My Black Mistress: A Transformation Story

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2011 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Marjorie lives a drab life, having been dumped by her husband for a dolly; along comes her daughter's best friend Rhianna, who is also destined to become Marjorie's Mistress.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Incest   Mother   Daughter   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   .

Marjorie Akins was in the kitchen, when she heard the front door open. April's voice sounded out:

"Mom, I'm home."

Then Marjorie heard April say, to someone, that she'd be back in a few seconds. She went into living room and toward the front door. There was April talking to a young and very striking black woman.

"Well here she is," April said, with a shake of her head, "It's tugboat Annie herself."

Marjorie grinned and did a curtsey, when she heard the words. She and April had gone round and round about over the issue of the way that Marjorie dressed. But Marjorie herself felt that since Ralph was gone, run away with his secretary, she didn't have that much to dress up for, so that, sweats were her normal fare around the house.

Marjorie smiled at the black woman, who gave her a very penetrating glance from her huge brown eyes. She stuck her hand out and said:

"Don't mind grumpy; she hates it, when I dress casually around the house. I'm Marjorie, April's Mom, though you wouldn't believe it, when you hear her big sistering me all the time."

The black woman smiled and said softly: "I'm Rhianna."

"Oh, of course," Marjorie said, "April has talked about you a number of times; Rhianna, I'm so glad to meet you. I'm pleased at the way that April appreciates your friendship."

"Thank you," Rhianna said, "It's an important friendship to me too."

At that point, Marjorie gave the lovely black woman a penetrating look, almost accidentally.

Rhianna, understanding quickly said slowly:

"And, no, Mrs Akins, it's not that kind of relationship."

Marjorie was caught flat footed by the candor of the black gal. She sputtered just a bit, and finally said:

"I'm so sorry; I guess I was wondering that. It's only a Mother's normal worry, that's all."

"Yes, I know that," Rhianna said, still holding on to Marjorie's hand, and only letting it go, when they heard April clattering back down the stairs.

Marjorie turned and gave April a huge hug. April moved into the hug with a large smile on her face.

"Sorry, Mom, about being mouthy with the 'Tugboat Annie' comment," she said softly.

"There was no harm meant and certainly no harm received. I know that I rarely try to spruce myself up, darling. I will try," Marjorie said, kissing April on the cheek.

Turning to Rhianna, who was watching her with glittering eyes, Marjorie at first hesitated, feeling the power of the look that she was receiving; then she shook her head and said:

"Sorry about that little bit of family business, Rhianna.'

Then she continued: "And where are you two off to?"

"We're going to the library to study and then maybe grab a bite afterwards. Shouldn't be too late."

"Please don't be," Marjorie interjected, "Remember that tomorrow you go for the intern interview, and you don't want to be tired."

"Yes, Mom," April said, rolling her eyes.

"Hey," Marjorie countered, hugging her daughter, "Mothers get to be and sound like Mothers."

"I know, and I love you," April said, turning to leave.

Marjorie turned to Rhianna again and stepped up to give her a hug. She was once again almost overpowered by the shine in Rhianna's eyes. She struggled slightly but finally managed:

"It's really lovely to meet you, Rhianna; I hope you come again."

"Oh, I'd like that," Rhianna said, mentally expanding the lovely plans that she already had for Marjorie, whose tatty clothes didn't hide her ripeness at all.

The two young girls left then. When they were in the car, Rhianna turned to April and said:

"You know, despite the sweats, your Mom is a real looker; what's up there?"

April was used to that kind of honesty with Rhianna and said, with a sigh:

"My dad left my Mom a few years ago, for his secretary. It was so weird. I mean, in their marriage Dad was the older one, about 10 years older than Mom, and they had, at Mom's parents' insistence, a pre-nup so that Dad walked away with his bimbo secretary with nothing at all. The money was and remains Mom's. But since the loser pulled up stakes and left, she just hasn't cared very much. She probably has more sweats than the college basketball team!"

"Well," Rhianna said, "She certainly is gorgeous and seems to have some really great equipment."

"I know," April said, shaking her head, "It's what bugs me so much; she's got so much and she's allowing herself to kind of waste away."

"Too bad," Rhianna said.

"Yeah," April answered. "But, hey, what about eats after we do our studying?"

They discussed where to go for a bite, after they did the studying that they wanted to do.

At home, Marjorie had a bit of a difficult time getting the gleam of Rhianna's eyes out of her mind. She was a bit shaken, and didn't know why at all. She tried to shake it off and settled down to watch a movie with a glass of wine.

As she sat, half watching the movie and half ignoring it to run through her busy thoughts, she said to herself:

"This is nonsense! You aren't and have never been attracted to women and this is a friend of April's! Straighten up!"

After that little interlude, Marjorie didn't really feel more at home one bit with the remembrance of the gleam in Rhianna's eyes. So, she called up one of her main defenses and simply made an attempt to push it out of her mind.

But the truth was that Marjorie Akins was ripe indeed and ready for someone to take her in hand and change her. She'd been perhaps, she thought often, too 'bland' for Ralph and now, this time, this present time was only a waiting time, waiting for someone or something to happen.

The following morning Marjorie was up early to get April a good breakfast, before she had to go and have her intern interview. She thought that it was exciting that her little April was coming to the end of her education and starting to get out into the work world and make her own mark. It brought tears to her eyes. Just then April came into the kitchen.

"Hey, there's my gal Annie," she said with a sassy tone.

Marjorie glared at her with mock severity and said: "That's no way to talk to your Mother, young lady. These are clean sweats!"

April went to her Mom's arms and said softly: "Oh, Mom, I just wish that you'd get over it and start to brighten yourself up a bit. I hate to see you all gloomy so much."

"I appreciate that, sweetie," Marjorie said. "I will try soon; I promise."

Marjorie got April off and had the day to herself, wondering, as she usually did, what she'd do today. Her thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. She went and opened the door only to find Rhianna standing there.

"Rhianna!" Marjorie said with obvious relish, once again struggling not to get lost in those big brown eyes. "You just missed her."

"Not here to see Arpil," Rhianna said, moving into the house, as Marjorie stood back for her to enter, a bit non-plussed by her manner.

"I'm here for you, Marjorie! To talk." Rhianna said, drawling out Marjorie's name. Then she went on:

"Don't know that I like that name Marjorie; but, girl, you certainly dress like a Marjorie. You look like you're prime under those sweats but you come across all Marjorie. Is that your whole name?"

Marjorie stuttered a bit as she sought to answer the inquiry:

"No, uh, Rhianna, my middle name is Angel."

"Hot damn!" Rhianna said with a grin. "Then Angel it is. For you and me, you're Angel. Got it?"

"Uh, yes," Marjorie said, "Uh, got it."

Marjorie didn't know why she was reacting this way, and she also realized that she was quickly getting lost in this conversation. She tried to get a grip and said to Rhianna:

"But where are my manners? Please come in; coffee? You said that you want to talk to me."

"Sure do, Angel," Rhianna said.

Marjorie was thrown off by the difference in speech, speech pattern, cadence and mannerisms of Rhianna today. This was more like a tough ghetto girl. The classy student of last night was nowhere to be found.

"I don't understand, uh, Rhianna," Marjorie struggled to say. "What's wrong?"

"Angel, honey," Rhianna said, "You're wrong, all wrong; and that's why I'm here."

It was then that Marjorie decided that, even if this was a friend of April's, this conversation was going no further.

"I'm sorry, Rhianna," Marjorie said, pulling herself together, "But I don't think I like the tone and it's none of your business besides. I think you'd better leave."

""Makin' it my business, ain't I, Angel?" Rhianna said.

Marjorie then took a step toward the door but Rhianna interposed herself between Marjorie and the door. She shook her head and said:

"Always has to be the hard way; white women always want the hard way. But that's good for Rhianna; the hard way's fun."

Without another word, she slapped Marjorie in the face; the slap was hard enough to knock Marjorie staggering backward; she hit the couch and her momentum sent her over the back of the couch, where she landed. She was immobilized for a moment, and, upon looking up, saw the scowling black woman staring at her, hands on her hips and her head shaking.

"Like the hard way, do you, white bitch?" Rhianna said grinning down at the stunned woman.

"What? Why?" Marjorie croaked, as she struggled to get up. Then with all the courage that she could muster, she said:


Rhianna hit her again, and sent her spinning down, sitting on her ass. When Marjorie made a move, Rhianna said imperiously:

"Stay there, bitch and listen!"

Marjorie didn't move; she stared at the imperious black woman, and she realized that her pulse was racing. She didn't understand any of it. There were uncovered passions that Ralph had never managed to release in her. Marjorie often enough seethed within and with the sweats and all tried to keep a tight rein on herself but she could feel herself slipping here. She wasn't sure if she was excited or afraid.

"Gonna bring you back to life, woman!" Rhianna said fiercely. "You tell me now, angel, you tell me how you feelin' and don't give me nothin' but truth! Understand?"

Marjorie was getting lost and did what seemed to make sense; she shook her head 'yes', only to have Rhianna advance on her and slap her again.

"You talk, when your betters are speakin' to you; you hear?" the black girl spluttered.

Marjorie's reaction was quick: "Yes, yes, Rhiana," she said, "I'm sorry." She struggled with her feelings then and tried to make it clear; she had no intention of provoking another slap from Rhianna.

"I'm feeling kind of afraid but also excited!" she said softly.

"What I want to hear, angel! Just what I want to hear!" Rhianna said.

Marjorie tried one more time to gain some control; she didn't even know why at this point. She took the only action that she could manage at the time, she began to crawl away toward the door to the kitchen. She didn't have a clue what she was going to do, once she got there. She never did. She was getting lost in the situation and not understanding, or at least trying to not understand.

Rhianna came up behind her quickly and put her foot against Marjorie's ass and shoved her, so that she went sprawling onto her face in the carpet.

"Stay there, damn it, you white bitch!"Rhianna ordered. "Gonna tame your white ass for sure, now you listen to me and you listen good. Do you hear me, whitey?"

Rhianna had her foot against the side of Marjorie's face, as she said this.

"Yes," Marjorie said in a voice that came out much more sulky than she'd intended.

Rhianna reached down and slapped Marjorie's face again.

"Say again!" she ordered.

"I said, 'yes'," Marjorie said in a pleasant tone of voice.

"Yes, what?" Rhianna spit out at her; "Don't make me slap you again, bitch, I like doin' that too much, and you're my friend's Mom, even though you act and dress in such a disgusting way, but that time is ended, missy! So, 'yes' what?"

Marjorie looked up at the black girl towering over her and realized what she wanted. She stared at Rhianna a bit wide eyed, gulped and said:

"Yes, ma'am!"

She was surprised at the muted thrill that saying the word, using it about Rhianna. She wished instantly that using the word had not felt so good but was totally afraid that it did.

"Better, now you listen to me, woman," was Rhianna's next order.

Marjorie asked in a meek voice: "Can I get up, please, ma'am?"

"Up," Rhianna said.

Marjorie sat up and Rhianna began to speak:

"Your daughter is the loveliest girl I know, absolutely the loveliest, and no, she and I are not lovers,..." she hesitated then.

"Although if you get cleaned up, missy, I might take your big, beautiful, white ass to bed!" She went on with a feral kind of grin.

Marjorie reacted to the 'big, beautiful' with a start, especially when she realized that Rhianna was serious about what she'd said.

"But we're gonna clean you up, white bitch, and then I might take a bite out of your fine ass," she went on.

Rhianna then grabbed Marjorie by the shoulders and pulled her up.

Marjorie was stunned by what she'd just heard; she was intimidated by the strength and the fury of this lovely, young black woman and didn't know what to do exactly. She was also, she realized, intimidated by her own inner emotional reaction.

"Can this happen so quickly?" she asked herself and try to deny it as she would, she realized too well how she was reacting here.

Her previous will to have her out of the house was gone, and now she just waited for her to do whatever she wanted to do next.

"What ... uh ... next?" Marjorie asked in a quiet voice.

"Next we begin with you personally," Rhianna said.

"I don't understand," Marjorie said and Rhianna grinned and said to her:

"It's easy, babe, take those ugly clothes off, now!"

Marjorie made a mistake then. She hesitated instead of acting on the request, the order right away.

"Good," Rhianna said, "We still have games to play."

When she said that, she grabbed Marjorie by the sweatshirt collar and literally threw her over onto the couch. Marjorie had the wind knocked out of her, as she hit the arm of the couch.

"Stay there!" Rhianna shouted at Marjorie, and to Marjorie's credit, she didn't move.

"This is number one," Rhianna said in a delighted voice, pulling Marjorie's sweat pants down to show her ass, framed in a pair of threadbare, white cotton panties.

"Worse and worse!" Rhianna said, disgusted.

Marjorie squealed into the couch cushions, as Rhianna began to slap her exposed ass, slapping it with a fury.

"Ass made for spanking, whitey," Rhianna said with relish, continuing her spanking of her friend's Mom. "Just made for spanking, and Rhianna's gonna like all of this, and maybe the white babe will like it too."

Marjorie began to sob into the cushion of the couch, and managed a:

"Please, please! I'll be good, I promise. Yes, ma'am, good, I promise; yes, yes, ... clothes off now, just right off. Thank you for this, thank you, thank you, ma'am."

Marjorie was frantic by the time she had gotten into this speech and Rhianna was laughing:

"Thought you'd see it my way, after a bit. But be warned; that's only the introduction; the main even ass whipping is still coming; so that you know, bitch!"

"Please," Marjorie pleaded again.

"Up, now, honey," Rhianna said softly, her voice still menacing. "And get those skanky clothes off!"

This time Marjorie acted with alacrity. She jumped up and shed the sweats immediately and only hesitated a few second with the bra and the panties.

"Disgraceful, girl!" Rhianna said with disgust in her voice.

"Sorry!" Marjorie said, and Rhianna acted quickly. She slapped Marjorie on her still unprotected ass, making her jump and squeal. "What?" she snapped at the trembling white woman.

But Marjorie realized right away what she'd omitted, and said:

"Sorry, ma'am."

"You'd best start to remember your manners, white bitch!" Rhianna said.

Marjorie was getting more and more cowed. She was in a very vulnerable position, a fact that Rhianna well knew. She'd let herself go and had no amount of self esteem, since her shit of a husband left. She was really ready for the first person who would bring her out. Rhianna was secretly tickled that she was that first person.

Marjorie realized that she was starting to really respond to Rhianna, even the rough parts. She was confused by it; not overtly knowing why it should be so easy for her to sink into submission to this handsome black girl but knowing that it was happening. She was shaken by the fact that Rhianna seemed to know things about her and her desires more than anyone but herself ever knew.

"Now tell it to me! Say three times 'I will remember my manners with Ms. Rhianna. Say it!"

Rhianna advanced on Marjorie, as she was talking and Marjorie hastened to do as she was told. She was at the absolute disadvantage of being naked in front of the black girl. She said, quickly but clearly:

"I will remember my manners with Ms. Rhianna!"

"I will remember my manners with Ms. Rhianna!"

"I will remember my manners with Ms. Rhianna!"

There were tears in her eyes, when she was finished.

Rhianna saw the tears and said:

"Gonna transform you, Marjorie; gonna make you into someone who looks as foxy as she should. Time to stop worrying that April of yours and making her heart sick to see you looking sloppy and lazy! About time to do that."

"Yes, ma'am," Marjorie said being as meek as she hoped and thought that she needed to.

"Okay, bitch,"Rhianna said, "Let's go and look at those clothes of yours."

They went together upstairs, with Marjorie going before Rhianna, conscious all the while of being totally naked now.

She couldn't figure out why it didn't bother her. "I surely don't have a 'thing' for April's friend, do I?" she wondered, and got no answer to that or, maybe ignored the real answer.

"Nice big ass, momma," Rhianna said, suddenly slapping Marjorie's ass, and getting a loud squeal in response.

"Oooo," Rhianna said, "I like that noise that the bitch makes; like it fine. Shall we do it again?"

Marjorie knew that she had to answer and said a soft: "Yes, ma'am, if you wish."

"I wish! I wish indeed!" Rhianna said, repeatedly slapping Marjorie's ass, and grabbing her by the hips to make her stop in her progress up the stairs to receive the ass slaps that Rhianna was giving her.

"Gonna bite that great big, lovely whitey ass! Lookin' tasty! You think you'll like that, girl? My angel?" Rhianna asked.

Marjorie didn't hesitate at all:

"Yes, ma'am, if it's what you want!"

Marjorie stopped and waited, soon enough she felt the imprint of Rhianna's lips on her right ass cheek and then Rhaianna bit her, getting another very satisfying squeal from Marjorie and a kind of sighing "Thank you, ma'am, for the attention."

"Up!" Rhianna said then,"Don't got all day!"

Marjorie was simply swept away by what was happening. It was so totally outside of her experience that she realized that she was being 'captured' by this strong will black woman. She wasn't sure but realized that in part of her mind she liked it also, a frightening thought, one that had laid dormant all through the 'Ralph' of her life.

They went to the bedroom and much to Marjorie's dismay, Rhianna collected all of Marjorie's old sweats; these she put into a trash bag. Then she also collected Marjorie's beaten up cotton panties and cotton bras. They were certainly a sorry lot, since Marjorie hadn't shopped for new underwear in literally years but they were what she had mostly. There were a few holdover sexy things and these were the only things that Rhianna allowed her to keep.

They got the clothes, which Rhianna said were to be discarded. She asked Marjorie where she did her trash burning, and was told that there was a spot at the very back by the woods that it could be done.

They went to the kitchen with the bag and Rhianna said that they were going out to do it.

"But ... but I'm naked!" Marjorie said.

"Of course you are,"Rhianna said, "Because I want you that way!"

"But..." but Marjorie didn't finish.

"Now, I'll give you a choice, bitch," Rhianna began. "Either you go willingly or I'm going to put a dog collar around your neck and a leash and I'm going to take you out there."

What she said seemed to hit Marjorie like a hammer. She paled, and then got very red in the face. Without a thought she put her hand over her heart because it was beating so fast. She couldn't remember having had that kind of reaction before, and it was to being told that she was going to be led like a dog, naked across her back yard to the burn spot.

She knew that her house was isolated and it was an easy thing to go into the back yard without clothes. When she was still married, she tried it now and again to please that prick but apparently not enough, for he labelled her a prude and boring and ran off.

Now the words were cutting right through her. She hoped that Rhianna didn't notice but Rhianna laughed, long and loud.

"I'll be damned, Mrs. Akins, Marjorie, Marjorie, my sweet white pussy girl, lady with the slapable ass and nice nippled tits, my Angel, Angel, you like that! I say you like that and I see that you like that, and if you try to tell me a lie and say that you don't, I'm going to kick your white ass so hard that you'll cry for a week. Tell me now, and don't you fuckin' lie to Rhianna! No, ma'am, don't you just dare!"

"I ... I ... uh, don't know..." Marjorie began, and Rhianna slapped her face.

Then Marjorie was crying but, between sobs and blubbering noises admitted:

"Yes, I can't understand it; I don't understand it but that ... threat excites me!"

Then she wailed: "Oh, what am I going to do?"

Rhianna laughed and said: "Marjorie pal, Angel, Angel, you're going to do what you're told; that's what you're going to do! You come with me now."

They went into the utility room and Rhianna found quickly enough what she wanted: duct tape!

She made Marjorie put her hands behind her back and taped them together. Then she walked her into the garage and backed her up against a shelving unit. When she got her there, she taped Marjorie's feet together.

"Please!" Marjorie pleaded."

"Please what, Marjorie?" Rhianna asked.

"I don't know!" Marjorie wailed, but her crying now was cut off, surprisingly, by Rhianna's kiss.

Marjorie's eyes were opened wide in shock and even more shocking for her was the fact that she liked and responded to the kiss, opening her mouth.

"Liked that, whitey?" Rhianna asked.

Marjorie's voice was almost too soft to be heard, when she said a quiet: "Yes, ma'am."

"Thought so," Rhianna said, "You'll keep now."

With that Rhianna put tape over Marjorie's mouth and then taped her securely to the shelving unit. Then she left.

Marjorie was fairly frantic; she knew that April wasn't due until that night, if then at all.If the interview for the internship turned out, she said that she might have to stay over, and they agreed to that. She also knew that she didn't want April to find her that way.

But most of her thoughts were taken up with the huge, mind filling knowledge that she was, despite anything, being turned on by the attentions of Rhianna, April's black friend.

"And my mistress!" a tiny voice in Marjorie's mind said out loud, but was quickly silenced by Marjorie's denial.

In fact, Rhianna didn't take long. She came back with a bag, and first of all took the tape off of Marjorie's mouth.

Instead of any kind of show of anger, Marjorie surprised herself certainly, although maybe not Rhianna by saying a quiet 'thank you' for having the tape removed.

"Are you ready, momma?" Rhianna asked.

"I'm just not sure," Marjorie answered, "I'm so confused here."

"Yes," Rhianna said quietly and with compassion this time, "New thoughts, new feelings, our Marjorie's coming alive and here's a treat for her."

Rhianna dipped her hand into the bag she was holding and pulled out a dog collar.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Marjorie moaned, giving herself away again.

She made a mental stab at getting a grip by demanding:"What the hell is going on with you, Marjorie?" But found another part of her mind simply silencing the doubt of that tone and that question.

Instead she said a quiet and thankful: "Oh, yes, ma'am!"

"Thought so, Marjorie pussy, My Angel!" Rhianna said.

"And then there's this," Rhianna continued, pulling the leash out of the bag next.

Then Marjorie gave in and cried.

Rhianna went to her and took the tape off, drawing her into her arms, and whispering to her:

"You go ahead, our Marjorie; learning new things; seein' the old things, bad things thrown away. But you got this Rhianna now, who's gonna take care of your pretty white ass, yes you do! And this Rhianna has plans for her Angel; oh, yes, big plans; you'll see soon enough."

As she was saying that she was putting the dog collar around Marjorie's neck. Marjorie, still a bit confused but with a mind clearing more and more steadily, actually said 'thank you' and kissed Rhianna's hand. She realized that she was simply losing herself in this developing situation, and for the first time in a long time, when faced with such a prospect simply didn't care.

"Takin' that trash out now; burnin' those clothes gettin' ourselves a new Marjorie, an Angel!" Rhianna said, almost singing.

"An Angel"! Marjorie said, as Rhianna affixed the dog leash to her collar, and led her toward the door to the back yard, as Marjorie carried the sack of discardable clothes.

They were a strange pair, as they walked out the back and towards the burn area in the back: a striking looking black woman and a totally naked, somewhat older white woman.

"Got my own big white ass to work with here, to play with here," Rhianna said, and Marjorie looked at her and just smiled.

"You were ready, girl!" Rhianna said, stopping the procession and telling Marjorie to put her burden down. "Just ready! Don't know about that Ralph but I can see what that man never saw, what that man missed. This was almost too easy."

"Yes, ma'am," Marjorie admitted, "I know..."

"And?" Rhianna asked then.

"It frightens me that I gave in to what you're doing, what you mean, what you want; frightens me," Marjorie admitted.

"Only that, sweet ass?" Rhianna asked, stroking Marjorie's ass cheeks all the while.

Marjorie gave her a timid glance and said softly: "And turns me on ... ohhhh!"

There were tears in her eyes then, as she stared into Rhianna's eyes. She knew that Rhianna was going to do something and stood ready for whatever was coming.

Rhianna embraced the naked white woman and kissed her. It was a 'claiming' kiss, with lip sucking and tongue sucking and teeth licking. It was wet and it simply took over Marjorie completely. When the kiss was ended, Marjorie didn't know what to do, what to do!

She, almost without her own will, sank to her knees, sobbing all the while and planted a wet kiss on the top of Rhianna's shoes. She looked up at Rhianna almost beseechingly and Rhianna nodded.

Marjorie all but wailed: "I don't know what to do! I just don't! Please help me! Please!"

Rhianna looked at the kneeling white woman with a gleam in her eye and said:

"You're doin' it right, Angel; you just go ahead and clean those shoes. Your job right now. You just go ahead. Make that statement."

Marjorie did; she was completely sunk into someone else's will at this point, and not minding at all, surprised herself by beginning to use her tongue on Rhianna's shoes, licking and cleaning them.

"Got me an Angel!" Rhianna said, "Got this big, white assed Angel of mine!"

Marjorie stopped her licking and said: "Oh, yes, ma'am." Then, after a thought, "Please take care of me, I'm so frightened here."

"Know that, girl, and I will; we got these things to do just now and they'll get this all confirmed. Got these things, and then there are plans."

"Things?" Marjorie said, and quickly corrected herself: "Sorry, ma'am, I'm not challenging, not..." she broke off and cried at that point and almost frantically continued to lick Rhianna's shoes, lifting a foot with a whispered please, and licked the bottom of one shoe and then the other.

"Coming to be my Angel now," Rhianna said, pleased, very pleased indeed.

"Up the hill now, Angel," Rhianna said, giving the order softly. "Got things to do."

At Rhianna's orders, Marjorie went up the hill. She was being led on a leash by her daughter's friend Rhianna, and she was carrying a bag with the majority of the clothes and underwear that she owned.

"Gettin' this fresh start," Rhianna said. "You'll like this, once we get all this clutter out. Working on Angel's mind clutter and that's comin' just good but there's this other clutter too."

"Yes, Ma'am," Marjorie said, feeling a contentment that surprised her totally.

"What's that look, Angel?" Rhianna asked, when they'd gotten to the place where the burning could be done.

Marjorie didn't hesitate now: "Just contentment," she said, "Only contentment."

"Needed someone to take you in hand and show you who you are, how you are, how you want to be," Rhianna said next.

"Yes, Ma'am," Marjorie said, "I'm so surprised but you're right."

"Know that!" Rhianna said with a smile.

Then they started the burn. Marjorie watched fascinated, as her clothing, the stuff she'd worn daily, went up in smoke. She found herself enjoying the bon fire.

The clothes were gone, with them or in spite of them being burned, Marjorie wasn't truly sure which, she felt all sorts of old ways and gloomy crushing thoughts melting away too.

If anyone had told her that it would be this way, she never would have believed them but it did happen this way. She smiled, she, in fact, giggled, a sound she hadn't consciously made in months and months!

"What?" Rhianna asked, looking at the naked, smiling white woman.

"I'm not sure," Marjorie said, "But it's as if a bad, sad, I don't know, really gloomy part of me just got burned up..."

She hesitated and then went on: "I mean, look at me! Look at me! Out here naked! And loving it! I'm feeling almost giddy!"

Rhianna laughed, and said: "Oh, Angel, Angel, you are ... you were so easy! What the hell did that Ralph think, leaving all these tits and ass behind? Sick, blind man! But you're mine now, Angel."

"Yes, Ma'am," Marjorie said, wondering if she'd regret this later but saying, nevertheless with a certain amount of joy and contentment.

"Bend over, Angel!" Rhianna said.

Marjorie did it and said quickly: "Are you going to spank me, Ma'am?"

"Should I?" Rhianna asked.

"Oh, Ma'am," Marjorie said, thinking and talking at that point like a love sick teen, "Yes, please!" She thought for only a few seconds and added: "Spank this big, fat, white ass! It's what it's for!"

"Big, white but lovely!" Rhianna said and Marjorie cried again, putting her arms around Rhianna and claiming a kiss before getting back into the position where she was bent from the waist.

Rhianna laughed then and said: "Angel, you're a circus! Gonna turn you out and make you lovely to show your April but first there is this!"

The sound of the smack on Marjorie's lovely ass reverberated through the clearing and among the trees, as did the sound of Marjorie's squeal at being spanked.

With no hesitation, Marjorie said: "That's one and thank you, Ma'am."

It went that way and Rhianna, really, really enjoying herself, gave the submissive white woman twenty loud slaps, leaving Marjorie's ass all red and her in tears. When the spanking was done, Marjorie turned around and kissed Rhianna again and whispered to her:

"Please let there be more! There was never even this, not ever but please let there be more! I promise to do what I'm told! I really promise!"

"I know, Angel," Rhianna said, "First of all we have a bargain to seal and then we clean up Angel and do some shopping."

"Oh, yes!" Marjorie said, "Some shopping! Just keep telling me; I'm not hesitant at all, Ma'am, I'm just ignorant and I'm sorry about that."

"Gonna turn you out nice," Rhianna said, "Just nice as pie!"

She tugged only briefly on the leash then and led Marjorie back down the hill toward the house.

"Walk ahead," Rhianna said, "I want to see that lovely ass in motion."

Marjorie gave her a smile and moved a few steps ahead of Rhianna, suffused with a kind of glow that someone was actually paying attention, taking the time, and saying such things to her as 'lovely ass'. It was getting to be a bit overwhelming for her. The rush of all of the different kinds of stimulations were at last getting to her in a big way.

They got to the garage and went in. Rhianna took off the leash but left the dog collar on. When she had the leash off, she gave Marjorie a lingering kiss. The kiss was soft and inviting, it was wet and tasty, and it moved from lips only into tongues and open, seeking mouths, and it was the last straw for Marjorie, whose total overload finally took over.

Marjorie let the embrace and the kiss and sank to her knees putting her hands in her face and cried bitterly. She cried out the end of the gloom and frustration; she cried out the death of the feeling of being dumpy and worth nothing; she cried out the terrible feeling of being abandoned; she cried out the pain and the horrible feeling that had never, until now, left her since Ralph left.

And now, as Marjorie cried, it was a different Rhianna; it was no longer the street queen but it was a warm, surrounding, caring, hugging, touch, stroking Rhianna that went to the floor of the garage and gathered Marjorie, though she was a full grown woman, to herself and cradled her.

"I'm so ... sorry!" Marjorie stuttered with the effect of the tears.

"No, no, my angel," Rhianna cooed into Marjorie's ear; "No, no, my angel; you get that out; you just do it and let the new come in!"

Marjorie looked up into the smiling, intelligent face of the lovely black woman.

"He was no great shakes, Ralph," she said, "But he didn't want me; not even with the money, he didn't! But ... but you do! Don't you?"

She ended the sentence in a tiny tiny voice, seeking, looking around to find the hope that she thought was there.

"Yes, I do, Angel," Rhianna said. "I want you." (Here she lapsed back into the Street Queen and Marjorie felt a thrill run all through her.)

"But I won't, don't know what to do!" Marjorie said. "I just don't!"

"Then you listen to Rhianna and you'll be okay!" Rhianna said softly.

Marjorie answered as though grasping onto a life line: "Yes, yes, I will! I'll listen. No more gloomy me! I'll listen! Shopping! Making be look better, look good for Rhianna, the Mistress! Doin' what Rhianna wants!"

"Marjorie, Angel," Rhianna said then, "You're gonna be a circus! You wait and see."

Marjorie smiled up at Rhianna and raised her head for a kiss; Rhianna lowered hers and kissed Marjorie's lips, softened now from the crying, soft, yielding and bearing promises of exactly what she wanted from this white woman!

Rhianna got up then and raised Marjorie to her feet. They went into the house and Rhianna led Marjorie to the living room.

"In here, Angel," Rhianna said, "Now you watch! See what you can see."

With that, Rhianna pulled the tee shirt over her head and set it aside. Her large tits were barely held back by a black lace bra.

"Ohhhhhh!" Marjorie groaned, as she watched her daughter's friend take her clothes off.

"Lovely!" Marjorie said, as Rhianna removed her bra and let her tits free.

"Angel likes?" Rhianna asked.

"Angel likes very much!" Marjorie said then.

Still staring at the gaping white woman kneeling on the floor, Rhianna took her jeans off next, and got more sighs and compliments from Marjorie.

She went to Marjorie then, keeping her black lace panties on, and put her hands gently at the back of Marjorie's head.

Marjorie breathed in the heady smell of the young woman, realizing that she like the smell. She willingly opened her mouth and let her hot breath penetrate the black panties and reach to Rhianna's pussy hair and her vaginal lips.

"Marjorie's doin' just fine!" Rhianna said. "Gonna eat her Rhianna, isn't she?"

"Yes, please," Marjorie said, "If you'll let me!"

Rhianna laughed and took her panties off; then sitting down, she spread her legs and watched as the fascinated white woman, now truly her servant, crawled into a position between her legs.

"Come to Rhianna!" the black girl cooed to Marjorie, who moved into position and began to lick at the pubic hair in front of her face.

For Marjorie it was a giving in, an acknowledging, a coming to grips with forces that had worked within her for decades but were ever pushed off, denied and set aside. But not now; Rhianna had penetrated such defenses with her calm assurance and ability to make Marjorie sit up and take notice, and now Rhianna was simply in charge.

"Yes, yes, yes," Rhianna cooed, as Marjorie pushed her tongue deeper and deeper inside of the black woman's pussy, licking her way in, using her tongue as the center of her senses right then, tasting, seeking out, experimenting, and always, always hoping to please.

By the noises that Rhianna began to make it certainly sounded like she was being pleased.

"Angel's got the lips! Angel's got the tongue! Angel's got the will to want to do this! Angel's pleasing her Rhianna; that old lumpy, ugly 'tugboat Annie' person is just gone! Now we have here our shiny, naked Marjorie pleasing her Rhianna, pleasing her just fine!"

When she started cumming, Rhianna locked Marjorie's head between her strong thighs; she grabbed a hunk of Marjorie's hair and pulled her face closer in to her pussy lips.

Marjorie was wallowing it what she was doing; much to her surprise, she loved the taste, she loved the textures, she loved the insistence of Rhianna's hand in her hair, she simply loved the serving that she was doing. She opened her mouth wide then to take all that Rhianna was giving, she tasted, she swallowed, she hummed into the pussy in front of her face, she made love and licked in abandon. She couldn't ever remember being so lost in a sexual task, not ever.

Marjorie sat back on her heels, when Rhianna was done and let her go. She had a vague smile on her face. She said simply:

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