Stepdaddy's Guide to Spanking

by Stepdaddy

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Erotica Sex Story: As the "Dear Stepdaddy" advice columnist, I receive more inquiries about one topic than any other -- the proper method for spanking teenaged girls (a large proportion of these questions come from the girls themselves). Rather than constantly repeating myself, I've decided to post this helpful guide.

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'Once maiden starts to monthly bleed,

Clear increase in her spanking need.'

I do not recall the precise source of this charming couplet. Perhaps it is Marlowe's, or from Alexander Pope. Or perhaps I penned it myself in days gone by, inspired to its truth in the observation of a young niece's jutting bottom. Frankly, I don't recall (although I do vividly recollect eventually obeying the maxim to the max with the self-same niece!)

An undisputed fact is that the Dr. Spock "bible" of child-rearing has certainly done its damage over the past few decades, focusing as it does on the "self-esteem" model and forbidding spanking as a form of discipline. Gentle spanking of young children, along with time-outs, denial of television, and the like, are effective and necessary. The woefully disrespectful culture of today's youth is clearly a result of widespread failure by parents to employ this and other forms of discipline with their pre-teens.

The dynamic forces that make spanking young children effective are straightforward. Some mild stinging pain, some embarrassment, and the disruption of the normal routines of parental relations all serve to correct wayward behavior. Although I endorse this form of spanking if used judiciously, that it not the subject of Stepdaddy's Guide to Spanking.

Instead, I offer my expertise to that second phase of spanking effectiveness, that which serves to modify behavior in teenage girls, and, if they were lucky enough to be properly educated as a teen, behavior in women later in life as well.

The mechanics that make this form of spanking effective are very different from those of childhood spankings. Post-pubescent spankings work through sexual energies, which will be of no surprise to my female readers.

In hopes that many more responsible adults will begin introducing teenage girls to the experience of proper spankings, I offer the public this guide.


It should go without saying that spanking should be reserved for girls only. The only allowable exception is if the administrator, in his best judgment, decides that it is necessary and potentially effective (either for the discipline of the subject or for the gratification of the administrator) to spank a sissy-boy dressed as a girl.


For proper spankings, you must ensure that the recipient is of sufficient emotional maturity to appreciate fully the purpose and intention of a big-girl spanking. A prerequisite is therefore that she be physically mature enough to respond physically to the stimulation. For this reason, I suggest waiting until the girl is at least pubescent. This might mandate an age as young as fourteen, for the first session. On the other hand, if she is already sixteen and has never been spanked, it is probably too late to get the best behavior-modification results from the castigation (although you can try – and try again – anyway). It is indeed a fine line when it comes to the proper age of initiation to erotic punishment.


It is important to select a location well-suited to the occasion. A home study, appointed in a masculine fashion, perhaps in dark woods and leather, is ideal. Take care, however, when acquiring furniture for this study/discipline chamber. A rich leather desk chair, although visually appropriate, is of no use if it has arm rests to block your young charge from her proper position across your lap. If there is room for it in your study, a leather couch will serve nicely.

An alternative setting is the girl's own bedroom, especially if decorated in pink or in princess motifs, stuffed animals, boy-band posters, or the like.

Other settings, although less ideal, will serve in a pinch. For example, if the occasion arises while the two of you are wearing PJs at breakfast, a kitchen chair can be employed. Or, if the recipient is the ninth-grade babysitter you are driving home, then the spacious backseat of your car may have to do.


You and your charge must be alone. I have read many stories around the internet involving mothers assisting and encouraging fathers or other authority figures in the bare-bottomed punishment of their own daughters, but in my experience, this is quite rare. Don't assume their support for such a thing. So in most cases you must await an opportunity when the girl's mother (who might be your wife, your sister, your sister-in-law or, if unrelated, the parent of your student, Sunday school pupil, or babysitter) is somewhere else.

Her Costume or Uniform:

She must be nude, or wearing only a bra and panties (white cotton), or wearing a skirt (schoolgirl plaid or cheerleader pleats) that can be flipped up over her lower back easily to expose her bare bottom or those white cotton panties. Of course, her costume will probably evolve as the session progresses, i.e. the panties will be pulled down around her thighs for a while at some point, before being removed completely.

Your Clothing:

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