The Green Beret and the F.B.I. Agent

by wheelchairman85

Copyright© 2012 by wheelchairman85

Romantic Story: Romance story about a U.S. Army Green Beret and a beautiful female F.B.I. Agent

Tags: Romantic   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Slow   Military  

June 7th 2015 a police station interrogation room in North Carolina 3 PM

30 year old Sergeant David Ripley a Green Beret stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina is sitting in a police interrogation room drinking a cup of black coffee and waiting for news after witnessing a bank robbery.

An hour after he first sat down in the room a Police officer came into the room looked at David and he said to him "Sergeant Ripley, I called the FBI and one of their best agents will be here shortly to take you into protective custody."

"Also I called your commanding officer and I he has extended your leave until this whole mess is settled. If I get anymore news for you I will let you know." David took a few sips from his coffee cup then he replied "Thank you officer for the news officer and thank you for the coffee."

When they finished talking the officer left the room closing the door behind him a short time later the door opened again and a beautiful woman with long legs and long light brown hair walked into the room. She cleared her throat then she asked "Excuse me sir are you Sergeant David Ripley"?

David looked at the young woman with the gorgeous long legs and he said politely "Yes ma-am I am Sergeant David Ripley but please call me David." The young woman looked at David who was staring and drooling over the sight of her long legs and in a very irritated tone of voice she said loudly


David quickly stopped staring and paid attention to the lady who was standing in front of him. After taking a few moments to compose herself she resumed speaking,

"David my name is Mary Baker I am a special agent with the FBI and I have been assigned to protect you until the case had been solved. Now will you please follow me and please stop staring at my legs I don't like it."

So David quickly picked up the emergency back pack that he always carried in his truck, and he followed Mary outside to a waiting car. After getting into the vehicle Mary started it up and they headed for a safe house.

After only a short drive to their destination they hit a traffic jam a big traffic jam. After sitting there in silence for a while David turned his head to the driver's side of the car and he caught a glimpse of Mary's sidearm it was a S&W Model 10.38 caliber revolver.

David looked at the revolver he admired its deep rich blued finish and its dark brown grips. The young Army Sergeant knew quite a bit about S&W revolvers and he knew that there was a story behind that specific S&W revolver and how it ended up on Mary's hip.

So he took a breath then he looked at Mary and he asked her "Mary I thought that the FBI issued Glock semi-automatic pistols to its agents."

Mary looked at David's handsome face and she replied "Yes the FBI issues Glocks but my issued Glock is being repaired. So I am carrying my Model 10 until its fixed."

"In fact there is a story behind My Model 10; it was a gift from my grandpa when I graduated from the academy he gave it to me a graduation present."

By the time that Mary finished her story the traffic jam cleared and they resumed their journey to the safe house. When they got to the safe house the young couple got out of the car and they got inside and had a late supper. After supper they watched a movie and did their very best to unwind after a long tiring day.

When it was time for bed Mary went upstairs and David went into the bedroom that was adjacent to the kitchen. He took off his jacket boots blue jeans and the mahogany brown shoulder holster that carried his Concealed Carry Weapon S&W Model 10-14.38 Caliber revolver with a 4 inch heavy barrel.

He laid the jacket and the revolver on the floor next to the bed beside his blue jeans and his boots. Then he said his goodnight prayer and went to sleep. The next morning David woke up the sweet warm delicious smell of bacon being cooked on the stove.

He got up quickly dressed making sure to carefully put on his holster and revolver, then he went into the kitchen and he saw Mary standing at the stove cooking breakfast. While Mary was cooking David set the table and made the coffee.

Once breakfast was completely cooked Mary filled up the plates and the coffee cups, then she sat down they said grace then they ate breakfast. Midway through the morning meal Mary got a glimpse of the young Army Sergeants holster, and the revolver that the holster was in.

She quickly recognized the revolver as A S&W Model 10-14.38 caliber revolver with a 4 inch heavy barrel it was exactly like the revolver she carried except it was a lot better looking. The gorgeous federal agent admired that weapon with its deep blued finish and its dark brown wooden grips.

Mary knew that there was story behind that beautiful S&W Model 10 but she hesitated to ask David to tell the story. After all it may have been a sad story, tragic story or even a painful story too painful for the young Green Beret to tell.

But on the other hand it may have been a nice or even an interesting story. So she decided to ask David if there was a story behind it and if he was willing to tell her that story. So she gathered all of her courage, took a few sips of her black coffee than she began to speak.

"David is there a story behind your revolver and would you mind telling me about it please?"

David took a few sips from his cup of coffee than he began to speak, carefully making sure to choose each and every word carefully.

"My sister Chloe gave it to me when I made Sergeant back in 2006 she is a hospital nurse back in our hometown of Farmhouse Indiana. She is a great lady you would like her very much sometime I will introduce you to her." When he finished tell her the story he resumed eating his breakfast.

When they were done eating they washed and dried the dishes together then David went outside and sat on the Safe House's back porch swing and enjoyed the beautiful North Carolina sunshine.

A little while Later Mary came outside and she sat next to David on the porch swing, when it was lunch time they went back inside and they had lunch.

2 months later they were eating breakfast when the phone rang loudly RING!!! Mary got up from the table and she answered it. A few minutes later she came back to the table, took a few sips from her coffee cup. Then she looked at David and she said to the handsome Green Beret.

"David that was my boss at the FBI the men that robbed that bank have been captured and they are in jail charged with a lot of bad things, and their trial for the charges is in 2 weeks." Two weeks later it was time for the trial.

David woke up took a shower and shaved very thoroughly, he knew that he had to present a very good and tidy appearance in front of everyone in the courtroom.

When he was done getting ready he put his Green Beret on his head and waited for Mary to finish getting ready. While he was waiting he got nervous really nervous even though he was a highly trained Green Beret and had seen his share of combat.

Those things where in his eyes and his mind a cakewalk compared to the thought of testifying in a court case, when Mary was finally ready they left the safe house got into the car and headed for the courthouse.

When they got to the courthouse Mary parked the car and they got out of it, walked from the parking lot, and into the courthouse. When they were finished going through security they walked into the courtroom where the trial was to be held, then they found a place to sit.

While they were waiting for the trial to begin Mary could see that David was nervous as man could be. So she gripped his hand gently and she gently reassured him that everything would be alright. When it was time for David to testify, he handed his Green Beret to Mary, then he walked to the witness stand was sworn then he sat down.

Then the young soldier gave an honest accurate and detailed testimony about what he witnessed. When he was finished testifying he was instructed to return to his seat, so he left the witness stand and returned to his seat, in the back of the courtroom beside FBI Special Agent Miss Mary Baker.

After a very lengthy trial the bad guys were found guilty and sentenced to very long terms in federal prison. Once the prisoners were taken away the Judge dismissed everyone in the courtroom. David and Mary got up from their seats and walked out of the courthouse and out to their car for the return journey to the safe house. Midway back to the car David looked into Mary's beautiful eyes and he asked her "Mary I realize that we have spent a lot of time together recently, and you're probably tired of see my ugly old face. But would you like to go to a movie on Friday night?"

Mary thought about David's question for a few moments then she said "Yes I would love to go to a movie with you on Friday night." Then she handed him a slip of paper with her home number and street address on it. Then they returned to the car got into it and returned to the safe house, and then David packed his things, went back to the police station so he could get his truck.

Once all of that was done David and Mary said goodbye, when Friday night rolled around David drove home from Fort Bragg as fast as he could. When he got home he went inside got out of his uniform took a shower and shaved.

Then he dressed put the dirty laundry away and after making sure he had his wallet truck keys and cell phone he drove to Mary's house. When he got to her place he parked his 2001 Blue Ford f-150 across the street from Mary's house, got out of it, and walked across the street.

After crossing the Street David walked to Mary's front door, which was not an easy journey because her driveway was very long. When he finally reached her front door, the young man took a few deep breaths and knocked on her door, in a firm yet polite manner.

A few minutes later Mary came out of her house dressed beautifully, she looked so beautiful in fact that David almost fainted, but he managed to keep from fainting of course. After locking up their house she put her keys into her purse.

Then the young couple walked out to David's truck. When they reached the truck David opened the passenger door for Mary. Once she was in the passenger seat David closed the door walked around the truck to the driver side opened the door and got into the driver's seat.

They put on their seat belts then David started it up and they headed for the movie theatre. After a long traffic infested drive they arrived at the theatre. After parking his Blue ford f-150 carefully, David got out of the driver seat went around the truck to the passenger side and he opened the door for his lovely date.

Then they walked the short distance from the parking lot to the theatre lobby when they got to theatre's front door David opened the door for Mary. Then he walked through it after she got through it safely.

After studying the theatre's marquee for several minutes after they decided on the movie that they wanted to see. David bought the tickets and the movie snacks then they went into the theatre where their movie was playing.

2 hours later the movie was over and they left their seats walked out of the theatre and into the lobby. Halfway through the lobby a big rainstorm erupted. So they found a place to sit and to wait out the storm. After sitting quietly for quite a while Mary turned to David and she asked him.

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