Sal the Super, the Nookie King of the Bronx
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sal is just starting out in life. He is strangely attached to his "Aunt" Gina. She is his Mom's best friend, not really his Aunt. His new job as her handyman means he has full access to all of her goodies and has the inside track to scores of MILF and teenage females inside the 100 tenant building they manage. Sal is doing a lot more than just fixing leaks. A continuing story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Female   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Workplace  

Sal lived in the basement of a 100 tenant apartment building near the Grand Concourse.

Everyone called him "Sal" even though that was kind of a sissy name. It was short for Salvatore Anthony DiMaggio. Sal didn't mind his nickname. He was comfortable with it. There were so many Tony's in the neighborhood that he never used his middle name for nothing except maybe when he had to sign up for the draft.

Sal's Aunt Gina was the apartment manager or super for the well-constructed building owned by absentee Jewish landlords. Her husband, a goy called Raymond had passed two years prior after a bout of alcohalitis that destroyed his liver. Sal never really got close to his Uncle Raymond but he had spent a lot of time with his Aunt Gina. He called her "his Aunt" but she really was his mom's best friend from All Saint's High School.

Connie DiMaggio was a big woman. When you think "big" think like 300 lbs. and only 5 foot 3 inches. Her best friend Gina was just the opposite. She was a slender, dark haired woman in her early forties with a beautiful hour-glass figure that was the same in her forties as it was in her twenties. Marrying the shyster goy Raymond got her pushed outside her former circle of friends with the exception of Connie DiMaggio and her whole family.

When he was only 16 and still playing stick ball on the street, Sal used to have wet dreams all the time about his "Aunt" Gina. Every time he followed her up the winding staircases, he kept his eyes fixed on the swaying cheeks of her heart-shaped ass and imagined his cock sliding up into her beautiful ass crack. A year or so before her husband departed this world quietly in his sleep, Sal started to help his Aunt Gina do the necessary chores around the apartment building to insure his Aunt and Uncle didn't lose their free basement apartment and the meager salary he received for maintaining the property. The landlords were not known for their generous nature and watched each penny of expense with the eyes of a hawk.

Even when he was 18 and going out with girls from the neighborhood, Sal still had the urge to get alone in the bathroom and masturbate over a silly photo of Gina in a short dress next to his rotund mother.

Raymond used to have a fairly good job working for an insurance company and made a decent salary that allowed him to buy nice clothes and cosmetics for his pretty wife. He was foolish enough to go out on a strike with all the other salesmen for better benefits and expense accounts. Six months later and completely broke; he was forced give up any idea of holding out any longer. As a result, He and his wife Gina took the job of "Superintendent" of the large apartment building in exchange for a free 3 bedroom apartment in the basement and a minimum wage salary that didn't cover the extra hours they had to put in to keep the aging building in good shape.

It was summertime in the city just before his seventeenth birthday that Sal lost his cherry. He had a reputation with the girls in his class of having a "big one" so it was easy to get them to lower their panties for him in the hallways or the park or the movie. But in those days, girls were so afraid of getting pregnant, they would offer up their brown hole just to avoid the danger. Sal had shot his load up hard against a few tight brown holes but only got the first inch inside usually before he had to let it go. It was a lot of fun but messy afterwards.

As his "Uncle" Raymond sank deeper into his self-pitying stupor, Sal found himself doing more and more of the man's work around the building. At six foot 2, Sal was big for his age and he didn't push himself away from the table too fast either. His muscular frame handled his 200 lbs. with unusual ease. He could wheel and push the heavy metal garbage cans a lot easier than his petite "Aunt". The one job he did not like was the cleaning of the large furnaces that heated the five story building. He shivered in fear each time his diminutive Aunt Gina crawled inside one of the monsters to pry "clinkers" from the iron grates. He knew a single switch would fire up the burners before someone inside could crawl out to safety. He guarded the switch like a hound from hell making sure no one came near it when his Aunt was inside.

One weekend, his Aunt called him to her apartment to help fix boiler number two which was not working properly. A large clinker was stuck inside. His Uncle Raymond was in the hospital for what would prove to be his final visit.

Gina was wearing only her nightie with a leather jacket thrown over her shoulders to ward off the cold morning air. Sal was getting a prominent erection because he could see right through her white nightie and saw her dark bush underneath. It was so stimulating he wanted to push his head right in there and start licking it frantically with his thirsty tongue.

"Sal, my back is killing me. I can't do that frigging mop any more. I need you to get a clinker out for me."

Sal started to sweat profusely.

She couldn't possibly want him to crawl inside one of the monster boilers. His left eye started to twitch uncontrollably. He turned his head so she couldn't see it.

"I don't think I can fit inside, Auntie Gina!"

The attractive dark haired woman laughed and told Sal to follow her.

Gina was right.

He was able to just barely fit inside the furnace. He could still feel the heat on the grates. Sal remembered how the heat from this furnace would blast so hot that he could not even get within ten feet of it when it was turned on.

"Here, baby, use this poker. Hit that sonnamabitch hard as you can."

Sal worked on the clinker and broke it up into smaller pieces that he flung out the furnace door. He was surprised when Gina slammed the furnace door shut and slid the view door open. He shouted out for her to stop "fooling around".

"Aunt Gina. What the fuuu ... Open the fucking door. Dis ain't funny, Gina!"

His Aunt got right up next to the furnace door and in a very calm voice said,

"Are you a little prick, Sal?"

"No, Auntie, never to you, Auntie."

Sal was starting to hyperventilate and he could feel the tears building up behind his eyelids. This was the first time in his short life that he actually felt scared.

"The girls at the market all say you got a big prick, Sal. Is that true, do you have a nice big prick?"

"Yes, Auntie, it is pretty big, I think it is in my genes. My pa has got a humongous cock."

"Your Mama told me all about your daddy's cock. It's big all right but he don't know how to use it good. Do you use your cock good with all the girls, Sal?"

"Auntie Gina, please open the door. I will do anything. Please, Please, Please! Aunt Gina."

Sal started to bawl like a little baby. He felt a little wet down below and realized he had pissed his pants, he was that scared. Gina saw the big wet spot on his jeans and scolded him.

"Little baby wet his pants. Do you still wet your bed, Sal?"

Sal sniffled and felt the tears run down his cheeks.

"You know I don't wet the bed, Auntie Gina."

"But you do jerk yourself off, don't you, "big cock" Sal?"

"I'm sorry, Aunt Gina. I won't do it anymore. I promise."

He remembered how embarrassing it had been when his Aunt caught him humping a garbage can looking at a discarded Playboy magazine. She didn't seem too upset at the time and told him it was only natural for 16 year old boys to play with themselves. After that episode, he pretty much only whacked off to his Aunt Gina's photo.

"If you want out, you got to show your Aunt Gina your package, little nephew."

Sal unbuttoned his fly and his ten inch cock flopped out in a semi-aroused state. His fear of the furnace prevented him from having a decent erection.

The door to the funace was yanked open.

"OK, baby, I hope you learned your lesson. When you walk up those stairs behind me, I want you to touch my ass, not just look at it. You got me?"

Sal clambered out, still humiliated by his tears and his wet jeans.

"I am sorry, Aunt Gina. I didn't know you wanted me to touch you. I been wanting to touch your behind so bad it makes me crazy."

His Aunt turned around and pulled up her thin nightie exposing her heart shaped ass cheeks to his delighted view.

"Just slap that big thing up your Auntie's pussy, Sal and make me feel it real bad."

With no further invitation, Sal grabbed his petite Aunt's hips and impaled her soaking wet pussy from behind right in front of the shutdown furnace. The black coal dust on the floor stirred as they shuffled back and forth locked in an ages old embrace that spoke of love, lust and spurting juices falling down to the dusty floor.

Sal was still mad at his "not really his Aunt" Aunt and shoved his long thick cock hard into her slender form with much ferocity. He emphasized his thrusts with stinging slaps to her bare flanks and whispered in her ear that she was a "very bad girl and needed to be punished".

Gina was spurting her female juices non-stop and whimpered like a little girl despite the fact she was in her forties. She had never been impaled by a male cock of this size in her entire life and her dissolute husband was barely able to "get it up" enough to consummate cleaving into her flesh. If it was not for her oral skills, Raymond would never be able to achieve a decent erection.

The middle-aged woman was leaning far over now and grabbed hold of the metal rail in front of her. She did not want to put her delicate hands into the black dust of the floor. It was already staining her slippers and her ankles with dirty black soot. She knew from past experience how difficult it was to wash off.

Gina was panting like a dog in heat. The friction of Sal's cock sliding in and out of her greedy pussy caused her to spread her legs wider and she pushed back into his groin to get her favorite nephew in deeper. The sound of his rough treatment of her reddened bottom was sending her into a frenzied orgasm. It was an orgasm of cosmic satisfaction. Something she had not experienced in several years.

Sal was growling now.

Gina knew it was coming. His flood of molten liquid that filled her vagina with creamy cum and soothed her frantically beating heart. The beautiful weight of his strong young body on her back.

She reveled in the sheer nastiness of it.

She could see all the kinky things that Sal was going to do to her. It was going to be a good partnership. She would give him access to every female opening. Her soft, tender mouth, her wet and clutching pussy, and even her tight quivering brown hole to explore and claim for ownership of his pulsating cock.

Gina led Sal to her bathroom to clean him up. She fondled and sucked his ready cock. Even though they were not really Aunt and Nephew, they would be as close as real family and the basement would ring with the sounds of her multiple orgasms as he tended to his Aunt's building and to his Aunt's little bushy garden in need of constant attention.

(In Part 2, Sal tends to the leaking sink in Apt 301. The neglected wife and horny daughter.)

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