A Hot Night With Kate Winslet

by womenlover

Copyright© 2012 by womenlover

Erotica Sex Story: The hot adventure of the British blonde beauty.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Celebrity   .

Kate Elizabeth Winslet drove through the backwoods of Massachusetts on her way to the classy resort Julia Roberts had told her about. Canyon Ranch or something similar was the name and Kate had just finished filming a scene off her newest movie and decided to see if Julia was right about the resort.

However, Kate would have to find the place first. She had been driving for almost an hour now and maybe a total of five houses the entire time.

"Screw it, this is insane I have got to get directions."

Kate sighted a truck pulling into a driveway and decided to see if they'd have directions. It was almost 1 a.m., so she was hoping they wouldn't be too angry, but she had to take a chance.

She drove up the driveway a minute after the truck and the driver, now outside looked puzzled at the car driving up. Kate got out of her car and walked up to the young man.

"Hi, I hate to bother you this late, but uh, well I'm lost. I'm looking for this little resort and..."

"You're Kate Elizabeth Winslet."

"Uh yeah I am." Kate replied sheepishly.

"Holy shit. Wow ... this is like unbelievable. I'm talking to Kate Elizabeth Winslet in my driveway!"

The young man chuckled and Kate smiled. She then noticed he was wearing a movie theatre uniform and was actually very good looking, despite looking no more than 18.

"So, do you think you can help me get directions?"

"Oh yeah, we can just use my computer in the house, and come on in, we won't wake anyone up, my family just left on vacation, but I stayed cause I couldn't get out of work."

"Yeah, the movie I'm filming is taking a week-long break, it's nice. Sorry you couldn't get your vacation."

"Ah it's fine, I like the quiet. Very rare in this house. Oh, I'm Luke by the way." Luke opened the door to the house with his key and welcome Kate inside.

The house was small but quaint and Luke led her downstairs to his room. He sighed with relief that he had cleaned it up the other day and he led her to his computer. He logged on and realized that his current wallpaper was that of Kate herself.

His smile was sheepish, but she grinned, she looked so sexy in that picture, and this young stud looked at it all the time.

"So, you have any more pictures of me on here?" She asked with a mischievous smile. Teenage guys with computers always meant porn.

"I ... uhhh ... yeah I do. You're like one of my favorite actresses and you're gorgeous so yeah, I love looking at you." He was blushing like crazy.

"Open up the folder with all my pictures, I want to see them."

"Ok, but there's some fake pictures in there too ... no one of them look all that good." He was still blushing and she leaned in close to him, she sniffed the air curiously.

"Oh well, I'll see ... and why do I smell popcorn?"

"Ahhh, my uniform, you mind if I change out of it, it was a long night at the movies."

"Ok, and don't worry I won't peak." She winked as he walked towards his closet and started changing, she started browsing through the photos, many of them photo shoot pictures, other screen caps and then ... the fake nudes.

She was curious to see them, she knew her body quite well. She loved looking in the mirror whiled she masturbated. Then she realized that this chair was where Luke played with himself thinking about her.

She started to get horny and she peaked over and Luke was in nothing but his boxers. He wasn't overly muscular, but he was in shape and he had a good body. He was going to help her out, she figured, she might as well reward him.

Kate got up from her chair and walked over to Luke, who turned as he heard her walking towards him.

"Did the pictures bother you? I'm really sorry if they offended you ... I"

"Luke ... you said I was gorgeous. Do you masturbate thinking about me?" She looked him in the eyes and then glanced downwards to see his raging hard-on through his boxers. "Well, does the thought of me get you nice and hard?"

"Oh god yeah ... just you standing here right now has got me hard as a rock."

"Mmmm ... good." Kate dropped to her knees and pulled Luke's boxers down over his cock.

She licked her lips, it was a good seven inches and it was standing at attention inches from her face, she wrapped her hand around it and he moaned. Kate looked up at Luke, leaned forward and licked the head and groaned again.

"I can't believe this is happening..."

"Mmm ... believe it baby ... now tell me how this feels."

She deep throated his cock and sucking like there was no tomorrow, Luke grabbed her head running hands threw her silky blonde hair.

Between moaning, he murmured "Oh Kate, Fuck ... yeah".

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