You Want to So Much, I Can Tell

by Sterling

Copyright© 2011 by Sterling

Sex Story: My daughter's friend seemed to read my forbidden desires and had fun seeing me so excited as she coaxed me into doing all those naughty things with her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   First   Oral Sex   .

My daughter Jessie had two friends over: Allie and Meredith. When I came in, they were lounging in the kitchen, finishing up their milk and cookies. I'd never met Allie before, and -- my goodness she was cute! Blond curls, big blue eyes. Just a girl, of course, just my daughter's friend. But if only ... if only I could slide my hand up between her legs, feel the warm spot where her legs meet. Stop that! I scolded myself.

Suddenly I saw her looking at me. She giggled.

"Let's go out to the swings," said Meredith as all three girls rose, and she and Jessie headed out to the playground across the street. Jessie had decided now, in high school, that it was cool to play on the swings again, perhaps reliving a little of her girlhood. Maybe it went along with the renewed interest in milk and cookies.

"I'll be out in a little while," said Allie.

"What did she say?" we heard Jessie ask from the yard.

"I think she's got to use the bathroom," said Meredith.

But Allie didn't head for the bathroom. She hopped up and down and grinned at me, then pranced into the spare bedroom, motioning me to follow. When I was inside she shut the door behind her and locked it.

"You wanna look under my dress?"

"Heavens, no, Allie, whatever made you think that?"

"You do, I can tell."

"I certainly do not. Run along out to play with your friends."

"Look, Mr. Smith." She scrunched her dress up to show me the tops of her thighs; I could only see her knees before.

I looked, and gulped.

Allie giggled. "You like it! I can tell! My goodness, what a naughty man you are!"

"Allie, that's quite enough!"

"Look now, Mr. Smith," said the impudent little thing, and she lifted the dress up to her tummy, giving me a clear view of her light blue panties, soft cotton hiding the parts of her I wanted to see so much.

I wasn't supposed to stare, but I couldn't help myself. Right under that thin cloth was the forbidden girl flesh I fantasized about so guiltily.

She giggled again. "Mr. Smith! You are so naughty ... But you like it so much!"

She let the dress fall. "Close your eyes."

I did. I thought I could tell what she was doing, though. I both dreaded the prospect and found it terrifically exciting. I heard s swishing of cloth, and the next thing I knew, I sensed something under my nose and sniffed.

It was the mysterious, magical smell of girl panties! I occasionally got a whiff from Jessie's dirty laundry. I probably had pleasure written all over my face, because the next thing I knew she was smushing them all over my face. But I didn't mind.

"You can take them, you naughty man," she said.

I opened my eyes, and as in a dream, I took them from her. I worked the cloth reverently in my hands, admiring it and looking at it up close, where I could also smell it. To me it was like silk woven of golden thread.

"Oh, Mr. Smith! You are so happy with my panties!"

I shrugged sheepishly.

"I'd give them to you, but my mom'd get mad if they were missing. This is fun! It's so cool you're so excited. Hmmm. You'd like to see what was inside my panties, Mr. Smith? Really?"

"No, I would not," I said, trying to sound firm but failing miserably.

She giggled. "Yes you would, I can tell! Look, Mr. Smith."

The dress crept up again, revealing the smooth golden skin of her thighs, more and more of it, until her crotch with the little slit and a sparse tuft of the blondest hair came into view.

I stared, mesmerized.

"Mr. Smith!" giggled the little girl. "You're staring at my private parts! You're not supposed to do that! That's very naughty."

I managed to tear my eyes away. "Oh, you're right," I said.

"Oh, come on, Mr. Smith, you can look. You're so excited you're dizzy."

She was right, I was dizzy.

I sat on the edge of the guest bed so I wouldn't fall over. Allie sat beside me, then lay back with her legs wide apart, but her dress smoothed down again.

"How'd you like to slide your hand up under there, Mr. Smith?" she said with another giggle.

"No," I said, shaking my head weakly.

"Ah, c'mon, of course you do. You want to so much. Everything else has worked OK, right? Go ahead, you naughty man..."

"Have you ever done this before?" I asked, a vestige of parental concern and propriety making its presence felt for a bare instant.

"Nope. But I can just tell you want to, and it's fun!"

I reached my hand out and touched one warm knee, then slowly slid my hand upward.

"My goodness you're excited! How can playing with a girl like me make you so happy?" Her face was alight with her smile. "Keep feeling up there, Mr. Smith ... A little higher."

I reached the junction of her thighs and felt the tender flesh of her labia.

"You can look too," she said, slowly pulling the cloth of her dress up over my hand so I could see my forbidden touch.

"Mr. Smith! It's like a witch put a spell on your or something! You're in a trance!"

I nodded weakly.

"It's just a girly weewee, right? You must have seen Jessie's when she was little."

"I know, but it makes me feel different. Very different."

"I guess so! This is so cool!"

"I shouldn't be doing this ... I should stop..." I said in a monotone.

"You don't need to stop," said Allie softly. "You're having so much fun, and it's so cool to see you all excited."

I started caressing her delicate labia.

She lay back, grinning at me. "Mr. Smith! You really want to look inside? Oh my!"

"Oh, I..." This girl somehow knew all my forbidden fantasies.

"You wanna look inside. Where the pee comes out. You really do, don't you! It's OK, go ahead, you naughty man," she said softly.

"How do you know?" I asked with genuine puzzlement.

"Dunno," she said, shrugging. "I just do. And it's cool!"

I peeled back her labia, millimeter by millimeter, then worked my fingers into her slit. I'd never felt so excited in my life. And everything was just where it was supposed to be: her inner lips covering her clit and her tender girl hole.

"Mr. Smith!" she shrieked with glee, bouncing her heels up and down against the mattress. "You want to kiss it? Stick your tongue down there? My gosh, you really do, don't you! You want to so bad! OK, you can. That's fine, Mr. Smith, I don't mind. You're just so excited; it's so easy to make you happy!"

My head descended and my tongue found her girl folds and I licked, working inside. I whimpered from the pleasure of it; her smell and taste adding sexy overtones to the phenomenal touch and sight.

"You are so, so naughty, Mr. Smith! But I don't mind. It kind of tickles a little. Hey, wait ... it feels good. Really good!"

My cock was so engorged and hot I thought it might burst. I reached down to rearrange it.

"You want to show me what's in your underpants, too?" Allie said with a smile. "You do! Wow! You really do!" she chortled. "I guess it's only fair, since I've let you play with me, you should let me play with you! I've always been curious what men look like."

I pulled away from her and worked quickly to pull off shoes and socks, pants and briefs, then whipped off my shirt as well, leaving myself naked.

"Whoa! Ooh, wow! It's so big! Can I touch?"

I nodded, and thrilled as her little hand softly stroked all over my scrotum and penis.

"Cool," she said, waving my cock back and forth like a stick.

Then Allie paused and looked at me, eyes wide. "You want to poke it against mine?" she asked, incredulous. "You wanna stick the end of your private part right against my little weewee? I can't believe you!" She laughed. "You are so naughty! But you want to so much ... You're not going to pee on me, are you?" she asked with a trace of suspicion.

I shook my head. That was one thing she didn't need to worry about.

"No, I can tell you aren't."

As I eased myself into position, not quite believing where I was or what I was doing, she spoke again.

"They always tell us to stay covered up and not let anyone touch us, but that was about men who might hurt us. You'd never hurt me, would you? I can tell. You're so sweet ... My mommy says we don't need to be ashamed of our bodies. Do you think my body's OK, Mr. Smith?"

I nodded enthusiastically, and Allie giggled.

I slowly lowered myself over the girl, and spread her girly lips before kissing the tip of my penis right at her opening. Heaven! More than I could ever have hoped for. She'd encouraged me every step of the way, though. Cajoled me into it, though she sensed correctly how much I wanted to do every little thing we'd done. But now it was the end of the road.

"Oh, Allie," I said dully, "We shouldn't be like this..."

"It's OK, Mr. Smith! It feels very naughty and exciting. It feels OK with my body, but mostly it's cool! And all I had to do was let you see and play with my private parts, and you're like in a dream."

My penis wanted to poke into the little cavity in front of it. I knew I shouldn't, but I did press, just a little. At least I could feel some of the motion and pretend.

"Mr. Smith! You want to ... you want to get that inside of me?"

"Oh, no, not really," I gasped.

"But you want to, if you could, I can tell. But how could it?"

"It would never fit since you're just a girl -- or it would hurt you."

"You mean it would fit if I were older? Where would it fit?"

I looked at her. She wasn't as developed as some girls her age. Her breasts were visible to me only as bulges under her dress. They were small and her hips narrow, but she had a little tuft of hair. Jessie was only 13, but I would later find out that Allie had just turned 14.

"You're kidding, right?"

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