Sal the Super, the Nookie King of the Bronx
Chapter 17

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 17 - Sal is just starting out in life. He is strangely attached to his "Aunt" Gina. She is his Mom's best friend, not really his Aunt. His new job as her handyman means he has full access to all of her goodies and has the inside track to scores of MILF and teenage females inside the 100 tenant building they manage. Sal is doing a lot more than just fixing leaks. A continuing story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Workplace  

It was one of those nice fall mornings when everything seemed so crisp and clear. The street washing truck had just turned the corner after spritzing the curb and Sal caught the subtle hint of diesel lingering in the dry air. He heard the Glickman sisters chattering about a pumpkin sale taking place at the Catholic Church at the bottom of the hill and "Such deals you wouldn't believe!"

Sal was not one much for pumpkins and stuff like that. He did like the thought of them and the certain sense of excitement that the fall season had descended in full bloom. The only pumpkin he got up close and personal with was the cinnamon spiced pumpkin pie his Aunt Gina baked every fall for the holiday festivities.

His auntie was a good cook and she was even better in bed with her gorgeous ass up high waiting for his cock to slide deep inside from the rear. Actually, Gina was not his relative but merely his mama's best friend from the old neighborhood. After the demise of Gina's husband under "suspicious circumstances", Sal and Gina drifted together to manage the huge apartment complex of 110 units with all the complexities and back-breaking labor to oversee. Sal did most of the heavy work but Gina was not hesitant to roll out a metal trash can for the garbage pickup.

The tenants would for the most part fail to recognize Sal today because he was all dolled up in a three-piece suit and a tie with his shoes polished to a nice glossy shine. It was a far cry from his usual stained-with-dirt T-shirt and his skin-tight denim jeans. He almost looked like one of the downtown breed of strap-hanging Lotharios that tended to exist in a perpetual fog of sexual repression and greed for material possessions.

Gina came walking down the sparkling marble steps. She was resplendent in a black form-fitting dress with only a single white pearl necklace as an accessary. Her boobs were completely covered by the simple dress but their generous curves almost drew attention away from her mature, slightly drooping ass cheeks that made Sal drool like a schoolboy when he viewed them from the rear. He knew every square inch of her ass geography and had studied it many times when it was dripping with sweat.

She seldom wore make-up, but today was a special day.

They were going to the funeral of Aunt Kitty. Now, Kitty was neither Gina's aunt nor Sal's aunt, but she was the blood relative of Sal's Uncle by marriage "Vinnie" who was the most powerful Mafioso in the Bronx.

A couple of the Conte sisters from next door were sitting on their stoop. Sal waved to them drawing a frown from Gina. He figured it was only proper since he had already buried his salami in all five of the Conte sisters and had made two of them pregnant with his babies. That was a long story best kept secret in mixed company.

A long black limo pulled up to the fire hydrant. Vinnie had sent them the transportation since the funeral was in a small place all the way out in Queens. To Sal, Queens was like another country. It was a strange land filled with creatures that did not speak his familiar Bronx tongue. Besides, he knew it was the bailiwick of the Gambino's and he always felt uncomfortable with them inside his comfort zone.

Vinnie was adamant that his key soldiers were at the funeral in a show of force just to keep the brothers on their toes always worried about infringing on territory. Sal was not a "bone fide" soldier, in fact, he wasn't even made yet, but Vinnie considered him his most loyal of followers and trusted him with delicate matters previously mentioned in prior stories of Sal's adventures.

The funeral parlor was right on the boulevard and there was scant room to park. Apparently, they used the vacant lot next door to stage the funeral procession to the cemetery. Sal could see most of the drivers were Vinnie's old guard and were probably heeled as well.

Kitty's close family consisted of a nun with a back so hunched over that he was sure it was a major medical problem, a nice-looking woman in her 30s who was a little too young to be a daughter, so was probably a granddaughter and an elderly Jewish stepson from a disastrous second marriage that made Kitty a person shunned by the entire family. Well, at least, until the day of her funeral.

Sal recognized most of the participants and smiled a greeting to them. Gina took him up and introduced him to Stephanie, the good-looking broad with a small girl sitting quietly next to her on the main dais. She had a sweet sounding voice and he could tell she must have had some education from the way she choose not to speak with the New York City slang everyone used like a familiar pair of old shoes.

The daughter's name was Josie and she was a little doll with big eyes and a shy nature.

Gina drifted away to greet some old friends who had moved out to the Island and seldom ventured back into the city streets. Sal sat next to Stephanie and they talked about Kitty. He was only slightly acquainted with Kitty, but he remembered helping her pluck a turkey for Thanksgiving Day down in a basement filled with chattering women dressed all in black. Only they weren't going to a funeral, it was the way they dressed every day of the week in a time before women's lib really set in big time. Stephanie laughed at that memory and seemed grateful to Sal for making her less sad on a very sad day for her.

When some other children came up and asked if Josie could play with them in the back room, Stephanie nodded her assent and they were alone in midst of family and friends all concerned with their own little agendas and wishing the funeral were over so they could get back to their interrupted lives.

Stephanie whispered in Sal's ear that there was a little chapel in the funeral home side wing right next to the crematorium. They made their way there and Sal focused his eyes on Stephanie's swaying hips that sent a little "please do me" message to his brain. Out of boredom and curiosity, they slid in behind the crematorium to see where the fire came from and found a secluded nook so small that it was difficult to turn around. Stephanie's backside found its way right into Sal's groin and discovered his huge erection waiting for some action.

He could hear her panting with desperate hunger and it made him pull up her dress in the rear exposing her control-top panty hose with no panties underneath. They were yanked down quickly revealing her stark white ass cheeks and immaculate ass crack totally devoid of a single stray hair. It was so delectable that Sal sank to his knees and he immediately started to rim her pretty pucker hole with his talented tongue. It was something he had discovered almost all females enjoyed best of all. Stephanie was no exception. She reached back with her hands and spread her ass cheeks wide so he could shove his tongue right up into her pulsating anus.

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