still brushing his saliva-soaked cock, she giggled as she saw exhaustion on the man's face. The fairy leaned in close to Gary, easing her voluptuous head against the man's chest as she softly stroked his abused dick. She kissed his chest and sighed as she tasted the sweat of his orgasm on his pecks.

"Thank you, Gary." The fairy said.

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