Sal the Super, the Nookie King of the Bronx
Chapter 11

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 11 - Sal is just starting out in life. He is strangely attached to his "Aunt" Gina. She is his Mom's best friend, not really his Aunt. His new job as her handyman means he has full access to all of her goodies and has the inside track to scores of MILF and teenage females inside the 100 tenant building they manage. Sal is doing a lot more than just fixing leaks. A continuing story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Workplace  

Sal's escapades with the five Conte sisters from next door had cooled considerably for the last couple of months. He was OK with that because getting 2 of them pregnant at the same time had created considerable friction with their labor union boss father.

He was surprised when the very studious looking Ann Conte came up to him in the hardware store at the bottom of the hill. She always was the kind of stand-offish one of the five sisters and tended to frown at him when he wrestled with all of them after a contentious game of horseshoes. All four of the other sisters loved to have him grabbing their butts and their breasts with no bras but she just bent his finger back painfully when he tried it with her.

"Sal, I just wanted to tell you that Cindy and Regis are very sorry they have been treating you so bad lately. Our father has been put through a lot over at the union hall because of his 2 youngest daughters having babies out of wedlock at the same time. After the pregnancy was all over and they had the babies just like Sister Veronica told them they should, he would come home drunk and paddle them something fierce and God-awful loud in their bedrooms. I think he wanted us other girls to get the message not to spread our legs for any boys, especially you, Sal."

That was a hell of a long speech for a broad that had only given him the odd word here and there for the past year and a half. Sal looked up at her and saw that she was tearing up at the corners of her eyes and he figured she was as sincere as an older sister can get with a guy that knocked up her 2 youngest siblings.

"Hey, that's OK Ann, I understand and I only want what is best for Cindy and Regis and the two babies. I've been sending money for both of them to your mom every week and I will respect their wishes with everything. My uncle Vinnie and your dad have an understanding so things are all quieted down now."

Sal was referring to his uncle who controlled everything in the East Bronx from the Grand Concourse to the East River. He gave some tissues to Ann to wipe her eyes and blow her nose. He noticed that the girl in her late twenties never wore any make-up and she still looked more attractive than all her younger sisters.

Ann was trembling a little bit when she leaned over and thanked Sal for the tissues. She looked around to see if anyone was watching or listening.

"Sal, I can't open my legs for you because I am too afraid of my father, but if you should ever want me to go down on you like in a movie or something, I will be happy to do it. I have been giving blowjobs to guys for over 10 years now and I am kind of pretty good at it. You just can't stick your thing into my "you know what" because another pregnant Conte girl will surely start a war."

Sal was a little confused and somewhat taken aback. This adorable and classy dame was actually propositioning him to let her give him a blowjob. The fact that she put her pussy "off-limits" was not a problem because he could already picture sliding his long hard cock straight up her puckered brown eye. Besides, making babies was getting to be a little bit expensive. Pretty soon, he would be the chief breadwinner for the Conte household.

Ann was breathing rapidly and he could tell she was nervous and yet sexually aroused by her aggressive behavior. He knew it must have been very difficult for her to get up the nerve to approach him in this manner.

"How about you and me go to the Paradise for the "midnight show" on Friday?"

Ann's face lit up with happiness.

"Gee, sure, Sal, I would love to. I promise I will make you feel good too. I hope you don't mind not doing it to me down there. I think I am destined to be the oldest Virgin on Valentine Avenue but it's a lot better than getting killed by your own father."

When she walked away, Sal looked hard at her swinging hips and her heart-shaped ass standing up nice and pert like Cherry Blossoms reaching up to the Sun for petal opening inspiration. He decided right then and there that his cock would soon be giving lots of inspiration to the pretty young girl's ass to open its pucker hole for a spirited deep impalement. He wanted to see her beautiful face looking over her shoulder at him with that look that said "go deeper" without any need to express it in actual words.

His aunt Gina was feeling a lot better now but he still felt a need to baby her a bit longer. He could tell she was dying to get it doggy style real bad but he didn't want to put any stress on her until he was certain she was back in perfect health. Instead, he had gotten into the habit of giving her a "goodnight" finger fuck each night to send her off to la-la land with a smile on her face.

She kept asking him about the Conte sisters, but he assured her everything was just fine. Obviously, she suspected he was the father of both the babies but never gave him any grief about it. Her own childless marriage was a source of regret to her and he could easily see how she would be upset at his virility with other younger girls.

She told him that the "Doctor" would be visiting right after dinner. It was strange that old Doctor Hayunga was still doing "housecalls" even in this day and age. He didn't know of any other Doctors who would do that for any of their patients unless they were super rich or a valued member of the family.

He answered the doorbell with expectation of seeing the stooped older man in the basement hallway, but instead he was confronted with a beautiful short haired woman in her mid-thirties carrying a leather bag and looking like she had a very long day.

"Does Gina Napoli live here?"

Sal was silent for a few seconds. This certainly was no old man with tired eyes and a stooped back.

"Yeah, you mean my aunt. She is in the back. Where is Doctor Hayunga?"

He was startled to see the classy woman in the tailored business suit suck a sob back into her throat.

"He is ... I mean, was my father. He passed away early this morning and asked me to check in on Gina as she was one of his earliest patients here in the Bronx. He delivered her, you know."

I wasn't too surprised to hear about the old Doctor's demise since he was up in his eighties but I was surprised to see what a beautiful female child he had produced in the form of this delicious looking high-class woman.

"Come on in. She is awake and waiting. Be careful on how you break the news to her. She is building up her strength again. My name is "Sal" Salvatore DiMaggio. I work with my aunt taking care of these two buildings."

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