The Day Trip

by Kuro Neko

Copyright© 2011 by Kuro Neko

Erotica Sex Story: Your trip to San Fransisco take a turn towards the interesting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   BiSexual   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Group Sex   Anal Sex   .

So you are in San Fransisco for a day or two, you and some friends check out the sights act like lost tourists, the usual. Come night time you check into your hotel and are about to go out for food when you run into two hot little brunettes and the pretty boy toy with them in the elevator, you make a joke that its a party, they say hell yea and ask if you wanna join in. You say fuck it why not? Off you go to their room for drinks and the interesting social embarrassments of meeting new people.

A few bad jokes and several drinks later there is a knock at the door, it's the fashionable late friend who is a blonde bombshell in an itty bitty skirt. You gravitate towards the new comer, getting her a few drinks and getting to know her better all while that special little mental censer that points out the fun ones to dominate is going nuts over her.

So now your both drunk and got her hands all over you, when she whispers to you that she likes it when you take charge. Suddenly its all, ding ding ding ding, in your mind, your thinking, game on. You grab her, shove her against the wall and start kissing her while grabbing her tits through her cloths and pushing the skirt up the half inch it needed for you to start rubbing her pussy through her panties. She is loving this, you have her bent to you will in moments, and not long after that you have her mostly naked and so wet that her pussy juice is dripping down her leg. That's when you remember, there were three other people there too, what happened to them?

You look around real fast and find them mostly naked and the two girls taking turns making the guy lick their shoes clean after they step on him. Cool. Back to taming your new blonde pet. You pull your cock out, it isn't a record breaking monster, but it is defiantly bigger than average and does its job well, force her to her knees and cram it down her throat. Heavenly, that is the only way of describing the way it feels with her nose in your pubes and her tongue trying to speed bag your balls.

A good throat fucking later you push her face down to the floor and cram your cock into her pussy, fucking her like the bitch in heat that she is. After a bit you pull out, bringing a dissatisfied moan from her, then you spit on her ass and rub it around her little pink rosebud to help lube it a little before pushing your cock in. She starts to pick her head up of the floor when you do, so you take your foot and place it on her neck, making sure she stays there and 'heels' like a good little bitch as you stretch her ass out. That's when the other two girls come over and comment on how that looks fun. You look over to see that their heels are the only thing left on them and they have a collar with leash on him.

They ask if you would 'Pretty please' throw them down and fuck their asses hard too. Interesting, here you have found two girls who totally dominated their boy toy, that when in the presence of a naturally dominate male, they beg to be ass fucked like submissive little girly girls. You pull out of your blonde toy, who lets out a little whimper and rolls onto her side.

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