Ms. Lander's Chicken Plucker Field Trip

by Mr. Mongo

Copyright© 2012 by Mr. Mongo

Erotica Sex Story: A school teacher is trapped in an automated chicken feather plucking machine and is humiliated in front of her class.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Humor   BDSM   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Enema   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Hairy   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   Violent   Workplace   .

Ms. Barbara Lander is one of those teachers male students dream about. She stands 6' height around a respectful 120 pounds. Barbara likes to keep her sandy brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. But what really catches the guys eyes are the breasts her parents bought her for graduating college they are a very "natural looking" C-cup. Ms. Lander was worse than her students she taught when it came for trying to get out of doing school work she took her students to whatever field trip she could sign them up for. Museums, art galleries, power plants, historical re-enactments, or anything that took more than an hour to drive to by bus. This time she chose a field trip that had nothing to do with history. She was taking her students to see a chicken farm that is automating its productions everything from the raising of baby chicks all the way to the slaughter. It was all she could find in short notice. The people who run the farm could not wait to show off their automated farm.

The students in Ms. Lander's social studies class that were heading out on the field trip began filling into the class to do a head count and to meet the four parent volunteers who were going to help chaperone the trip.

Ms. Lander walks to front of the class then blows a whistle to get everyone's attention. Once the students calmed down enough for her to speak she begins to introduce the chaperones starting with Mrs. Sue Clark a forty two year old heavyset woman with wavy reddish brown hair with large floppy breasts. The second mother she introduced by Ms. Lander is Ms. Kim Kowalski unlike Ms. Clark Ms. Kowalski is a tall attractive woman who does yoga along with spin class everyday to keep fit. Third on their list was Mrs. Lisa Kwan a petite little Korean woman who always had a large pretty smile on her face. Last to be introduced is Mrs. Shelly Schultz a really prim and proper tall red headed woman in her forties. Each woman volunteers for these "fieldtrips" just to screw Ms. Lander over. She just too nice, too lazy, and too pretty for their tastes. Their husbands would spend hours pretty themselves up for her getting ready for their parent teacher meetings. Like they would have a chance with her. These women are willing to do just about anything to humiliate her in front of her students.

As soon as they arrived on the farm them are greeted by Cletus Lang, medium size hillbilly looking guy who looked straight out of the movie Deliverance. He stood there waving like a maniac as the school bus entered the farm.

The first thing that caught the student's attention was the stench of chicken crap. Just about everyone pinched their noses and let loose a big "P-U!" as they were exposed to it.

"Yup, were certainly on a farm." Ms. Lander said as she covered her nose.

Cletus runs up to Ms. Lander then just about shakes her hand off when he greets her. He just can't wait to show off his new automated chicken production facility it's his pride and joy.

"Well, well, well ain't you pretty! If I had a teacher like you I would not be able get any studying done!" He said with an exaggerated wink. Ms. Lander just stood there feigning to be humiliated by his compliments.

The four mom chaperones just stood there rolling their eyes while mocking what Cletus said to Ms. Lander under their breath in a nasally tone.

All the male students were agreeing with Cletus shaking their heads while watching her big old titties jiggle with the shaking of her hand. One student yelled out "Hey man, hands off! She's our hottie! Are you trying to muscle in on what we all got cooking?" All the freshmen cracked up at that one. The four moms just looked at each other shaking their heads in disgust.

Cletus runs up to the large metal doors opening them in a corny overly dramatic manner complete with a welcoming sweeping arm movement then a bow. It was like something Charlie and the Chocolate factory with the smell of chicken shit instead of delicious chocolate. The room the students entered was well lit and sterile looking. Chickens could be seen pecking around in glass holding pens while cute little chicks bounced around on very clean looking warming table. They all seemed happy plump and active.

"I was expecting a hardly lit dirty barn but this is very futuristic looking Mr. Lang." Ms. Lang said in amazement.

"That's why I bought it! It's like a movie set straight out of Star Wars. By the way Ms. Lander you can call me Cletus." He said with a big smile and an awkward wink.

Most of the students made a beeline towards the baby chick warming beds. Everyone was cuddling with a little peeping chick. Ms. Lander had one rubbing it against her cheek. See this her students began pulling out their cell phones to capture a picture or a video of Ms. Lander with a chick. Seeing them taking pictures she began posing with the chick like a pouting spokes model doing little sexy poses for the cameras.

"Does she have no shame?" Mrs. Clark whispers to Mrs. Kowalski. Mrs. Kwan just covered her mouth as she giggles at what Mrs. Clark just said.

"Lets see if we could trip her into some chicken shit or something. That would show her." Mrs. Schultz said in a hushed tone to the three other giggling women.

"Now I assure you kids nothing bad happens to the baby chicks. But the big'uns well that's whole different story. As we step in the next room I will demonstrate how the automated system works." Cletus said as he starts moving the class to the next room.

The next room was a large glass box with a metal catwalk running along it. Connected in the center of the catwalk was a control station that handled the automated chicken slaughter, plucking, gutting, and cleaning process. Just to the left of the control center is a self-sealing door that stays locked until the process is over.

"Before we enter this room I have to hand out these skull caps. These ain't to keep you from getting hair on the chicken it is to help identify you as a human. Otherwise the system might cut your head off thinking you were a chicken." Said Cletus as he handed out the caps to all the people entering the room. Once the teens heard that they all quickly secured the caps to their heads with little complaint.

"Are you sure it's safe Cletus?" Ms. Lander asked before entering the room.

"It's damned near foolproof Ms. Lander!" Replied Cletus. "Now watch as I run the first chicken through the machine."

The first chicken in guided through the chute with blasts of air that gets it moving into the room. The chicken calmly pecks its way into the killing room unknowing what is about to happen to it. A red light from a sensor on the wall paints the chicken with a light for a split second. Once it determines it is a chicken a pair of shears attached to a robotic arm drops down in a spit second then chops off its head. The headless chicken then begins to run in a circle mush to the delight of the students as they all yelled, "Run chicken, run!" all of a sudden almost a split second two arms hold the chicken in place. A hose begins to spray a chemical used to help facilitate the removal of the feathers. Several little robotic arms drop down from the ceiling to pluck the feathers off the chicken's carcass. The little arms moved quicker than any human chicken plucker could ever do no matter how experienced or jacked up on speed.

Once the chicken was finished being plucked another arm with a sharp cutting tool attached to it slices the chicken open then a small opening sucked the guts out of the chicken in just a few seconds. Once the chicken has been beheaded, plucked, and gutted it now is ready to be washed of all impurities it might have picked up during the process. A liquid squirts out in a high-pressure stream effectively cleaning it a few seconds. The robotic arms move it to a hole in the wall about the size of a basketball. As the arms hold the chicken in front of the hole a stainless steel paddle smacks the chicken on the ass knocking it through the whole with a resounding smack.

"Well, that's that! That was all was done in half the time a human worker could. We also haven't had any work related accidents or any issues with animal cruelty. It's a god damned miracle of science." Cletus said proudly to the students.

"No accidents, I bet that machine would mutilate any person who was stupid enough to set foot in the box." Ms. Lander said to Cletus.

"The scanners can tell the difference between a human and a chicken. It can tell by body temperature, texture, and by movement. The blades will not cut into a living being to prevent animal cruelty. Your safer in that box then in your car Ms. Lander!" Replied Cletus.

"So if I walked in there it would know enough to leave me alone?" Asked Ms. Lander.

"Sho'nuff! As long as you don't act or look like a chicken it will not even look at you. Just make sure to keep that head cover on it has embedded sensors that will prevent decapitation. It won't cut your head off but it is only a failsafe device just to make sure." Said Cletus.

'We dare you to go in Ms. Lander!" Shouted her students all excited to see if the machine would do anything to their beloved teacher.

"I'll do it! But you all better let me out if it starts to get scary!" Ms. Lander yelling over her shoulder to her students as she struts into the glass room.

"You can't let her just walk in like that! She'll get gutted or beheaded by those robots!" Mrs. Kowalski yelled as she grabbed Cletus by the arm.

Jerking his arm out of her clutches Cletus turns to Mrs. Kowalski and says, "Hell we had a Mexican worker get caught in there and all that happened to her was the machine stripped her naked and plucked all her pubic hair off. She was so freaked out she ran back to Mexico. It did not hurt her in anyway" Chuckled Cletus.

The four women all looked at each other and started giggling evilly.

'This is better than pushing her in shit lets strip her and prune that bitch's bush in front of all her students! Whispered Mrs. Kowalski at the snickering mothers.

"But you said it can tell the difference between people and chickens? Asked Mrs. Clark.

"Well the stupid bitch did the chicken dance while making clucking sounds so the machine mistook her for a chicken. To make matters worse she began running in a circle trying to avoid the robot arms imitating how the headless chickens movement. All that was hurt was her pride." Cletus replied.

"Sue! Do you think you could take Cletus? Lisa, can you operate that work station?" Asked Mrs. Kowalski.

Both women said, "Yes!" in unison. "What do you want me to do Kim?" Asked Mrs. Schultz. "All you have to do is make sure her students are able to get a good eye full of their precious teacher. Don't forget to get them to get their video cameras and cell phones ready to get the whole thing recorded." She tells the very eager Mrs. Schultz.

Once the students were in position surrounding the glass box each one of them had a cell phone or video camera in their hands. Right now they were recording Ms. Lander posing with the robotic arms while making cute pouty faces at her student's cameras.

Ms. Lander just happens to see over the head of her students Mrs. Clark to appearing to be dancing with Cletus. "Silly bitch!" she says to herself. But what she did not know was the Mrs. Clark had him in a full nelson headlock pinning him against the wall. The farmer put up a good fight but the tubby bitch was too much for him.

"What cha' up to you devil woman!" Screamed Cletus at the top of his lungs while trying to escape her clutches.

"Calm down we is just going to strip Ms. Lander in front of her students." Mrs. Clark said into his ear.

"Oh, why didn't you say that first thing before getting all up in my shit! I was planning on doing that myself. I thought you four bitches figured out I was going to do it, that's why you grabbed me!" Cletus said while laughing his ass off. Mrs. Clark let him go so he could take over the controls.

The four women stepped away from the control panel to let Cletus work his magic to get the robotic arms to do their bidding.

"Now ladies fun is fun but if things get full on fucked up press the big red button to make it stop and the door to open. If the machine is running it will seal the door shut locking it until comes to a full stop." He said to the four smirking women. If she keeps her head cover on there will be no chance of accidental decapitation.

"So she is trapped in there when the machine is running?" Asked Mrs. Kowalski.


"Will it strip her completely naked and pluck out her pubic hair?" Asked Mrs. Clark

"Yup! In record time no less! That Mexican girl was swung all around in the air while the robotic arms cut away her clothes then plucked out her pubes. Man we all got a lesson in how to curse in Spanish not to mention a course in female anatomy that day." He replied to Mrs. Clark.

"All we got to do now is to get that bitch to act like a chicken" Mrs. Kowalski said while laughing evilly.

Mrs. Shultz started waving franticly at Ms. Lander trying to get her to look at her. "Come on guys! Lets see if we can get Ms. Lander to do the chicken dance!" She said in an excited tone trying to get the students to do the chicken dance. The students all started folding up their arms to imitate chicken wings while rocking their heads in a pecking motion. Some even squatted down doing a modified duck walk.

"Great the kids are doing it. Cletus start the machine up!" Mrs. Kowalski said pointing at Cletus.

Cletus starts up the machine causing the sensor to scan Ms. Lander bathing her in red light. After a second an electric voice calls out from a speaker in the ceiling. "Please leave the production area."

Just as all the robotic arms began retracting back into the ceiling Ms. Lander gives them a reason to return.

Ms. Lander could not help herself she started showing off in front of her students.

"Awww come on! You robots scared of little old me?" She said in a mocking manner.

With that Ms. Lander begins to bring her arms up into mock chicken wings while moving her head back and forth in a pecking manner making clucking sounds. When she starts to do this the scanner paints her with light a second time. This scans does not read chicken or human so it begins to move in cautiously.

Air nozzles began protruding through the walls and floor to try to use air to lead the "chicken" into position like it did to the first chicken they saw during the demonstration. Each blast of air caused her long dress to blow up into the air exposing her panties to the delight of her cheering students who were getting it all on video tape. The air from the wall nozzles blew open her blouse sending buttons clicking off the glass walls as the high school students cheered on when they saw her lacey push up bra. As the compressed air got stronger with each blast Ms. Lander used one arm to keep her dress down and the other to keep her blouse closed. She could feel the redness spread across her face, neck, and chest as her humiliation grows.

When Cletus saw this he looked at her and screamed into the microphone. "For god sakes woman don't let them air nozzles blow off that head cover. That's all you got to keep your head on your shoulders! Keep both hands on your head or you'll loose it!"

Ms. Land stood there screaming every time a blast air hit her between her legs, tits, or ass. Her dress was blasted so many times it tore up the front all the way to the belt line. With her panties now exposed the compressed air blasted the right side of her panties causing them to blow to the left exposing her sandy brown pubic hair to everyone standing around the glass box. Ms. Lander let out the most god-awful scream every time she felt the air go through her pubic hair. She tried to move all she did was to turn the other cheek allowing the compressed air to blast the left side allowing the other side to be exposed to her students cameras. One blast separated her pussy lips far enough to possibly give her an exam from across the room. All she could see was the excitement in the students' faces as they watch their hot teacher exposed by a machine. She tried to bend over to hide her shame but another compressed air blast hit her dead center as she was bent over. The blast was so fierce it blew a large hole in the front of her panties exposing her pubic hair and the top of her clit when she stands up. Ms. Lander was so embarrassed and flustered her legs began to feel weak giving them a noticeable tremble.

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