Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Andrew Carter is the victim of a fatal car accident. Unexpectedly he awakens sharing the bodyof the thousands of years old wizard Avar, who has just been released from more than a thousand years in stasis.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Coercion   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Magic   Slavery   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   Harem   Polygamy/Polyamory  

It had been a long, hard day at work and the traffic during my drive home was a mess, too. For most of the way it had been stop and go with the result the average speed I had been able to make had only been about 10 miles an hour. It was a pleasant relief when I finally passed the accident that had been slowing things up.

The accident happened almost as soon as my car reached the speed limit. In the opposite lane of the freeway a semi-truck suddenly lost control and suddenly turned toward the middle divider. The divider was unable to resist the massive weight of the fully loaded truck and it flew apart, in the process flipping the truck onto its side. All this happened in an instant though somehow it all seemed to happen in slow motion.

There was no time to avoid the truck it was just upon me too fast. There was traffic blocking every possible escape route so all I could do is just watch the truck make its inevitable approach. The out of control truck came upon me quite fast yet it seemed to approach in slow motion. There wasn't time to do anything but watch in horror as the truck rapidly approached my car. The two vehicles smashed into each other with a gigantic crash, I felt a sharp wave of pain and then nothing at all.

I awoke to the sound of a male voice chanting and initially I could not understand the words but then the language came to me and I understood, though the pronunciation and accent were still very strange. Somehow I knew the words were those of a magical invocation and somehow I could actually sense the slow buildup of arcane energy as the spell invocation progressed.

My thoughts were rapidly becoming clearer and the memory of the accident suddenly slammed into my awareness, yet somehow I didn't feel any pain or any other sign of the massive injuries I knew I had to have suffered when the truck slammed into my car. Despite what I knew had happened to me I didn't feel any pain or injury at all, strange.

Another surge of memories burst upon me, but these memories only added to my puzzlement even further as they were those of someone else, a completely different person. Yet somehow at the same time this different person seemed to still be me, it was very strange and I really didn't understand it. Somehow I was both myself, Andrew Carter, and another person named Avar, the personalities of both of use merged into one. It was something that I would have to take some time to think about later.

My thoughts were rapidly becoming clearer, though the mixture of familiar and unfamiliar thinking continued. Suddenly an understanding of the nature and purpose of the chanting came to me, it was a magic spell. The part of me which was Andrew Carter knew nothing about such things but Avar had both an extensive ability and even greater knowledge of things magical.

Suddenly I realized my eyes were closed so I tried opening them and the sight that greeted me when I did was a big surprise. I was looking into a room lit by several candles and a lantern, which left dark shadows in the corners of the room and behind several large objects in the room. Several men wearing mail armor and armed with swords stood against the walls of the room. The walls, floor and ceiling of the room were made of smoothly finished stone and gave the impression we were underground.

What really caught my eye though was the man who was doing the chanting, as well as the woman nearby. The man wore clothing decorated with gold and silver thread, none of the patterns or the clothing design were familiar to either my or Avar's memories. The woman was more distinctive since she was quite beautiful and wore nothing at all, but her arms and legs were tied to an X shaped wooden frame. The part of me which was Avar was starting to get a feel for the pattern of the spell the man was working upon, I could tell it boded ill for the helpless woman tied to the X frame.

It was the workings of the chanting man which was the cause of me being where I was now and the merged state in which both Avar and I were now in. The remains of the previously executed magic pattern revealed spell work which had both drawn the personality of Andrew Carter to this universe and awakened Avar from a long period of sleep in stasis. Furthermore the ill cast spellwork had facilitated the inseparable merger of my essence with that of Avar, but the wizard before me was not yet done with his work. There was one further purpose that seemed to be his intent.

I could tell the wizard was building a spellwork which seemed to be intended to bring Avar under the wizard's complete control, yet Avar's talent also told me the wizard would fail in his intent. The spellwork being cast by the wizard would soon require him to sacrifice the woman secured to the frame, yet even with her life energy added to the spellwork I could tell his intent would fail. Despite whatever the wizard might be thinking, the spellwork he was building would have no effect upon Avar at all and therefore no effect upon me either. The rapidly approaching sacrifice of the woman would be a useless waste even more than otherwise would be.

Somehow the whole scene before me was sparking a rapidly building anger in the part of me which had come from Avar, and the knowledge the approaching sacrifice of the woman would be completely useless fanned that anger greatly. A powerful desire to interrupt the wizard and save the woman suddenly swelled within me and Avar's personality essentially took control. Avar quickly ascertained his sword, which had been sealed into stasis with him, remained sheathed at his left side. As the wizard raised a dagger to slash the throat of the helpless victim before him Avar sprang into action.

Avar leaped out of the niche in the wall where he had been placed so many years before and landed in easy reach of the wizard, drawing his sword as part of the same swift motion. Before the wizard could even react to the sudden move by Avar the sword slammed into and through the wizard's midsection. The chanted spellwork was silenced as Avar just as swiftly withdrew his weapon from the wizard's body. The wizard wore a startled look as his strength faded and he fell to the floor.

The part of me which was Andrew Carter was completely astonished by this swift turn of events yet there was no time to think upon it at all. The guards which had been standing against the walls quickly sprang into action as the wizard who had been their leader lay dying on the stone floor. I found myself set upon from every side as the guards responded to my attack upon the wizard. What happened next astonished me even further than the sudden assault upon the wizard.

While Andrew Carter had little experience with swords beyond playing with one a few times, Avar had been and remained a consummate swordsman. Despite being outnumbered nearly ten to one by the guards Avar made short work of them, the entire group had soon joined their leader in stillness on the stone floor of the chamber. The whole battle seemed even easier to Avar than usual, somehow the guards, while aggressive enough, had moved in a somewhat wooden and unimaginative way. Against a fighter of Avar's caliber the guards had no chance at all.

As soon as the last guard had been dispatched Avar turned his attention fleetingly to the naked woman still tied to the X frame, he noted in passing her startled expression at the sudden complete turnabout in the situation. I was content to allow the part of me which was Avar to continue on control of our actions and there was no attention to spare for the former victim yet. Avar turned back toward the niche in the wall from which we had sprung and as soon as his eyes brought it into sight I understood the reason for Avar's preoccupation.

Avar had not been placed into stasis alone; he'd had two companions with him who still remained locked in stasis in the wall. Remaining within their places in the wall niche were the twins, Aisha and Lana, Avar's closest friends and companions for most of his unnaturally long life. The two women inside the wall were not actually twins, sisters, or even related to each other at all, which was obvious to anyone who had the opportunity to see them. Yet somehow the two women had picked up the nickname of twins and they had been known by that for the last years before they had been placed in stasis.

Lana was a small, slim woman with long blonde hair, small breasts, and narrow hips. Aisha was taller and plumper, with jet black hair, larger breasts, and wider hips than Lana. Aisha looked to me to be almost like a woman from Northern China, somewhat stock in build, yet Aisha carried no unnecessary weight. The two women looked nothing like each other but they had been constant companions with each other for as long as Avar had known them. Looking into Avar's memories I found the length of time he had known them to be an unbelievable surprise. According to Avar's memory he, Lana, and Aisha had been companions for 852 years, before the three had been placed in stasis.

The dead wizard had been forced to resort to extraordinary and rare spellwork to break Avar from the stasis which had held him, but it would be far easier for me now to release Lana and Aisha. The spell which created the stasis was extremely powerful and secure but had been designed to be easily broken by Avar, and thus by myself now. Since Avar was now free from the stasis spell it was an imperative the twins should be released as well.

As time progressed my personality was becoming more and more merged into that of Avar and the feeling that he and I were in any way separate individuals was fading fast. Whatever thoughts and motivations Avar had we rapidly becoming my own, and mine his. Because of this I just stopped thinking of him and me as two different people, from then on he and I were one person.

I reached out and touched the faintly shimmering stasis field which guarded the niche within which the two women were entombed and, using Avar's magical ability, applied the spellwork key to open it. The barrier and the stasis imprisoning Aisha and Lana were instantly dissipated. The two remained inside their niche for a couple of moments, blinking in sudden awareness, and then both jumped out into the room. I waited silently and they looked wildly around the room, taking in the situation they had awakened into.

"What's with the girl, Avar?" Aisha asked after a moment, indicating the naked girl still tied to the frame.

"It would seem the recently deceased wizard who broke me out of stasis planned to use her as a sacrifice for the next part of his spellwork." I answered.

"I see. I can feel the foul stench of the remains of his poorly crafted magic still," Aisha said. Lana walked over to the girl and drew her dagger to cut her loose from the frame.

"Yes. I'm afraid I was forced to stop him in the middle of what he was doing," I told her.

"I can see what he was trying to do to you. As if that would work on one of us," Aisha said.

"Since he would have killed the girl in any case I didn't give him a chance to go that far."

"What do you think is going on here?" Aisha asked.

"I haven't a clue, I've only been awake for a few minutes more than you," I answered.

"Whatever it is it seems bad. I can tell that just from the remains of magic around. Somehow you seem to be changed now as well," Aisha said, perceptive as always. It was inevitable the twins would sense almost immediately that I was not the same Avar they knew from before, his memories of those two women told me that much.

"You're right, but I don't think this is the time or place to talk about it."

Lana returned just then, holding the woman from the frame by hand. Since the girl was still naked she blushed when she sensed my eyes upon her. But at the same time she was spunky enough to not try to cover herself, realizing it would be pretty pointless now.

"You're making a good start on your new harem," Lana said as she reached us. Fortunately Lana spoke in the Mershan language which concealed her words from the naked girl she still held by hand. Mershan was the language the twins and I had first spoken with each other, and one of several dozen languages that Avar, and now by extension I, spoke fluently.

Lana and Aisha were both lesbians and I'd never known them to have any interest in men, except for some unknown reason, me (as Avar). During the many long years we had been together those two women had been intimate with hundreds of other women but not a single male except for me. Most of the time they had also insisted that I share with them the other females they happened to find for themselves over the years.

I'd first met the twins when the captain of company in the army of a nation lost even before we had gone into stasis, no one remembered it except they and I. The two had been inseparable even then and fierce fighters, but always obeyed my orders when it was needful to do so. At the time my interest was in what my soldiers did on duty, what they did on their own time was their own affair. Perhaps it was my laid back attitude toward their proclivities which had warmed them toward me, somehow the three of us had ended up spending more and more time together.

A commotion out in the passageway into the chamber brought my attention back to the present. Lana and Aisha stiffened into attitudes of readiness showing they could hear it too, the sound of armed and armored men running at the double. It seemed the wizard and his guards had companions outside who were finally coming to check on their master, though of course they were already too late to save him. The twins and I leaped into action as the first arrivals emerged from the tunnel into the room,

The three of us attacked the arriving soldiers savagely since that was the only way we would have a chance against so many. The tunnel was so small the incoming soldiers were only able to enter two abreast and soon the twins and I were cutting them down as they emerged into the tunnel. Again there was this dullness in the arriving soldiers' fighting ability; it was as if they were fighting under the influence of something which slowed their reaction times. Whatever it was it made things easier for the twins and I than they otherwise would have been, the three of us cut through the new arrivals like a hot knife through butter. Yet at the same time if it had been anyone else besides the twins and I they would have been quickly overpowered by the sheer numbers of soldiers emerging from the tunnel mouth, it seemed there was no end to them.

The part of me that was Andrew Carter felt amazement at what I and the twins were doing. I knew from Avar's memories that he and the twins were veterans of several lifetimes of battle under all sorts of conditions. In addition the three of us possessed a magically enhanced speed, strength, and stamina even the overwhelming numbers of guards were unable to match. It wasn't long before the two women and I were pushing into the entry tunnel and cutting the soldiers down as we went. Much of the time in the tunnel we had to step around and even on the bodies of the fallen soldiers.

Eventually after a lot of hot work the twins and I forced our way through the entry tunnel to the outside. Outside we had to deal with several score more soldiers who had remained outside but were waiting for our emergence from the tunnel entrance. These fresh soldiers attacked us without hesitation yet there was the same sluggishness in their actions shown by the others we had fought inside. This made fighting them even easier for the twins and I than it otherwise would have been but even so we had a busy time taking care of them all. And take care of them all is exactly what we did since strangely no matter how hard we pressed them not a single one tried to abandon the fight and run away.

As the number of enemy dwindled it became obvious that their fight with the twins and I was not the only action they had been engaged in. A small part of the enemy forces had been guarding several captives as well as several more bodies, all dressed in uniforms distinctly different from those of their captors. The twins leaped in to attack the guards posted near the captives because even though it wasn't obvious from their appearance we could tell both the captives as well as their fallen comrades were all women. We had just cut down the last of the enemy and the twins released the first of the captives when the girl who had been on the frame inside the cavern appeared in the entrance, still naked.

The released captive had taken a few only steps in my direction before she caught sight of the girl at the cave entrance. The female soldier stopped dead for a moment, taking in the sight of the naked girl in the entrance, then she sprang into action. She quickly picked up a sword from one of the fallen enemy and with a loud yell came at me as fast as she could run. But despite the savagery of her attack I was able to avoid it easily without even having to block her wild sword swings with my own. Unlike the others we had fought up to now this woman seemed to be able to fight with her full speed and power and I had to work to avoid her attacks.

This went on for several minutes, the woman becoming more and more frustrated that I was avoiding her sword without even using my own to block hers. Actually, as a sword woman she was quite good, but I (as Avar) had both vastly more skill and magically enhanced speed and reflexes. This went on until it was broken by a yell from Aisha.

"Avar, stop playing around and get over here!" Aisha called.

With a quick flick of my sword I sent the woman's flying out of her hand and a little fancy footwork swept the woman's feet out from under her. I had her pinned in a flash and with Avar's magically enhanced speed and strength I stripped her belt from her and used it to bind her arms behind her, laving her in a position from which it would be difficult to get back to her feet with her arms bound. Then I rushed over to see what Aisha wanted me for.

I found Aisha kneeling next to one of the fallen, one from the same group as the woman who had just been attacking me. I could see this one had received several wounds from swords or similar weapons. As I knelt down beside the victim I could sense she (this one was a woman, too) was at death's door and fading fast.

"Avar, this one still lives but her wounds are beyond my power. Can you do anything for her?" Aisha asked. While the twins and I had extensive ability in the area of magical healing, I was the best of us in that specific ability.

"Let me see what can be done," I replied as I extended my senses into the body of the fallen woman. I could sense that her life energy was almost gone and I had to stretch my power to its fullest to catch her and pull her back from the abyss of death. This one was well beyond Aisha's ability and I caught her mere seconds before her life faded too far even for me to pull her back. Fortunately I was able to pull her back from the brink and I poured my healing energy into the girl's stricken body.

The part of me which was Andrew Carter watched in amazement the effect of the healing magic upon the injured girl. Her gaping, bleeding wounds closed themselves before my eyes until all that remained of each one was a fading red line. At the end I could feel some fatigue in my body for the first time since I had awakened. Healing the wounded woman had cost more than fighting the entire company of soldiers, and I was a bit unsteady getting back to my feet. The fallen girl was completely healed and would soon awaken once again.

Looking around me I spotted Lana checking each of the fallen enemy soldiers, some few of whom still survived. I walked over to her just as she suddenly plunged her swords savagely into the chest of one of the wounded, an action which puzzled me at first until I realized the reason for it. The Soul Eater.

The Soul Eater was the most powerful, feared, and wicked of the weapons from the Great War. There had been a myriad of powerful magic based weapons which had been produced by both sides in that war, and the twins and I had spent literally centuries after the war ended searching for those weapons and either destroying them or sealing them away in stasis. But the Soul Eater was a weapon which we had never been able to find and it was assumed to have been lost or destroyed in the chaos of the final stages of the war.

The Soul Eater permanently destroyed the personality of those upon which its effect had been discharged and no one had ever been able to find a way to reverse the Soul Eater's effect and restore its victims to how they had been before. Once exposed to the Soul Eater's evil power its victims became permanent slaves to the weapon and its operators. Every one of the enemy soldiers we had just fought and defeated had been made into that by use of the Soul Eater and there was no way possible to return them to what they had been before. And the worst part of the Soul Eater was it left a small remainder of the original personality behind, powerless and suffering. For such unfortunates death was a mercy.

While the twins and I had never found the Soul Eater itself we had much opportunity during the war and afterword to observe its effects upon its victims. Because of this we had a good understanding of how the Soul Eater worked, to the point where we could have constructed a Soul Eater of our own. But we had never found a need for such a thing so we refrained from soiling ourselves in that way. Instead the twins and I had used the knowledge we gained to created defenses against the Soul Eater for ourselves and our subordinates. The twins and I need have no fear of the direct effects of the Soul Eater, that weapon could have no power over us. Now that I thought about it, those defenses explained the failure of the dead wizard's attempts to control me, for the spell he had been using drew upon the power of the Soul Eater to accomplish its purpose.

If someone had found the Soul Eater and had learned to use it, even in part, then we had no choice but to find who it was that was using the Soul Eater, and destroy him and the Soul Eater. The Soul Eater was not something that could be allowed to remain available to the world, sooner or later someone would find and use it, just as was happening now. Since the twins and I were now players in whatever game was afoot we needed to find the Soul Eater and put it out of operation. The fact that someone was using it would make the task of finding it easier since we could follow the trail of soulless bodies back to their source.

It took a while longer for the twins and I to secure the area, the former prisoners restrained once again until we could sort things out and the enemy soldiers all dispatched and put out of their torment. I went back inside to examine the wizard who I had killed right after being released from stasis, perhaps some clues about what was going on could be found by searching his body. Everything pointed to the wizard having been in control of the for that invaded the chamber where the twins and I had been entombed, it was certain he had been there to deliberately release us from stasis. It was only his inability to implement a control spell over us that led to his downfall.

The dead wizard wore a gold trimmed and decorated robe over shirt and trousers. The robe was closed in front with gilded buttons and when I undid these I received a surprise as under it he wore a belt with holster and a weapon which was totally unfamiliar to Avar, but which Andrew Carter knew well. In the holster at the dead wizard's side was a cap and ball revolver and the design seemed to be very similar to a Remington of approximately the 1860's in the world from which Andrew Carter came. Also on the belt were pouches containing the paper cartridges that type of pistol used as well as the percussion caps to go with them. I unbuckled the gun belt and set it aside as something to investigate further.

In various pockets in the robe and the underlying clothes I also found some coins, a folding knife, and a notebook. While the writing in the notebook looked similar to one of the languages Avar knew I wasn't able to immediately read it so I set the book with the pistol for later investigation. Strangely the wizard dead wizard had nothing else on him beyond those three groups of items. Unless I could find something from translating the book the body of the wizard wasn't providing much information about what was going on and finding nothing more I left him laying there inside Avar's burial chamber.

The entire entrance tunnel as well as much of the immediate area outside around the entrance was littered with the bodies of the fallen guardsmen, there must have been almost a hundred of them altogether. As I was checking the wizard the twins had been going about the grim work of dispatching any remaining survivors, since there could be no hope for them. Even a badly wounded "robot" Soul Eater victim could be dangerous to leave alive, we had learned that the hard way during the great war. Whatever programming the Soul Eater replaced their personality with would care nothing for the health and welfare of the body it controlled.

I carried the items taken from the dead wizard outside and dropped them in the area where we had placed the still living ex-prisoners and what little we could find of their clothes and baggage. It was quite hot outside and very dry and there was little in the way of plant life around the tunnel entrance. Avar's memories remembered the area as being grasslands but in however long he had been in stasis it seems the climate had changed, now it was a full fledged desert. I wondered how many of the watering places in this area still had anything to offer in the current environment.

The girl who had been the intended sacrifice was sitting in the camp area wrapped in a blanket, either no one could find any clothes for her yet or she had not bothered looking for them. The guards-woman I had disabled sat next to the girl, one of the twins must have tied her more securely while I had been inside checking over the wizard. It was the guards-woman who spoke to me.

"Who are you people? What do you want from us?" she asked.

Since I had no reason to hide it I answered her truthfully, though of course with Avar's name. "I am Avar S'Vanosh, Lord of Tabe Mundo."

I had to wince as the faces of both women blanched and the guards-woman exclaimed "You're Avar, the Devil King?"

It seems that however long a time it had been since the twins and I (Avar) had been placed into stasis here that silly name seemed to still be around. Later the twins and I would have to look at the stars and see if we could determine how long a time had passed since we last were awake. The part of me which was Andrew Carter was surprised to learn that Avar had an extensive knowledge of astronomy, easily sufficient to determine how much time had passed.

"There were those who called me that, though I feel they were mistaken in it. We always did our best to rule justly when we could," I said after a couple moments of silence.

"What about the Great Prophecy? It speaks of you." the woman in the blanket asked.

"I do not know of any such thing," I answered.

"The Great Prophecy is more than a thousand years old. It is only a few words: When the Soul Eater begins to feed and Avar the Devil King once more walks the Earth, then shall the world we know end." the blanket girl said.

"It would seem this Great Prophecy is from a time after the twins and I were sealed away here," I said. This prophecy seemed to have considerable fulfillment already considering what I already knew about what was going on. Yet I had no idea what the world ending part could mean.

"It was written that the Devil King disappeared more than two thousand years ago," the guards-woman said. "No one knows what fate befell him."

"I know very well what happened to me, I was placed in magical stasis inside the chamber you recently were in. It was by my design the twins and I were placed within that chamber, there was no intent for us to be found and awakened as we are now." I explained.

"I don't understand, why did you have yourself sealed inside a mountain like that? That is just like dying!" the girl in the blanket asked.

"The purpose of our entombment was to remove ourselves from the leadership of our kingdom in a permanent way. We had ruled them for too long and cared for them too much, to the point where it was sapping the initiative of our people in a significant way." I replied.

"Why not just leave then?" the girl asked.

"We had become so well known that wherever we went we would have become the focus of someone's scheme to power of one sort or another. We spent centuries seeking out and either destroying or hiding away all of the magical weapons from the Great War and in time we came to realize that we were weapons left over from the war, too." Aisha answered.

"So you just buried yourselves inside this hill?"

"Yes. It wasn't possible for us to die, at least not easily, so that was the best way," Aisha continued deadpan.

"What is Lana up to?" I asked Aisha, both because I wanted to find out and also to change the subject away from why the three of us had been inside the cavern under the hill.

"She is checking the dead Avar. You know what we are dealing with here?" Aisha answered.

"Yes, someone has found the Soul Eater and is using it. I don't know what their purpose is yet but I feel it is something bad," I said.

"Just the Soul Eater s bad enough but there has to be more to it than that."

"Yes, we need to talk later about what we have found here," I said.

"Yes, that and much more, and especially about how you have been changed but Lana and I have not," Aisha said.

"I will tell you both everything I know when we have time for that," I promised. It was a foregone conclusion that the twins would notice the essence from Andrew Carter almost immediately.

"We need to clean up this mess here; it wouldn't be good to just leave all these bodies lying around. Move them all inside the tunnel and then drop the roof seems to be the best way to handle it," Aisha suggested.

"That seems good to me and we had better get started, the hour is already late," I answered.

We spent the next three hours searching all the bodies, removing anything that seemed to be of value, and then moving them into the tunnel. There were a few items in the burial chamber we had to remove first but we hadn't taken much with us since we did not really expect to be awakened. It would have taken a lot longer if we had had to drag the bodies into the tunnel by hand, but fortunately the twins and I are masters of magical levitation so it was much easier and faster to use that power to move them into the tunnel than it otherwise would have been.

One problem we encountered was all the food and water which had been carried by the wizard and his guards was useless, contaminated with a mind altering chemical which somehow seemed to have some of the character of the Soul Eater. Anyone eating of drinking from the contaminated supplies would lose their mind and personality and likely come under the control over whatever entity which had dispatched the wizard here. There was no magical means to remove the alien chemical rendering the supplies useless. While the twins and I could consume the contaminated supplies without being affected our bodies still would not be able to derive any sustenance from them.

The area around the tunnel entrance seemed to be desert as far as the eye could see. This was a significant change from when we had been here before, when the climate in this area had been semi-arid grasslands. The climate must have changed while we were in stasis and now the area was an arid desert. The nearest water source was more than a day's travel away assuming that it was still flowing. As soon as possible we would need to leave and head for water.

When every part of the remains of the fallen soldiers had been moved into the tunnel I reached inside with my power and weakened the rock of the ceiling inside. This caused the whole tunnel complex to collapse entombing the dead inside forever. Then we moved up the canyon until the site of the tunnel and the battle was hidden from view and settled in to rest a little and take stock of what we had and where we were.

In addition to the twins and I there was the woman who had been going to be sacrificed and three of her guards had survived, the three guards were all women as well. It seemed that most of the baggage they had once had was lost in their battle with the wizard's forces and they had little left in the way of supplies. While we had taken a few items with us into our stasis the twins and I had never really expected to be released from it and so need anything afterward.

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