My Summer Camp Enema


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Erotica Sex Story: How I discovered enemas from a friend at summer camp.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Water Sports   Enema   .

Last summer, I decided to work as a summer camp counselor. I had just finished my freshman year at college and I was reluctant to go home for the summer because my mother had recently remarried. Her new husband is a true jerk who made it clear from the start that he was not interested in being a stepafather. My mom was relieved that I was staying away and she helped research camp jobs for me on the internet.

Because I am a very athletic girl and an art major, I had a lot of choices for jobs as counselors. However, I always wanted to travel back east so I asked my mom to find a camp on the East Coast. She found a camp in Maine that was run by former hippies and paid very well.

I liked the kids and other counselors at the camp, but the vegetarian menu was playing havoc with my bowels. I usually eat a high fiber, low fat diet, but the camp cook made a lot of dishes with strange ingredients. The odd grains and vegetables compacted in my intestines and I began to find it very hard to take a dump.

Even with all the walking I was doing, I had to strain very hard every night to pass even a few marble-sized turds. By the start of the third three-week session, my belly was cramping badly every night. One morning I woke up and could barely walk because I was so constipated. Seeing that I was in no condition to work, one of the other counselors, Suze, offered to escort my cabin of kids to breakfast.

While Suze took the kids, I lay in bed groaning from the cramps. I realized that I had no choice but to ask the camp nurse for help. Suze came back to check on me. I asked her to send for the nurse. She came back a few minutes later and explained that the nurse had left camp to drive a camper with a broken arm to the hospital an hour away. It would be at least four or five hours before she came back.

That frightened me. Not only was I in pain, but I remembered the old wives' tale about shit backing up. I didn't want that to happen. I started crying.

Suze put her arm around me and begged me to tell her exactly what was wrong. I was embarassed, but I explained the problem. To my surprise, she laughed. "Sorry, Gina, I don't meant to laugh, but the same thing happened to me when I worked here last summer. I know what to do to help you."

Suze made me promise to stay put while she ran to the nurse's station for supplies. She needn't have bothered. I could not move from the pain of my shit filled belly.

When Suze came back, she had a box of supplies. There was a large bowl, a spoon, a funnel, agallon jug of distilled water, a box of Epsom's salts, latex gloves, a jar of petroleum jelly, and a strange contraption that I didn't recognize. It was a large red rubber bag with a six foot long hose attached to a nozzle.

"What's that?!" I asked.

"An enema bag, silly." Suze replied.

I guess I'm stupid because I didn't know what that was.

Suze explained that she would use the enema bag to force a solution of water and Epsom's salts into my bowel. The salt water would both soften my stool and encourage my colon to release water. Together, this would make my bowels move.

It sounded unpleasant but I was desperate.

Suze helped me walk into the bathroom. Blushing, she asked me to take off my clothes. "You really just need to remove your bottoms if you are uncomfortable. But I can't promise your tops won't get wet."

I stripped bare because I feel pretty comfortable being naked around other girls since I played several sports in high school and was on the women's lacross team in college. Locker room showers taught me how to ignore other girls' bare flesh, but it was clear from the way Suze stared that she hadn't seen another girl's naked body before.

She blushed again and looked away hastily. As she spread a towel out on the bathroom floor, I could see that her nipples were poking out beneath the fabric of her polo shirt. Was Suze aroused by my naked body?

"Okay," Suze said "I need you to lie on your side on the towel."

I lay down. Suze took the cap off the jug of distilled water and poured it into the bowl. She emptied the carton of Epsom's salts into the water and stirred. As she made the enema solution, I saw that she was taking little peeks at me. Normally, I would have been freaked out, but all I could think about was how badly my bowels were cramping.

When the solution was ready, Suze explained that she needed to insert the nozzle into my rectum. To ease the insertion, she was going to put petroleum jelly in my anus using her fingers.

I watched her put on the latex gloves, thinking how weird it would be having a finger inside my anus. No one had ever touched me there before and no girl had ever been near my private parts. To hold me in place while she worked, Suze had one hand on the inside of my thigh while she used the other to push a soft glob of petroleum jelly into my ass.

At the first touch of that oily finger, I felt my asshole involuntarily contract. I gasped as Suze worked the finger inside me. "Sorry." she appologized.

"It's okay I guess," I told her. But it really wasn't. The feeling of the finger made my cramps start up again. I wanted to push down, but it seemed weird to push against Suze's finger. I knew she wouldn't want to touch my turd.

"Gina, I can't get the petroleum jelly in with just one finger. I need to use two, maybe three to open you anus enough to get the petroleum jelly in."

I was terrified at the thought of more than one finger invading my anus. But the though of my shit backing up my digestive system and coming out of my mouth scared me even more. I nodded and Suze scooped up another lump of the greasy stuff.

There was a burning sensation as Suze slid first one, then two digits into my anus. She widened the space between them in order to stretch my asshole. With the third finger she pushed the jelly into me and then rotated her fingers to spread it around inside me.

With the jelly lubricating my ass, the fingers didn't feel so bad. In fact, they began to feel good just as Suze pumped the fingers in and out for the last time. When she withdrew her fingers, my anus felt empty and I realized that my pussy had begun to water.

"Now, it is time for the nozzle." Suze said. "Take a deep breath, Gina, as I push it in."

Again, Suze put a hand on my inner thigh as she positioned the plastic nozzle against my anus. Her long index finger brushed against my pubic hair and my pussy ran with more juice.

The plastic nozzle was about a half a foot long and I worried about how it would feel inside me. I took the deep breath and Suze pushed. I felt my asshole begin to widen to admit the nozzle. Aided by the petroleum jelly, the plastic rod slid right in.

"Now, I add the solution," Suze explained. Still I wasn't ready for the feeling of the cool water flowing into my bottom. I could feel it gurgling deep inside.

As the water slowly entered me, my anus began to slightly contract. In response, my pussy watered even more. As my juices ran, the part of my thigh Suze was touching grew slick. Just then, a cramp hit me and I writhed in pain. My sudden movement sent Suze's finger sliding right into my wet pussy.

We both froze and I looked down between my legs to see my friend's slender finger pushed to the hilt inside my pussy. Suze started to withdraw it, but the movement was too much for me to handle. I cried out and came in a crushing orgasm that gripped her finger as my pussy walls contracted rhythmically.

I blushed furiously as the waves of pleasure died away and Suze was able to withdraw her finger.

"Oh, Gina don't worry about it. It happens to me sometimes, too,"


She smiled sheepishly. "I should have warned you."

Actually I was little glad that she hadn't. I had missed my boyfriend while I was at camp, but didn't want to get involved with anyone else. So I hadn't had sex in over two months. The orgasm was long overdue.

Suze realized that enough enema solution had entered my body. She with drew the nozzle and then encouraged me to lift my knees onto my chest and rock side to side. I did so, but realized that the position afforded her a vision of my sopping wet pussy. I could see her hard nipples through her shirt and wondered if the finger in my pussy had really been an accident.

Sure enough after a couple minutes of rocking, I realized that Suze was panting. She didn't know I was looking, but one hand was stroking her pussy mound through her shorts. I watched as she slid her hand up the hem and caressed herself.

The sight made me reach down between my own legs and finger my swollen clit. All of my tissues felt ultra sensitive and within a few seconds I reached orgasm again. This time, my moans were joined my Suze's cries of passion.

We looked at each other shyly. I opened my mouth to say something, but just then, the biggest cramp of all seized me. I felt a huge log of shit start inching down my bowels. "I think it's working!" I told Suze.

"Good Gina, just try to keep the solution in a little longer. Meanwhile, there's something I want to do for you."

Suze knelt between my legs and began to lick my upturned pussy. The faster she licked, the more I could feel my shit moving. By the time I hit my third orgasm, there was a gush or dirty water from my ass. I looked down to see the tip of a massive turd was actually poking out of my stretched anus.

"Help me to the toilet!" I begged Suze.

"No way!" SHe replied. "It might go back up. I'll catch it in the bowl."

Suze slid the rim of the bowl just below my anus. By now the turd had emerged another couple inches. It was growing wider as more and more came out. I had to reach down and spread my ass cheeks to avoid getting them smeared. I thought that it would start to break off, but it was very firm. Soon the turd had come out five inches and was three inches in diameter. I thought it would split me open, but Suze had lubricated my ass so well that the shit stick just continued to slide out.

Still the pain was intense. I began to moan. Suze mistook my cries for lust and began finger fucking me. Her long fingers hit my g-spot over and over again.

Menwhile, my stool stuck out a full foot. It hadn't even begun to curve. Each cramp forced out another inch. It was over 4 inches in diameter. This made my pussy very tight against Suze's fingers. The friction made my labia drag against my clit. I had another orgasm.

This time, the contractions forced the rest of the turd out. It fell ito the bowl. I could see that it was a foot and a half long and almost five inches in the middle.

I felt some relief, but something told me there was more. I ignored Suze's protests and crawled to the toilet. Sitting there, I felt my anus begin to gape again. Suze came over and force my leg apart so that she could see another huge turd emerging. This one was even bigger in diameter. It felt like giving birth out of my ass.

I groaned in pain and Suze continued to watch the log come out of my body. It was not as firm as the first one and began to coil when it touched the bottom of the toilet. The turd continued pushing out in a snake-like fashion. Suze watched in fasination as my body relieved itself.

Her own fingers were buried in her cunt, pumping in and out. I could hear it making sucking sounds.

At last the final bit of firm turd plopped free. I squatted over the toilet seat to wipe myself. "Thank you Suze!"

"You're welcome, Gina." she replied.

"Gina, you need more water to make sure your empty."

I thought about what she had said the thought of more poop in my body frieghtened me. "Your right Suze."

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