Do You Like It?

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: When my best friend was away during the summer, I got bored and went to see the girl who lives across the street. Oh, I was never bored after that, I can tell you.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

My best friend was away visiting his grandmother and grandfather at their farm for three weeks and it was in the second week while he was gone that I finally got so bored that I walked across the street to see what Krissa was up to.

Krissa had lived across from us for about four years now and, even though she's a grade level ahead of me, she's sixteen and I'm nine months younger at fifteen, we're friends, though not real tight friends. But, hey, I was bored.

Now, don't get the idea that I went over there only because I was desperately bored. I was that but Krissa was nice and fun and certainly pretty. She was a blond, just a bit taller than I was, slender but she was getting a figure even though she was still not in the Playmate class. Her boobs were small but I had seen her in a bikini and she was nice.

So, her mom answered the door and told me to just go upstairs to her room where she was with a friend of hers, Jessa, also a sophomore I knew from school.

I went up and her door was open so I called out to her, "Hey, Krissa, it's Rick, your mom sent me up," and turned and there were Krissa and Jessa at her computer.

"Oh, I'm just IMing a friend who's in Europe with her parents; you know Jessa, right?"

So, Jessa and I talked about this and that while Krissa finished up with her girlfriend in Europe.

The three of us talked for maybe a half hour when her mom came up and told me that my mother had called and that I had some chores to do and to come home.

Well, that just added to my boredom though I did get the chores finished so then walked back over to Krissa's and knocked on the door. I can't exactly say what prompted me, but the door was open so I opened the screen door and went in. I went up to Krissa's room and they weren't there so I went back down and was about to go back home when I heard something from the back of the hallway.

I walked back and opened the door to their basement, it was all finished into a game room and heard some sounds. I went down and near the bottom stopped and looked over at a sofa that was in the corner. There was Krissa, laying lengthwise on the sofa, facing away from me, naked, her legs spread wide, her hands between her legs moving very quickly in and out.

"Mmm, mmm, uuhh, uuhh, mmm, mmm," she was groaning as I watched her intently. It was the first girl I'd ever seen naked and what she was doing was the stuff of many wet dreams and jack-off sessions to come.

"Do you like it?" a voice from off to the side asked me. A shiver ran through me as I jumped a bit, thinking all along that I had been alone. But, no, it was Jessa.

I swiveled my head and there she was, in a somewhat darkened part of the room but she, too, was naked.

"Shit, you scared me, um, sorry," I managed to get out as Krissa pulled her fingers out and looked back over her shoulders.

"Look, 'Mister Curious' came down to see what we were doing. Maybe he wants to know what girls do to have fun. Is that it, Rick?"

"I ... um, I ... well, I was looking for Krissa, that's all."

"Well, you found me, Rick, and got a pretty good eyeful while you did. Looks to me like you're the only one here who's still dressed," she said as she got up and came over to me and took my hand and led me to the center of the room where they both began pulling my clothes off.

I didn't do anything to stop them, I mean, why should I, right? They were naked and they were getting me naked. I'm a guy, I was in heaven.

I was just enthralled with these two girls. Krissa, the taller of the two, was a slender blond with pretty clear blue eyes and a nice, tan complexion. Her boobs were super-pretty, not real large, just nice-sized with small red nipples.

Jessa was a redhead and was freckled from head to toe but she had a sensational body. She was about five-three and was very curvy with large boobs that just stood out from her chest. They had big, round pink nipples that just looked delicious.

It was Jessa who pulled my briefs to the floor as she knelt there giggling. Then she leaned forward and planted a wet kiss right on the tip of my dick as Krissa began pulling me toward the sofa.

"So, you wanna see how a girl gets off?" she asked as she sat on the sofa and put her feet up by her hips, spreading herself open for me to watch. Jessa also sat down next to her and they both began rubbing quickly back and forth across their pussy lips as I stood there naked in front of them. I just couldn't help it, I had to reach down and take myself and slowly stroke as I watched.

"You like how we do it, Rick, how we get off? You like watching us?" Krissa asked me.

"You two are so beautiful like this, you're just amazing, I can't quite believe this is really happening," I managed to get out as I slowly rubbed my dick.

"I like looking at you, too, Rick. Why don't you really get yourself off for us while we do our pussies. Maybe you can cum on us like the guys do in the porn videos?" Jessa posed as their fingers rubbed back and forth in the glistening wetness between their legs.

"Yeah, Jessa's right, you have a nice cock, Rick. I'm kind of glad you came downstairs, my mom won't be home until after six so we've got all afternoon," Krissa said when Jessa added, "You ever give a girl oral?"

"Um, well, I ... I guess I haven't," I mumbled.

"Well, maybe the question should be, would you like to give us oral?"

"Yeah, I think so, sure," I added not wanting this opportunity to pass me by.

"Let's finish what we're doing and if we're still horny, and we probably will be, then maybe we'll have you eat us both out?"

I stood there jacking-off totally amazed by the luck I'd had in just coming back in her house and looking around until I'd found them. Now we're all three naked and masturbating together and they were telling me that would probably let me kiss and suck and lick their pussies. Unbelievable.

"Mmm, mmm, oh, this is so hot watching you do your dick, I'm not gonna make it much longer, mmm," Jessa said as her fingers flew over her pussy lips.

"Mmm, me, too," groaned Krissa while her fingers curved in and out as she rubbed the top of her pussy with her other hand.

I knew, standing there, especially since I'd gotten over the initial fright at getting caught, then naked with these two, now standing there jacking off for them, I was close, getting closer with each stroke.

"I'm gonna shoot if you wanna see it," I gasped as volleys of cum went flying out of me. I had moved closer to them and when I began, I turned back and forth so I would splatter them both.

"OMIGOD, LOOK, LOOK," Krissa shrieked as Jessa cried, "CUM EVERYWHERE, WOW, oh, Rick, too cool."

I was laughing as they went on, now splattered with my cum.

"Mmm, oh, man, I'm there," Jessa said as she began going real fast also humping against her fingers, "uh, UH, UH, mmm, mmm, oh, so good."

Krissa was right along side her as she began to shudder and shake, I thought she was in a lot of pain for some reason, her face was screwed up and twisted but I soon saw that it was the furthest thing from pain, it was absolute joy as she had a massive orgasm and lay there slowly fingering herself as she panted and panted.

"Oh, man, that was so good. I really liked having you jack-off like that, it made me so hot," she puffed.

"I could still use some nice licking on mine, Rick," Jessa said as she rubbed her pointer finger along her wet slit.

So I got down and knelt in front of her as she leaned back on the sofa to put her feet up on the cushion to open wide for me. Her pussy opened some and I could see down into it a little so I leaned forward and just curled my tongue and poked it in and wiggled it around then wiped it in a circle as she sucked in a deep breath, saying, "OMIGOD, OH, INSIDE, oh, oh, yes, omigod, right in there," and she reached down to begin holding herself wide open while I licked and tongued and sucked on her.

Krissa was watching me eat her friend while she slowly fingered herself. Then, she slid off the sofa and sat on the floor next to me and slid her hand up under me taking my dick and slowly stroking it back and forth while I was busy licking Jessa.

I sure wasn't bored now, oh, man, my lips and tongue on and in one girl's pretty pussy, another girl sitting next to me jacking me off. I really didn't care if my best friend, Mike, ever came back. I was already wanting these two as my new best friends. They sure were fun to play with.

Then Jessa began to hump against my mouth and erupted in a huge orgasm, grabbing my head and pulling me into her pussy and rubbing my whole face all around, smearing me with her juices.

"Oh, oh, man, so good, omigod, oh, my pussy, mmm, oh, Rick, you've got to do her, Krissa, he's so good on a pussy, quick, do her. Then, we'll both suck you off, okay?"

I moved over to Krissa and began to lick her.

"Open your pussy for him, girl, so he can get his tongue up inside you. You'll go crazy," Jessa told her as she reached down and opened herself for me. Up inside her was bright pink and really wet as I began lapping away.

"Oh, omigod, oooh, yes, oh, right there, omigod that's so good," she moaned.

I curled my tongue and was poking it in and out of her and wiping it all around in her as she began to shake, then buck against my face.

"OH, OH, OMIGOD, UUH, UUH, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, that's the best, oh, mmm," she cried out as her hands gripped my face and pulled me into her wetness, smearing me all around.

"See, girl, he's good, like I said. We can have him do our pussies all the time. Would you like that Rick?" Jessa asked me.

"Oh, any time, yeah, I love doing that. You two are so hot."

"So, think you could fuck us both, we've got the rest of the afternoon?"

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