Sal the Super, the Nookie King of the Bronx
Chapter 10

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 10 - Sal is just starting out in life. He is strangely attached to his "Aunt" Gina. She is his Mom's best friend, not really his Aunt. His new job as her handyman means he has full access to all of her goodies and has the inside track to scores of MILF and teenage females inside the 100 tenant building they manage. Sal is doing a lot more than just fixing leaks. A continuing story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Workplace  

The conversion to the oil fired furnaces was complete. Sal was relieved because he didn't have to climb inside the furnaces to bang out the clinkers with the small iron mallet. He kept it to himself but he had a dread of being caught inside one of the furnaces when the ignition took place. Only his Aunt Gina suspected how strong the fear was lurking below the surface.

Both of the Conte sisters whom he had impregnated had given birth to their babies and he tried to be aloof of all the fussing without much success. Sal figured he was much too young to be a father and that he hadn't even exhausted the supply of pussy in his Aunt's apartment building as yet.

He did, however, make certain that envelopes of small bills were delivered to the girl's mother each Friday to help the family with expenses.

He used his new friend Rosa Mercedes to do the deliveries because she was the most closed-mouth broad he had ever met. Even his Uncle Vinnie liked Rosa despite the fact her previous boyfriend Carmine had stiffed him big time on the numbers tab being run over in the East Bronx.

Rosa was the best piece of small-sized ass Sal had ever sampled.

He liked the fact that she begged for more no matter how hard he pounded her. Her vociferous appreciation caused him to move her into his Aunt's basement apartment to help Gina get over feeling poorly these past months. His Aunt had lost a lot of weight and she was kind of on the slender side except for her luscious ass even before the sickness.

The mothers of his two babies, Cindy and Regis Conte were being difficult right at the moment with their attention focused just on their offspring. Neither one of them seemed inclined to offer him any goodies just like they were in some kind of "Don't give that prick Sal any pussy" pact that even included the other three pretty sisters.

Sal was content to leave things be because he didn't want to agitate the girl's father. The father was connected downtown but left Sal alone because of the protection of his Uncle Vinnie. Sal was smart enough to know it would be a different story below 125th street.

Lately, he had been plugging Rosa when the opportunity arose, but she seemed a little distracted with taking care of his Aunt Gina. He was afraid to suggest anything at all to his Aunt Gina despite their history of kinky sex because she seemed a bit too fragile to him in her weakened condition.

His newest interest was the mother-daughter combination on the third floor. The mom was a retired schoolteacher with a fetish of wearing the tightest skirts and highest heels in the entire building. Whenever he heard her feet clicking on the stairs, he got a good spot to look up her skirt and get a good peek at her always sexy underwear. The daughter was a typical teenager except for the fact she was stacked like a brick firehouse with boobs that seemed to have a life of their own.

He caught the daughter on the roof this past Friday night smoking a reefer with a guilty look on her pretty face.

"Oh, my God, Mr. Sal, please don't tell my mom. I just had to have one. It makes me feel all nice inside and so calm."

The 17 year old girl was so mortified and fearful that Sal was aroused by her actions.

"Well, Betty, I should report this right away but you seem like a nice girl and I am sure you are only doing this for medicinal purposes."

The pretty girl almost cried with real tears because she was so relieved.

"Do you want a blow job for being such a nice guy, Mr. Sal?"

Sal just smiled and released his oversized cock into view. The girl gasped at the huge piece of meat and knelt down to take him into her sexy schoolgirl mouth. It was obvious the girl was well familiar with the art of cock-sucking and she proceeded with a skill unusual for a girl of her tender years.

The sight of the pony tail bobbing as the pretty teenager worked diligently on his rod made Sal allow his sperm to rise quickly ready to blast off from his churning balls. Sal was determined that the girl would take the entire load into her mouth so he held the back of her bobbing head with both hands to insure she did not pull away with the force of his sticky spurts.

He could hear the schoolgirl swallowing rapidly as he drained every last drop between her lips.

Betty was amazed at the amount of creamy cum she had to swallow. None of the boys at school had ever produced this much and they certainly did not make her take it back so deep in her throat like the girls in the porn movies her mother hid in her bedroom. She looked up at the muscular super and let him bounce his naughty cock on her nose and face. His smell was tantalizing to her. It was spicy like maybe a little garlicky but she figured that was because he was Italian. Most of her friends were Irish because it was mostly Irish families that went to her church and school. It seemed like this block was about 50-50 with very little interaction between the two cultures. Not at all like her old neighborhood where the Puerto Ricans had pretty much taken over everything. Her mom had decided to move after catching her giving the Puerto Rican boy from across the hall a blow job under the stairs. She had just turned 16 and it was only her second blow job ever. Strangely, her very first blow job was with her mom's boyfriend who had been invited to her "Sweet Sixteen" party. Her mom had gotten little sleepy after a half dozen beers and "Ricky" proceeded to introduce Betty to the wonderful world of cocksucking. She remembered that she giggled a lot and it kind of made "Ricky" mad at her. The spray of salty cum on her face was disconcerting to say the least and she was hesitant to put her new-found skills to use until the incident with the hunky Rafael under the stairs. In all honesty, it was her who had led the reluctant Rafael under the staircase behind the baby carriages and it was her hands that opened his trousers and pulled his beautiful cock out for action.

Betty knew that in her mom's eyes she was the innocent little girl being taken advantage of but in her own heart she knew just how depraved she really was.

Even now the episode with the super was so stimulating to her. The risk of someone, even her own mom, coming up to the roof made her heart beat fast and she loved the way her pussy slit trembled with anticipation of finally being satisfied. She was still a virgin and she was even an ass virgin because the half dozen boys who had attempted to break down her sphincter defenses met with ultimate failure despite anointing her ass cheeks and back with copious streams of young boy cum.

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