Letter Between Us Girls

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2011 by Linda Jean

Sex Story: I asked my best friend and lover to write me about her "first time" The day before I wrote her about mine. I felt then and I do today that what she experienced was just as exciting as mine. This is a true story word for word what shirley wrote to me

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Lesbian   .

I asked my lover (Shirley) to write me about her first time with another girl, she read mine yesterday and I told her I wanted to read about her first time and put it with my sex stories. I also told her I might send it out like I did my own. She wrote this, and sent it to me at work. Here it is word for word.

OK honey, you asked for this, I hope you are at your desk and I hope I did this just right to get you as hot as hell. I did not find this as easy as you said it would be, it was hard to remember every little detail, but I think I did. The first time I ever had sex with another female I was younger like I told you.

I sleeping in my room, it was very late. I started dreaming that a girl was playing with and touching my nipples. I realized that it wasn't a dream. I was on my back I felt a hand on my left breast. I knew the only people in the house were my mom and her friend Sandy. Sandy came over to spend a few nights while my dad flew to Hawaii for some sort of business. I realized it had to be Sandy kneeling next to my bed. Her fingers were gently touching me. I felt shame, afraid and very, very excited. I did know I liked it, I liked it a lot. I decided to pretended to stay asleep,

Before that night I never touched my self like she was doing to me, and I was getting a very strange feeling between my legs. I was having trouble breathing. Sandy bent over and put my stiff nipple in her mouth, while she reached for my other breast. When she did I gasped Sandy told me not to be afraid, she asked me if I wanted her to stop. I didn't know what to tell her, I know I did not want her to stop, I wanted her to keep making me feel good. I wanted her to keep touching me like she was doing. I said "I like that, but what about mom? She'll hear and come in"

"Shhhhh..." Sandy said," your mom is passed out in her room, she could not hear a bulldozer come in the front door. If you want me to stop I will, I don't want you to feel anything but pleasure, would you like that? Or do you want me to stop?" Sandy was 24 yrs old, and I felt very funny having her make me feel the way she was. At the same time, she was making me feel something I never felt before that night. It felt so good. She was breathing hard, and softly. She slowly brought her hand down my belly, some how I just knew she was going to put her hand between my legs, I was breathing very hard and loud I just knew I should tell her to stop, but I just could not get myself to say it instead I said "Are you sure mom won't hear us?" Sandy said "Yes, she won't hear anything until morning.

Sandy told me to relax. She asked me again if I wanted her to stop. I very softly said "No, please don't stop" she heard me and said "Good." when her hand got to the top of my little bush, she told me to lift up my knees and open my legs. As I did it, her fingers started to rub the top of my bush. Oh, what a great feeling she gave me. I could hear the sloshing sound that my little gash was making. It sounded like water. I told her I was sorry. She asked me why. I told her I was sorry for peeing on her fingers. She laughed and said. "You didn't Pee, it's your juices, you flow like a river, be happy, I wish I did" I will never forget those words, anyway she started sucking on my nipple and rubbing my clit like crazy, I could not control my breathing

I didn't know what she was doing, but I knew I never wanted her to stop. I was getting so loud Sandy put her hand over my mouth. I know now that what made me so wild was a climax, but for the first time I went crazy. When I finished I asked her, no I begged her to make me feel that way again.

She kissed me on my lips, her lips were very soft, they were so sweet, and she slid her tongue inside my mouth and told me to suck on it. I did. Then as she pulled her tongue out, she gently sucked mine into her mouth. I can't tell you how much I loved it. All the time she was rubbing my clit. I climaxed again right away, and wanted another. I begged Sandy to do it again.

She got up off the floor and on to the bed with me. She got on top of me. She was wearing a very flimsy robe and when she knelt over me I could feel her breast hanging down brushing mine as we kissed. She slowly started kissing me moving down to my breast. I thought and wanted her to lick and suck on my nipples some more, I was disappointed when she went past them toward my belly, as she went down my belly, my mind was going wild. I wondered what she would do next.

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