Judy Acted Improperly

by dawn1958

Copyright© 2012 by dawn1958

Erotica Sex Story: Judy was a happily married woman and a mother of two grown daughters. Then one day she was surprised by a young men who was dating one of her daughters and she quickly found out what lust and desire was all about.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   .

Please email me your comments or suggestions, as I appreciate hearing from readers who take the time to give feedback. This story is written for a dear friend who sent me her dreams and I hope she likes this version.

Judy was a happily married woman with two teenage daughters. Like most girls, they were adventurous and never liked doing anything their parents wanted. Julie was 19 and into her second year of college while Jill was 18 and in her first semester of nursing. Both girls had boyfriends who they had dated for over a year and it seemed the couples spent a lot of time doing things together. Judy got to know both boys very well and she thought they were well-mannered young men.

Life took a serious misstep or it might have been called a drastic diversion on a weekend in May. Judy's husband left early Friday morning for a weekend conference and she was home with the girls. Well, she assumed it would be a great opportunity for some bonding time with her daughters, but that quickly changed when their boyfriends came over. They all spent Friday running small errands around the city and then Judy cooked the evening meal on the barbeque.

Judy might have consumed one too many glasses of wine, but she never minded because she wasn't going anywhere. She cooked steaks and everyone had a nice, relaxing dinner on the patio. The weather was perfect so the teenagers decided to stay outside for a swim and to play games afterwards. Judy was well aware of the boyfriends' interest in using the secluded backyard pool and she fully understood their youthful desire to see her daughters dressed in skimpy bathing suits.

She declined the offer to join the couples and couldn't resist giving her daughters some witty advice before going inside. "You girls be good and don't do anything I wouldn't do," she said. Julie and Jill simply gave their mother a knowing grin and wink, as they hurried off to change into their bikinis.

Judy gave the kitchen a quick clean before heading upstairs. She decided to have a nice hot shower and then watch some television before going to bed. After the shower, she simply dressed in very casual lounging pants and a loose fitting nightshirt, which was basically an oversized t-shirt. She seldom wore any under garments to bed and never considered wearing anything else on this night. The TV in her bedroom was convenient so there was no reason to go downstairs and she eventually fell asleep watching some nondescript show.

Judy dozed off during the show and it was around eleven when she woke with an awful thirst. The house was deathly quiet when she shuffled out of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen for something to drink. There were no lights on in the hallway, but Judy easily found her way in the dark. She heard strange sounds coming from the backyard and correctly assumed one of her daughters was on the secluded patio with her boyfriend.

There was a window at the end of the second floor hallway and Judy approached it with hesitation, as she realized that she would be spying on her daughter. The window looked out over the backyard of the Victorian two-story and it gave her a perfect view of the patio and swimming pool. Judy let out a sharp gasp when she noticed her oldest daughter and boyfriend in an extremely compromising situation.

Much to Judy's dismay, her innocent daughter had something recognizable and yet very unfamiliar in her fist. The teens lay beside each other on their backs and Julie had her right hand inside her boyfriend's pants. Judy's eyes almost bugged out of her head when she noticed her daughter lower the pants and reveal her boyfriend's impressive penis. Julie's fingers looked dainty and very small wrapped around a thick pulsing, teenage cock. A shiver shot through Judy's entire body when she imagined what something that big and hard must feel like.

The teens had obviously changed into t-shirts and sweatpants after taking a swim and they were relaxing on lounge chairs. Julie fisted the upstanding penis with one hand and cupped her boyfriend's balls with the other. The teen's sweatpants were down around his knees and everything was in plain view for Judy to see. Adding to the immoral scene was the fact Julie's shirt was up around her neck and her boobs were brazenly exposed to her boyfriend. He molested them and seemed to concentrate on the large nipples, which appeared to be in an overly erect state.

Judy's first inclination was to rush outside and order her daughter to stop the sexual fondling at once, but she couldn't move. Her feet remained planted on the floor and she leaned forward trying to get a better look. Judy put her hands on the sides of the window frame and her arms trembled when she supported the weight of her torso, as she leaned towards the glass. There was no fear of being seen, as the only lights were outside, and she felt like a sleuth spying on something morally wrong.

The teenagers were oblivious to anyone being around and suddenly Julie's hand began a slow and deliberate pumping up and down the long, thick shaft. Each time Julie's hand came up and surrounded the bulbous head, she sort of cupped her boyfriend's cock-head, giving it a deliberate, firm squeeze. The boy uttered plenty of nervous giggles and soft whispers and he eagerly encouraged Julie to keep going.

Judy's legs trembled just like her arms when she noticed the boy's stomach heaving in and out to indicate he was becoming overly aroused. Fully engrossed in the illustrious scene, Judy never heard anyone. All of a sudden she froze! Judy sensed the presence of someone behind her and the person's face was directly behind her right ear. Hot whiffs of their panting washed across the side of her face and Judy almost fainted. Wet lips touched her ear and her heart beat out of control. "Spread your legs ... spread your feet apart."

The hot breath continued caressing the side of her face and seemed to paralyze every muscle in her body. When big hands flashed past her head and clamped down on top of hers, nailing them to the window frame, Judy merely flinched. All of a sudden a foot slipped between her bare feet and deftly nudged her feet apart. It would take her years of wondering why she didn't spin around and run down the hallway. Her feet were apart so they were equal to the spread of her hands and Judy felt her knees threatening to buckle. Her arms continued trembling like crazy, but she managed to keep her balance without falling face first into the glass.

"I've wanted to touch you for a long time ... a long, long time," the stranger whispered.

Judy was confused. She never understood why something so wrong and sinful made her feel stimulated. Whoever stood behind her moved his hands to her hips, but she was powerless to move her hands, which stayed firmly nailed to the window frame. The strange fingers dug into the soft flesh of her waist and her body remained motionless while her heart beat so fast that her face became fully flushed. Suddenly the fingers grabbed the bottom of her nightshirt and Judy never resisted when the garment was pulled out of the waistband of her pants.

Her shirt was lifted and held above her breasts while she stood riveted on the spot. "Your breasts ... tits are gorgeous. I've wanted to touch them from the first time I saw you."

Judy was positive she screamed, as her mouth was wide open. Her brain yelled at the intruder to stop and wondered why he wasn't listening. Then she felt a big hand cup her bare boob and fondle her. She was too afraid to look behind and stared straight into the dark shinny glass, as she lost sight of the two teenagers on the patio. Her breathing got extremely ragged and uneven when a hand closed over one of her titties and strong, determined fingers instantly surrounded the nipple, which seemed overly erect.

"Your tits are so nice and luscious. I've loved them since my first date with Jill."

'Oh my gawd, it's Chad, my daughter's boyfriend.' Judy's eyes closed tightly, as she was too afraid to move or do anything. Her mind rushed over the numerous possibilities and suddenly she remembered her daughter having a night shift at the nearby hospital. Jill worked part time, as a nurse just to get extra training for her college degree, and it wasn't out of the ordinary for her boyfriend to spend the night in her room while she was away. Judy realized her daughters had sexual relationships with their boyfriends and she didn't mind it at all.

"I've dreamed of this for the longest time," the boy whispered. Her ear was in his teeth and he sort of blew his words across her rosy cheek. "Your tits are so soft ... so luscious."

Judy felt sorry for the teen, but wondered why her sanity had vanished. Much to her dismay, the words came out of her mouth for the first time. "Please stop. You can't do this ... please stop." She had never felt anything so demanding and yet so stimulating.

The teenager let go of her boob and placed his hand in the center of her back. He almost pushed her face-first into the window and then he put his other hand on her ass. "Keep your feet apart. Stand still," he whispered. Chad caressed her butt cheeks one at a time in a most loving fashion and it didn't take long before his youthful mind was out of control.

Judy knew it was only a prelude to further molesting, but she held perfectly still even when his fingers got adventurous. His daring fingers slipped into the crack of her ass and slowly traced a path up and down the soft, luscious valley. Her breathing came to an abrupt halt when his fingers hastily slipped under the elastic waistband and swooped downward into the vast wetness.

Before she could react, the teenager stripped her pants. He left her standing on rubbery legs with her arms and legs outstretched in a most precarious position. Chad swiftly pulled her pants off and then he shifted her away from the window. He kept her arms outstretched by grabbing her around the wrists and he planted her hands firmly on the wall, just as they were on the window frame. There was nothing holding her hands pinned to the wall; yet she was powerless to move them.

It was something a person would read in one of the smutty magazines; a mother in a sexual encounter with a teenage boy. Judy remained motionless staring into the blank wall, as Chad ripped off his clothes. His face returned to the back of her head and again his mouth touched her ear. "You're the sexiest woman in the world. I've dreamed of doing this to you for the longest time." Then he pressed his naked body tightly against her.

The dire prediction should have made her run or at least made her angry. Judy felt the teenager's rigid body pressing against the length of her own, but it was the obvious hardness of one thing that garnered her complete awareness. Chad deliberately moved his cock up and down in a teasing fashion, which seemed to appease his seductive nature.

Without warning, he nudged Judy's feet further apart and at the same time dipped his hips. Abruptly Chad stood up a little higher and pushed his manly cock into the fiery pit. Her labia were already inflamed, as the pecker pressed against the leaking pussy lips, magically forcing them apart just a small amount. Nothing moved or no sounds were heard in the dark hallway for what seemed like an eternity.

Judy couldn't remember being so wet. It seemed her juices flowed freely in preparation of what lay ahead and a vivid picture of a large teenage cock filled her head. Then the most threatening moment of her life happened. The teen sort of adjusted his hips a couple of inches and tilted his pelvis, hitting the mark with the pointed end on the very first try. Judy had never felt anything go through her wetness so smoothly or so easily. Without any hesitation, the teenager thrust his hips just enough to embed the head and an inch or two of his imposing prick.

Judy held her breath and knew she had to say something real quick, or disaster would strike. "Dear gawd, please don't. Take it out, please," she begged. "Please take it out. I can't ... I'm not taking anything."

Judy virtually poured gasoline on the fire. The teenager realized the mother was vulnerable. Judy wasn't on birth control, which seemed to inflame his mind. "In a minute ... just give me a few moments," he whispered. "I need to feel you ... then I'll stop. I'll pull out ... promise!"

"Dear gawd, you have to take it out." Even when she said it, Judy knew she was only kidding herself. She couldn't understand why her legs remained paralyzed and why she couldn't run away. Her pleas sounded silly and ridiculous, as she should have easily escaped the threatening encounter by taking charge of the situation. Instead she stood motionless, as if waiting for something.

"I will ... I will," he said. Chad's hips thrust upwards with a more determined manner. He felt the most intense heat surround more of his long shaft and then he couldn't resist. Chad straightened his knees all the way and he inserted the rest of his swollen rod.

Judy's mouth hung open in the most lewd display and she let out a long, frantic moan. "Oh, ooooh, noooo." There was something very different about this experience, yet she feared letting things progress any further. "You have to stop."

"I will, I will. I'll pull out before anything happens."

"Yes, you have to. Dear gawd, you have to stop."

"It feels so good ... the heat. You're so hot and I've never felt anything like this," he hissed, as his teeth returned to her ear. Chad rammed his hips upwards and drove her flat against the wall. All the wind came out of her lungs in a long, slow gasp and she was positive her feet weren't touching the floor. Chad thrust upwards and held his hips at the perfect angle with his man-sized cock embedded to the hilt.

Judy felt a tremendous throbbing and pulsating deep inside her womanly being and time stood still. She refused to move even though she was well aware of what the teenager was doing. Her ear was in his teeth and the teen's loud grunts and desperate gasps for air resounded in the quiet hallway. Judy wasn't even aware of how long she hung against the now sweaty wall, but suddenly her body shuddered wildly, as if experiencing an orgasm. Several violent spasms rocked her body and they prevented her from moving away from the teenager.

"Yes, keep cumming," Chad moaned.

"No, dear gawd, no."

"Yes! You're cumming."

"No, no."

"Yes, yes."

"No, it's wrong."

"Yes, I can feel you cumming."

"No, no, no."

"Fuck yes, my cock is in your cunt."

"No, please stop."

"Fuck it baby. Fuck my cock."

"No, no ... can't. It's wrong."

"Holy fuck, you're fucking my cock ... so good."

"Dear gawd, no!" Judy was sure the orgasm had no limits. Although she tried with all her might to quiet and control the animal lust, her body belied the truth. It seemed the teenager's dirty revelations and humiliation simply destroyed her willpower instead of restoring her determination. An eternity passed before she regained enough control and strength to move. It was surprisingly easy to push herself off the wall and then twist away from the teenager. Her pants were in a ball on the floor and she simply grabbed them, as she ran for the sanctity of her bedroom.

Judy ran across the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. She lay perfectly still for many moments and listened for any indication that someone was in the house. It was deathly quiet and a pin could have been heard dropping, as her ears were finely tuned to pickup any sound. Then her body remained paralyzed when every sensation and nerve-ending came alive.

She was face down on the soft, familiar bed. Intense fiery sensations consumed her entire crotch and Judy felt a slow leakage of molten lava from her womanly inferno. 'Dear gawd, what have I done? I let Chad do it to me. I let him do it ... inside of me, ' she moaned. 'Oh gawd, he knows. He knows I climaxed."

The sun was already coming up when she finally fell asleep. Judy slept peacefully for a scant three hours, but it must have been enough. Her eyes came open and it seemed like a new day with a brand new start. She wasn't too fearful of getting pregnant because her period was due in a few days, which should have made the improper encounter reasonably safe.

The days past and she tried to forget about the disturbing night by working harder than usual. Her husband even commented on the sudden busier schedule, but Judy simply told him that she had a couple of very important projects to complete. She fretted meeting Chad and luckily he didn't come over to see Jill for at least two weeks. By then her period had come and gone and she was very relieved that there would be no overly drastic consequences for her acting inappropriately with her daughter's boyfriend.

Unknown to Judy, Chad had deviously quizzed Jill about her family and he knew when to strike. It was a Thursday when Judy was home early and the rest of the family wasn't. Judy answered the door and her heart stopped. Chad had a sheepish smile on his face and he appeared young and innocent. "I had to see you," he whispered. "I just had to see you again."

"The girls aren't home. Jill is out and won't be home for at least two hours," she said, as her heart started beating again.

"I know. I came to see you."

"Dear gawd, you shouldn't ... we shouldn't."

"I keep feeling your body ... feeling your beautiful body and how we made love the other night."

"Oh Chad, it was wrong, very wrong."

"I know, but I love you."

It was like a slap across the face. Judy wheeled around so fast and almost fell, as she lost her balance. She headed for the kitchen or anywhere to get away from the teenager. When she reached the kitchen counter, she heard the front door close and then the teen followed. She stood in front of the sink and watched Chad slowly walk across the room until he was only a couple of feet away. He stood in front of her, looking her directly in the eyes without saying a word.

Judy felt immense embarrassment and she had to look away from his burning eyes because of the growing guilt. Then she made the biggest mistake when she turned around. Judy faced the kitchen sink and gripped the edge of the counter so hard that her knuckles turned white. She stared into the sink full of dishes and pretended that doing dishes was the only thing on her mind.

Chad moved before she had a chance to evade his arms. He put his strong arms around her and hugged her tightly against his muscular body. His lips went to the crook in her neck and he started kissing her neck, shoulder and the side of her flushed face. Judy shuddered when his body pressed against her and then he leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "I love you. I think about you all of the time. I love you."

Judy felt so sorry for the teenager and didn't know how to tell him. "No, no you don't. Not really."

"I love you ... have to make love to you."

"Dear gawd, Chad, we can't ... not again. I made a big, very big mistake," she whispered.

"You're so beautiful ... so sexy. I'm in love with you ... want you so badly."

"You're young ... too young to know what love is." Although charmed by Chad's enamored revelations, Judy felt determined to stay the moral and decent path. Without warning, the teen shoved both hands under her blouse. His hands slipped upwards and immediately slithered under her bra, cupping her bare boobs before she had a chance to resist. All she had to do was let go of the counter and grab the teen's hands, but she didn't.

Instead Judy tried reasoning with Chad. "Chad, please we can't do this. You're dating my daughter."

"You're all I think about. I can't forget how we made love ... how you climaxed when we made love."

Suddenly her throbbing nipples were between his fingers and being rolled around by a madman. Instant gratification roared through her mind and turned her delicate buds into rock-hard pebbles in no time. The fire in her belly intensified and she realized that something had to be done. "Oh gawd, Chad. You have to stop ... it's wrong."

"I love your tits. Your boobs feel so good in my hands and I can hardly wait to suck them," he whispered, completely ignoring her pleas.

Visions of exactly that filled her head. Judy imagined the teenager ripping off her blouse and then baring her breasts. Then she pictured him holding one boob cupped in both hands while exposing the nipple for his hungry mouth. She glimpsed the nipple just before it disappeared in the teen's mouth and then her body shuddered, as the sexual fantasies roared up and down her body.

When was the last time she had sex at two in the afternoon? She never had sex with her husband during the day unless it was on vacation and here she was in the arms of a young man. 'Gawd, I'm delirious. This can't be happening, ' she thought.

Judy swore she blacked out because the next she was aware of was facing the out of control teenager. She stared into his glazed eyes and noticed a sexual deviation that sort of scared her. "Chad! I made a big mistake the other night. It can't happen again," she said. Judy used the sternest voice she could muster and she tried reasoning with the teenage by telling him a boldfaced lie. "I have an appointment downtown. I have to shower and get dressed."

"That's good. I can catch a ride," Chad whispered. "I'll wait while you get ready and go with you."

She really didn't feel comfortable with him remaining in the house, but at least she had a chance to be alone. Judy didn't trust the teenager; yet most of all she wondered if she should trust herself. She practically ran upstairs to the master bedroom and closed the door with a big wave of relief washing through her mind. Now that she had told a lie, she was obligated to follow through with the fabled story. 'I can always go shopping or go visit one of my friends.'

Judy started taking off her clothes and she was completely nude by the time she reached the shower in the adjoining bathroom. She got in and adjusted the water to the hottest temperature she could stand, knowing it would wash away all of the weariness and feelings of guilt. Standing under the steamy hot water felt tremendous and she didn't hear the door of the bathroom open. Just by chance she glanced through the steam and spray and noticed an indistinct figure outside the glazed glass, shower door.

Judy held her breath when she watched the shadowy figure twist and turn, as if taking off clothes; then an arm reached for the door. The door opened slowly and she almost fainted when the naked young man appeared in the narrow opening. Judy couldn't help staring down his naked torso until her eyes riveted on the upright erection that waved back and forth in a beckoning manner. Chad didn't say a word when he slowly walked into the enclosure and drew near to the woman of his dreams.

"Dear gawd, Chad, you have to stop. We can't be together, not again," she whispered. "Last time was a mistake."

Chad merely stepped closer. Judy immediately brought her arms up and put her hands on his chest, as if to push him away. He quickly grabbed her around the wrists and twisted her arms down and around his hips, pulling her hard up against his muscular body. Her head tilted back a little and then she stared up into the teenager's unwavering eyes.

Anyone watching would have quickly determined the woman's struggle was not only feeble, but also totally futile. The boy's cock was pressed between the two wet pelvises, but not for long. Chad guided Judy backwards until she hit the shower wall and then he lifted her a few inches. He used his body to prop her up on the wall, as he leaned into her, and cleverly pushed his knees between hers to spread her legs. Judy knew what the teenager was doing and despite a will to protest she remained quiet and submissive.

Judy felt her legs spread and then her world took a violent turn. She was pinned up on the wall with her legs apart when the teen's pecker slipped into the gap between her thighs. The head of the teenager's astonishing cock pushed on the direct center of her crotch and in a heartbeat her soaked labia were split apart. Then she uttered many useless protests and moans in an attempt to gain some pity. When the head of the teenager's daunting pecker pushed on her soaked labia, the moment of truth sounded.

"Oh gawd, you're inside. Dear gawd, Chad, you can't ... we can't. You have to stop."

Chad merely grinned and arched his back, as much as he could. The vast lubrication oiled his cock and he was buried before he had a chance to relish the moment. They both stopped breathing, but it was the woman whose body indicated something was wrong. Judy's hips jerked very rapidly and seemingly thrust wildly at the young intruder. She was always the one who retained a measure of control during sex with her husband and the newfound loss of control hit her hard.

It happened before either had a chance to prolong or delay the intense passion. What started out as short, swift spasms turned into powerful convulsions, which rocked her midsection? If the teenager had not used foresight he, too, might have been premature. Chad masturbated before coming over, which allowed for a measure of stamina, and Judy would always remember the untimely ending.

"Not yet ... not yet, I want to feel your heat a little longer," the teenager pleaded.

"No, oh no," she responded, unsure of what was happening.

"Please, not yet ... wait, please wait!"

It was too late. The lustful scene would be etched in her head for the longest time, as Judy's orgasm controlled her entire body. The harder she tried to control the spasms, the harder her body jerked. Judy felt remorse for losing control and wondered if her orgasm wasn't the fastest in history? She knew the intense regret would build once the lust disappeared, but she lived for the moment without any regrets or sorrow.

Abruptly Judy felt Chad's body pause for a few brief seconds and then he rammed his hips at her. She was plastered against the shower wall and held there by a teenager whose stamina dangled by a single thread. Judy felt him tilt his pelvis and thrust his cock to the hilt. The wild and sporadic pulsation of the embedded cock was all the indication she needed to know the teenager was filling her insides with his virile cum. Judy merely put her arms around his upper torso in a loving embrace and waited for never-ending throbbing to stop.

The steamy mist from the water covered bodies filled the whole enclosure and Judy savored the afterglow of two dramatic orgasms. She refused to let her mind contemplate any dire consequences from acting in such an unsavory manner. How long could she remain in tranquility without any feelings of guilt or remorse? Certainly not indefinitely so she tried to enjoy the lingering passion and desire even if it was wrong.

What should have been the end was only the beginning of a long, sweaty afternoon. They eventually got out of the shower and Chad begged her for permission to dry her body. Judy reluctantly agreed and at first the teenager simply ran the soft towel over her body without pausing or concentrating on any one spot. When Chad turned her around and stood behind her, it quickly became obvious what he had in mind.

Chad dropped the towel to the floor and put his arms around her in a tight embrace. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to tilt her head back and rest it on the teen's shoulder, which she did. Chad put his lips beside her ear and rained light, loving kisses over the side of her face. His hands were on her chest and he cupped her boobs with his big hands, easily fitting the nipples between his strong fingers.

Judy's eyes sort of fluttered and remained half closed and half open. The surprise and shock was written in her voice. "Chad. Oh, my gawd, Chad. What are you doing?"

The teenager's hard cock pressed between her butt cheeks and ran all the way up to her waist. He kept one hand on her tit and moved the other downward. Chad caressed the velvety flesh below her boobs and then moved to her stomach. He lightly ran his fingertips over the tummy in a taunting fashion. Her skin quickly became covered with tiny goose bumps despite the hot, clammy air and then his hand shifted to her shivering pelvis.

Judy felt the fingers graze the very tip of her opening and her knees threatened to buckle. Chad moved to the side and deftly picked her up, as if lifting a bride to carry across the threshold. Judy gazed into his ravenous eyes when he carried her across the room until he stood beside her marital bed. Chad paused for a few seconds with his eyes riveted on hers and then he slowly laid her on the bed. Without any hesitation, he rolled on top of her outstretched torso and kissed her on the lips.

At first she held her mouth closed, but it didn't take him long to get his stiff tongue between her lips. The kiss quickly heated up and turned into an interlocking of animal passion, as Judy surrendered to the intense desire from the teenager. It lasted for the longest time and all the while Chad twisted and turned his body until he was satisfied. His legs and hips were between Judy's and forced her legs apart in a most lewd fashion.

When the kiss finally broke, Judy was dumbfounded. "But ... but?"

"I want it to be perfect. I want to make love to you."


"I want to make mad, passionate love to you ... in bed."

The buzzing in her head got louder and more consistent. She couldn't imagine what he really meant, as the adulterous sex had left her very confused. "But we can't ... no more." She felt his everlasting erection rubbing against her thighs and touching her in the most intimate places. Suddenly he started kissing his way down her body and there was no spot he left untouched. His tongue and lips caressed her neck, shoulders and chest while lingering on her luscious tits and especially on the two enlarged nipples.

Judy merely watched the sensational caresses and marveled at how her body reacted to each and every kiss and lick. He left her buds covered with spit and then his tongue ventured to her lower regions. Each stroke and peck caused her tummy and pelvis to quiver and she had to close her eyes for fear of losing control to the sudden rising desire. She couldn't watch when Chad's tongue blazed a trail across her upraised pelvis and dipped between her widespread legs.

Chad's fingers pulled the swollen labia apart and exposed the delicate morsel. The expectations were profound and Judy squeezed harder to close her eyes, as she held her breath. When the tongue flicked the clit around and around in a teasing manner, she tensed every muscle in a vain attempt to calm her soaring emotions. Then he stopped and started kissing her thighs and legs all the way to her knees.

Judy tried breathing again and she opened her eyes. She hoped to get her heart rate back to normal and let out a long gasp of air just as her muscles relaxed. All of a sudden the devious teenager attacked again. He spread the labia and this time he sucked on the throbbing jewel. Chad had the entire clitoris in his mouth and he used his tongue to rub it vigorously back and forth until her hips responded. He tilted his head so he could look up the length of her naked torso and noticed the glassy eyes staring down at him.

Judy swore she was cumming even though Chad was merely teasing her. She glanced down and the teenager stopped everything. He held perfectly still for many seconds, holding her clitoris captive in his vacuum mouth. Their eyes locked and it was a phenomenon when her body sort of went into dramatic, but minuscule convulsions. She used all of her willpower and determination to regain control, but she sensed her vulnerable desires remained on the highest plateau of raging ecstasy.

Judy stared into the dark eyes, as the teen moved. Chad released her clitty and he slowly crawled up her body until his face was above hers. He straightened his arms, arched his back and propped himself over Judy's chest. His hips slipped between Judy's thighs and kept her legs splayed, which quickly became evident by her loud gasp of astonishment.

The intense stare between the two continued. Chad wiggled his hips until he felt the wetness. He smiled when the head of his cock hit the opening and he gave a swift thrust at the precise moment of contact. Neither blinked nor wavered from the committed stare as one inch, two inches, three inches and then four inches of steel entered the womanly entrance. Chad held at the halfway point and relished the obvious struggle Judy encountered retaining a measure of her dwindling control.

Chad heard the tiny gasps of air escape her lungs, as her breathing became very ragged. He stared intently into her bewildered eyes and then he rammed his hips at her. Chad pounded her ass into the mattress and he implanted his big cock to the hilt. The thick shaft grazed her twitching clitoris and caused her hips to rebound, as she thrust upwards. Their hips were totally out of sync, which seemed to make the intercourse better, and this time they climaxed together.

It took forever to tumble down the mountain of ecstasy. Eventually the orgasm subsided and her body collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted and spent. Judy passed out and her mind immediately went into hibernation mode with sexual fantasies floating crazily through her head. When she felt renewed energy and resurgence in her womanly inferno, she assumed it was associated with her fantasies. She was too afraid to open her eyes so she simply didn't move a muscle, as the intensity increase.

It was the most unbelievable occurrence of her life. She had already experienced multiple orgasms, which was extremely rare for her, and suddenly another seemed on the horizon. She let out a little sigh of exhaustion and floated through time and empty space, as if searching for something. All of a sudden it appeared. She was on her side facing the teenager when she felt his skilled fingers. Chad deftly inserted his fingers in her crotch and he never hesitated or beat around the bush.

There were many things she wanted to ask or tell the teen, but her mouth was inactive. Her eyes fluttered and she tried to focus on the smiling face in front of her. "I want to watch. Watch your body react when I do this to you," Chad whispered. "I love your body when it responds."

The teenager had her throbbing clitoris in his fingers and he rolled the swollen bud around very vigorously. The entire area was soaked with lubrication and Chad used a firm squeeze and constant rotation to molest her clitty until her hips responded. "Oh gawd, what are you doing?" She stared at the teenager through slits and her eyes filled with tears of joy. "Not again."

"Yes! I want to watch. You have the sexiest body in the world," Chad whispered.

The big confident smile on the teen's face turned her tummy to quicksand. Spasms started roaring through her loins and in seconds her hips jerked out of control. The teenager sensed the perfect time to end her struggle. Chad squeezed harder on the clitty and rolled her onto her back. He pushed her until she was flat on her back and then he kissed her.

Judy desperately wanted to open her legs, hoping to alleviate some of the intense pressure on her vibrating clitoris, but her legs were too stiff. Her thighs clamped together leaving just enough space for Chad's fingers. The kiss was too much and she couldn't breath, as the clitoris stimulation continued. Judy cried out loud when he yanked the bud out of its shelter and never stopped twirling it around in his fingers.

Her hips jumped up and down in perfect harmony with the teen's fingers when the orgasm exploded in her guts. "Oh fuck ... oh fuck, not again," she moaned.

"Yes ... yes ... yes!"

"Dear gawd, I'm cumming ... I'm fucking cumming." The desire grew and so did her willingness to satisfy the lust. Somehow the teenager had successfully gained her trust and now her spirit. Judy succumbed to the sinful lust and for the time being eagerly took the joyride of her life. The climax was more than memorable, as the last few spasms rocked her overused body. Without warning she was aware of something hard and animated rubbing against her hip.

Judy's right arm was pinned under her butt, as Chad pressed his body tightly against her. She lifted her hip and sort of twisted, allowing her hand to slip up and around her hip. Her fingers hit the teenage cock and instantly formed a fist around the thick shaft. The ensuing experience would leave her totally bewildered. She slowly sat up and shifted around until she faced the teenager. Then she crouched down and the teen knew exactly what to expect.

Chad leaned backwards and onto his back, as he proudly thrust his cock in the air. To his utter amazement, the woman of his dreams appeared ready to give him a blowjob. He recalled begging Jill many times to suck his cock, but she never went all of the way. The best Jill ever did was kiss and fondle his cock and even suck the head for a brief time, but she never gave him a real blowjob.

Chad glanced down just as the head of his illustrious cock disappeared in the hottest mouth. Not only was the cock-head devoured, but also a few inches of the long shaft. His stomach churned madly in expectations of his first actual blowjob. In utter amazement he reached down and pulled Judy's hair away from her face so he could see it all. Her dainty hand moved slowly up and down the exposed shaft still outside of her mouth, but it was what he couldn't see that caused his stamina to diminish.

The mother of his girlfriend sucked his cock and skillfully masturbated him. Chad noticed the sharp teeth scrap across his tender flesh and he imagined the head going into her throat. The visualization was profound and within moments the most incredible thing happened. He noticed the fingers tighten around his cock and then Judy milked the extended shaft. Each time her hand stroked the teenager's cock; he ejaculated cum into her waiting mouth.

The afternoon delight ended quickly. Judy stared at the tip of Chad's cock and watched the last drop ooze out when she milked the thick shaft. Even though she tried to drink all of the teenager's cum, a small amount leaked out of her mouth and onto the back of her hand. Then she slowly stuck out her tongue and licked the droplet off the cock-head in a tantalizing fashion.

Just as she swallowed the cum, she tilted her head and looked up at Chad. All of a sudden the sound of the front door slamming shut made them both sit up in bed. "Oh my gawd, it's one of the girls. Chad, you have to get dressed ... hurry and get out."

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