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by RonBo

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Erotica Sex Story: 3 short stories that my ex wrote back in the 60's

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Heterosexual   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   .

I didn't write these three short ditties. My ex wrote these many years ago as a part of foreplay. I found these handwritten stories while cleaning out some old boxes and put them to a text file. I cleaned up the spelling an formatting. Otherwise these are exactly how my 20 year old wife (at that time) wrote them. Just like Billy in the Aunt May stories I have always liked to read about and listen to spanking stories. Hope you enjoy these.

- Written by A.B. late 1960's -

Once when I was about 16 years old I came into the

house very late.

My daddy was sitting in my room waiting for me.

I walked in and he motioned me to come to him. I

knew what that meant.

I walked very slowly over to him, and he started

to scold me. He was very upset.

"I'm going to give you the biggest spanking you've

ever had." he said. "You are a very bad girl. I'll

show you that you are still a little girl." he


Then his yelling stopped and he just stared at me

as if he was trying to figure out what to do with me.

Then in a very soft voice he said. "Take every inch of

your clothes off of you."

I said. "Oh no daddy. I will be very embarrassed."

"I don't care," he said "just do as I say."

So I started to remove my blouse, one button at a

time, and let it slide to the floor. "Pants next." he

said. So down came the zipper on my pants, I squeezed

out of them and they fell to the floor. There I was

standing in front of him with just my panties and bra

on watching him stare at me.

"I said strip down girl, that means your pretty

blue panties and bra too." So I did as he said. I

removed the straps on my bra and let them slide down

my arms. I reached behind me and unsnapped it and

tossed it on the chair.

His eyes just glared at my hard nipples and I

could feel my panties getting wet. He reached over to

me and touched the front of my panties and motioned

for me to remove them too. I slipped my hands inside

the elastic and pulled them down very slowly watching

him look at my hairy cunt as the panties slipped over


Now I was standing in front of him completely

naked, watching him look me all over. " Guess you're

not a little girl after all, are you?" With that he

flipped me over the back of the chair and spanked my

ass as red as he could. "Oh daddy it hurts so bad!" I

screamed, but he continued to spank me until he felt

like stopping.

When he was through he made me stand in front in

front of him and he just looked me all over. I could

see his bulging prick through his pants. He left the

room and went into the bathroom. So I knelt down and,

looking through the key hole, watched him stroke his

big prick until it creamed all over the bathroom.

I was sitting in the spare room one night,

everyone else was in bed asleep, at least I thought

so. I was just relaxing when I looked up and my daddy

was standing in the doorway with his shorts on.

He walked over to me and sat down next to me on

the couch. He ran his fingers up my back and noticed I

didn't have a bra on. "How come you don't have a bra

on?" he said, and I didn't have an answer for him.

"You're a bad girl. Do you have your panties on or did

you forget them too?" He reached down to the hem of my

skirt and raised it up high. When he saw that I didn't

have any panties on either He got really mad at me.

"You're going to get the biggest spanking you ever

had." he said.

He pulled me to my feet and threw me over his lap,

reached around my waist and pulled me close to him. He

started to raise my skirt very slowly until it cleared

my waistline. My ass was bared for him to spank me.

He started very softly. "Tell daddy how much it

hurts." he said say. Then the spanks got harder and

harder and I couldn't stand it anymore. "Oh daddy it

hurts so bad, please stop." He stopped for a moment

and said, "You've been a bad little girl and I'm going

to teach you a lesson." and he continued to spank my

sore ass, over and over again.

When he was through he made me stand up in front

of him, raise up my skirt while I was facing him, and

looked at my cunt. He asked me to turn around. I did

and he gently patted my ass in a soothing motion. He

then left the room leaving me red, sore and wet.

This is to tell you a little about my daddy. He's

a nice guy and all that but sometimes when he is

drinking he has a terrible habit. Well, at least at

first I thought it was terrible. Afterwards it became

very nice.

When I did something he didn't like he would

really enjoy giving me a good hard spanking.

He wasn't the only one that had a bad habit. Mine

was walking around the house at night in my sheer

panties and bra. I liked the feeling of the cool

breeze hitting my nipples and nylon covered pussy.

One night I was just laying on the chair, in the

spare room, with my blue panties and bra, next to the

window. I looked up and my daddy was standing in the

doorway. "Haven't seen you in your panties in a long

time." he said. I just looked up at him and smiled. I

really didn't know what to say or do at first. He just

stood there and stared at me.

"If you're mother sees you walking around like

that there's going to be trouble." he said very


"Well you don't seem to be upset about my panties,

are you, daddy?" After I said that it seemed to be the

right excuse for him to walk right over to me.

"I bet you think Daddy likes to see you in your

bra and panties, don't you?" he shrilled. I nodded yes

and with that he pulled me up from the chair and sat

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