by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: A teenage girl isn't entirely happy with her boyfriend's callous treatment. Maybe she needs a new one.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Petting   Violent   .

My boyfriend came over after school. He does that sometimes cause he knows I'm alone mostly. My mom works from afternoon until late. Midnight sometimes or later than that usually if they want her to. She's a dancer. I'm thirteen anyway, so I can take care of myself. My boyfriend's older and his name is Todd. He's like twenty, I think. He changes it every time somebody asks, but I don't care. He's big anyway, cute too and nice mostly. A girl needs a boyfriend, that's what my mom always says. She knows I have one and doesn't really care, but sometimes we argue about stuff.

Todd came over and I didn't know he was coming, but he did and he had another guy with him. Steve somebody. I was just wearing some cutoffs and an old t-shirt with Donald Duck peeling off the front, watching some TV and thinking about homework. I suck at school. I have some friends, but they don't live by me anyway. We live in a little trailer. Mom calls it a mobile home, but it never moves anywhere and we've been there my whole life.

"You're not supposed to bring anybody here," I said when Todd opened the door. He never knocks and his friend kinda looked around.

"It's cool, Tammy," he shrugged. "This is Steve. You got any beer?"

"It's my mom's beer," I told him and I looked at the other guy from the couch where I was sitting. "Come in, I guess. Just close the door already."

"Sorry," he said and he was okay looking. Old like Todd but his hair was long and black, sorta tangled up. Nice eyes though, lazy blue like he was sleepy.

"Think fast." Todd tossed a can of beer to Steve and I frowned.

"My mom's gonna yell at me," I said, pulling my blonde hair out of my eyes. They're green like the ocean, I think, but maybe not. I never really saw the ocean except on TV and stuff.

"Come on, baby," Todd smiled at me, trying to get me to smile too. "I missed you."

He walked over to me and held out his hand, so I sighed and took it with both of mine, letting him pull me to my feet. Todd liked to kiss and that was really the best for me. I liked kissing more than any of the other stuff we did. I didn't like it in front of that other guy though. Steve was just looking at us, drinking his beer while Todd put his arms around my little waist. I only weigh about eighty pounds and none of it is in my butt or in my boobs or anything. I'm still waiting to grow mostly.

"Guess you didn't see too much of this in the joint, eh?" Todd was trying pull my t-shirt up or something, and I squirmed a little, pushing his hand away.

"Not much of that," Steve said and sucked a little foam off his top lip while he watched us.

"Don't be shy, bitch," Todd warned me and he stopped trying to show my little tits to his friend anyway.

Todd likes me though. He tells me I'm a little hottie and that makes me smile. He said he's had a lot of girlfriends, but I'm the best one. He likes me cause I'm so little and I'm pretty in the face, like sweet and innocent and things like that. I really like it when Todd is nice and telling me that stuff, even if I don't believe him sometimes. When I got a little hair on my pussy, like practically overnight, Todd shaved it off and I cried. He told me I was prettier without pussy hair and I called him a liar, so he said he was gonna give me something to cry about.

Mostly he doesn't hit me too much though and that's better for me. So I didn't say anything else when Todd started kissing me in front of his friend. I just put my arms around him and opened my mouth. His tongue tasted like beer and it was cold and filled my mouth. I tickled it with mine and sucked on it the way he likes me to. Todd grabbed my butt with one hand and the other was holding the can of beer. He touched my back with it and made me shiver. My little t-shirt came up when I put my arms around Todd's neck, that's why.

I swallowed a lot of spit and I wriggled and squirmed a little when I felt Todd's fingers pushing against my shorts, like between my butt cheeks. He was copping a good feel and it felt okay, but that other guy was watching and I didn't like it. Steve wasn't supposed to be there at all. Todd didn't care though and he'd brought friends over before. It was mostly like this. We kissed for a few minutes and then Todd let me go so I could breathe and swallow more spit and frown at that other guy.

"Hey, I'm gonna take Tammy in the back," Todd said. "Just watch some TV for awhile."

"Whatever," Steve shrugged.

"Is he gonna steal stuff?" I asked, looking at the guy and Todd made face. Steve didn't say anything.

"Steal what, bitch?" he asked me. "You ain't got anything worth stealing. Come on."

"Don't call me that," I looked down and felt my face get red. Steve was smiling at me and Todd was taking my hand.

"Don't sound like a bitch and I won't," Todd told me, giving his friend a nod as he tugged me towards the bedroom I shared with my mom.

"I'm gonna get in trouble if he does," I said.

"Relax," Todd said. "Steve's cool. I just want you to suck my dick anyway. I gotta be someplace."

"Shut-up!" I frowned cause I know that Steve guy heard him and it made me sound like a slut or something.


Todd caught me hard across my mouth and it hurt. I cut the inside of my cheek on my teeth, I thought, and my eyes got hot and wet all of a sudden. I woulda fallen down except he was holding me up by the arm, kinda jerking me around.

"What'd I tell you about mouthing off, bitch?" Todd dragged me into the bedroom and threw me onto the floor so I stumbled and fell on my butt. He left the door wide open and started unzipping his jeans, stepping close and looking down at me.

"I'm sorry," I swallowed hard and blinked fast a bunch of times cause I didn't want to cry. "I love you, Todd. I didn't mean it."

"That's better," he smiled and nodded and his voice was gentle again. "Now take my dick out, baby. You know I love it when you suck my cock."

"Okay," I nodded and my face was hot all over. I felt sorta embarrassed, just cause the door was open and I caught a glimpse of Steve sitting in the old recliner. He could see us too.

"You're so pretty, baby," Todd was stroking my hair and that felt nice. "You're the prettiest girlfriend I ever had, you know that?"

"Yeah," I whispered.

"Yeah," he smiled, watching me reach into his pants. "That's you all over, Tammy. The best girlfriend in the world, baby."

I pulled his cock out of his pants and it was only sorta hard, but still pretty big looking to me. It was hot and heavy, a little sticky with sweat and I pulled the skin back so I could see the wet head of his dick. He must have taken a piss just before he got here, or probably in the bushes outside. They were mostly dead anyway and I'd seen him pee there before. I didn't like the idea of licking that stuff, but I knew I'd tasted it before anyway and I was pretty used to all the flavors Todd could have.

"Kiss it first," Todd told me. "Then suck it good."

"Like this?" I asked, kinda teasing him as I put my lips together and just touched the tip of his cock.

"Yeah, baby," Todd smiled. "Fuck, you're cute as hell down there."

"Okay," I said, smiling and feeling better now.

Todd was nice again and his cock was getting bigger. Really fat so my fingers wouldn't go all the way around it hardly. Long too and when I put it in my mouth I had to open really wide. I pulled the skin all the way back so that the head was all naked, smooth and pink and in my mouth. There wasn't hardly any room for my tongue but I moved it around anyway, sorta like I was washing his dick and Todd liked that.

"Uhhh, suck it nice, Tammy," Todd said, holding the side of my head and rubbing his thumb over my cheek. "In and out baby, fuck my cock with your mouth."

"Umph-mmph," I agreed, keeping my eyes looking up so Todd could see them and feeling my lips stretched tightly. I pushed myself forward, rocking on my knees until his cock hit the back of my mouth and I choked a little, but I was okay. I held Todd's cock with both hands, because I couldn't even get half of him in my mouth, so mostly I jerked him off while I sucked.

"Fucks my beer?" Todd wondered, glancing around and then looking down the hall. "Hey! I leave my beer out there?"

"Yeah, dude," Steve answered.

"Don't you stop sucking, bitch," Todd told me, because I'd stopped moving for a second. "Bring it in here, would ya? I'm a little indisposed."

Todd held my head with his right hand, digging his fingers into my hair so tightly I thought he was gonna tear some out, and he was pulling my mouth down hard while he pushed with his hips. I was gagging and choking and I had my own hands on his big, strong thighs. I was squeezing him and pushing, but Todd didn't care. He kept trying to shove his cock into my throat while his friend brought Todd his beer.

"Open up, slut ... Open the fuck up or I'll slap the shit out of you," Todd threatened me and I was trying to, I really was, but he was making it hard.

"Here ya go, man," Steve said and about then I managed to somehow open my throat, or probably Todd's big dick just forced its way inside.

It didn't matter. Todd's cock suddenly went all the way into my small throat and it hurt a lot. Like when I get sick sometimes and it hurts to swallow? It was like that except all over. My nose was in his curly hairs, pressed against his skin through the open zipper, and my jaw hurt because his dick was too fat. But I'd done this before and I knew I could do it, so that helped a little. He just wanted to show off for his friend.

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