The Frat Party

by wilcoxfun

Copyright© 2012 by wilcoxfun

True Sex Story: Fun party at the Frat house one night. Two ladies and several of the brothers have a moment together.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Orgy   Interracial   .

I was a member of a frat in college. We were the party frat and known for some great parties. Fact is we got kicked out of our house! I have always suspected that our frat was the one used to create Animal House. But, of course, Hollywood was much more pg than the real frat. So these were good old style parties with a lot of ladies and just a small amount of drinking (trust me).

One of our rooms was a mattress room. It was a special room for parties that went beyond what happened on the dance floor or in the game room. The guys had an agreement that if a person went into the party room with the mattress then others could watch and if invited by the lady join in. There was always a hope that the lady would be really hot and horny and invite more to come join in the fun.

I remember one night a Linda was really wanting to be played with more than what was acceptable in the dance area. Yes, even us frat guys had some rules about decent behavior because we had dates and wives there as well. If they got offended we might not get to come again.

Back to the Linda who was ready for more. Her date was Tom a rich kid from Jersey. Linda, who from Chicago, was always an easy fuck so often she dated one of our frat brothers. She finally told Tom, "I want to fuck!"

I heard it and Tom smiled at her and asked "Do you want to go into the party room with the mattresses?"

She said, "Fuck yes!" So off they went to the mattress room for a party.

Now my girlfriend, Karen, was playing pool. I went up and whispered in her ear, "I am going to the back room where the mattress are to watch want to come with me?"

She laughed and told me, "No, she would pass. Now honey, don't get too hot without me there!"

A couple of other guys who were dateless went back to watch Linda fuck Tom. So we had a total of five us watching or being directly involved in the moment.

Linda was really into the whole scene. She told Tom, "Fuck me hard. I want the guys see you come in me. Give it to me."

Tom did the best he could but I guess us watching and her calling for him to fuck her hard just got him too turned on. He shoot off into her pussy.

It was clear that Linda was disappointed. Linda said, "Cliff do you want to fuck me now? I really got an itch that needs to be scratched."

My reply was: "I felt I should not because of my girlfriend."

She told me, "That is what I like about you Cliff, you know where to get your pussy."

Now the other guys were not waiting. They were stripping down and she giggled. "More cock to play with!"

Tom sat and watched as Linda began to work on Rich and Steve. She was sucking on Rich while Steve was fucking her.

It was really hot to watch this happening. I was getting hard myself and wondering if I made a mistake not jumping Linda when she offered.

Karen came in about this time and stood watching with me. Actually she unzipped me and whispered into my ear, "This is making you horny! Watch her take that cock and suck on it and oh look at how she is fucking that hard cock. Now honey, imagine me doing that with Rich and Steve!"

Man, I was so hard and she knew she needed to help me out. So Karen bent down and started sucking on my cock. I was watching these two really give Linda a time and here my girl was sucking me off. When I came she swallowed it down and said, "That was good. But this is getting me horny."

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