Poker Night

by dawn1958

Copyright© 2012 by dawn1958

Sex Story: The men have their monthly poker night and it is one to remember, as sexual fantasies quickly turn to reality.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Mind Control   Group Sex   Orgy   .

Please email me with your suggestions and comments. I have written this story for a reader and all the fantasies and details are not necessarily my own. I hope he likes my story and he thinks I did justice to his fantasies.

It was the monthly poker night, which the five guys held usually on the last Friday of every month. Kory was hosting the party and his buddies arrived around seven. They started playing cards and drinking beer and by eleven o'clock none of the men were feeling any pain. After four hours of poker, they were ready for some snacks, which the host wife usually made up ahead of time for the hungry savages. The talk around the table was always crude and vulgar so the women usually went to a friend's house for the evening. Kory's wife made the snacks and then wisely went to stay overnight at her mother's, as she couldn't stand the loud, boisterous talk.

Kory stopped the game around 11 and went to the kitchen to bring out the food, while Cam took the opportunity to go out to his car for something. Cam had parked in the back alley, which was dark as all get out, and he had to virtually feel the way to his car. Just as he approached his prized 1967 corvette, he noticed some movement next to his car. Quietly, he crouched down and listened to see what was happening.

"Hurry Jenny, grab the damn thing and let's get out of here," he heard and realized someone was inside his car. Suddenly, he rushed to the driver's door, as he was not going to let them damage his ultimate toy. The voice inside the car was that of a girl and Cam assumed the other person was also a girl because of the name. Just as he came around the front of the car, the girl on watch saw him and yelled for the others to run. There was a mad scurry of bodies and he noticed three taking off in different directions. The one who was inside the car was not as lucky and Cam got to the door before she could escape.

Cam grabbed the girl by the hair when she attempted to get out of the seat. He practically threw her onto the ground and pushed her face into the gravel of the alley. With a sob of defeat, the girl stopped struggling once Cam pinned her flat on her stomach and he held her steady. "What the hell are you doing," he asked in a voice that indicated he was not a happy camper.

Jenny was the unlucky one to be caught and she cried, realizing she was in deep trouble. Cam roughly pulled her up to her feet and pushed the door closed on his car. Guiding her into the back yard, he sort of pushed and pulled her to the back door of Kory's house. Reluctantly, she stumbled inside the kitchen and Cam called out to his buddies for some help. They came rushing to the room and listened as he quickly told them that four girls were vandalizing his car. He asked Gary to hold Jenny and the rest of the guys would go out and check out the car to see what was taken.

Cam checked the car and found the expensive CD radio was disconnected. It was hanging loose from the dash and in another few seconds would have been removed. The glove box was open and all the papers and valuable items from inside were already missing. Nothing else seemed to be out of place and he locked up the car and they all went inside to interrogate their prisoner.

Jenny had eyes the size of saucers and she obviously was very afraid of the five older men. She looked to be an older teenager and not very experienced at this sort of thing. In only a few seconds, Cam had found out her name and where she lived. The guys decided it was probably best to try to get Cam's things back by themselves, as the police would only complicate the issue. Kory theorized that if they called her home, the parents would assist them in getting the items returned. The parents would be more apt to replace any damaged or destroyed items if Cam handled the investigation himself.

Calling the number Jenny gave, Kory dialed and got an answer from a female voice. He assumed it was a relative, so he quickly explained what happened and asked if he had the correct household. The girl who answered said her name was Jasmine and that she was Jenny's older sister. She explained that she was willing to negotiate with them for Jenny's safe release, as long as they didn't call the police.

Jasmine had been one of the girls in the back alley and when all hell broke loose, she had rushed home. The three girls now waited for news of Jenny and Kory's phone call was a relief to know they had not informed the police. Thinking fast, Jasmine had to find a way to save her baby sister and she told Kory that she was willing to do anything to free her sister. If they would let Jenny go and not call the law, she would come over to his place. She promised to return all the items they lifted and hinted at being a willing hostage if they would forgive and forget what happened.

Kory's mind went into overdrive, as he saw how beautiful and sexy the teenager sitting in the kitchen chair looked. If her sister was anything like Jenny, she would be worth a trade and she might be convinced to cooperate fully. A little blackmail and friendly persuasion might just convince this Jasmine to succumb to any perverted demands. It was worth a chance to get into Jasmine's pants, as they would teach her a lesson not to vandalize other people's property.

Kory quickly accepted her offer and told her to be at his place within the hour. Using his most stern voice, he tried to convey a grave manner. Then Kory got the reassurance he wanted when he asked her if she was serious about doing anything to pay penance. "Yes, you bastard. I will do anything your little, perverted heart desires, just don't harm my sister," she pleaded with Kory. "You must release her once I get there or the deal is off," she added.

"You have one hour," Kory told her and hung up the phone.

With a satisfied smile, Kory whispered to Cam to come with him into another room where he could explain the situation. "This little one's sister is going to trade places with her and she told me she was willing to do anything we wanted if we would forget what happened," he told Cam. "I plan to fuck her brains out and there is no way she will report anything," he said in an excited voice. "If we play our cards right, all of us will get a piece of her and she will be only too glad to cooperate. Let's set up my camcorder and we will take a video just to make sure she keeps her word. We can edit it later and cut any parts that shows she resisted anything we did to her," Kory whispered.

The other three guys still in the kitchen with the teenager wondered what Kory and Cam were up to, but knew they would be informed shortly. They casually kept Jenny prisoner until Kory and Cam finally returned to the room. "This little underage beauty is going to be replaced by her older sister who will do her time," Kory explained to the group. "She is coming over right away and I promised to let this one go when she arrived," Kory told his buddies with a wink.

A hush came over the group and they waited for the expected arrival of the victim. Each formed a mental picture of what Jasmine would look like and then fantasized of what they would do with her. The excitement was building, as it was inconceivable to have a willing woman to perform sexual deeds, and they all were determined to take complete advantage of a once in a lifetime experience.

Cam left the room and went to set up the camera. He would set it up so it showed the area around the big recliner chair. It was a big stuffed chair, which they planned to use for the upcoming adventure, and Cam set the camera so it just had to be turned on. They would leave it run the whole time and use it to blackmail Jasmine if necessary.

The doorbell sounded to break the eerie silence and everyone jumped into a standing position, with the exception of Jenny who was detained on a chair. Everyone held their breath when Kory opened the door to reveal Jasmine, the woman of the hour. She was determined to not let these guys get the better of her and tried her best to put on a brave face.

The hungry eyes devoured her short, slender body and feasted on the large breasts, which looked too big for her thin hips. She was of Mexican decent but was born and raised in the city. Her pretty face was offset by jet, black hair, which didn't require any special treatment, as it was naturally curly. All five guys noticed her beauty and there were a few skipped heartbeats, as they pictured the 19 year old without any clothes.

Jasmine's eyes quickly scanned the room and noticed her frightened sister being held in the straight-backed chair. She believed it was her duty to exchange places with Jenny, as she was more able to withstand any punishment from these devils.

Kory liked the fact that Jasmine was only 5"1", as it gave him a powerful feeling. He invited her into the intended dungeon and waited for her to speak. When he closed the door, Jasmine flinched, realizing she had been closed off from the outside world.

Kory smiled when Jas handed him the bag of goodies that were taken from Cam's car. He noticed her hand shaking like crazy and it gave him confidence even though she tried to gain the upper hand. "My agreement was that you let Jenny go ... what are you waiting for?" She glared at Kory and tried to keep her voice steady.

"Look honey, you girls are the ones that broke the law. You're not the ones setting the rules here," Kory spoke with a stern tone. "This is the way it will be so shut up and listen," he ordered. "Gary here is going to hold your little sister prisoner in the office/library while we see how cooperative you are," he told her and moved over to stand beside the frightened younger sister. "You do as you're told and nothing will happen to your precious sister," he said and boldly reached out to put his hand on one of Jenny's breasts.

Instantly, Jas lunged toward the two but was stopped by Gary, one of the other guys. Kory realized that she was a tiger and he could tell she was a strong willed girl. He quickly removed his hand from the luscious boob and motioned for Gary to do as he requested. He was not about to force himself on the younger teenager but he hoped to convince Jasmine about the danger of not cooperating with their demands.

Jas watched as Gary and Jenny left the room, which suddenly became very quiet. A simple, "Come," was uttered by Kory and all followed him into the living room. Everyone grabbed a seat and Jas was left standing near the doorway. Kory dimmed the lights to give the room a touch of romantic ambiance and put on some music, which was intended to heighten the moment.

"Now we will see just how much big sister will do for her little sis," Kory taunted Jasmine, as she stood motionless waiting for instructions. "If I don't see some of that pearly white skin in a few seconds, I will send a couple of guys down to visit your sister," Kory warned her. Jasmine knew their threats would probably involve sex in some way and she reasoned that maybe they would be satisfied with a striptease. If she was a good enough actress, they just might let the two of them go, she thought.

Kory sat in the leather recliner chair and motioned for Jasmine to come over to him. Reluctantly, she did as he requested and her legs were vibrating like crazy. She was thankful for the darkness filling the room, as maybe he wouldn't notice how scared she really was. Jas was unable to think of any way out of her dilemma and she was aware of Kory's determination, as he prodded her to proceed.

Reluctantly, her dainty fingers went to the buttons on her blouse and slowly undid them one at a time. The slow pace was building anticipation in all the guys and they could hardly wait to see the naked truth. With the last button undone, the blouse hung loosely and slightly revealed her black lacy bra, much to the delight of the ogling men.

Jasmine could tell that Kory was getting impatient and with a sigh, she slipped the shear material over her shoulders. It became very obvious that Jas' breasts were worth waiting for, as they filled the bra cups to overflowing. All eyes were glued to the two gorgeous tits that jiggled in a seductive manner with every movement of her body.

Dropping the blouse to the floor, Jas slowly reached to her waist and started to undo the front of her jeans. The sound of the snap being released, then the zipper being lowered was not missed by anyone. Her face flushed a beat red, as it was time to expose more of her beautiful charms to these blackmailing scoundrels. She could not remember being this embarrassed in her young life and she succumbed to the wicked demands despite her reluctance.

The denim slowly sank down her shapely legs and each man gave a moan when Jasmine stood up in only a bra and panties. The seductive sight was not for the faint of heart, as her sexy white flesh glistened in the dim lighting of the living room. Her thong panties did little to hide the rounded ass cheeks, which were noticed by the two men behind her. Brian and Brad felt their cocks spring to full erection at the sight of the most beautiful butt. The thin strip of black thong disappeared between the luscious cheeks and the men marveled at how erotic it looked.

Kory waved his hand to indicate his impatience. With some hesitation, Jas reached for the three little clasps that held her bra together. She felt the elastic collapse and then the lacy bra slipped from her shoulders. Jas raised her arms up to her chest and tried to hide her nakedness, as she felt the cool air caress her exposed flesh. Instantly, her nipples turned into little pebbles and gave an enticing appearance to the tips of her large breasts.

It took a mere whisper from Kory and Jas lowered her arms to fully reveal her rich womanly charms. The only sound in the room was the heavy breathing of the four guys, as they stared at the abundant tits. Jasmine knew it was stupid but she was unable to find a way to stop the striptease.

Jasmine found it easier to look straight at Kory, as if it was a show of defiance and that she was the actual one in control. She noticed his eyes leave her chest and drop to lower ground, which sent a shiver of doom up her spine. She let out a small gasp of despair when her thumbs went under the elastic waistband of her thong and gingerly rolled the skimpy material down her shapely legs.

When Jas bent over to step out of the panties, the view from behind given to Brian and Brad was eye-popping. Their hard cocks throbbed and each man yearned to attack the most beautiful sight. The wetness between her legs glistened, as her pussy lips attracted their eyes as well as the small puckered hole just above. Both men sighed when she straightened and concealed the glorious sight from their greedy stares. If Jasmine only knew what was in store for her, she would have bolted from the room before anything else happened.

Kory got a magnificent view of the frightened 19 year old when she straightened up and stood a couple of feet in front of him. Her breasts stood out proudly and looked even bigger now that they were fully exposed. There was hardly any sag and he almost jumped out of the chair to feel the silky delights. The dark buds were pea sized and he had never seen nipples that were so elongated. He could almost taste the sweetness and his mouth watered in anticipation.

A quick glance down and Kory noticed the neatly trimmed pussy, which was expertly covered by short, curly hair. The sparse hair gave an enticing appearance to the area and he could just make out the tip of her vulva. His heart beat faster, as he devoured the royal riches of the frightened girl, and Kory knew it was time for action.

Jasmine's eyes opened wide when Kory opened the front of his jeans and his hard, long cock jumped up from his crotch. Her past experience included only a few boyfriends and she considered them amply endowed like most men. The sight of Kory's big cock made a shiver run down her spine, as the cock jerked freely in a vulgar beckoning manner.

At first she didn't hear what Kory was saying, then his words exploded in her brain. "Get that tight little ass of yours over here and get down on your knees. I need your lips around my cock ... now," he said and the words echoed in her ears. With that he put his fist around the base of his cock and shook it around for her to see. It was almost hypnotic and her eyes never left the rotating beacon, as it danced in front of her.

Jasmine was in a trance and realized that she had to do what he demanded or her little sister would be assaulted. On shaky legs, she took small steps and slowly sank down on the plush carpet directly in front of Kory. He immediately grabbed her tiny hand and guided it to his thick shaft. The burning flesh felt like an inferno, as he forced her fingers over the hot meat. She closed her hand around the cock and Kory suddenly entwined the fingers of his free hand into her curly locks. Grabbing a handful of hair, he pulled her face to his manhood and she mumbled words of protest, which were ignored.

"Suck it, baby, suck it," he ordered and her protests were stifled when he thrust his cock against Jasmine's tightly closed lips. Desperately, she tried to stop the imminent attack, but it was happening so fast that all of a sudden the tip of his rod was forcing her teeth apart. In seconds, his cock was pushed into her mouth and she struggled with all her might to keep breathing.

Suddenly, Brad could not wait any longer and the naked ass before him was too much to resist. When his strong fingers dug into the soft cheeks, Jas attempted to twist her body out of his grasp. Unable to move, she was prey for anything he desired and his hands gently pried the fleshy cheeks apart. Brad revealed her vulnerable crotch and he immediately dove into the valley of lust.

Jasmine would have let out a loud scream if it were possible, as Brad's hungry mouth closed over the puffy pussy lips. His tongue darted out and pushed into her slit, twirling around the protruding, unguarded clitoris. Her hips churned and twisted in a futile attempt to get away from his assault.

Jasmine held Kory's thick cock tightly so it would not be rammed down her throat and in so doing, her mouth caressed the most sensitive flared head. Kory pumped his hips and forced Jas to suck his ramrod deeper into her mouth, which gave him total satisfaction. Brian and Cam were kept busy feeling the inflamed flesh and each pinched a tender nipple in their rough fingers. All four men formed a small circle around the frightened girl and freely groped her exposed treasures.

She had never been treated like a cheap slut in her entire life and it was having a profound affect on her bewildered mind. Confused and at the same time excited, Jasmine allowed the men to use her body to satisfy their lustful passions. Her lithe frame was easily controlled by their superior strength and she tried to make her mind go blank.

When Brad's teeth closed on the overly sensitive clitty, the big cock stifled her scream but her hips answered his demands. Held firmly between the men, her hips trust madly, both in an attempt to get free yet at the same time to push back hard into the volcanic mouth. Brad tasted her sweet honey and he sucked even harder on her love box, as the powerful aroma filtered into his nostrils. It was like a drug to his mind and he lost all inhibitions, as he hungrily lapped Jas' cunt.

Kory watched the erotic sight of Brad eating the tiny Mexican teenager and his cock throbbed with intense passion. The hot mouth sucking the end of his rod robbed his stamina much against his will and he felt the first blast of hot lava flow from the tip of his cock. It shot down Jasmine's throat so fast she didn't have a chance to get prepared before the following thrusts filled her mouth with blazing cum. Holding her breath so as not to choke, she franticly swallowed his seed and it flowed down to fill her stomach.

Brad could feel Jasmine's body roll and twist in his strong hands and he devoured the abused clit. Sucking and nibbling the small bud, he stretched it to more than twice its normal size. Her tender clit had never been caressed with such lust and Jas was unable to prevent the rising heat from soaring through her loins. Brad drank the womanly juices and for the first time in her young life, Jas experienced a mind-blowing orgasm where she lost all control. The ones she had before this day were minor and trivial in comparison and her hips rocked back and forth meeting the severe demands of the cannibal licking her pussy.

The erotic affair far surpassed any fantasies or expectations of the men, as they took the petite girl over the ecstasy mountaintop. Totally embarrassed by the show of emotion, Jasmine tried to ignore the feelings of shame and guilt that filled her body after the untimely orgasm. She continued to suck the big cock like it was the world's sweetest lollipop and Kory was reluctant to have her stop. Slowly the length of steel was diminishing in size and Kory knew that one of the other guys would want a blowjob from their captive.

Quickly Kory shuffled his body out of the chair and let Cam take his place. Cam had already unfastened his pants and his cock was standing at attention. Once he was seated, Cam made eye contact with Kory and whispered softly to his buddy. "Is the thing doing the job?" He motioned to the camera and wanted to know if it was filming all the proceedings. Kory gave an affirmative nod and a quick thumbs up to let him know that everything would be secretly recorded.

The commotion gave Jasmine a moment to reflect, but she realized that these guys were going to use her body until their lustful urges were satisfied. Feeling Cam squeeze his way under her torso, she noticed at once that his long cock was fully erect.

Cam grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards his manhood, as he needed her mouth immediately. Jas felt the futility of struggling and allowed him to push the flared head into her waiting mouth. She put both hands around the shaft to give her control and gently sucked the head of his pecker. Cam was already near the peak and knew his orgasm was due any second. The heat from her mouth quickly dissolved any remaining staying power and the pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock.

Jas could feel the burning shaft throb in her hands and knew he was close to climaxing so she readied for the impending blast. When the fiery liquid filled her mouth, Jasmine swallowed quickly and the thick cum flowed down her throat without choking her too much.

Brian had seen enough and his cock was hurting from being hard so long. The other three men watched with wide eyes as he moved behind the kneeling girl and all knew what he was going to do. Each were envious as they all wanted to be the first to fuck Jasmine, but all knew that their time would come.

Just as Jas was milking the cock in her mouth, the flaming dagger suddenly pierced her vulnerable opening. The lubricating juices coated the meat as it passed into unexplored terrain and she held her breath in anticipation. Cam fucked her mouth with violent passion and without any concern for her well being when he shot the last ounces of cum into her throat.

Brian grabbed the flared hips with his calloused hands and thrust with all his might. A large gasp of air escaped around the hard shaft filling Jas' mouth, as Brian shoved his cock deeper and pushed onto the tender cervix. Her vagina stretched to accommodate the big cock and the resulting pain lasted only a few seconds.

By the time Brian pulled his cock out, then thrust it in again, the ache had disappeared and Jasmine relaxed her muscles. A loud slurping sound filled the room and Brian was like a mad dog fucking a bitch from behind. He caressed her deepest regions that had never been touched and her love juices gave him the freedom to thrust in and out at a rapid speed. The volcanic heat from her cunt overtook his stamina very quickly and he released the first shot of venom.

By this time, Cam had emptied his immense load into Jas' belly and his cock began to soften. Jas pulled hard on the shaft and freed her mouth as loud, deep moans escaped her throat. Many times over the past few years, she dreamed about being forced to make mad, passionate love to a tall, dark stranger. These men had no idea that her fantasy was coming true and that the fire building deep inside was confusing her mind. She reminded herself to keep control of her emotions and not give in to the lustful passions.

Brian now had a rhythm to his powerful thrusts and each time he withdrew his large cock, he would relax his grip on Jasmine's shapely hips. Then when he thrust in, he would pull her hips back hard into his crotch, which forced his cock to embrace every nerve in her tiny cunt.

Suddenly he reached forward and grabbed the back of her hair, twisting his fingers in the curly locks. When he pulled on her hair, it arched her back and his ramrod burst to spray the tender cervix with burning lava. He held deep inside for a few seconds and his hips jerked out of control, as he despoiled her inner reaches with cum.

Jas felt the intense heat and the lust washed over her like a tidal wave. Tears filled her eyes and she cried from the fact she was about to give her soul to the devil, something she was determined not to do. Powerful spasms rocked her loins and she pushed back as hard as she could to meet Brian's demands. The most intoxicating orgasm sprang from her body and she coated his thick cock with womanly juices. Brian felt her body experiencing violent convulsions and her muscles clamped over his wide shaft like a powerful vice to milk every last ounce from his reservoir.

The sobs shook Jas' petite body, as the climax consumed her, and she realized a real orgasm for the second time within the last hour. Totally shamed by the blatant display of ecstasy, she welcomed the release of her body from Brian's grasp and her loins slowly quieted.

The freedom was to be short lived as urges of animal desire was rushing through the others from watching the passionate scenes that unfolded. Kory took a quick glance at the hidden camera to see that the little red light was still on. A little shiver ran through his body from knowing that the recorded evidence would make Jasmine a pawn for future parties.

Right now though, Kory felt his cock throb, as he eagerly fisted his rejuvenated hardon. He stared intently at the wetness between Jas' legs after her upper body collapsed on the recliner from shear exhaustion. Obediently, Jas allowed Kory to shift her tired body and her heart skipped a beat, as she felt the head of his hard cock press against her hot flesh. For some mysterious reason, she spread her thighs, which she could only attribute to the wanton desire for having the man inside her sacred being.

When the flared head split her swollen pussy lips and pushed into the waiting channel, Jasmine's breathing became rapid and extremely ragged. The fact she had just experienced two mind-blowing orgasms didn't lessen the strong sensations, as Kory slowly spread her apart. Her gorgeous ass cheeks were exposed and seemed to beg him for attention. Kory pulled back briefly and began slapping each bare cheek with his hands, first lightly, then a little harder. The spanking echoed through the room and everyone held their breath and listened to the seductive noises.

Then Kory thrust his hard pecker deep into Jas' vagina and started to pump his rod in and out while slapping the crimson flesh with each trust. Taken off guard by the humiliating spanking, Jas pleaded with Kory to stop; yet deep down, she wanted him to continue. Her body reacted much against her will and she felt her stomach muscles contract and spasm, as she re-climbed the slope of lust. Jasmine welcomed the whipping because she reasoned that it was punishment for all of her bad deeds.

Kory rammed his cock to the hilt and was determined to demonstrate his superior strength and control over such a small, sexy woman. He was resolved to make the intercourse last as long as possible, but the fires deep in his belly soared out of control.

Jas continued to sob from the degradation the men were putting her through, but her lust belied the fact. Her whole body shook with a powerful unfamiliar desire and she pushed back onto the manhood, as it swelled to fill her passion pit. She could only imagine what it looked like when Kory fucked her like a slut from behind. The spanking had left her a trembling shell and robbed her of any chance of regaining a measure of control. Animal sounds escaped her throat and the other men were filled with forbidden lust, as they waited their turn at the girlie pussy.

Kory fucked Jas with total abandonment and shot hot lava deep into her with each strong thrust. As he emptied his balls, he whispered for Brian to go and switch places with Gary. Reluctantly Brian carried out the order and hustled down the hallway to the office/library. Gary was overly enthusiastic with the opportunity to be able to get in on the gangbang with his buddies. He rushed into the room and the sight before him made his knees go weak, as his cock reacted to the scene.

"Get in the chair and she will give you the best blowjob you've ever had," Kory said. Gary immediately undid his pants and by the time he sat in the recliner, his hard cock was jerking wildly in the air. Jas was only vaguely aware of Gary slipping under her upper body because her focus was on the climax, which roared over another high plateau before settling on the far side.

When Gary shoved his cock at her, she desperately grabbed it with her small fist, as if she were his slave. Dazed from what seemed like a continuous orgasm, Jas obediently opened her lips and sucked the hot meat into her mouth. Knowing what he wanted, she stroked the long shaft with her hand while sucking hard on the head. When her teeth raked over the rim of the flared cock-head, Gary experienced ecstasy and looked down to watch her head bob up and down in expert blowjob fashion.

With her heart rate slowly returning to a normal beat, Jasmine pumped her hand up and down the hard shaft of Gary's cock while keeping her mouth over the wide head. She could taste the salty pre-cum and for some unknown reason, she welcomed the taste. She marveled at how hard his cock was and her tongue stroked the head with loving caresses.

Kory's hips quieted and held briefly, as he watched Gary get his cock sucked. Cam realized that Kory had climaxed and was reluctant to pull out of the volcano so he prodded his buddy to move out of the way. Cam wanted his turn with Jasmine so the two men switched positions while she was kept busy sucking Gary's dick. Jas was oblivious to whose hands were all over her body and at this point she accepted it, knowing she didn't have a choice.

Cam's long cock stood straight out from his crotch and he held it forward with his big hand, as he was determined to possess the sexy teenager. His aim was true and instantly he found the soaked pussy. With a short thrust, he entered paradise and felt the sweltering heat that had devoured his cock. Jas knew she was going to get fucked by another man and held her hips upward to allow it to happen. Her breath caught when Cam shoved his pecker into her waiting tunnel and she felt wonderful to be filled once again.

The throbbing cock in her mouth was about to erupt and she could feel Gary's dire need, as intense spasms rocked his body. Gary's hips started to buck wildly on top of the recliner and Jasmine took him into the Promised Land with hardly any foreplay. She sucked the cock deeper into her cavity and allowed him to jettison his cum into her mouth, which brought immense satisfaction to his enraged mind. Jasmine drank and swallowed as fast as she could and squeezed her little fist tightly around the throbbing rod, as she truly wanted him to take pleasure in the orgasm.

The earlier blowjob enabled Cam to prolong the upcoming climax but the intense heat of Jas' cunt was certainly taking a toll on his stamina. He pumped in and out of her tight pussy like a madman and watched intently as Gary was turned into a quivering hulk. There was no more orgasms left in her frail body and Jasmine remained on her knees so as to satisfy the new lover. Funny how she dreamed of these men being tall, dark lovers and they dreamed of fucking a young, teenage slut.

The last few jerks of Gary's hips and Jas's hand milking the thick shaft emptied the remaining seed into her mouth. When the demanding thrusts from behind indicated that Cam was about to climax, Jas pushed back so he could fulfill his fantasy to the utmost. She welcomed the first blast of fiery cum into her deepest regions and her loud, obliging moans gave him added pleasure. Being used and abused by another man gave Jas a mystifying contentment and her sweat covered body felt tired and exhausted.

Cam's pumping slowed and he blasted his seed every time he gave a powerful jerk of his hips. The large quantity of cum soon filled her tiny cunt to overflowing and it ran out and down her slit. When the hot lava washed over her cervix, it gave Jas a warm, gentle feeling, which was pleasurable even without an orgasm. Cam roughly grabbed her fleshy hips and pulled back demanding her to respond. Obediently, Jasmine thrust her pussy back and jerked her hips to assist in his enjoyment.

One or two more strong spasms and Cam's orgasm came to a finish. He bent forward and hugged Jasmine's little body, relishing the fact he just climaxed in a teenage cunt. Her tightness sucked his big cock and he wished it could last forever.

Almost in a trance, Jas was aware of her body being pulled away from the recliner and pushed into a prone position on the soft carpet. She closed her eyes and let one of the mysterious men touch her as they wished. Then she simply drifted off into a sort of dreamland.

Jasmine didn't notice Cam go to the shelving unit and adjust the camera to take in the new location. Brad spread her legs wide and he skillfully wiped the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, which was crudely exposed between her splayed legs. The flared head soon became coated with abundant juices leaking from her pussy and the nectar lubricated it so that it glistened. Each time Brad pressed his cock on top of the swollen clit, Jas felt a shock of electricity shoot through her body. She calmly waited, knowing another man was about to use her pussy for self-gratification.

The respite was short-lived. Jas' head shot up, her back arched and her eyes opened wide when another assault began. Her innocent, naïve mind never even considered anything immoral and she let out an immediate protest. Suddenly a slick cock-head slipped between the tightly closed virgin ass and brought a loud shriek from Jasmine. "No, no ... no," she screamed over and over again, as she begged Brad to stop and leave her alone.

Brad ignored her pleas. He pushed harder and met great resistance, as her unmolested ass was overly unyielding. The events that had transpired so far had been acceptable to Jasmine and even enjoyed to some degree. Anything involving anal was totally intolerable and the severe pain caused further loud cries when she begged for mercy. Laying on her stomach and held there by the much bigger and heavier Brad, she was forced to endure his assault. He pressed his hips between Jas' milky thighs and spread her legs wider to gain fully access to the epicenter.

For the first time in her life, Jasmine was fucked in the ass. Brad slowly forced his prick into her ass. He worked it in all the way and then repeated the action a few times, which brought continued cries of protest. After a few minutes, the thrusting in and out became much easier and Brad got into a rhythm, as he fucked the forbidden treasure. Jasmine struggled and twisted under his weight, but she was unable to prevent the unwanted attack. Soon her asshole was stretched enough that the pain subsided to some degree, even though her cries continued.

Luckily Brad's orgasm built quickly. He was overly aroused by the extreme heat of Jas' body cavity and of the unimaginable thoughts for anal sex with the teenage slut. He dug his fingers into the fleshy hips and held his captive steady, as he tried to endure the intense desire. All the willpower in the world couldn't delay the impeding orgasm and Brad filled the uncharted territory with hot cum. Shot after shot filled the small hole and coated the narrow channel when Brad drained his seeds of joy. The creamy potion soon started leaking out around the cock shaft, running down onto the puffy pussy lips.

The others encouraged Brad onward and envied the fact that he was first to christen the back door. "Fuck her ass, fuck her hard," Kory said in a shaky voice. "Do it to her. Split that tight, little ass with your big cock, Brad," another whispered. Brad's climax rocked his body and he forced the tiny girl to submit to his vile demands.

The loud noises from the living room could be easily heard in the library and Jenny and Brian listened intently to the gangbang. Brian could hardly wait to get back into the living room while Jenn wondered what her sister was doing with these men. She understood the situation and knew that Jasmine would do whatever it took to gain their freedom. From what she could comprehend, the men would not go to the police as long as Jasmine cooperated. Some of the loud protests and begging that she heard from her sister made it sound like she was being forced to endure things against her will. Then the moans of ecstasy and the cries of passion sounded like Jas was truly enjoying the erotic adventure.

It was obvious that the men were having sex with her sister and now the one holding her captive had told her that she was free to leave. Jenn was just relieved that they respected her being under-age and weren't about to make her do anything like Jas was made to do. Brian escorted her to the kitchen and told her to leave via the back door. He was impatient to get into the living room and immediately wheeled around to leave her standing near the door.

The sounds from the love nest had quieted and Brian entered to find Brad releasing his victim and the others huddled around Jasmine ready to pounce. Kory looked at Brian with a puzzled expression and waited for a response. "I let the young one go since we have all the evidence we need on tape," he told Kory and motioned to the camera location on the shelf. "We won't need her to blackmail this beautiful bitch. She won't want her pretty face and naked ass posted all over the web for her family and the world to see," Brian said.

Jasmine looked franticly in the direction of the camera and her heart pounded when she noticed the blinking red light. "No, no, it can't be," Jasmine whispered in a soft voice, not to anyone in particular. She knew they could skillfully edit the tape to make it look like she was a willing participant.

Little sobs of defeat raked her lithe body as Kory gave her the next order. "Get on your hands and knees ... we aren't finished with you yet," he said in his sternest voice.

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