Ahmad and Boshra

by womenlover

Copyright© 2012 by womenlover

Erotica Sex Story: His adventure with the famous singer.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Celebrity   .

Ahmad walked into the club after a really hard day at the office. It was about 9 pm on a Friday night in Cairo, and party seekers were starting to hit the town. Ahmad was not among them; he simply wished to unwind with a hot chocolate and maybe find a pretty young thing to take back to his apartment and celebrate his promotion. He ordered a Corona drinking chocolate from the waiter and he took two long sips from it and sighed.

His eyes scanned the cafe, after many weeks of turning up at this cafe he pretty much knew which girls he could pull.

He wasn't bad looking at all and prided himself in keeping his style updated so he rarely found it a problem to find someone to take back to his apartment.

Just then, a girl caught his eye and he couldn't help but stare. The girl looked as if she had some far Western parentage and there are beautiful freckles on her face, and her tits were large enough to make a big impression on Ahmad. She was wearing a little red dress that defined all of her perfect curves, but still left Ahmad knowing that she wasn't some cheap slut.

It suddenly dawned on Ahmad as to who this woman was and why Ahmads attention was so focused on her.

It was Boshra بشرى, the famous Egyptian actress and singer and she was now doing lots of cinema work. Ahmad felt a familiar stirring in his cock as he recalled her heavenly voice in her song, lovely eyes and those famous scenes of her and her song "Ana Mish Malak" - I'm not an Angel- that he had so enjoyed.

He then remembered that she was supposed to be in a serious relationship and so she couldn't be here to find a man to make her feel good (she had often commented on her healthy sexual appetite). But Ahmad knew that he might as well try; she is possibly the most beautifully sexy woman working in cinema and singing and he wouldn't forgive himself for not trying.

He decided that perhaps the best tactic would be to feign ignorance of her celebrity status.

He walked up to her and introduced himself. His cock took another involuntary lurch as his eyes were drawn to her sizeable tits and he swore that he could see that her nipples were erect.

She laughed at his jokes and flirted back to him and Ahmad could not believe it: there was actually a chance that she might be up for it!

They had a couple more drinks together and then Ahmad, emboldened by the booze, plucked up the courage to ask her back to his apartment.

To his amazement, she leaned over him and whispered in her sexiest tones:

"Darling, I've been wondering when you would ask. I've gone over a year without relief; my limp dicked husband is always so tired."

Ahmad managed to reply (his erection was starting to become extremely uncomfortable) and he couldn't wait to get her back to his place. Still, he couldn't miss the chance to dance with her, so he led her towards the centre of the dance floor and began to grind with her.

Emboldened by his success, he reached down and started to squeeze her luscious arse.

She moaned softly and began to grind herself more desperately against him. She leaned into him and whispered into his ear:

"Please rub me I need it soo bad."

Ahmad nearly ejaculated into his pants with that suggestion. He stroked his hand softly round her firm ass and up her thigh. He couldn't believe himself when, as he ran his hand up her thigh, he felt the un-mistakable outline of suspenders. He slowly ran his hand up her thigh (her short dress, and crowded dance floor making it easy to be discreet) and cupped her wet, panty covered crotch.

Boshra moaned into Ahmad's ear when he began to massage her aching pussy, her mind full of desire and the hope that after weeks of tension (having not had a human companion, her toys could only go so far), she might finally get her release.

Ahmad's fingers came to rest on Boshra's throbbing clit and he lightly rubbed her through her now soaking panties. He built up speed and Boshra couldn't take much more. Just as she was about to cum into her g-string, Ahmad stopped.

"Please," moaned Boshra, the desperation in her voice evident, "Please just let me cum"

Ahmad returned his skilled fingers to Boshra's aching pussy. He easily pushed aside the thin wet layer of her panties and plunged two fingers into her dripping snatch. Boshra nearly screamed out loud as Ahmad pistoned his fingers in and out of her tight cunt and his thumb moved to once again stimulate her clit.

"Oh yes, please keep doing that, oh I'm going to cum."

This was simply far too much for Boshra; she pressed her lips in to Ahmad's and savagely attacked him with her tongue as her body lit up in orgasm.

Ahmad returned the kiss as he withdrew his soaking fingers from her dripping snatch. He had never really considered himself lucky in life, but now he couldn't have felt luckier. Here he was kissing the sexiest woman alive after just bringing her to orgasm in a crowded dancefloor.

Both Ahmad and Boshra simultaneously pulled each other away from the dance floor and both of them felt the knowing glances from the couples nearest them and they made their way out of the club.

Once they were outside, Boshra spoke.

"Ahmad you made me feel soo good in there, where is your apartment so I can return the favour."

"It's about 10 mins away," Ahmad replied, "I haven't got my car though so we will have to take a cab."

"No, here's my car.I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold out until we get to your place." Boshra replied saucily, with a little wink.

Ahmad really couldn't believe this, Boshra with an inclination for public sex. Hell he wasn't going to complain, he'd always wanted to try.

Ahmad & Boshra reached her car and let Boshra in first.And she turned on the partition wall between front and rear cabin that her driver won't see what's going on in the back. As soon as he sat down, she attacked him again; passionately kissing him their two tongues entwining. Ahmad moved a hand down to Boshra's sumptuous tits and began to massage her through her dress (he realised how great her tits truly are when he found the lack of a bra), feeling her nipples harden to his touch.

"Oh yes please keep rubbing my tits like that, my nipples are soo sensitive." Moaned Boshra

Boshra was true to her word; she traced her finger down his taught stomach towards the bulge in his jeans and began to squeeze his rock hard cock. She undid the zipper of his jeans and pulled his large piece of meat out of his underwear and let it stand proud.

He heard Boshra gasp at the sight of his 9" cock, his veins bulging in reaction to her soft touch.

"I really wish my husband was this big," said Boshra in hushed tones, "just looking at it makes me feel so hot."

She started to jerk him off as Ahmad began to stroke his hand into her dress and feel her large bra-less tits. He found his way to her nipple and started to roll it in-between his thumb and finger, and she sighed with relief. She started to return the pleasure as she, with her heavenly touch, began to massage the head of his penis.

A loud cough snapped them out of their trance. The driver had stopped; they were at Ahmad's apartment. Boshra and Ahmad shared a slightly embarrassed glance as Ahmad quickly stuffed his massively hard cock into his constrictive jeans.

Boshra handed her driver a crisp 200 LE note and whispered for him to keep the change and the secret.

The heavily aroused couple ran up the stairs to the door of the apartment and Ahmad barely managed to fumble his way as he typed in his code (Boshra was seriously horny).

They practically ran inside and Ahmad threw his shirt off and embraced Boshra in yet another passionate kiss. Whilst their tongues were locked in combat, he managed to begin to take the straps off Boshra's great dress and he broke the kiss and she stepped out of the dress, finally revealing her sumptuous form to him.

He took in her perfect body: his eyes travelling past the beautiful face that made her so attractive, he took in her full breasts (he could now testify that they were NOT fake), and he looked at her lower half. The stockings and suspenders that he had discovered earlier did not disappoint as he soaked in her magnificence, he didn't fail to notice the mark of a pro: her red and black thong was placed over the suspenders.

He couldn't wait to feel her lovely cunt stretching over his large (now extremely uncomfortable cock) nor could he wait to feel her talented tongue envelop his cock.

He pulled her toward the bed as he kicked off his clothes, and he roughly shoved her head towards his bulging member. Boshra licked her lips in anticipation, she couldn't believe how wet she was getting; her husband had never treated her like this and she loved it. She started to lick the head of Ahmad's erection and licked up the first drops of pre-cum, her tongue savouring the unusually sweet taste.

As Ahmad moaned in appreciation, she began to take longer licks, ensuring that his entire penis was covered in her saliva.

She took about half of his length into her mouth, never breaking eye contact with Ahmad. He knew that he would not be able to hold out much longer; the sight (and pleasure) of Boshra perfect tits wobbling as she sucked him, and the sight of her lusty eyes looking into his, was too much to bear.

Her tongue was truly incredible; she was obviously an expert at sucking dick. Whilst she took another couple of inches into her warm, wet mouth, she started to massage the tip of his cock with her tongue, and she knew that Ahmad loved it: he groaned and sent another few drops of precum down her waiting throat.

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